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Speaker 1 describes a situation where a woman named Jalla Jalla took on a new role as a leader and became a leader in her own community. She explains that she had been a leader for a long time and was eventually forced to take on a new role due to her behavior. Speaker 1 also mentions a recent video where a woman named Jalla Jalla took on a new role as a leader.

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on one day prophets with a man noticed an absentee from his gathering the Hood Hood. On English The hoopoe bad. Allah Almighty He said Formica Euro ad for calling I had to be violent to hit Obi Wan took me said that in the nether e kin. Allah said the Kuiper Belt didn't stay for long. It wasn't absent for long and then it arrived and it said today man, I have knowledge about something that you don't have knowledge about. And I have come to you from Southern Shiva Yemen with certain news. Oh bird What did you see in the budget tomorrow attentively Kumar OTF meal coalition in Guadalajara Chanel, we will get to her work Omaha yesterday in addition seamill Dooney la he was a young Allahu

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shaytaan who Allah Allah whom facade del Khomeini surreally for whom La Jolla, they do the bird it said I found a woman who was ruling them.

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And she was given something from all things and she has a huge throne. I saw the bird the bird said, I saw her and her people frustrating to the Sun instead of Allah.

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And she thought they had made their deeds pleasing to them, and he had turned them away from his way and so they are not guided. The bird is complaining that this community was frustrating to other than Allah Jalla Jalla. Upon hearing this prophet today, man would immediately take steps to guide them to s&m steps which would eventually result in the guidance of this queen and her entire Sun worshiping community, all because of what

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all of which stemmed from the proactive role which a single Berg played