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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala, so let's Solomonic most of the light out of our cattle. This is the other words as you will come in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan, 2014 days six.

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My brothers and sisters out there, if you read to read the end, you will, you know, realize or find out that, as Pamela mentions, a lot of those are mentioned in the call and two types of diseases, psychological, spiritual diseases or then you have

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physical diseases model the ugly one mother just said, oh my god that manner we might have

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lost contact of for instance, two mentions with regard to the physical disease about Ibrahim and he said when he says well either molecule fell away his feet and when I get sick in a lot of surgeries wonderful gives me the pure distance of Allah and in number 30 so with regard to the physical diseases, even the profits had to set up you know, experience it's probably like Prophet Mohammed Prophet Ibrahim prophet

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you have at least an uptick. And also now since we're talking about the other type of disease, the the the, the heart disease, Allah subhana wa tada mentions that in the Quran as well. But Allah

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Fie Apolo became modern Casa de Houma la Hamada in their hearts there is mud you know, the hula Hamada life wisdom in you know, increase in sickness. What kind of sickness here you know the heart sickness the the psychological, more sickness So, here I'm gonna talk to it's I won't call it a sickness but let's call it you know bad habit I want to focus on bad habits, especially in Ramadan and how to break these bad habits in Ramadan would you consider these bad habits as physical diseases or or psychological diseases? It's It depends, you know, case by case basis but here they just talk about you know, these bad habits and how maybe to focus in Ramadan why Ramadan because

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research they, they they say that it takes an average of 30 days to break a habit, an average of 30 days, you know, and here we are in Ramadan, the best time to break these bad habits if you're suffering from one. But first of all, first of all my sisters and my brothers, we need to realize if you have a bad habit you need to realize and recognize the fact that you have that, that you're suffering from that bad habit. You know, you cannot be living in the state of denial that I'm you know, saying I'm okay, I'm fine. No. First of all you need to know recognize that if you have a bad habit and recognize it, understand it and and and, and and be willing to change it inshallah. Number

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Also behavioral psychology, they they claim that all our behaviors how our behaviors are either rewarded or punished. If you smoke, for instance, if you smoke you'll be rewarded with with

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you'll be rewarded with that, say, stress relief. If you're if you're, if you're overeating, you're rewarding yourself with the tastes of food, and so on and so forth. So figure out how your bad habits are rewarding you

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then you'll be able to change and break that bad habit but first you need to figure out how they're rewarding you In what sense in what way and figure out also when you do that bad habit when you indulge in it, and then what circumstances you know, what are the feelings attached to it? Once you you know, you may figure that out you know once you figured out why you're doing it you'd be able to stop it you know it's this is a mental thing you know it's a psychologically proven first need to know what are the feelings attached to that that bad habit? Like um I do I bite my fingers every time I feel angry or do I smoke every time I feel depressed, there shouldn't be feelings there are

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certain things attached to it you know certain circumstances once I found about those circumstances, then I can make it difficult for me I can make it hard I can make it even impossible to to indulge into that bad habit. You know, this is one of the ways in fact there are many other ways I'm going to share with you some very very practical, you know, ways on how to break these bad habits in this lesson the month of Ramadan in sha Allah hota Allah so stay tuned for another session of Rocky Ramadan, another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2014 tomorrow inshallah to what I will give you some more practical steps on how to break these bad habits in sha Allah to Allah until tomorrow for another

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episode of Rocky Ramallah 2014 I say I said I'm on a commercial flight Tada.