Abu Bakr Zoud – And In The Heavens Is Your Provision

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of provision for drugs and risk to avoid poverty and anxiety. It also touches on the art of speech and the complex process of providing guidance to individuals. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding risk and working hard to achieve success. They also discuss the worship of Allah and the potential risks of being captured in worship.
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Not hamdulillah Nakamoto who want to stay in on a study he want to still follow or not although we learned how to ILM and showed all the unforeseen or minsa Yeah, Dr. Molina Mejia de la who follow mobula One minute little fella her the Allah. What a shadow Allah Illa Illa Allah who had the whole lush Shadi color, what a shadow and Mohammed Abdullah, who also know

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Johan Sutopo como la vie halacha comin nafcillin Wahida Wirkkala coming Huzzah. Jaha Oba Thurman hamari Jalan Cathy wrong one is

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what top hola hola the Aluna be here or ham in hola haka Anna. Aliko MerKiVa

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your Lavina mono taco Allah. It taco la hora Kulu Poland salida la kama la como El Faro de la con dono bacame y mejor para la hora Sula, who PHIPA differs Fosun Alima

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your Lavina mano duckula hubco Ducati while attimo tuna illa Anta Muslim Moon for Mama Bardot fineness dokkan Hadith the Kitab Allah He shall Allah Allah or Hiral Hadia do Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in a shop been moved to her Wakulla modesetting Bidda Aquila B Dalton Bala or Kula Bala Tim phenol Adjani la Hua El Camino Nari from

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my dear brothers in Islam, All Praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala and may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon His servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as to what follows one of the greatest matters that occupies the people's time and lives and hearts and minds today is the matter of a risk, provision and sustenance. People are so occupied with a risk with provision that they have forgotten about Allah subhanahu wata Allah, Allah subhanho wa taala. And the matter of a risk has brought so much depression and anxiety and stress upon many people, both believers and disbelievers. The rise in house prices in rent, the cost of food, the

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cost of building material, the cost of cars, the cost of petrol, and all of these costs and rise of this living that we are living in

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where provision is what every single living creature seeks. This is not only something that the people of a dunya are seeking. And this is not only something that the disbelievers are seeking, this is every single living creature is what he is seeking every single day. The animals are seeking a risk every day, and the birds and the insects and every human will jinn and the disbelievers and the sinners and the believers and even the most righteous everyone is seeking a risk. But even the prophets as well will have the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would seek the provision from Allah and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, after every selected Fisher. He would ask Allah subhanahu wa

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taala for lawful, it is and provision when he would say Allah who made yes and

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what is confer? Yeva this was the request and what was whom allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would seek from your Lord every single day after Salah till failure, asking Allah it is an oppa Yeva lawful and halal sustenance and provision would never be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from his dua as well. He would say Allah who made in the US and who can who that what took a while our therfor well Rena, and maybe sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would ask Allah azza wa jal for guidance and for piety and for chastity and for sufficiency, for sufficiency for provision and for a risk and at the same time, and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would seek Allah's protection from poverty. And this is

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as narrated near Hadith that interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would continuously ask Allah after every Salat Allahumma inni are all becoming a goof free on fucker. After every salad, he would seek Allah's protection from alcohol when fuckable from disbelief and from poverty. And notice that do these two things were tied together because one leads to another poverty. If a person is not patient upon poverty, it leads him to cover we ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to protect us. So my brothers in Islam, everyone is seeking provision from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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And so this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala called himself Allah zap the provider because you and I cannot live without provision and sustenance. Nothing no living creature could live without provision and sustenance. So we all need it. So he named himself I don't wanna zap SubhanaHu wa Donna, and all of this confusion, and all of this anxiety and worry and stress and suicide and fee and misery that the people are in is because they did not know who Allah azza wa jal is, they did not know who are reserved is subhanho wa Taala men who are reserved this is the question Who is the one who provides for all of mankind and five relieving creature? Oh, they had doubt concerning Allah

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subhanahu wa taala, the most tight it was narrated that a Bedouin was once walking a better one simple man was walking and you heard someone recite what you said Man, it is spoken or Mattawa dune. This is Allah's word in salt, the very earth when Allah subhanahu wa taala said, and in the heavens is your provision and everything that you have been promised? A Bedouin heard this area? Can your food and your Schieffer and your hopes all of this is decreed up or not fill up? It was all the Krita Playa way before you exist in one way before you were born. So when you heard this area, he said,

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be my heart found peace and tranquility and rest. Did your heart find peace and tranquility and rest when you heard this as well? If you say it is one or two, I don't. This is what Allah has promised and what Allah said and then the idea that's after it was recited, and the same Bedouin man heard it and he will be responding as well to this area. When Allah subhanho wa Taala said that's the area after for all of this summer you were allowed into hula help Miss lemon and not contemplate Hoon la hakavod Allah azza wa jal, he said, and I swear by the Lord of the heavens in the earth, Allah azza wa jal is taking an oath by himself. And this is very rare in the Quran, for when it happens, it's

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happening for a huge matter, and it should instill within us the absolute certainty. When Allah takes an oath by himself. He said, Follow up this summer it will up I swear by the Lord of the heavens and the earth it no no Huck, that your provision, which has been decreed in the heavens is the absolute truth and certainty, nothing will be decreased and nothing will be increased. Concerning what Allah subhanahu wata, Allah has decreed for you. And then he compared this guarantee of a risk to something that we all see and we all know about. He said, myth, llama and knuckling down on that your provision is so guaranteed, in the same manner, your speech is guaranteed, and

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it's certain what does this mean? You don't know. I'm speaking, no one here sitting doubts that I am speaking, all of you are a witness and ascertain that I am now speaking. So Allah azza wa jal, he guarantees a risk in the same manner. And you need to observe this comparison for a moment ponder over this.

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You know, when you ponder over the art of speech and how a human being speaks, you know, when I'm speaking, a lot is going on in the background, there is air that is pushing out, air that is coming in, the muscles in the stomach are contracting, coming and releasing, the lungs are working, the vocal cords are also stretching and working, then the words are coming out. All of this is connected to the brain, the brain is giving signals to the tongue, the tongue is moving in a way where the words and the letters are coming out. That's only for one language. And then you look at hundreds and hundreds of languages. All of it is in an art itself. This is the ID. You see this, you see the

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art of speech, how complex is it in the background? One law here is so complex in the background, that until this day, no one knows the exact reality of how human beings communicate and talk. What is happening inside is a miracle in and of itself. But you see what's happening in the area is Allah azza wa jal is saying, just as you can see yourself talking and others talking, even though it's so complex, how simple does it look? How easy does it look? That's the same idea with your disk. How complex does it seem for your disk to be provided for you every single day? How complex does a team but it is as easy as when you speak? That's how simple it is for Allah subhanho wa Taala to provide

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of all to provide for all of the creations pan Allah, you think of your disk

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interest is a complex matter that is working in the background. And every single thing we consume everyday comes from plants, everything, directly or indirectly, indirectly, such as your meat. That animal went and ate, its plants and so on and then it got bigger and then people slaughtered it and then you ate it. In one way or another. Every single thing you eat, came from plants, everything. So there's the seed, and then the seed to be watered, which Allah azza wa jal will send rain upon it, and then until it grows, and then it's harvested, and then it's transported, and then you come at the end and you just buy complex matter that is happening in the background. Yet look how simple it

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is every single day Allah azza wa jal is providing for mankind. Every single day he is providing for every living creature that is on earth Allahu Akbar. Myth llama and Nicole Tompa goon and when this Bedouin heard this air, in where Allah azza wa jal took an oath. This Bedouin he said, Who is the one who angered the Lord, so that he can take an oath to this matter? The simple Bedouin man realized and recognized that people haven't taken the oath of Allah azza wa jal in the guarantee of Allah serious and that they neglected and turned away from it. So Allah azza wa jal took an oath. And the Bedouin realized that this is Allah azza wa jal, who's the one who angered Allah. So for

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Allah to take an oath, Allahu Akbar, my brothers in Islam, your provision and risk is only in the hands of Allah. And once you know this, you will learn only to seek it from Allah and no one else. Allah azza wa jal, he says in Surah Blanca booth in the Lavina Tarun Amin Dooney Allah Lai m li qu nella ko Mizpah for the wind Allah He risk Allah azza wa jal, he says, everything that you call to, unto everything that you call unto other than Allah, which is of course going to be a creature, a creature of Allah, Allah creation of Allah, meaning everything that Allah azza wa jal created, let Yun li guna Aleko Mariska they do not possess your risk. And the way it was mentioned, it is called

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Nikola. What Nikola this without the ALI flam notices in the Levina drone, I mean do Nila laemmli cool, it is done. There is done when at the end and nearly flam is emitted at the beginning. This is known as the back era. And this implies certain things in the Arabic language. And one of the things it implies is that the glial for something to the minimal and insignificant. In other words, Allah so it can be seeing every living creature, do not possess even the smallest amount of this clue. Nothing at all. Don't seek your risk from people at all. Then the reality and the truth comes Allah azza wa jal, you said

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the law he risk seek your provision from Allah. But now the way he mentioned that, he said, at risk with the Alif Lam, which encompasses all forms of risk, meaning, seek your all your provision, everything of food and water and wealth and health, and she felt and every type of risk secret from ALLAH, why Budo and worship him? Why did he mention the worship? Because that is the key to our risk, or Shula and show gratitude to him every time he provides for you. You're still alive today because Allah has provided for you.

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Every single moment he live is because Allah continues to provide for you. The name of Allah Allah Zack has never discontinued in your life yet. It continues, who and Allah Who does go up with all wash Corolla

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and show gratitude to him la he told your own, your final return will be to Him. So live for him subhanho wa Taala because your return will be deemed the end of this world is not the end of everything. There's still more to come and plenty more to come and an eternal life to come LoJack about my brothers in Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, and this is a beautiful area that illustrates how Allah azza wa jal guarantees at risk. He says what do

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I help Allahu

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La club it's a it came down when the companions of the Allahu Anhu was still in a weak position. When Allah subhanho wa Taala is promising them risk he's promising them the treasures of Persia and ruin the treasures of the Persians and the Romans. At this moment when this idea came down, it seemed to be in

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possible that they will ever get their hands on the treasures of the Persians and the Romans, it seemed impossible. No way. It wasn't a reality at the time the idea came down. Well, Allah azza wa jal stated this in the area, he said, Whoa, ha landec DREW Alia that that plentiful of risk that was in the hands of the Persians and the Romans lemtrack Diwali, you will never ever able to reach it and have your hands on it. Then Allah azza wa jal said, a help Allah will be her. However, Allah azza wa jal has secured it, and has encompassed it and has written it for you. And it will get to your hands one day

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and it became a reality, the idea became a reality and all that became loose for us. So habit Subhan Allah, this is an air coming down amongst the sahaba.

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When the situation seemed impossible, Allah azza wa jal would guarantee all you need now, when it when this idea comes down, it's the certainty of the heart, the total length, and the person would be at ease and at peace with himself. And these are the ayat we're supposed to read them and mix them with this kind of certainty and trust in Allah azza wa jal, this word that we have in our hearts, and then the peace would come to the minds until the hearts Allah subhanho wa taala. He says, One day I mean, the button fill RB Illa Allah, Allah he is quiet. There is not a single dab on the Earth, with depth. It comes from the word the bed. So everything that moves on Earth, this is

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what there is living creature, everything that moves on the earth. It's it is its provision is upon Allah, Allah obligated upon himself that he provides for every living creature, Allahu Akbar. You need to realize what this means. And if the biggest delivery operation on the face of this earth is the provision that Allah social delivers for every single creature every single day, that is the biggest delivery operation on Earth. Can you take a look at the greatest creation of the greatest creature that lives on earth? And that is the whale. The whale, one whales eats 3.6 tonnes of food a day. 3600 kilograms a day one well, and there is an approximation of 20,000 whales that live so you

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do your calculation. 72 million kilos of food being consumed by Wells every day. Who provided for Allah subhanho wa taala. The whale calf the baby whale. He drinks from his mother 190 litres of milk a day. Who's the one who provided for it? Allah subhanho wa Taala the elephant. It eats 260 kilograms of food a day.

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And there is about 40,000 Well, the 40,000 elephants on Earth who is providing for them every day? Who's creating this food? Who's delivering it to them every single day? Danny that's 10 million kilos of food consumed only by the elephants. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Allah zap Subhan Allah, Allah azza wa jal provides in ways we have never ever come to know. And only recently with studies and so on and things like that we see and we discover the only there is one type of bird when he leaves its egg. This type of bird is naturally black, its feathers are black, and it only comes in that color. And when he leaves its egg and his egg finally hatches. A baby bird comes out that is white in

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color. Absolutely why? And its parents neglected. They abandon it, because it seems to be strange, where black and this came out white, so they leave it and this white bird, it begins to grow.

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neglected by its parents. It releases a cent from its nose hair naturally Allah azza wa jal allows it to do so. And Ms. st attracts the worms from the earth. So the worms come out from the earth and come meet the sun, which is next to the mouth. It opens its mouth it eats and it continues to eat in this manner until it grows. Once it grows. Its feathers begin to transform from white to black. Its parents know it, they go back to it and they care for it. Who provided for it all along. Allah subhanho wa Taala in ways you cannot imagine Allahu Allah subhanho wa Taala This is why long story short it said

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it will say ask the people let them know they're awkward. Let them know

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The belief Who's the one who provides for you anything that is from the heavens and the earth? Heavens, the rain comes down and other things come down and the earth and what it produces, who provides for you couldn't

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see that it is Allah subhanho wa Taala this is part of your Akita by brothers in Islam, known as

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Rubia entails that you believe ALLAH is Allah Zuck, he's no joke. This is a matter that is tied to Eman. A person who rejects this becomes a gaffer.

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Allah is Allah Zack. Therefore seek the provision only from him subhanahu wa taala. And your provision is written it is written Do not stress about it. Do not make it the only thing that you're living for. Some people are told they're living for you ask him how his life my brother while hamdulillah we're paying the bills. Why can't know life was all about paying the bills. We're getting through this is what not what life is about. People have become so occupied with a list that they have forgotten about Allah subhanahu wa Dawn and your this is already guaranteed. It is already guaranteed.

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There is no need to stress and to be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said

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however the risk P can a robo Mina note that a doctor who is who can tell you to recall note two things are guaranteed and the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said, If the son of Adam was to run away from his risk, imagine this you ran away from your risk. It would come to you just as death would come to you.

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Two things guaranteed it is and your death. You will die at the time Allah has written for you. And all of your risk would come before you leave this world the life when there is something Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, as in the hadith of Mr. Abu Dhabi, Allahu Anhu. He said then Massoud had different Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were who was saw they must do?

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He said, the Messenger of Allah has informed us and He is the most trustworthy one among us. You see, why is the nostril using this word or saw the coolness doc? To tell you what is coming is the absolute truth coming out from the most trust worthy human being that lived on earth. It's a long Hadith at the end of it and the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said that Allah azza wa jal would send an Angel to the womb of the mother when the baby is being developed in there for your mother will be honored by Calumet

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your model we are by Kelly met, this angel is commanded to write for things be can be risky, Emily, he was really he was happy and outside. One of the things that is determined and written right there and then is your risk. But that doesn't mean it was determined right then in there. Yo, this was written by the way before the heavens and the earth were created by 50,000. Knees. But once you develop, that's when this Kitab came. And it was written for you at that moment law.

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And when we say Do not stress over your disk, we don't mean sit down at home and don't do anything. And Redfield is to come No, then Allah subhanahu wa taala he himself the one who guaranteed at risk, he said, financial FIM and keybie * Kulu me lispy he's the one who said this. He said issue female Akeeba awk not rush, walk on the edges of this earth walk and travel on Earth, what Kulu metallicity and eat from his provision, take from his sustenance and from his provision. And so when we seek our risk, when we seek our risk, we do that because Allah commanded us to do so. Not because it's tied with a risk and how Allah has decreed it. And so that's a different story. But we do that

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because this is what Allah has commanded for us to do. So we seek our risk, and we walk on earth and we work and we work and we do all of that. Because this is what Allah commanded us. And if you adhere to Allah's command, you are rewarded, very simple. And after you walk in your travel guru ministry, that's when a risk would come SubhanAllah. Now,

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walking, and having this effort is only a means is only a means. And when we say Do not stress about the artist, and your risk is written, and it's determined and it's decreed. We also mean do not work in Al haram. Do not seek your risk from Al haram work what's in halal, and that's enough. Then the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that in Rohan Kudoz nephew wrote, that you believe had inspired it Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his heart and he said to him and the Hulan thermotherapy that a stick millet is that no soul shall pass on

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Only complete its lifespan and its provision. Then an abuse Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said, Allah wa Shmoo polyp. That was the fact that you will use will come didn't mean instruction that came with this information. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said fear Allah and seek your is beautifully seek in a halal manner. And then he said, while i mila is the poor or recently taught labu be Marcia Tila for Intermarine de la ley, you know elated for it. He said and do not let the delay of your provision, see your your your risk is from now until you die. So you might seem or you might see it as he's been delayed. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, do not let this delay of your risk,

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make you seek it in a way that is displeasing to Allah or in a way that Allah azza wa jal prohibited because what is with Allah cannot be acquired except through his obedience subhanho wa Taala cannot seek it through and Hello, it can only be sought through al Khaled and so what he's written for you is written for you whether you took it in Haram or halal. If you went and you took money through haram means then that same money would have come to you through Halal had you be patient and it's really matured and it's your list. But you took it you You knew it very quick and you took it home and so your own punishment for that after ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to provide for us ask him

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Subhanahu wa Taala to keep us in our family see from an Hallum it not only your vertical pod rally a hula Holyhead that was still for Allah honey welcome for social Alto in the hall afforded Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Milena be about the hula band, my brothers in Islam. Very quickly I share with you a couple of solutions on how a person increases his risk and owns this risk from Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah azza wa jal at the end of solo at the very end he said one or two general insert Ilya will do soon. I did not create mankind an urgent except so that they worship Me. They implement the Oneness of Allah azza wa jal and they obey Allah so agents commands and

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instructions. Then he said Matt, what do you do mean whom risk I do not want any risk from them? What are you by moon and Allah azza wa jal does not want from you to feed him. In Allahu Allah Zack the world Mateen It is Allah azza wa jal who is a result. But you see the idea of repaired worship being tied to a risk. This is the ID, the more worship the mod is, the more worship the more you engage in your worship. And what we mean here above the list is your obligations towards Allah subhanho wa Taala the more that is, and look at the story of Zachary. Allah has set up with Maria Hobley Allahu Allah, Allah azza wa jal said could Lama duckula Ali Hezekiah Rob, every time Zachary

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Allah you sit down into the worship, please of Madame Madame would be sitting in her worship, please, worshiping Allah, Zakariya alayhi salam, a prophet of Allah. Every time he entered upon her washer there in the spa, he found provision there could lemma every time she worshipped and he entered, he found it is there an arena that would say that the summer fruit would be there during winter and winter fruit would be there in her worship place during summer, which is something that seems impossible. There is no refrigeration and freezes and so on to preserve this food. How is it appearing that so so Karianna you said I would say to her? Yeah, Molly Mo. Lucky.

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He said to her Maria,

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probably Allah Juana, Lucky Hannah. How? How can you get all this? Where have you got all this from? She said Paulette, who I mean and Allah is from Allah. In Allah He told me a shirt will be leader he said, Allah azza wa jal provides without limit without accountability for who any anyone he wants. Also from the ASVAB from the reasons for why Allah azza wa jal provides for people and he still felt and he still felt and this is the first thing or one of the first things that no hallelujah salaam preached these people. He said to them for her to still feel all of Beckham seek Allah's forgiveness in no can have a fella for verily He is all forgiving. Who will see the center Aliko middle Laura,

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the heavens will shower upon you and Grinch you with a risk. When you did come be unwell and you provide for you money, at least provides money money, where you can get

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what they need. Where Shala come Janelle Coleman Hara. That's one of the first things that no Holly you said I'm preached to the people lying because if the people to seek is still full of Allah subhanahu wata Allah and Allah azza wa jal would provide that for them. Their hearts would open for the worship of Allah so we can look how Allah makes things easy for His servants, but the people have no the majority of them rejected and disbelieved, and as a result, they

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With destroyed and finally I share with you Salah to Jana, the prayer in congregation that is also one of the huge keys of at least Allah subhanho wa Taala he says in Surah Noor Hebrew as in Allah Who until far away of Gaddafi has more. You said we have been will do we will outside it he shall and lead to lead him to gelatin on eBay on victory lay on solid. Allah azza wa jal is speaking about his houses, in which his name has been established, and Asana is established by men. He said in these houses, when men are standing and praying insalata Gemma, what was the result at the end? Allah azza wa jal, he said, whereas he the human fugly Allah Who Yahweh Zuko, Naivasha will be

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hired, he said, he increases them in reward, he increases them in reward, and he provides for them without accountability without any limit. For this is a huge opportunity for our risk with well is still far with and learn this, do not be occupied with that which was created for you, which is a risk more than what you are created for, which is the worship of Allah subhanho wa taala. The more you worship, the more this would come and everything has been determined and decreed by Allah subhanho wa Taala has also Lucilla Maura hammock whom Allah Allah created, but he was going for Sharia, Muhammad Abdullah who saw him and how they are Shiva, Amara como la Jota Allah the Amarin

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but if he had been FC within Medina let it get in most of data we could see.

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When our heavy coma Johann we don't have a cornerstone coil in the Lahoma it can only go so Lunarlon the V Yeah, you have Lavina Amano Solu Allah He was a limitless Lima Allahu Allah Allah Muhammad wa ala Ali Muhammad gamma Selita Allah Ibrahim Ali Ali Ibrahim in Nikka Homido Machito America Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed came about after Allah Ibrahima Allah Ali Ibrahim indica Hamid Al Majid Allah Marina

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Arenal Bella Beltran and Moroccan St. Nova. A little bit at the herbal Mina in Canada Samira and Eileen moto Elena in October, Rahim rebelled Allah in Allah had a little bit ugly when they're sending your data even when handed fascia it will mean Carrie Albury your EVO comme la la quinta the Quran, Quran Allah Han of evil Julius Croco mush karuma Allah and Allah the Quran Allah Akbar Allahu Allah Allah momentos known

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