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The host of Rocky Corps discusses the importance of finding out one's bad habits and replacing them with good ones. They also provide practical steps for removing bad habits and getting support from friends and family. The host emphasizes the importance of finding a way to practice good behavior and stay away from those who bully.

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allowed him to know sort of summer semester Dominic might have thought about a candidate he says he says he, and I'm welcoming into another episode of Rocky Ramadan, 2014, day seven. And here traveling the train from London to Manchester because I have an event, it's a fundraising event

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run by a human being for the orphans in Syria. So I thought to take advantage and send you my, my daily messages on the rocky Ramadan series. Today is Episode Seven, Episode Six, we talked about how to break habits and we spoke about you know, the first thing which is to realize or recognize the fact that you have bad habits, and your willingness to to change it.

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We also spoke about the clean, calm behavioral psychology, that every behavior has a reward

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that has a reward or punishment.

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So we said that you need to find out what how your bad habits are rewarding to be able to settle, to be able to stop. We also talked about you know, the fact that to figure out the feelings attached to that to that bad habit to the circumstances, by which you know, make you indulge in that bad habit. Look at what point what time you

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indulge in that bad habit is it when you're angry, is it when you when you're under stress or whatever. So once you find that out, then it's something that you can try to avoid totally.

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But let me also share with you some some practical steps.

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It is not only about the you know,

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just cutting or stopping this or breaking this bad habit, but also try to replace it bad habit with it and habit. So if return, let's say you're from, let's say somebody who's addicted to

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nicotine, maybe try chewing gum, if you're addicted to listening to music, for instance, I mean listening to music is I know a lot of people the Muslims the call it as a bad habit. So we tell them, you know, maybe try to have a substitute some sort of, let's say, an resuscitation on the sheet, substitute the bad habit, something good to have it instead or machine instead, or even at some point. And don't misunderstand me, I'm not an advocate of listening to music, because the matter is very clearly snap.

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But at least cut it down. You know, for somebody who listens to music, you know, 24 seven,

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I go coming back to the states to try to cut it down, you know, and slowly, gradually, and shallow data but also the signal from the government that shouldn't help you break that bad habit.

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you need that strong power. This is really, really, really important that strong willed. If you were to, let's say, find yourself indulging

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in a bad habit, impose the punishment upon yourself. Let me explain what I mean by imposing a punishment.

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Let's say if you were to do that bad habit, commit to every time you see yourself doing that bad habit, I'm going to give, you know, a sudden, or I'm going to pray to Allah guides PM, or I'm going to go and clear the mission. This is a nice punishment. So it's it's psychologically is really, it's really important. But also the opposite is true. Let's say if you find you know, if you see some progress toward yourself on a weekly basis, or even on a daily basis, whenever you see some progress, that you're cutting from that or breaking that bad habit, like you reach a milestone, treat yourself to something nice and sharp. Tada. It's also something that's psychologically very

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helpful to your progress.

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And, and something something also very important is to get friends and friends, no support from friends and family. But also make sure you stay away from friends who, let's say who are

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indulging in that same bad habit. You know, you want to stay away from all your friends are smokers, so you need to stay away from it. So you get the right type of support the right type of support from friends and family. And of course don't forget your job which is the weapon of the believer. I asked us

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all to practices to convey and for another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2014 I saved a set of Muslims by tada wha wha