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A representative from the Muslim community in Scandinavia is discussing the upcoming upcoming war with the Muslim community. They emphasize the importance of protecting their country, values, and people, and encourage people to fight on the legal basis. They also discuss the use of deadly weapons and the potential for Islamophobic activism.

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So you've come on the record as saying that you want to go to war with Muslim people. What do you mean by that? I say that we have to defend our, our country, our values and our people, the fun, if necessary, with weapons, Islam commands every Muslim to take part in jihad against us. How are you? Are you watching my videos again? pause that and do something for your ACA first, is something that is establishing a Scandinavian mega mosque and data center in Oslo, the fastest growing city in Europe. Do you want to share that reward? Click the link below and donate now.

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You say that you're at war with the Muslims. We the way I see it. Yeah. Let me let me say again, we're no way we respect the law of ROI. Yeah. Everyone who respect the law is not going to do something illegal. You're not going to get physical, you're not going to shoot somebody, I'm not going to shoot somebody. I'm not going to slap you. You're not going to slap me. Because if the former was done, that would be murder. But anyway, that's something else. I'm saying now you said war.

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You said war. Now I understand from that there's only two ways you can go towards someone intellectually, which you attempt to them fell today and physically. Now really? untruly Physically, you're a 55 year old man you're not in any shape to get into film. But what I will do and say this, how if you hate Muslims so much there are many people that would be willing to fight on a legal basis with your people. I am saying today I am in no way there are people that you have in your computer my size and my age. Why not we go and fight on the legal basis if they don't like us so much let's fight each other let's know on a legal basis if you hate us why not?

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Broken this hate Are you are you coward? I know I know. Okay, thanks I'll bring somebody to fight us on a legal basis need to do that because we know that Islam so do you want to fight or not Islam? We

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will use mine.

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You am still alive? Are you accepting? Are you accepting the challenge? We're gonna do on a legal basis. Legally we know we can no no no, you go to a place where we can fight.

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when or where the Muslims are committing because this is against the law. Listen to me Listen to me. Listen to me. Lush Listen to me. You spend all day and all night burning books that we consider we revere we consider them holy. The books the pages are not gonna come out and fight you back. I'm saying instead of engaging with an inanimate object, why don't you engage with something that can fight back? If you want to engage intellectually we've just done and showed you why if you want to do it physically, you'll get your 55 year old you get me someone my age would go right now we go to a place right now

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No need to shout if you want to fight we go to a club we fight legally. We go no fights, no problem but you're not my way. I'll get you someone you'll wait. I'm saying that you want to get somebody that we can do a legal contract and we can fight each other put hands on each other. How about that? Is that what you really wanted? No, it doesn't I'm just saying if you want to put hands on us I'm ready I'm ready.

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You are trying to sell her is that we

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Come on to you to kill so you can't you say you want to defend your land or you can't even engage in non illegal You're no match conversation, Neil physically, neither are you and neither are you and neither are any one of your team. You're no match conversationally or physically your college next time you burn a book. Now let me tell you when you're burning a book let me just tell you the book called fight back. But remember that today in Oslo square, the Muslim came defeated Juna debate

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you're a Cisco you're a caveman.

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Anyone? Okay. Oh, Hi Fi so Okay, you're right. Okay. No problem. Now having said that, after the intellectual decimation discombobulation yes has been done. You've been dishevelled, you've been disappointed. You've been discombobulated. You have been intellectually decapitated.

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Yes, no often.

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You are

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a lawyer, and you are pathetic. Because you didn't know that no. telling what I'm saying to you.

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I want to finish this. Why'd you mind you guys? Anyone wise you guys drive around in military vehicles. So kick my defense.

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So throughout the Muslim killer, this guy is

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this guy and dangerous he looks, any one of us

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afraid of any kind of confrontation.

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Finding a book, burning a book is not a test of your bravery, John Asana doesn't, it's very effective.

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The behavior

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you have

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now what you just witnessed that is part of the anti Islamophobic activism that this group Islam net, which has established already the biggest masjid and Dawa center and is expanding with the grace of Allah, and with the help of your donation is doing on the ground here in Scandinavia. Now you can continue being part of these efforts, you can continue being part of these efforts, and allowing us as the Muslim community in the west, to be able to establish ourselves, establish our voices in a strong way as you have seen, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran, one

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Falco tomb, Meucci, in fact, who are you calling for? Wa who rose up in that whatever you give for the sake of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will replace it for you.

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And he is the best of providers? Do we really believe that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the best of providers? Do we really believe that when we give for the sake of Allah, that that money will come back? Not just that but Allah says men the lady who lost her Call Don Hassan and your boy who left who Herbalife and Kathy Euro, that who will lend a lot of goodly loan?

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Who will lend Allah a goodly loan such that it can be returned back to him in multiplication, it will be multiplied for him.

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