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as he would come in to another episode of rockier Ramadan, 2012

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day six, I'm very happy by the way, I'm very happy and very glad. I'm reading all your comments is that Kamala hair

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knowing that a lot of people handled that benefited from the stocks,

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there was a topic that actually caught a lot of people's attention, which is the topic of hustle, follow the good manners. So I want to maybe

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explore a little bit more on this topic, the topic of good manners.

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Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, this this quantity of good manners, good morals, has done a whole look.

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You can somehow acquire love, there's so many fruits, there's so many benefits that one would get off of having, you know, a good manner and a good moral behavior. Let me share with you some of the benefits that one can get off of, off of these acquiring these good qualities of a person.

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First, there's so many but I'll just share with you some first, you would be beloved by Allah subhana wa tada those who have good manners will be beloved by Allah Subhana Allah as the Prophet Mohammed Allah sought to serve them you know when he says, I have a Baba La Jolla

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Uh huh. Have A Bug's Life. The most beloved people in the set of Allah are those that are that have those who have sound morals and sound you know add up sound you know, a clock

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You will another foods or another benefit of having a husband full of good morals and good manners.

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The closeness to Allah subhana wa tada

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the closeness to Allah and the closest to the Prophet Mohammed Ali Salatu was Salam. So here's the Prophet Mohammed is awesome. And he says this Hadith, and the headline is narrated by Abu Bakr, reported by el mundo de mama happy, Jacques. It's very, very sound Hadith.

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In that min, I have become a lawyer or I've got to be committed the most recent Yeoman piano has in the locker. The Prophet Mohammed Ali Santos Lim says, The those who are the most beloved to me, and those who will be closest to me that they have judgment has those who have good manners. And listen, and we're in a bahagia community where the community mostly said Yo man piano, a photographer owner and modify Hakuna Matata shut the coup, and those who are who I dislike the most. And those who will be the farthest from me in the Day of Judgment are three and a

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half way here corner. And with the shutdown, they said yes, Obama, we know, Alamo Tasha Dakota, five men What's up, I hear corn, Carla, and Mota can't be alone can be alone. So he says those who are that I dislike the most, and those that will be the farthest from me on the Day of Judgment, they will not be close to me, which means they might be in there for a little bit. Or even if they were to make it into Gemini, they would be the lowest level of general Who are they?

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Those who talk a lot, they just talk vain talk, they talk with no benefits with fit, they just keep on talking, talking, talking. And there's too much talking can lead into backbiting Of course, when you talk too much, this will easily lead you to backbiting talking too much without going straight to the point or without any without benefited others by just somebody who just love talking some kind of a hobby we say

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you know, which is after Tom

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and Mutasa deikun with a cell phone, those who like to talk more than others not like to touch on those who feel like my talk is better than others. So they, they they undervalue themselves in terms of, you know, speaking up more than others, wherever they go, they they like to be pushed to talk and you just like you know, have some time, money and the polite and more special deikun

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that they think they're better than others. And I want to hit on a point and we'll talk about

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be alone. Those who have douche arrogant, those who are arrogant, they will be where the young overlaps the farthest from the Prophet Mohammed Ali salatu salam, also ladies and gentlemen another benefit that you get off of, you know good manners and this is beautiful from how she said reported by Abu Dawood

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in the last minute layer

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ii menzi letter saw me at the party, the moment the believer, he gets off of his good luck, his good manners, the rank of the saw in a car in the rank of the the one who fasts and the one who stands up the whole night train. And as if you fast in the morning and stand up the whole night praying, this is the rank because these people will get the highest ranking genda. So those people with good manners will get the rank of the sign up time. Also, ladies and gentlemen, those with good luck will will another food, another benefit, it will get you the highest level engine,

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the highest level not only the highest level engine not reported inside how Buddha would the Prophet Mohammed Ali ultraslim says and as he moves the baiting fee agenda, Lima

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Lima kosuna aka the Prophet Mohammed Ali Assad to Islam says as if he guarantees I guarantee a house or mentioned in the highest level in gender not gender not any place in the highest level engine up to home limit

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to those who have good morals good manners.

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And then the Prophet Mohammed it sort of says in his heyday put him in a band and then by happy it's a very interest in howdy vetoed by the love of us. And best directed the same heady that the Prophet Mohammed is after some says about own men couldn't defeat it couldn't figure out man either kind of figa fella. Further la cama fatik Amina Julia Alba man kunafa Fela Anika manufaktur katomina dunya yeah Anita Gemma, how

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do how the IRA, you should be a Shaka the Prophet says four things. If you have these things is 14 these four qualities It is better to you than the entire world and what it contains. And if you only get this 14th of the entire world makes you to choke up to Allah. Well, these four things these four qualities, the prophet Azam says some sinequan Hadith says God is the one who is truthful when he speaks Yeah, and he doesn't lie. He speaks with truth. Said Hadith have gone Amana if you have this quality of Amana, those who uphold the man the trust number three

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those who have good manners and moral characters. And number four, f fear about me those who are modest and chaste. If you have these four qualities Make sure to choke up to Allah subhanho wa Taala because they are better for you and to us than the entire world and whatever it contains also ladies and gentlemen another thing that you get

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another benefit of good manners without clean enemies and oh he's killing me then they put way in your balance of records in the day of judgment as the Prophet Mohammed Arya Sufism says in the Hydra reported by a Buddha it

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may mean ci in Miami cheating as colorful reason is not medium of interest in our Miami chasing as females any medium a piano solo person follows the there is nothing that put more weight in the balance or in the Book of Records in the Day of Judgment. For the believer that has good follow good manners, good morals, look at everything else, but good morals Good luck. They put lots of weight in humans and has an it also Ladies and gentlemen, another football another benefit. They get you closer to the people doesn't make you beloved by the people not only by his profit, but also also the people. You know, this interesting story of Eileen, not her Satan early on the alarm, I think

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that'd be part of his nickname is in an IBD you know, from the progeny of

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the Grand sons of Edie.

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He was working in IBD and he was known to be very biased with men. He was walking in once in on the market with one of his

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friends and then you know, he some by accident he blocked someone from from from the way and then that person came and started swearing and cursing at him. The people they wanted to move but you know, but

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I think

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he, in fact, he says, you know, he said No, leave him leave him. And then he, the men start swearing and cursing and swearing and cursing. And then once he was done

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he came to him and he says,

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You know, I do have worse than what you just described me with. I know my stuff and I've got worst than all these things that you have described me with, you know, like Corsini, I don't have worst. And he says, If you need anything, we shall give you if you need anything we shall give you so he took his a as if he told him is like Lochhead Thank you very much. He took,

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like, something that he was wearing, he gave it to him, and he gave him 1000. You told him give you 1000 the man says, By Allah, you must be from the, the the plus unit of lasala. And indeed he was, as he is the grandson of adaminaby. Talib was the cousin of the Prophet Mohammed, it is not to say that,

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you know, some some time you face this, someone may come to you swear at you or curse you in the street, maybe even in Division, Subhan Allah? And then sometimes what would happen? Yeah, I need the ego would kick in. And then how about you lose your control, you lose everything. And then you start, you know, using some foul language, with your spouse, sometimes with your children, sometimes with your friends, when you're angry with

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as the Prophet Muhammad is a person when he says, The strongest amongst you who are the strongest, they said, Those who can, you know,

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fight others, no, any animal can beat others up. The Prophet says that the strongest amongst you is the one who can control himself. While you know when he's angry, who can control himself and their anger? So these are the some of the ladies and gentlemen, or some of the foods or some of the benefits of hussen and horlock. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help, especially in this month of Ramadan, to acquire these good manners. And in fact, I want to walk the talk. How do I walk the talk? Well, I know I know that the Prophet Mohammed is just as important by how he shot he was always you know, smiling in his house and always in the service of his family. So I want to walk the

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talk. I've got lots of dishes that I need to finish on Sharma with the IRA. If you allow me. I'd like to go and finish the dishes until tomorrow for another episode of Rocky Ramadan. I say a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.