Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2018 – Nightly Reminder – June 8

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of praying for good things in life is discussed, including the negative impact of praying for things in life. The speaker uses various examples to illustrate the pervasive belief that religion is a means to serve oneself and achieve personal and professional goals. The segment also touches on the benefits of following Allah's teachings, including helping people to remove distractions and become aware of the perks of religion. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a new video about a spiritual journey.
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All below him in a Shakeology

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feminine see me Oh Robin. Enough it dunia woman who feel a lot immune hada

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woman whom many of whom?

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Tina dunya, Asana

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Asana makina.

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Ikeda whom Nasim, Cebu

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Casa boo Allah who said he is

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sorry we are silly Emily

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Sandy Hook only for hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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At the end of about in the late 90s, early two hundreds of sootel bacala. There is a passage dedicated to Hajj. And in this passage, Allah azzawajal describes that Hajj is actually a ritual that was already in place since the time of Ibrahim alayhis salam, and the people that came after Ibrahim al Islam, his children, many of them became misguided and therefore they change some of those practices and confuse them with, you know, pagan practices. And they added rituals that weren't Originally there, revealed by Allah, and it became a mixture of what was originally taught and a mixture of what was, you know, later on deviations that were added to the faith and one of the

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roles of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was to actually decontaminate the ritual to bring it to its original form. The prayer of Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam was what arena monastic Anahata Valena show us our actual rituals and accept our repentance. And one of the teachings to Our Messengers is the actual rituals of Hajj. So the the passage is dedicated to not only fixing the rituals of Hajj, but actually the spirit behind Hajj and Hajj is really important in the role of Our Messengers all of our lives for them. In many ways you can appreciate it in that the entire mission of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam was to restore the place of the Kaaba and you the the ceremony that

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celebrates that the Kaaba has been restored to its original position is the ritual of Hajj, which is why when the prophet SAW Selim was given victory eventually it is actually commenced by the so the the ritual of Hajj itself. So now the Allah describes how the ritual itself got corrupted. And the way it got corrupted is there are people who go even the ones who worship Allah, they go and they pray for the wrong thing. And what is it that they pray for? He says Fermin, Khomeini, hula robina, attina Fredonia. Among them are those who say, our master gives us in this life, give me good things in life. Don't give me a job, get me married, get me, you know, take care of my children, remove my

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sickness, take care of my parents. These are all things that we're concerned with in this life. And there's doesn't seem to be anything wrong with praying for things in this life. Yet in this ayah it's so harsh. Allah azza wa jal says, There are among them who say give us in this life, well, my Allah whom fill us a lot, even holla. And this person is not going to have at all, any of even the smallest iota of goodness in the afterlife, they'll get nothing. All they get is in this life, they will get nothing in the afterlife. That's a pretty harsh statement to make for someone who's actually praying. They're actually praying to Allah. And they asked Allah for some good things. Why

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is this being, you know, responded to, with such an extreme response, it seems, at first glance, as extreme response, that these people will have nothing to do with the afterlife. This is actually referring to not just a change in ritual, but a change in mindset. For a lot of people, let's not think about Islam for a moment, let's think about all religions. For a lot of people religions in general, they're not about serving Allah, they're actually about getting What do you want,

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they just become about getting what you want, I'm gonna pray because I need a promotion, I'm going to pray because I need this problem solved. I turned to God because he's going to help me with this, this, this this issue in this life, just in this life. As a matter of fact, you know, the the intermediaries between Allah and people, like people set up idols between themselves and Allah. Or if some people elevated a prophet and made them the Son of God and set themselves before themselves and Allah. Every time you have an intermediary, the point of it is they go to these intermediaries for particular worldly problems. So the entire purpose of religion actually becomes to serve you in

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this world in some way. And as a matter of fact, when that spreads so much, the mindset becomes of later generations as we find today, somebody will come and say, Well, what am I going to get out of Islam? Like, okay, fine, you're telling me this religion is this, this, this and it's got these prayers and this and that, but I already have a job. I'm already doing pretty good. What do I need this for? How is this helping me? In other words, until it's self serving to me in some immediate way, it has no relevance. And that actually became one of

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the disease's of religions that go away from the original teaching of Allah. That is to say that the purpose of Deen is to serve me. The purpose of religion is to serve me. Yes, following a lot of teachings makes your life easier. It's true. It's a benefit. It's you know, obeying a law makes your life removes burdens from you, gives you protection, it blesses your income, it provides you security even provides you help, all kinds of benefits come to you. When you obey Allah when you follow the right religion. It's true, but that's not the goal. Those are actually you can consider the perks the benefits, you know, and we now be what happens to people is, those benefits became

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become the goal. And that's very offensive to Allah, for people for those benefits to become their entire goal in religion is actually offensive to Allah. And he this this ritual that we go to this performance of Hajj, the point of it was to actually remember that your life is more than what you have here. You're gonna go in clothes that you're going to be buried in. That's why we dress the way we do it. hudge we go and stand in the land of alpha, as if we're simulating the day of judgment when we're just going to be praying before a lion hoping for less mercy. The entire the entire ritual is actually an exercise of a reminder, it's a judgment day convention, you can call it that.

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That's that's what it is. Millions of people gathered together dressed exactly the same way with nothing to their name. The Millionaire and the bankrupt look exactly the same. They're standing like that's judgment, isn't it? No ranks left, no status left, no VIPs left, no money left, nothing left. That's all you have. And for us to go there and only think about worldly things is a problem. And so a lot of responds by saying woman Khomeini Hola, robina, Tina Fey, dunya Hassan II at one word, the previous prayer, what the false prayer was, give me in this life, Master, provide us in this life.

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The next prayer the corrected prayer from Allah what you should be praying instead, he says, and among them is someone who says listen to these words will mean whom many upon among them, as someone who says, Our Master gives us in this life has enough good and beautiful things. Just the addition of that one word good and beautiful things you would argue I thought that's understood. Obviously, nobody's asking for an ugly car. People are asking for a nice car. People are asking for a nice house. So the good and beautiful is understood. But there's a more profound meaning of good and beautiful here. And by the way, the someone who asks is actually the Messenger of Allah sallallahu

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sallam, and then he's asking not only for himself, that would be an upbeat, he's saying, robina all of us are master which this is one of the most repeated prayers of the prophets of Allah harneys Adam, this is also a prayer that we repeat every conclusion of every thought, or Mirage, and every thought of you repeat this prayer, and what are you saying, give me good in this life, beautiful in this life. Now what exactly is good and beautiful? I take you back to something Allah said about shaitan. Allah said about shaitaan was a and Allahumma shaytani r mela home shaytaan beautified their deeds to them. So one of one of the devil's jobs is to take ugly things and make them look

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good. And take good things and make them look ugly. Right so good deeds look hard, difficult. The halau looks impossible. The impermissible looks alluring, it's attractive. Good lumen normal blue. The Arab says the engineer says everything forbidden seems to be attractive. Right? So you that's what he wants. That's what Siobhan wants. So on the flip side, Allah says no, yeah, like give us things that are actually beautiful, not things that appear to be things that are through and through good and beautiful for us that has an art of this world, the good and beautiful of this world. And then he ties it to something else. He says, well, Phil herati has an end in the next life good and

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beautiful. So you're asking for two lives this one and the next one, and they're connected to each other. The only way you can get good in the next life is you actually get something in this life that will benefit your next life so now what I desire in this life is actually dictated by is it just is it good for me just here or is it good for me here and there. This is what I'm praying for y'all I make my mindset such first of all that I'm not diluted by false beauty. And second of all, when I do want something that I'm only give me things that will benefit me here and I do want benefit here. I do want a good living here. I do want good food here. I do want good clothing here.

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I do want all of the good things that Allah has made for me here I want them but I want of those the things that will help me here and prepare me for this journey that I came to remind myself of at Hodge robina Athena Fredonia, Hashanah. Assa t Hashanah. Both of those things go hand in hand. Notice the word Hassan comes in describing the legacy of our Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, locka Cana leconfield rasulillah. He also has an awesome word that in the in the Messenger of Allah, you certainly find a beautiful parable, a beautiful example a beautiful role model, a beautiful leader. Why is that mentioned because our prophets a lot of time didn't just go

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concern himself with what matters in the next life. If he's entirely spiritual, and All he cares about is what's going to happen after judgment day and we just were supposed to be miserable in this life, that's the other extreme, then you're not supposed to get married, just pray, fight your temptations, your temptations are all evil. your desires are all evil. This religion didn't come for that. Allah azza wa jal says he put those desires in us. He put those He wants us as a matter of fact, the fact that you like a nice car, the fact that you like that is Allah put that in you. Well, halal masala branded horses like branded horsepower. Right? That's that's what it is. And even to

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this day, the most expensive cars are the ones with horses on them the Ferraris you know, and when somebody is really into cars, they go up to somebody, they don't say, hey, how many chickens you got under the hood? No, they don't say that. They say how many horses you got under the hood, Alyssa branded, literally branded horses is something he made us obsessed with. We like it. But he put it there for a reason. Because all of what is beautiful in this world is actually a preview of what he has waiting in the next.

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So that you know if Allah didn't show us beautiful trees, gardens, mountains, if he didn't show us a beautiful spouse if he didn't show us these things. And then he told us about heaven in Gemini and you're going to get gardens and trees and a beautiful spouse and fruit. And you never enjoyed any fruit in this life. You're like, No, thanks. I'm good.

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What's your motivation? So this world is actually supposed to motivate you if this is so beautiful here. What is he got waiting in the next life. And so this becomes a preview for the next slide. Don't think of this as a goal. Think of this as a prep for the next slide. It should it's supposed to motivate you to get the best of this in order to get the best of that. So this never becomes your golden worldly life doesn't ever become your goal. That's what's reminded to us in robina. Athena for dunya Hashanah ofin acid it has a Think of it this way. The ritual of Hajj I told you we go and close that we're supposed to be buried in we look like pretty much that we're standing in judgment A

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this is supposed to be the most spiritual experience where you forget everything about worldly life. You leave your your your desires, your temptations, your greed, everything behind. And guess what he does? Almost Panama. What does he do? He tells us when you go there. When you go to HUD and back Back in the day, people didn't take a flight to hedge, right? They walked the different camel, they took a ship. They said farewell to their families as if there's a high likelihood they'll die on the journey. That's what they did. And what does he say Lisa and a con una una de la mera become, there's no harm on you. If you pursue some good when you go there for yourselves. In other words, if

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you want to go do some business there too, okay, take some goods with you and sell from there, make some contacts, do some networking. It's okay. In other words, you're going there for the good of your deen for the orchestra for the afterlife. But you're also there, if you have the opportunity to build something also for this life. To do that, too. There's no harm in it. There's no harm in it. It's incredible that a lot of the most spiritual journeys and he added this dimension to it. Look at what he did in Ramadan. Ramadan is supposed to be a ritual in which we forget everything about worldly life. We're supposed to of course, we're not like that. But anyway, but we're supposed to be

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highly spiritual denying the needs of our body and all of that right. And in the middle of it all a lot of soldier says, he actually encourages that men be be more intimate with their spouses in the night of the fast in the water fasting. Why? Why? Because it's dunia. Fredonia, Santa Clara de hacer la and when when the relationship between a husband and a wife is reinforced, that actually benefits their dunya and it benefits. There are a lot of benefits both Allah understands that Allah Allah tells us that helps us understand that rather. And so he says, and thus working on a double knot protect us from the punishment of the Fire. This religion is one that beautifies this life along

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with the next life. And those always go hand in hand every decision you make every major decision you make you and I have to ask ourselves inspired by this dog. We asked it all the time. And by the way, we asked how we think about this because I was I'm very Pakistani I was raised very back study. So the way we think about this Dora is Yeah, like give me like the best stuff here. And then throw me in Ghana to

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Indonesia, Casa de la sala de hacer una great deal. But we don't actually connect those two. We don't connect. I'm saying that those two things are what? They're connected. And that's the only way the last part of this will make sense working out. But not because if we were materialistic and didn't care about what we got so long as we're enjoying ourselves, and then consider the next life that we're not protecting ourselves from the punishment of the Fire. May Allah azza wa jal give us the best of this life that is a means of getting the best in the next life and protect us from the punishment of the Fire robina attina for dunya Hashanah perfil Aphrodite Hasina Kannada now

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particolare welcome Santa Monica utilizada ricotta

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