Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P08 090B Tafsir Al-Araf 40-41

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the use of "has been" in various context and the importance of good deeds in recognizing successes and rewarding them. The Hula Hoop culture of fear and fear is often the norm, and the Hula Hoop culture of fear and fear is often the norm. The potential for people to get into heaven and hellfire through various methods is also discussed, as well as the danger of pride and arrogance towards the author, Allah Elmo. The importance of learning the meaning of the Quran to avoid mistakes and embarrassment is also noted.
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So I'm already gonna have the law here we're going to go

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over when a Sunday or a lot of sweetie who get him and my birth for or the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish. Luckily Saudi were Sidley Emery. Well under appdata melissani. of Kabul Kohli probenecid. Dinner in

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less than number 90 Surah Al Orloff is number 4253. In the indeed a Lavina those people who could the Boo They belied they rejected be attina with our vs. was stuck bottle and they were arrogant unhook from it. Learn not to factor who it shall be opened LA home for them have wobble doors a summer II of the sky, Walla and Nora, Yahoo Luna they will enter a Jana the paradise

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had the until yearly J he passes l Gemma Lou the camel fee in some me, I hole Alia out of the needle worker there Lika and thus, Niger z, we shall recompense al moody mean the criminals who has been mentioned in this ayah those people who can't there will be a Latina, who will reject who belies the verses of Allah, the Ayat of Allah and the Ayat of Allah are two kinds Kony ayat. And, Shari. If so, whether it is the signs that Allah subhanaw taala has created that prove to us the existence of Allah, the lordship of Allah, the Oneness of Allah, or it is the verses that Allah has revealed, the miracles that he gave to his prophets, and they showed those miracles, whatever I add, those people

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who refuse to believe in those Ayad, who call the if a lie was stuck borrower on her, and they're too arrogant towards them, meaning they don't humble themselves in order to accept those ayat. Because in order to accept something great, what happens, you need to lower yourself, you need to humble yourself. Think about it. If you want to take a sip of water from a glass, then in order to drink what's necessary, that your mouth be lower than the glass than the cup, isn't it? And if you keep your mouth above the cup, you won't be able to drink anything out of the glass unless you have a straw. Right? So in order to receive something, you have to lower yourself. In order to receive

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and accept the verses of Allah, you have to lower yourself. Sometimes it means you have to accept your mistake that yes, I was wrong. Sometimes it means that yes, I will change my habits. I will change the way I do this the way I do that. Why? Because I want to accept the ayat that Allah has sent. But those people who remain arrogant, who refuse to lower themselves, and instead they belittle the verses of Allah, they make fun of them. They think of themselves as Too high and too great to accept the verses. Then Allah says that learn to factor hula hoop abou Abul summer, the doors of the sky, they shall never be open for them.

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The sky as we know that there are seven skies a summer worth and remember that the word a summer wet is used for the skies. And the word Janna is used for heaven. Paradise. Paradise heaven, Jana is different. And a summer word the skies above us, they are different. Right now there are seven skies that we learned about from the Quran and Sunnah. How, where are they? What kind of skies are they allow Arlen what we see above us the blue sky. That is what a summer a duniya the sky of this world, the lowest heaven, the lowest sky. That is what we see. That is what we are limited to write meaning that is what we know about we don't know about what is beyond all of this. But we know that the

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scientists do acknowledge that there is much more beyond all of this. What is it? How is it? What is it like Allah who are them? So the summer what we learn about the sun, my wife from the Quran and Sunnah, that they also have a Blab doors. What kind of doors are they? What kind of gates are they?

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We don't know. And we can't know. Because this is of the matters off the unseen, the Prophet SAW was on set when he was taken on the night journey, what happened he was taken from one sky to the other, the doors were opened up for him, he was taken from one to the other to the other. So it seems that one sky cannot be crossed except through the doors. Right? Now, as human beings, we cannot discover those doors, we cannot know where they are, what they are like Allah who are alone, it is of the matters of the unseen, but because it is mentioned in the Quran, we believe in it. Why? Because Allah has said, so what is it like? We don't know? Can we see it? Don't know, Allahu Allah, but we

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believe in it.

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So anyway, we learn over here, that the doors of the sky will not be open for such people.

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Meaning that when something from them, meaning something that has come from these people, needs to be taken up to the heavens, taken up through the skies above all the way to Allah subhanaw taala in order to be accepted, in order to be rewarded in order to be granted. Know, their deeds, their daraz they are not allowed to pass through because people are not going to be taken through. All right, people are not going to be taken through the skies. But what is it that ascends from the people? It is their good deeds? It is their supplications like, for example, when it comes to the good deeds we learned from Sulak Fattal I attend that la he Yes, our dual Kalamata, yep, well, I'm a Lusardi, who

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you affirm that good speech, it ascends to Allah. When a person says something good. For instance, you recite the Quran, he said, Good words, he remembers Allah than these good words are immediately taken up to Allah. So they're taken up through the doors of the skies, all the way to Allah subhanaw taala Ye, in order to be granted acceptance in order to be rewarded. But such people if this is something good, if they perform a good deed, then they're not as soon as I reached the skies, the doors are not open up, they are refused any entry. So what does it mean then? Their good deeds are not accepted by Allah. Their good deeds are not accepted by Allah, because what's the condition of

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good deeds to conditions right? What sincerity and conformity? For example, in order to be a Muslim, a person says a hurdle. Allah ilaha illa. Allah will as hurdle under Muhammad Rasool Allah, this is the first pillar of Islam and this is the foundation because when he says, I shall do Allah Ilaha illa Allah, that what does it mean that Allah is the only God and whatever I do, I do it for him alone.

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Not dedicating my action to anyone but Allah. So this means there will be sincerity in the action. When a person says what I shall do under Muhammad Rasul Allah, I testify that Muhammad Salatu Salam is the messenger of Allah than what does it mean that whatever I will do, I will do it according to how he has taught it,

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according to how he did it. So believe in Allah, it leads to sincerity and belief in the messenger SallAllahu Sallam that leads to following his wishes. And if these two conditions are not met, then a deed cannot be given the title of our malt Salah it can be an animal, but it's not a masala. It could be the animal of charity, it could be the animal have a big smile, it could be the animal of helping someone. It could be the animal of saving someone's life. It's an animal, it's an effort, it's a deed. But if it's not done for Allah, if it's not done according to the Sunnah of the prophets have a lot of center that it cannot be granted the title of armor signing.

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So those people who are arrogant who refuse to believe in the verses of Allah, then such people, even if they commit a great deed, it will not be taken up to Allah. It will not be accepted by Allah, it will not be granted any reward any merit by Allah subhanaw taala. Likewise, if they make a DUA, when a person makes a DUA, that Dora is also taken up to Allah. Remember when you started, Cena was in the belly of the fish. He made the call. And the angel said, very familiar voice coming from very far away. Which angels were they up in the heavens, right? The angels that were by the doors and from

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Where the DUA was being taken up to Allah for acceptance. The when a person is like this than his dua is not accepted. The prophets of Allah has mentioned a man having journeyed far. journeyed far. He is disheveled and dusty. And who spreads out his hands to the sky saying the Arab Europe, he makes the art to Allah. But his food is held on his drink is haram, his clothing is held on his nourishment is haram. So how can his daughter be answered? How? led to the hula hoop abueva summer, the doors of the sky, not be open for them?

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When the angels receive such a Dora to be passed on to the upper heaven, what happened to say, No, we're not going to let this go through. Because it doesn't meet the criteria. It doesn't meet the criteria. It's like if you go to a particular country, and you need a visa for it, you think on a Canadian passport, you can go but you find out that on arrival, you have to have visa, for instance, what will happen? You can say I'm a Canadian citizen. And look, I have my children with me, I have my luggage with me. I've been traveling since day before yesterday, such a long flight. They'll say sorry, we cannot let you in. Sorry, we cannot grant you entry. You are being refused entry. And you

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have to go back. You cannot come in here. Why? Because you don't meet the criteria. You don't meet the criteria. If someone doesn't have a Canadian passport, right? And they don't have American visa, and they drive to Niagara Falls. All right, then what will happen? Like it happened with me that I was visiting Canada, I had my visit visa. And we were going to Niagara Falls and the sister who was driving by accident, she went on the wrong road. She took the wrong turn. So we ended up on American border.

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And they're like you guys want to come here like No, no, we just want to go back. This was an accident. They're like, but you have to go through immigration now. Like we don't even have our passports, you were just gonna go to the false. Like, no, you have to go through the immigration. So it takes so long it was an accident and honest mistake. But if you don't have the right documents, you cannot go you cannot cross the border. Right? No matter who you are, no matter who you are. If you don't meet the criteria, you cannot go through. If this is the case in this world, if this is the case with worldly borders, then what about the borders of the sky? If a good deed doesn't meet

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the criteria, if it's not done for the sake of Allah, if it's not done according to the Sunnah, then how do we think our deeds our prayers will be accepted just like that led to fat, the hula hoop abueva summer, they will not be open for them. And one more thing, that the doors of the sky will not be opened for who for their souls, because when a person dies, and his soul is taken out by the angels, the angels take the soul up to the heavens, as we learned from the Hadith. And what happens is that when they take the soul to the sky, the gates are to be opened, and then the soul is lifted up to the next to the next to the next I'll mention the Hadith Do you the angels ascend with the

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believer soul? And as they pass by the gathering of angels, those angels they ask Who is this good soul? Who was this good person? They reply he is so and so the son of so and so using the best names with which he had been addressed in worldly life. When they reach the lowest ever they request admission and the gates open for them. And the most elite angels from each have an escort him to the next one, the soul of the righteous person until he reaches the seventh heaven. And then Allah says right my servants record that he will be amongst their a li Yun really Yun is a place where the soul of the righteous will be until the Day of Judgment. Thus his record is inscribed that he will be in

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early June and the angels are told, take him back to Earth because I promised them that from it, we created them in it we shall return them and from it we raised them a second time. So then the soul after being taken up to the heavens to meet Allah, right in the sense that Allah subhanaw taala decides the person's fate as to where he will go religion or somewhere else. Will he receive reward until the Day of Judgment? Or will he suffer punishment until the day of judgment. So there is a trip to the heavens. There is a book by Mohammed LG Valley on birds of the life of Alberta. I recommend that you get that book, find that book. It's available in our bookstore as well. And there

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is a whole section on the trip to the heaven. Right because this is a reality. This is something that every single one of us will go through. So

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This is what happens, the righteous person saw, it's taken out the angels they escort him, they praise him to take him all the way up. And Allah subhanaw taala says to take him to their Illa Yoon, and then what happens? His soul is brought down where to the grave. And then the person's very sad is taken, and then the soul is deposited, wherever Allah subhanaw taala has decided for it until the day of judgment. And when it comes to the soul of a sinful person, and an unbelieving person, then the angels ascend with that soul. And as they pass by gatherings of angels, those angels ask Who is this malicious soul, the response saw and saw the son of so and so using the worst names with which

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he had been addressed in the worldly life. When they reach the lowest heaven, they request admission, but the gates are not open for him. The gates are not open for him imagine so far removed from Allah. They're not open. And Allah says write his record that he will be in St. Jean prison in the lowest Earth, and they're told take him back to Earth, because I promised them from it, we created them into it, we shall return them and from it, we raised them a second time. So then his soul is not just taken down from the first heaven. Rather, it is cast down, it is thrown down without any regard, and it falls into his body.

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And that's where the Mushnik we learn about him in the Quran, that as if he plunges down from the skies, we're up on birds natrium offer the wind casts him away to a place far removed from Allah's mercy. So then he is restored to the body, his test is taken, the three questions are asked, and then the soul is deposited, wherever Allah subhanaw taala has decreed for it to remain until the day of judgment. So what do we learn over here that led to fit the hula hoop of why was summer the doors of the sky will not open for them, they will not be granted this honor

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of being taken up of being ascended. Imagine if somebody is going up.

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Right? If you're going up, and all of a sudden, you're told no, you can't go up. Now. You have to go away from here you have to stop and other people are being granted admission. And you are not being allowed to go. What humiliation as it ever happened that you're entering through a door. And because the door is automatic, it just shuts before you.

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It just shuts before you. It was an automatic door. Perhaps it didn't sense you. But just the fact that a door shut before you and you are not able to enter. It's so humiliating. So humiliating.

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Has it ever happened that you're going to a conference and you're about to enter and they ask you where's your pass? And you're like it was right here. I can't find it.

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I can't find it. They're like Sorry, sister kind of let you in. And you're like, but come on. Like I can let you went. You don't have your best I cannot let you in. How does that feel?

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You're frustrated, you're angry. But at the same time, it's quite embarrassing that everybody's going in and here you are standing without being given the permission to enter so loud to fit the hula hoop of web summer. Well, a hallucinogen in the hereafter Allah says they shall not enter paradise. Right now. Their deeds are not allowed to ascend, their prayers don't ascend, their souls shall not ascend, and in the Hereafter, they shall never enter Jannah

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and this is a fact. Their entry into paradise is aim possible, how impossible? What's the metaphor that Allah gives to us over here, an example by which we can understand how impossible it is for such people to enter paradise. It's as impossible as a camel passing through the eye of a needle Jelle Jaya. From Well, lamb gene will Lodz to enter to pass through a German camel for some Middlefield some see me meme hold and free up needle Hayato the whole of a needle? Have you ever seen a needle with which people stitch close? Have you ever seen it? how big or how small is the hole? And have you ever tried to pass a thread through that hole? Did you manage to get it through

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the first time? How many attempts did it take you? Several perhaps imagine not something as thin as a thread. But something as big as a camel. Can it ever pass through the eye of a needle? Is it physically possible?

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Is it possible at all? It's impossible.

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If it was

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You know, something like, dog, okay, you can make it really small, you could make sure that it becomes really thin and then manage to pass it through the eye of the needle, but a camel with massive bones, how can you squeeze it? How can you shrink it? How can you make it small? How can you ever make it fast through the eye of a needle? It is impossible. And just like that, these people, their entry into Jannah is impossible.

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So it is as though we are being told, have no doubt about this. No. and No very clearly that people who have such behavior with the verses of Allah with the commands that Allah has given, they shall never, ever enter Jannah last year, the whole Luna Jana had a yearly Gemma Luffy some MILFy out and if they don't enter Jana, then where are they going to go? Where are they going to end up? What's the other option, the only other option hellfire? Because in the Hereafter, there are only two options. Either a person goes to heaven or he goes to *, and if he's not going to heaven, where's he going? Hellfire?

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Their entry into paradise is impossible. And those who are righteous, what does the last panel tell tell us about them move the * to love them all above, the doors of Paradise will be opened up for them, they will be called come from this gate like Abu Bakr radiallahu anhu he will be called from every gate of Jana and to Jenna through this gate entered or not through this gate, but these people they will be refused entry worker their early converges will Majidi mean and thus do We recompense the criminals, meaning this is no injustice to them. This is not that Allah is not being merciful to them. Allah is not showing any kindness to them. No, it is because these people deserve this because

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they committed crimes and this is a recompense that they deserve for their crimes.

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So where will they end up? Law home for them min Jahannam from hellfire me heard on a bed an abode woman full beam and from above them, hello washing coverings worker the early candidates a wildly mean and thus do We recompense the wrongdoers may hear this from through letters meme her doll and Muhammad is a cradle or you can say it is a place where a person sleeps a place where a person rests on okay, it could be a bed, it could be a mattress, it could be the floor anything that a person sleeps on he rests on that is what we had is so imagine for them their bed is what fire

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where will the rest for eternity? Where will they lie down for eternity? Where will they remain for eternity? What will be under them for eternity? Hellfire Hellfire what will always remain beneath the fire?

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Has it ever happened to you that you're standing on ground that is extremely cold? extremely cold that perhaps you have to run into the garage in winter to put something and you're not wearing your shoes and you're not wearing your socks. So you just step on the cold floor for barely a second for barely a few moments. What happens? Your feet they freeze they become so cold you feel the cold inside your bones. And how long were you exposed to the cold for a few seconds for a few moments? Imagine if a person's barefoot was to remain on that cold freezing floor

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for five minutes for half an hour for one hour for five hours for one day. What would happen to that foot and imagine if it was not cold floor rather it was fire

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Has it ever happened that you're cooking something and your hand gets exposed to the fire directly that perhaps the ban is very small and as you're putting something inside the heat it gets to your arm and that's only for a few moments and that's not even direct fire.

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The home in Johanna mummy had their bed their floor will be what fire woman foking in low ash and from above them. coverings of fire coal ashes of Florida Molossia. Wayne sheen Yeah, what is last year, that which is from above that which covers from above because Russia is what Russia is what? Covering so

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We'll cover them, the covering over them will be word of fire. How many coverings how many blankets? How many layers? One, two more? Because it's a little wash, fire beneath them, fire above them, layers and layers of fire surrounding them from above and below. Is this injustice? No. Because what are their Lika negitive body mean? This is a recompense for who? Those who do learn. In surah Toba 49 were in major Hannah Malibu Hamilton Ville caffeine. Hellfire is going to encompass those who disbelieve into the Zoomer is extreme level men follow the lowland men and now I'm in tactic and Lola, they will have canopies a fire above them, and canopies a fire below them surrounded by fire

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from above and below. And this is a recompense for their love for their injustice. What was the injustice that they committed? Go back to the beginning of the idea? What was the injustice that they committed in Alladhina? Because there will be a attina. What is stuck borrower? And

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it seems like it's only two cents, but it's a big deal. Rejecting the verses of Allah, being arrogant towards the verses of Allah is not a small thing. It's a very serious crime. It's a crime that takes a person to *.

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How is it that people show pride and arrogance towards the Ayatollah, how it's necessary to know so that we can stay away from it? Because the consequences are very serious? What is arrogance towards the verses of Allah? I already mentioned not accepting them. What else is included in this?

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Trying to prove it wrong?

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What else?

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Okay, trying to justify that what contradicts it is right. Yes. mocking at them.

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Not following it. All of this has pride and arrogance towards the Ayat of Allah.

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Remember, the definition of kibble that I told you, butter will help wantonness refusing the truth? That the truth is clear. Yet a person doesn't accept it? Yes.

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When you're collaborative, for example, like it can be anything intoxicating. It doesn't need to be almost misinterpreting the verses right? Saying that they mean something. Whereas again, this is what fabricating a lie against Allah. Right? So pride towards the verses of Allah. It means that a person doesn't humble himself. Before the verses of Allah. Tell me

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if a person refuses

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to read the verses of Allah, I'm not going to read it.

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I'm not going to read it.

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What is that?

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What is that? I'm talking to you. Tell me what is that? If a person says no, I'm not going to read it.

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Would you call it pride or something else?

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Because what is it that could prevent a person from reading?

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What? It's either shyness

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or it is? What? Ignorance, okay, and what else?

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Okay, the thing is that when you recite, okay, when you are reciting the verses of Allah, and you feel you don't know.

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And based on this feeling, you say, I'm not going to recite it. I don't know how to read it. So I'm not going to read it. If I read, I'm going to make a mistake. And that's too embarrassing. So I'm not going to read

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that shyness is actually what pride that I don't want that people find out that I don't know how to recite the Quran. It's too humiliating. So I'm not going to read in front of people ever. It's apparently shyness, but in reality, what is it? It's pride. And if a person doesn't read, he doesn't try. He doesn't learn. Then how is he going to get better?

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In order to improve recitation in order to learn how to recite you will have to make mistakes. This is why the aroma they said that Allah Elmo, Yulia Robaina Hyah, you will keep knowledge is wasted, meaning a person doesn't get to learn because of shyness and because of pride.

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So not reading the verses of Allah saying that I don't know how to read I don't want to sound like a fool. I sound really strange when I try to say I eat or how an icon recite that fast. It doesn't matter read anyway.

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Read anyway, so

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What if the people sitting around you find out that you don't know how to read? You know what is worse, that Allah knows we don't know how to read still. So what if the person sitting next to us finds out that we read a word wrong? We made a mistake in our recitation, you know what Allah knows, and we should be more shy before Allah, instead of being shy before people.

00:30:22 --> 00:30:34

So pride should not prevent us from learning the recitation of the Quran from learning the meaning of the Quran, and if we're not learning, if we're not reading out of pride,

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then this is a serious, serious problem.

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It means exactly, yes. When you will try Allah subhanaw taala will make it easier. And and hamdulillah all of us are in such a safe environment that the people who are around us are adults like us, who are similar in age, right? There are people who have had to sit amongst children in front of your Quran teacher in order to learn how to recite

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tell me how embarrassing would it be for a man with a beard sitting next to boys that are half his age that are as old as his kids, and he's sitting in front of the same teacher trying to learn how to recite the Quran. Pride is not preventing him and he will manage to learn inshallah but if we are not trying then it's our ego that's preventing us and it's really depriving us of great higher

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