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Talking while walking in Sarajevo – Meet the Muslims of Europe

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Are you Islam? People are coming back to the submission to the creator not the creation the natural way

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are you

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we're humbly trying all of

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that we're making those steps even if they're small ones right start with the gym and then from there start praying one time 234 all

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to the crater. Everything is laid out.

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So we're gonna be stopping everything we're doing to

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the to the gym right now and we'll check in later.

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Or is the robot

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That's not to say

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you can do it they can do it.

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When I get older, what advice do you have for

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young people, young people who think

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you know when I get 5060 7070 Do you hear that? I'm sure you will get the old one die tomorrow.

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What What motivated you? At what age? Did you start practicing?

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was there a point in your life? purpose you wanted to know like why are you are good at what you're doing? Can you explain it to us? asking some questions?

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If you didn't fulfill me, I started asking myself questions. This whole

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is this one here?

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Is this purpose

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there were some questions like Mandara Muslims around

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like them, Why you call yourself a Muslim? So I started thinking discovery

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was watching some TV and it was a live commercial satellite media. I started seeing lies and propaganda

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like why did guided me?

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Open me?

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What? How did Islam stand? There's so many religions. People think okay, I'll just choose to be Muslim. Maybe I'll be some other religion Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism. How can people know that Islam is the truth what stuck out from Islam on the rest.

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Our Lord is a perfectly

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it wouldn't be

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he wouldn't be perfect if he wouldn't give the perfect religion. So, if there is

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any possibility any for any doubt or any unlogical thing in this day

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People perfect.

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Islam is perfect 100% other religions have something that

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tells me there's contradictions or discrepancy. That's a great point. And we'll end it on that, that if you worship a perfect creator, he had to send a perfect way of life when you have perfection to the

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end, as long as you have perfection to the max in a perfect God.

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And he found that and this is all just the game.

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You're playing this game, we don't ask ourselves

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to design.

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My story. It's a longer one but

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we just met this brother. Thank you.

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So we just came out of the Juma and for our guests. People are wondering what I explained to you why we go to Juma we stopped working play. We go to think the crater we go to hear a short sermon about 2030 minutes tops. And then we go ahead and pray. And then pretty much when people are like, What are they talking? What are they learning in the mosque? Go visit a mosque. Oh, I mean, come on. I mean, you got it like if you're inquisitive, you want to know, go knock on a Muslim Masjid of mosque and say, Can I sit in Can I listen, and I can just

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sit here, over 30 minutes of the talk. But in essence, what was being talked about today was was about good character, right? Being a better human being.

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And a higher level of morality, you know, being kind and merciful to all of God's creation. You follow me and there's one lady that stood out that he had mentioned the person

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who was speaking.

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He talks about a man

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who, during the time of Prophet Muhammad, he

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came into a room and then Mohammed said to his companion, this is a man of gender, the next one that comes to this.

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And then second day, same thing. Third day, same thing, there's going to be a man who comes in and go and Mohammed is narrating this. And he says, this is a man of paradise. So then Now look, look, look, one of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad very intelligent, he wanted to go collect some data figure out like, man, how can if he's guaranteed paradise? How can I do what he's doing? You don't have the guys praying, he's fasting, getting up in the night, praying extra prayers. So he asked the man he said, Hey, can I you know, spend spend a few days with you? And the man said, Okay, sure. So he goes and make a long story short, he basically observes what this man is doing. And he

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doesn't see him doing any extra deeds than what he does. He actually feels like he does more. So at the end, he's like, Hey, can you like filming in the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him? He said that you're a man of gender, etc, etc. And what is it that you're doing that's so special? And he was thinking, thinking, he goes, you know, the only thing that he could think of, besides the obligatory acts that he was doing, was that I go to bed, and I don't have hatred towards anyone. malice, envy, that jealousy when someone got something that you don't have that, that create this envy in some people. He didn't have any of that he very He forgives

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all people who did him wrong before he goes to bed. And that's what we were learning. So how could people who learn such teachings be people who are people who terrorize people, people who are not the kindness of people, people who are forgiving, who are taught these teachings? And that's all built on the foundation of pure monotheism, and pure monotheism. And that's what distinguishes Islam all other ways of life, is that that worship of the Creator, not the creation and the teachings of good manners, character and all these things, the few that I just mentioned up here, that's what we were, in a nutshell, learning today and now we can go back to work, go back to play, allow play, and

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enjoy our day here in Boston.

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You know, last week's show we had on Nettie, mon, half is Nadine, if you guys haven't watched it, make sure you tune in, and we're gonna have the extended version coming up soon. We just had the preview of it real short, but he was telling me now, the gentlemen behind us right over here. He's the person from Jupiter. Yes. Who actually gave you data? call you, you know to some? Yes. And what were you saying about him? He has a very interesting life story.

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He is married to a Swedish woman, Linda, who converted to Islam. He has three children with her three sons. Adam Yaqoob and us. Yeah.

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And he has like, his entire life is devoted

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Basically to Islam, and he has when they married she to commit her. Her dowry was that he, her husband teaches her Islam and to the rest of her life for the rest of her life. That's the 1111 interesting and beautiful method.

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She didn't want money she didn't want how were some people. They want 100,000 $100,000 Yes. She was like, teach me, Dean, Dean for the rest of my life for the rest of my life. He says, we can take a great example from it, huh? Yes, you had a righteous character with good deeds, you can teach your deeds so you can connect you with your Creator. And he says, Mr. Says, every day, I give my wife a small portion of her method. Every day I read, I write about Islam, I learned something new. And I tell that to my wife, and wonders for the sample, he lives in my hometown.

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And he is the guy who, when I, when I came back to the mosque, he was the first guy to come up to me, he brought me to his house. He, I learned my first contact with Arabic books was from Mirsad he, he gave me He brought me to the Islamic faculty and be harsh.

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And he he was like a second father to me, because

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I grew up with only my mother. Yeah. And

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he was the guy who helped me a lot in my my life. And he has a great, great, really great story. And one another one thing, what is which is interesting about this

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is that he his father was basically had a problem with alcohol. He was very happy. He was so far from being from from religion, and Mirsad give gave data to to his father. And he the father was very arrogant, very rude. He didn't want anything to hear from from Musa.

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And I'll change the cost of the Father.

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And the father came back to the dean also, together now. And you know, a small town like boschetto pizza, which is located in the Republic of South Africa.

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You know, there are, there is so much minority of Muslims around 500 Muslims, and 20 and more 1000 Serbs, and very few people go to mosque, but Mirsad and his father Raziel every day, and every bucket, they go to Masjid, and they pray in messages.

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Even if it's snow, if it's rainy, if it's minus 30, or plus 30. They are in the mosque every single day. That's, that's the most extraordinary thing I remember about Mr. And his father. His father now has over 80 years. But every day he reads Quran everyday he

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he read books. He, he came back to Islam. When he when he was 60 or more years,

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basically in his pension, and he got to his passion. He he, he was brought to the team. And every single day an old man rides his bike, and he goes to the mosque, and he prays and such a

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wonderful example. That makes it so he's a modest guy. He's very shy. Yeah. But that's the that's the importance of sharing. You care. You share. He shared the information with you, right? You can't change the hearts, we plant the seeds. And crater is the one who made them grow. So he planted the seeds. He encouraged you to motivate him. And you ended up memorized. Yes, Ron, you're living you're praying five times a day. You have a connection with your Lord. And you're living life the way you live? Yes, yes. All because someone actually cared and they shared Yes, basically, this is the guy who who cared but not about not also not only about me, but a lot of people. He brought the light of

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Islam to many people. He is an example. Example for me, and basically everyone else, we have opportunities, we have knowledge, we have something that many people don't have. I mean, visually, we must use that, to gain good deeds, and to gain reverse in this fight from the the author, and you have to use what we have, and be the best example of Islam. When I saw a man I saw him and his family and his wife and his children. You know what I thought to myself, I thought to myself, I want to live the life like this guy lives. I want that kind of life. I want that kind of family. I want that kind of. But I remember I used to go to him to his house just to watch how he lives.

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To watch how he lives, and when he was crafter, Saba, you know, he plays Starbuck at Masjid mosque, he comes back home. And immediately he opens the books. And he makes the makes coffee, warm coffee, and he reads and reads books. And until he goes to job he, he reads, he memorizes he thinks about Islam, he remembers Allah never. So, when I saw that, that was

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so beautiful, that I thought to myself, I want this, I want to have a life like this, I want to have a family like this.

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This is this is this is the example of how Muslims should live. And other people see us. They they have to think to themselves, I want to live like this guy. I want to live a life like this. I don't have family like this and to be happy like these basic things. You see a guy who is happy like this

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won't happen. And that's all based off the example of the last infomercial from Mohammed peace of listen to be a part of who said the best of you are those who have the best manners and character and we'll end on this this is from the Quran reminds me of

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a nasty pet Madonna

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can have an animal carry with me no one. Can you translate it in Bosnian and Lulu are the best nation that

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you're the best Ouma that came to this earth. You You ordered but that's what is good. And you prohibit that is what is bad. And you believe and you believe in Allah. So it comes responsibility and you invite people to goodness, yes, we try your best to advise them against all that evil. But it's a responsibility as soon as we stop doing that. We lose what that status that the creator gave us. Thank you again, and we look forward to coming soon. the extended show with hospice team here. salaam aleikum.

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Jesus was his messenger.

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There's only one Moses was his messenger.