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we're in.

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woman has to do.

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Kumar has a law here about a cuttwood hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah, he was a happy woman, why am I bad? We are continuing our series about the descriptions of Heaven and Hell, and we're still on the descriptions of jahannam. And one point that I want to stress here, before we move on, is that if you actually take the time to read the number of verses in the Quran about jahannam, you will actually find that they are not as numerous or as many as the verses about gender, and that the descriptions are actually pretty succinct. They're pretty concise, they are not that elaborate. And this is in contrast to a lot of people presume or think that the Horan is full

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of lots and lots of explicit details of imagery and fiery descriptions of punishments and torture. And in reality, if you actually gather up and you and you do an analysis, it's not that many verses that are describing the punishments and the torture is and of course the point is that the main emphasis of the Quran should and must be the mercy of Allah azza wa jal, but there must also be the fear aspect because as we know, when it comes to worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala obviously love is the primary emotion. But along with love, there is also hope and fear. And the primary emotion of love must run throughout the Koran. And the the main incentive of hope and hope is in gender is

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going to be a very major theme. There must be fear as well because without fear, what happens is the lazy people don't you know, do their job, what happens is you need as we understand the carrot and the stick, you need the incentive. And you also need the fear factor in case the incentive is not good enough. But the primary incentive is always the love of Allah subhana wa tada and then the rewards that Allah has promised, and we thank Allah we truly thank Allah that in our religion, we don't have to distinguish between the love of Allah and the desire of the rewards of Allah subhana wa tada because some understandings of Islam some theological, if you like philosophies they say

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that to desire Jenna is somewhat improper, it is, it is hard it is tarnishing your purity of worship of Allah subhana wa Tada. Their understanding is that you should only worship a love for Allah, you should worship Allah sincerely to Allah, and for the love of Allah. You should not worship Allah either to desire agenda or to be fearful of jahannam. And this is not in accordance with mainstream Quranic theology derived from the Koran or been in Estonia has an Warfield. karate escena joaquina, as of now, and the famous Hadith of the Bedouin, who came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said, Look, I I cannot memorize any of the murmurings that all of you do. He's He's

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saying that all of these long two hours that you do, are you meaning the Sahaba and you know what they're hearing from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that, he said, all of this, denne denne denne, then is the murmurings because I can't memorize all of that. All I ask, is that all law Grant regenda and save me from Johanna. And the Profit System found this amusing. And he said, all of the murmurings that we do, it is around what you're asking for what you're asking for is exactly correct how they're new than zero. The point is that we thank Allah imagine, imagine, if desiring gender and being fearful of jahannam was something that infringes upon the purity of worship, how few amongst

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us could reach that level where we're worshipping Allah subhana wa tada purely for the love of Allah that is very difficult to conceive of, to, to to even do and that is why do we thank Allah that Allah has said, Allah has given us and Allah has said, that look, worship me for the love of me and when you do so I shall give you this reward that you shall desire. And when you

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You do so I shall save you from the punishment that is painful for you. In other words, love, fear and hope are interconnected. You cannot have one without the other in mainstream platonic theology, we thank Allah for that there is nothing wrong with worshiping a love because you desire agenda. There's nothing wrong with not doing a sin, because you're fearful of agenda. Because all of this is linked to the belief in a lot in the end of the day. If you desire a sin, and you don't do it, because you're scared of jahannam what, where's that fear coming from? That fear is coming from a belief in a law and a belief in the power of a law and a belief in the accountability of a lot and a

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belief in the servitude that you have to Allah, all of that belief is a sign of a man. The same goes for desiring a reward. And by the way, generally speaking, desiring a reward will incentivize you to do a good deed and fearing punishment will incentivize you to avoid a sin. This is another point because what incentivizes you to give $1,000, rather than, you know, 500, or 100, what incentivizes you to wake up at 200? What incentivizes you to pray, the sooner more aka every single day, you want the reward. So to do good deeds, generally speaking, you're doing it out of a desire for reward. And then you desire a sin, you desire alcohol, you desire drugs, you desire to steal money, nobody's

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watching, and you can take some money or embezzled some money, then you realize, Oh, I have to be fearful of the fire of hell alone might punish me. So generally speaking, the good deeds are incentivized by the hope of gender and evil since they are incentivized to avoid by the fear of gender. And all of this is linked psychologically to the belief in a lot to the love of Allah. So anyway, I wanted to begin with this intro because I didn't mention it before that some people, they problematize jahannam. And they say, Oh, you know, these descriptions are all such vivid imagery. And, you know, there's so much punishment and torture, and we respond, firstly, go ahead and do the

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research. Go ahead and dig deeply, you will find in reality, that the descriptions of jahannam are not that frequent, and that they are succinct, they're concise, they do the job, but they are not, you know, throughout the entire Koran in vivid detail. And then number two, yes, they are there. But then do not forget that there's other aspects as well. And when you put the whole program together, when you the package deal of worshiping Allah, out of a love of Allah, desiring the reward of Allah and fearful of the punishment of Allah, that is the simplicity of our faith, it is all inter connected, and we thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for that. Now, that having been said, Let us move on

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to some other aspects of Johanna, that we'll be doing today. And we'll begin by mentioning the concept of the doors of jahannam, the gates of jahannam. So jahannam has gates jahannam has entranceways and these are the only ways to get into jahannam. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions these gates in the Quran, and they're also referenced in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. In fact, the Koran tells us the exact number of gates, certain hedger, verses 43 to 44. Were in the Johanna lemma where he to whom ijeoma in law has set out to absorb liquidly Baba min home Jews, Omar kasun And verily jahannam will be their meeting place the meeting place of those who

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rejected Allah they will meet their fate in jahannam, all of them. La has sabbia to Abu jahannam has seven gates seven doors of jahannam every door has been assigned a group amongst them every door has been assigned a group amongst those centers, those tyrants those volume on those evil people, every single group, they have one group or every single group of people, they have somebody assigned or they know where Johanna is going to which part of gender they're going to be in. Now this also from this we can derive that, in all likelihood. different centers or different categories of evil people are different kofod are assigned to different levels of gender and different doors of gender of

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jahannam excuse me doors of gender, for Allah for Allah subhanho wa Taala says liquidly bobbin men home Jews own Marcos home every single door, they have been assigned a group of people. So the fact that there is a correlation between a particular door and a particular group of people. It is as if we're being told there's nothing explicit, but it is as if we are being told that specific sins are linked with specific doors for example, the sin of arrogance for example, right and again, this is not something from the cornerstone explicitly, but there are references. And also there are statements from the early scholars the tab your own and many of our commentators of the Quran and

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Hadith they mentioned this, but to the best of my knowledge, there is no verse in the Koran or exposition.

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Authentic Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam that links a particular crime with a particular door of jahannam this is something that we derive it is not explicit. We also learn of the doors of jahannam ensuited Azuma, so that the Zoomer and this is mentioned in the Quran as well was sikhala Dena cafaro, Illa Johanna Zamora that the people who did Cofer, they will be dragged or they will be gathered together in batches to go to Johanna had a deja vu when they get to jahannam footie head of wha hoo ha. The doors or the gates of Johanna will be flung open. We'll call it a home Hosanna to her and the guards of the gates of jahannam will say lm yet to come loose Hello

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minquan didn't the messengers come to you yet? Luna la Canaria, Tara bacon, they were reciting to you the verses that are coming to you and they're warning you about the day that you're going to meet Paul rubella. Well, I can help particularly much will either be added caffeine, they will respond, indeed, that we did have profits come but we did not basically respond to the profits. And Allah azza wa jal says Federico Ababa, Johanna Maha the DFE have entered the gates of jahannam, to dwell there in forever. And this phrase, enter the gates of jahannam to dwell there and forever it occurs multiple times in the Koran, and from it we derive anybody who enters jahannam through the

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gates of jahannam, shall never be expelled or shall never leave jahannam. Right. So entering through the gates of jahannam is assigned for those who shall permanently abide in jahannam. As for the sinners of the of the believers, as for the righteous, who deserve to be punished for some sin, they're not fully righteous, they are people who have mixed good and bad and their good is not as much as their bad and they deserve to be punished, that group of people they shall not enter jahannam through the doors of jahannam they shall not enter jahannam through the doors of jahannam Rather, they shall enter jahannam as we said, either by falling down from the bridge the Surat or

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they're going to be the people of the out of which we will talk about insha Allah to Allah in a future lecture. So this verse as well mentioned the doors of Johanna and there are other references to the the fact that jahannam is going to be trapped or completely locked up of the Masuda tell whom is that now to LA Hill more cada Allah Tito polyrattan ada in LA him mo sada that it is the fire of Allah subhanho wa Taala that has been Kindle for them that goes up to their chests, and they shall be encircled and locked up in her Island him Masada, Masada, the the the meaning of this is a very deep noun, and it means that they shall be permanently engulfed and surrounded IE they are in jail

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basically, they shall never leave so much so that they are trapped. The fact that they're trapped means that there's going to be walls around the fire of hell and this means the gates to get in are going to be shut permanently. And the concept of the gates of jahannam there are mentioned in multiple verses as well. And multiple a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam as well. For example, in the famous had Ethan Timothy, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said on the first night of Ramadan, the angel sorry the the shell team are chained up and the evil jinn are chained up and the gates of jahannam are shut, so that not a single gate is open, and the gates of

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Jen are all flung open, so that no gate is closed. This Hadeeth is again very clear the gates of jahannam are going to be shut them This means that jahannam has gates. Now, when we get to the concept of agenda, we will talk about this again. The agenda actually has eight gates and this is mentioned not in the Quran. But in the Hadith. For example, the the famous hadith of genocide, Allah Viola one, that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Phil genetti Tamar near to Jenna has eight gates and there is one gate that is called outta Yan, which is meant for those who continuously fast and in the famous hadith of Immortal the last one, that he said the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Ma'am in common I hadn't yet a lot but for your spiritual will do a film my goal, I shall do Allah ilaha illa la vida hula sharika shadow under Mohammed Abdullah who are a solo along with animato been in footwear Adler who awabakal genitive sama Nia yet Hello mina yahoshua that none of you makes will do properly and then says the Kadima and as the DA Allah make money from those that are repentant, none of you does this except that the doors of genda all eight of them are going to be flung open. So

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genda has eight doors. jahannam has seven doors. Now jahannam has more people than Jen, I repeat jahannam shall have more people than gender. And yet the number of doors of jahannam are fewer than the number of doors of gender, despite the fact that the inhabitants of jahannam are more than the inhabitants of Gen Y, when jahannam is going to be larger and bigger, and the inhabitants will be many, many, many times more than Why are the doors to generate more, and the doors to Johanna less hours callers have given number of responses of them is to indicate that the mercy of a law always overcomes his wrath that Allah azza wa jal is a Rahman and Rahim that the past two gentlemen are

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easier and more and better for you and have them is to give people a sense of hope to incentivize the agenda has eight doors, it has more doors to enter from, than the doors of gender. So the point is to show hope and mercy wins in the end of the day, and to incentivize to us as well, that getting to gender it is possible, there's eight doors there. And there's only seven to go into jahannam. Despite the fact that Allah has made it so easy. Still, most people will turn their backs on faith. And most people will not think too deeply about why they're here, what is the purpose of life, or they will recognize the truth to the faith and then reject Islam. And really, the one who recognizes

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the truth and is too arrogant to accept this person deserves all that is coming to him or her, and also the one who lives the life of an animal, even to Allah created in the human, the one that does not understand there's a higher purpose, the one that does not take advantage of the intellect and have the concept of Look, I'm here for a reason. And why am I here? What is the purpose of life? And they just live for the day and for the moment? And they don't even think about, okay, Who is God? And what is the purpose of me being here, what's going to happen after death? Well, they have spent an entire lifetime in callousness. And it is a type of arrogance. It is a type of arrogance to not

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care about why we are here, and to just enjoy the moment. And so they to these are the two main categories of those who reject a lot somehow know what to either, we also learn from the Hadith as far as I know, there is no verse in the Quran that is explicit in this regard. We learned from the Hadith, that jahannam is a very deep place, that jahannam is not something that is shallow, it is far deeper, and far more vast than we can imagine. It is beyond our imagination. There are numerous traditions that tell us about this reality of them is the Hadith in Sahih Muslim that the Sahaba were sitting with the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. And they heard a thump sound, the sound

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that comes from the bottom of well, when something comes to the bottom. Now there was no well in this must have that the prophets of the law said there was no there was no origin for that sound that they can see. But they hear very clearly something that is falling and then it reaches its end. And this is a miracle that Allah subhanho wa Taala allowed the Sahaba to hear something that is not from this world. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Do you know what that sound is? They said we do not know Allah is messenger know best. So he said, this is a stone or a rock that Allah subhana wa Taala has sent into jahannam over 70 Hadith ago, Hadith is like years or 70, aeons or 70

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units of time, and again, time and space are totally different in the next world. So we don't know the meaning of Hadoop here, but 70 units of time in the past 70 aeons ago, Allah released a stone, of course, 770 700. As you know, I've said this multiple times, it is their method of saying a dozen times 100 times like it's a number that is giving you an approximate, so Allah azza wa jal released a stone in jahannam. And it is going down nonstop for so long, until finally it reaches the very depths of jahannam. And that thump sound that the Sahaba heard, allows origin miraculously caused them to hear that sound.

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And also from the editor, who said Actually, we also learned as well the same, the same concept that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, same concept with a different narration different Sahabi that if a stone were to be thrown in jahannam, it would fall for 7070 units of time until it reaches the depths of jahannam. So this shows us that jahannam is very, very deep, and it is also very vast in size. And of course, a number of I did warn us about this that for example, in the famous Hadith in Sahih, Bukhari and Sahih Muslim that are probably

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It's a law of Wiley who was seldom said, Sometimes a person might say a phrase, and he doesn't even consider it to be evil. And because of it, he falls a great distance in the fire of hell yeah, we have enough. Now, this type of phrase, it could be a phrase that indicates arrogance, a phrase that puts some righteous person down a phrase that are Oh, the villa, the villa, ridicules the religion or really kills a lion, His Messenger, he doesn't think about what's the big deal. And it shows arrogance. Now, this, what the meaning here we should not become, you know, we should not go to the other extreme here that we should be monitoring our thoughts. We should not think evil thoughts that

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if we make an accidental slip up, we're going to go to jahannam know, what is meant here, the slip up, we call it in English, the Freudian slip, right? Something that indicates what is hidden in the heart, that sometimes a person might say something that indicates a level of arrogance, a level of Kibera. And that phrase, our Prophet says, and I've said it was it will call him to cause him to fall into the depths of jahannam. Yeah, we have, he's falling deep into Johanna. So all of this is indicating that jahannam is a very deep place, it's not something that is shallow. And it is also a very vast place. And we know this, again, from multiple evidences of the evidences. And it's also

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related to our talk here is that the people of jahannam, the quantity of them is far more than the quantity of the people of gender. And this is something that is pretty explicit in the Quran, and in the Sunnah, that even though the paths to gender are easy, and even though the gender has eight doors, and even though there are so many

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gifts and miracles, that Allah has given mankind, the miracle of prophethood, the miracle of sending books and revelations, the miracle of the intellect and people of sound intellect should be able to realize that there must be a creator and that there's a purpose of life, even though all of this is there, still the majority of mankind for either arrogance or to follow their desires. So these are the two main causes in Arabic, they're called shewhart, kibble or Shahada. So they are too arrogant to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala, even though they know the truth, and that is the worst category, and it is represented by a police that he believes knows the truth, and he refuses to submit. And

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then the other category is that you recognize the truth or you're too lazy to search for the truth, but you want to follow your desires, right? Is your sherawat your pleasures they get to you and you'd rather just not be a Muslim, not worship Allah subhanho wa Taala not care about your purpose in this world. So these are the majority of mankind and Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that they will be in Johanna. Allah says in Surah Yusuf verse 103, Wilma, Pharaoh nasi wa Oh, how does that mean? The majority of mankind even if you desire it, you have assumed a lot they will not believe the majority of mankind will not believe so to sever verse 20 what are the sub Academy believes one

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No, hufa terbaru eleftheria comilla momineen shavonne shavon gave the prediction. And he said and he assumed that most of mankind, I will have power over them. And Allah says this assumption of shaytaan it is going to be true, except for a group of the believers. In other words, the majority of mankind will follow shaytaan and shaytaan will be winning over them. Only one group. So the fact that it's one group, it's a minority 41 group will be saved. And that is the believers and Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions

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at the very beginning of creation, to beliefs, he says to please let amla and Johanna minca woman mentor, be active you are coming home, Marian, sort of saw the verse 85 that I'm going to fill up jahannam with you, and with all those who follow you, I'm going to fill up jahannam so a lot is talking about jahannam being filled to the max to the capacity. What Tim met Kelly Mathura beaker, and Johanna immunogenetic one nasty, edgy marine sort of hood, verse 119, and the command of your Lord shall be fulfilled, that I shall fill up jahannam fill it up with mankind and with gin and inflammed Johanna Meena Jin Nettie one nasci a Jew marine. In my previous series of lectures, when

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we talked about Jews, we talked about the famous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu. I said, I'm saying that out of every 1999 are going to go to jahannam on the Day of Judgment. So the Sahaba said, How can we possibly be to those odds, and so he

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said that Oh, for every one of you, there'll be so many of you, George and George. And of course your children marriages are from the children of Adam. So and also in other Heidi, the indication comes, like almost 99% of the people will go to Johanna, no, of course, you know, these, these are not Mathematical Statistics, the point of these Heidi should not be taken, obviously, literally, the world has more than 1% Muslim. So I need the point is that these are a hadith that are meant to be like a large majority of mankind are going to be going to Jehovah they should not be used to derive equations that the precise number The point is that the threat is there, that the default in mankind

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is to not be religious, and we see this around us. And that's what the famous scholar, Toby mentioned that if somebody were to say, how come the majority of mankind is going to Gehenna, we respond well, because the majority of mankind are not worshipping Allah, they have chosen this path they have chosen to follow their desires, and to lead their lives away from the guidance of Islam and not worshiping Allah subhana wa Tada. And so they will get the fate of those who turned down the religion. So all of this is meant to indicate that jahannam must be a massive place beyond anything we can imagine. And in fact, there are even traditions that suggest that the sun and the moon will

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be there in in jahannam, not that they're being punished, but the people who used to worship them will see these objects. The fact that these objects are in jahannam indicates how large jahannam is. And of course, in the head, Ethan Bahati as well, we learned that jahannam is going to be dragged on to the plains of the Day of Judgment with 70,000 chains, and each chain has 70,000 angels on it. So do the math how many angels and again, 70,000 means around that number. So we're talking about more than a million angels, each angel is far stronger than any human can imagine. And they are having to drag jahannam that shows you the size of john number chose you it is a massive creation of Allah

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beyond anything that we can imagine. So

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all of this demonstrates that both the depth and the width and the breadth of jahannam is massive, it is something beyond our comprehension and understanding. Another aspect of this reality is the fuel of jahannam. And this is against something that is very explicit in the lore on the fuel of Jana, that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the concept of jahannam having a fuel and of course, Allah does not need to link Johanna with a fuel alone can cause Johanna to burn on its own. But the concept here is being sent to emphasize the punishment of those that will be in jahannam, that they shall become as it were the fuel of Johanna. So the Quran is very explicit, that those who reject a

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loss of Hannah with Tyler, and the false gods that were worshipped besides a lot, they will become the fuel of jahannam. And this is multiple verses in the Quran of them. The very first second page of baccata if you like, third page to be technically correct, that *ed up we're not allowed to go to Hana, HR or that will caffeine. So beware of the fire of hell, whose fuel is men and stones and it is prepared for those who reject Allah subhanho wa Taala and ensuited Jin verse 15. Allah says what will cause your tuna for cannoli Johanna health auba and those that went beyond what they should have, they shall be a hardtop, they shall be a

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fuel a source of fuel for the fire of hell. And in Surah 10 MBR verse 98, Allah says in budem in doing that he hustler boo, Johanna, and Joomla hot Why do you do all that you worship besides a lot, and all of you, you shall be the household of jahannam and you shall indeed enter it and remain there. So the term what good and the term household and the term health club these are three terms that are used in the Koran, and all of them have similar meanings. If you go to the lexicons you might find some variations and this is a good

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exercise to do what are the minor variations between well old and between hilltop and between how sub but in reality, there is an overlapping meaning to all three of them and that is, they are used to kindle the fire of hell. Allah azza wa jal is explicitly saying that the people who worship false gods they shall become the very fuel their bodies will become the fuel of jahannam. Along with that stones will be there. Well, odo NASA well hey Jara, the fuel shall be people and stones. What are these stones and it is mentioned as well. In the coma, taboo doing them into

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Hassan Mujaheddin you, along with the gods that you worship made out of stones are going to be the fuel of jahannam. Why are stones mentioned here?

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Some have said that the reference to stones is the actual idol themselves that the idol that they worshiped, of course the idol is not being punished. It's not a real entity. But that idol that these people worship besides Allah subhanho wa Taala, it will be in janam. to humiliate them, you thought that this entity created you, you thought that sacrificing to this disk object that you created with your own hands, and living your life worshipping this false god is going to protect you Here is your God within jahannam with you. So that is one interpretation. And it's a valid interpretation. Another interpretation is that the meaning of stones here is a type of of charcoal

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is a type of fuel itself that like charcoal itself, it is meant to make it even worse, the fire and so Allah Xhosa is using a special type of charcoal that is going to make the fire even hotter. This is the second meaning of Elijah. And the third meaning of his shadow here. And of course, all of these meanings are valid is that a lot is basically saying in the Quran.

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That the ferocity of the heat of jahannam is so strong, that the object that you use in this world to extinguish the fire will be used by the fire of hell to become the fuel of the fire. You see, imagine you have a campfire, right? What How do you extinguish that campfire, you take pebbles, you take stones and you just throw it on their dust, you take it and you just cover it. If you were to take a big rock and you throw it on a little fire palace, it is gone. And Allah is saying that the fire of jahannam is so powerful, it can consume that rock and it can convert that rock into fuel the ferocity of the heat and the intensity of the flames is such that the fire itself it will utilize

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that stone to become even more powerful. So, these are three meanings of the concept of the Wilco natural hedgerow number one, the hedgerow here are the idols themselves. Number two, that a jar is basically charcoal and is going to make the fire even more and number three, that the intensity of jahannam is so much that no matter what is thrown into it, it will convert it into a fuel and so, this is an all three of these meanings are equally valid. Also another interesting point that we learn from the Quran and Sunnah both the Quran and Sunnah is that the fire of hell is actually conscious, it is able to see it is able to comprehend it is able to dialogue it is able to discuss

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it is able to ask a lot of xojo and it is able to challenge those that are thrown into it. And of course, this makes it even more terrifying. jahannam is conscious jahannam can recognize those that are going into its jahannam can see and talk to the people and threaten the people and walk the people that are entering it and so it makes it even more terrifying. And this concept is of course mentioned both in the Koran and in the Sunnah, asked for the Koran, Yeoman a coup de Johanna Halima him tell it what a whole hell moseyed. This is sort of off. When we say to Johanna, Are you full? And Johanna will say, Are there even more? Are there still more people? Now? This is a question that

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jahannam is asking a lot. Are there still more people and two interpretations? Both of them are valid. The first one is that jahannam is shocked or surprised after all the people that have entered jahannam and Allah azza wa jal is saying, Are you full now is Are you completely full? And jahannam is shocked? Are you still sending more? I mean, how many more people are going to come? So this is a rhetorical question coming out of an amazement. And the second interpretation is that it is a boast or it is a threat to those that are being punished that go ahead and send them I'm ready to take them help me moseyed. Go ahead and send I am ready to take even more people. And of course, both of

00:34:18--> 00:34:59

these meanings haven't separate eloquence of them. And they're both valid interpretations of this verse. The point that we're deriving from this verse is jahannam answers a lot. And jahannam says, Are there still more people coming? And there's a heavy thing soon an activity also narrated by Mr. Mohammed did his Muslim that on the day that on the Day of Judgment of flame will come out from the fire of hell, and that flame will have two eyes and it will have two ears and it will have a tongue. In other words, the flame will see and hear and speak and the flame will be saying everybody can hear this, that I have been assigned for three people. I'm here to take three people

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

Number one, every tyrannical, arrogant person. And number two, whoever worship to God besides Allah Subhana, WA Tada. And number three, whoever carved images, you know, the ones who carved the statues and whatnot. So those people jahannam is going to be telling or yelling on the Day of Judgment Come, I will take you now. So jahannam is able to hear and see and talk and comprehend. It is not an inanimate object in that sense that it is an entity that has his own consciousness, and the people of jahannam will recognize that consciousness and it will add to their terror when gjennom itself is engaging with them, talking with them, threatening them mocking them, all of this is to add to the

00:35:43--> 00:36:32

punishment of jahannam. And there is another verse in the Quran that one can derive this concept from sort of farrakhan verse 12, sort of for one verse 12, either auto mechanic by reading, semi Ola Hatter Are you one was a fee off, when jahannam sees its people from far away. When john never sees the people that are coming to it, then they shall hear janam and they shall hear it doing what to how you've the high yield is the the noise of somebody when they're angry. And the fear and the fear is like the wolf might growl, you know, when it's angry or irritated about to attack the lion my growl. So, the people of jahannam will be recognized by jahannam, either atoma mecanim buried.

00:36:32--> 00:37:16

Notice either a term is jahannam, seeing them not them seeing Johanna. When jahannam sees them from far away, they show here jahannam fuming and growling and the sparks are coming. So jahannam is aware. And jahannam is Cognizant, and genom is recognizing its people. And the people will then hear the response and what is the response of jahannam to high yield was a few. And this is an indication that jahannam is ready to take them on to challenge them to devour them. And the anger of Johanna is palpable. jahannam of course, as we know I mentioned this Hadeeth in our last lesson that Allah subhanho wa Taala said to Jenna, Jenna, that you are my mercy, and through you I will show mercy.

00:37:17--> 00:37:56

And Allah said to jahannam you are my punishment, and through you I will show my anger. And so Johanna is angry at the anger of Allah. And these people who deserve to be punished. Johanna will show its anger which is the anger of Allah and Johanna will growl and fume and fret and you will feel the people that are going to jump agenda will feel and sense that anger. So all of these are some of the descriptions of Johanna and of course, one last point for today and they will resume next week and charlo Tada as well. In the same thing in the descriptions of jahannam. One of the last things that we'll discuss today is of course, a concept that really it's understood the fire of

00:37:56--> 00:38:43

hell is a hot place and the intensity of the heat and the descriptions of that heat or something that also we need to discuss and mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah. And of course, there are a number of verses that mentioned the fierce intensity of the heat of Johanna, and the fact that jahannam is far hotter than anything we can imagine. Allah says in the Quran, in Surah tober, verse 81, that the hypocrites the hypocrites, they did not want to participate in the Battle of the book, because the Battle of the book took place in the month of June and July in the summer months. And they said, we'll call you Latin fufill Hello, let's not go and march in the heat. And Allah says all

00:38:43--> 00:39:33

now Raja hannema I should do How low can we have cohoon the fire of hell is far hotter, if they only understood. So of course, the fire of hell is far more extreme in its heat than the fire of this world. And there are many, many narrations of this of them is that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said this fire that you have in this world, this fire that the Son of Man does, it is one one 17th of the fire of janam. And in another version, it is one 100 of the fire of jahannam. So the fire of jahannam is 70 or 100 times more ferocious than the fire of this world. And the the there are narrations as well in some books of Hadith that mentioned that the fire of jahannam is so hot

00:39:33--> 00:39:59

that even if a small narrow passage the sign of the size of a needle or to open up this entire world and all life on it would cease to exist. And of course the Quran mentions this for example turtle Walker Allah mentions was horrible shimmery must have Oshima, FISA Moomin will harm him while they live me. Yeah momella buried in Walla Walla, Karim, the people that are going to jahannam what is what will make you understand what they are

00:40:00--> 00:40:10

Doing they are in scorching fire, the same woman what I mean and in scalding water. And this is another point that is common in the Quran also in sort of,

00:40:11--> 00:40:59

sort of total human as well, the notion of the heat coming from two sources, the fire and the water. So heat is not just coming from fire in jahannam no jahannam is also hot because of the hottest type of water that we cannot even imagine. And so they were going to be walking between the fire of the heat of the fire and the heat of the scalding water and this is mentioned explicitly as sort of a human as well fee some woman Mohammed well, little limb Nia moon, and a shade of black smoke that is neither cool nor beneficial. So this shows us that jahannam is not a bright place. jahannam is not the place of lights and casual no jahannam is asphyxiating Li smokey jahannam is murky and dark

00:40:59--> 00:41:42

jahannam you cannot see anything, there's no light at all, you don't see anything. Why? Because the same woman will have a will will lend me your home. And Lille is the shade and your moon is the heavy smoke of the fire. It is something that causes a person to go blind. It is something that causes somebody to not be able to, to to breathe normally. And so we learn from the Quran, and also from the Hadith that jahannam is a smoky place. And this is mentioned in the hadith of Mojave as well, that the dust that of the one who walks in the way of a law will never be combined with the dust of the or the smoke of the fire of health. So he gave a beautiful metaphor because what is what

00:41:42--> 00:42:27

is smoke it is dust. So the profitsystem said the one who becomes dusty going on an expedition in the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala that dust will protect that person from the dust of the fire of hell. And we also have included along with death there as well. That said mostly his soccer aroma and the rock of a soccer I will drive him to soccer and what will make you know what suffer is to basically well, teta, low laoire how to live basher the fire of hell will leave nothing, it shall leave nothing, nothing shall remain behind after it. And it shall make the skins completely full of soot completely darkened with the muck and with all of that smoke coming on over there. So the

00:42:27--> 00:42:47

notion of jahannam being smoky, asphyxiating dark and Janda being full of both the fire and the hot water. It's a very nasty place even imagining it with a villa. We seek Allah's refuge and then sort of Elmore salata as well. We have the same concept, reiterated that

00:42:49--> 00:43:38

Impala pumila will in the karate shoe, I love olive oil, I won't even a lab that proceed to a shadow of smoke basically have three columns. These columns aren't they're not cool shade, nor will they help you against the flame that doesn't even allow that. Generally speaking, when there are shaded areas, you find shelter in it. And Allah is saying the ambience of jahannam is shaded but that shade is not a shade of comfort. It is a shade of terror, it is a darkness of terror, it's not going to protect you against the fire lava had to live sorry, that lava alone will have in termi beshara wrinkle parser that it is throwing out sparks as huge as fortresses as if large yellow camels are

00:43:38--> 00:44:19

being thrown out. So imagine a camel which is twice the size of a human a spark that comes from jahannam Allah is saying you know in this world if a spark from a fire you know touches you it just burns a little bit you just rub it off that's it, you know, just that little spark that comes alive xojo the saying the flames of jahannam are the like fortresses and the sparks that come are like the entire capital and unless is the yellow camel, you know, kanji, Matata, and so forth. So again, the concept of yellow because because it is a fire, so an entire massive camel, it is one of those small sparks that are coming from jahannam and of course, the fire of jednym is never going to die down.

00:44:20--> 00:45:00

Could lemme hobbit Xena Holmes era. This is mentioned in Surah Israelite verse 97. That every time the fire dwindles every time it goes down, we shall rekindle it every time you think it's heading down, no is going to come back again. It will constantly be rekindled the fire of jahannam will never cool down. We will discuss in a future lecture as well the notion of the eternality of Johanna and the fact that of course the the position that seems to be very explicit from the hold on and soon enough is that jahannam shall never ever, ever cease to exist and the people shall be in jahannam till

00:45:00--> 00:45:47

Very, basically, there is no end to it to all of eternity, I will mention the slight controversy that exists in this regard, and allies origin mentions as well in the Koran. That way, the haimo era when the jehane is rekindled, meaning it's constantly going to be rekindled. Now, all of these put together they demonstrate, obviously, the ferocity of the heat of jahannam. And the fact that jahannam is composed of multiple types of punishment, you have the punishment coming from the fire, the punishment coming from the smoke, the punishment coming from the scalding water. Now, the Koran does not explicitly mentioned, coldness. However, the term Zim Headey has been interpreted by some

00:45:47--> 00:46:31

like even our bas and others, and because the Quran mentions that one of the descriptions of Johanna is m hudy. It is a very rarely used words. And even our boss has said that Zem Hadid is a special place of jahannam, that is going to be punishing people via the opposite of heat, and that is freezing. So we have another mechanism of torture, and that is the freezing cold. Now, to the best of my knowledge, there is no explicit verse in the Quran, other than this derivation of the wisdom hurried and also there's no explicit heading to the best of our knowledge about the coldness of jahannam. But an interpretation of a companion carries huge weight, especially one that companion is

00:46:31--> 00:47:12

none other than even above the cousin of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the primary interpreter of the Koran and of course, it also fits in with the concept of the punishments being varied and the punishments not being of one particular type. So, if this is the case, and there are references, have you been up by saying that people will be taken from the worst of the heat to the worst of the cold, the cold is so cold, it will freeze your bones for example, right? So obviously, imagine that type of torture is cycle as well. And there is one final point that we want to mention as well, and that is that the the heat of jahannam the heat of jahannam our Prophet sallallahu

00:47:12--> 00:48:00

alayhi wa sallam told us that it has some type of effect in this world as well. And there are a number of a hadith to disregard of them. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Hadith is in Bahati that pray Salatu voer basically praise a lot of boyhood when the heat is coming down a little bit. And that is because the intensity of the heat is from the hot winds of jahannam abradable salviati for initital, hairy men fee hate jahannam. So, though her in the summer months, it is it is must to have to delay by an hour or two. So avoid comes in at let's say, you know, 1230 and it is the summer season it is very, very hot. Our process is encouraged that delay it till two o'clock

00:48:00--> 00:48:41

whatever little bit colder so that it's easier to pray. And he said that the heat of this world is from the hot winds of Janda and in the Hadith and Bahati as well. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that once jahannam complained to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And jahannam said that because of the intensity of my heat, some parts of me are destroying other parts, some parts are eating other parts. So Allah allowed two exits to escapes for Johanna. And one breath comes out in the cold and one breath comes out in the in the

00:48:42--> 00:49:24

winter time. And so in this Hadith, we learned that Jana is breathing janam is letting things in and out and by the way, this Hadith, it can be used to derive the the coldness I said, there's nothing explicit about the punishment inside jahannam. This Hadith mentions the breath coming out and the breath is freezing cold from which you can derive that there is a place of genom that is freezing cold. But as I said, to the best of my knowledge, I'm not aware of any Hadith that mentions the the descriptions of what is happening in the cold part of Johanna. But the notion of Jana breathing, and that impacting this world. This is in the Hadith in Bukhari, and Muslim. And we should not think too

00:49:24--> 00:49:59

deeply about this. It is from the knowledge of the unseen, we will never understand obviously the realities of heaven and hell in this world. And this notion of linking if somebody were to say that Oh, but summer and winter comes from our cycle of the earth and whatnot, and the distance of the sun and the moon, we say indeed it does, it's pretty obvious it does. But this is a metaphysical linking that our mind should not think too deeply about and we trust in whatever Allah and His Messenger say, and we leave the ASVAB in one level and the metaphysical in another and the to how they come together. Only Allah subhana wa Tada.

00:50:00--> 00:50:45

knows, because Allah azza wa jal has created the physical and the metaphysical, and we can only see the physical and we leave the metaphysical to our Ummah and build hype. And so we do believe that jahannam is breathing in its own way, what does it mean to breathe Allah knows and we believe that that interpretation or that understanding of what it is breathing it somehow in affects our reality in this world, and we get a taste a little bit of a taste of the the realities of the extreme heat and extreme cold, when this seasons change, especially in the peripheral regions of the world, and we leave more than this to the knowledge of a lot subhanho wa Taala. So, to conclude today, we

00:50:45--> 00:51:31

discussed a number of descriptions of jahannam we discussed the fact that you hand them has seven doors, we discussed the fact that jahannam is very deep and it is very wide and it is very big and it is very vast. We also discuss the concept of the fuel of jahannam and why Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions stones as being of the fuels of jahannam and we discuss some of the descriptions of the heat of jahannam and the burning flames of jahannam and the the the the asphyxiation and the smoke of jahannam and the scalding water of jahannam and also we discussed the issue of the cold aspect as well. That is mentioned in indirectly in a number of traditions from the Sahaba and in the issue of

00:51:31--> 00:51:53

the breath of gender and gender and inshallah will continue this is not there's obviously more than this we have to break it up. We will continue the descriptions of gender we'll have a part two inshallah, tada of the descriptions of jahannam and the punishments of gender in our next session. Until then inshallah We ask Allah azza wa jal to keep all of us safe was said on Monday comm warahmatullahi wabarakatuh