Riad Ouarzazi – The World of Jinn #19

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The shay carrier in Africa was created to prevent the use of one shoe or one item and prevent the use of shaytan. The shay carrier was discontinued and replaced with a new type of protection designed for individuals who want to be protected. The operator reminds viewers to adopt protection and teach children to use their hands and body to protect themselves. The segment touches on the idea of the evil eye and how people may use their body to manipulate their environment. The segment ends with a discussion about a person who was sick and was given water to wash themselves.
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Ad. When you enter the machine, you say I wouldn't believe it. What was your heel Kareem was opening up Ministry of Energy.

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All seeking refuge from the Shaitaan seeking freedom from the Satan safeguard

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the site in the morning and even in the US.

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Bismillah Al Jazeera Tomas Misha was similarly, three times this is reported by tm et

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Bismillah Hilda de la dama. As he she fell out of the wall every summer was semi or any three times every morning and every evening, every morning after South Africa and in the evening, maybe after South and South Africa.

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Right, you decide to start the Prophet alayhi salatu salam also says that whosoever says this three times a day, you know in the morning and the evening you will not be approached or harmed by the shaitan.

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So these are all one mighty army so if I just say one would that be sufficient? The Prophet gave of handling millions of what would you want just to maybe focus on one they said that the Prophet has given us as much as you can.

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And as many as you know

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Bismillah Al Jazeera Dom as Misha for the name three times a day after the you know in the morning, before after the funeral, and in the evening, maybe after the after or after.

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The search in the door after leaving your home, leaving your home. The smilla takato Allah La La quwata illa Billah

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Bismillah they were called to Allah, Allah, Allah Wa La quwata illa Billah This is also reported by Abu Dhabi's anti media classify Sahaja Alberni, Whosoever decides this. Again, the Prophet says that person will be protected by religion and cannot be harmed by the shaitan Bismillah. You put your trust in Allah, this is what you do. Bismillah

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Bismillah tawakkol to Allah I put my trust in Allah, delegate my affairs to Allah, what the * no. And of course the 11

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decided this morning and evening. I wrote if you can imagine I mean, show me McCulloch. I

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mean, sorry, McCulloch, against the Sharia thing. It's all against the show up and this is reported by Muslim curry Mattila he Tama mainshock Lima havoc

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decided this morning and evening.

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You wanted me to pull it back here

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are all the bickering Mattila hitter. Min chavi Murphy luck.

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For the next inshallah tada maybe five to 10 minutes we'll talk about the cue from the evil eye.

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But first before we move to the evil I remember this the the safeguarding you know that we gave you here, try to adopt this and try to you know, the here to it as much as possible. This is your you can only be protected. If you want to be protected.

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Give yourself a chance to be protected.

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Now, you know ask for help and guidance and protection. But take the means and this is from the means deciding this

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morning evening you know protecting yourself and your family and your kids.

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And your kids teach them this Andrea. Remember what I said last week when you come home Sarah Marie come before you close the door say Bismillah teach that to your kid because if we don't say Bismillah shaytan will come to your home. And if you don't say Bismillah before the internet and will eat with you as well. So teach your kids this. If you eat with the left hand ship and loves eating it that's how it's been reported in the Hanif that the shaytaan you know he eats with the left hand that's why the program says eat with the right end.

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Everything you eat with the left will not go to you. There's no Baraka that will not be put in in it.

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Another thing by the way that attracts a shaytan likes people walk in with one shoe

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or people you know stay in half in the shade and half in the sun.

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Or in the head if

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this is something that shaytan likes actually he likes sitting in the in the shade you know having the shade and half in the sun. Don't do that.

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It will be all in the shade or in the sun. And don't only walk with one shoe or the one sandal either put them both or remove them both. Because the profits are somebody walk into that when once he says this is the walking time. He likes doing that. Somehow they all they do. Little Things are different than than us humans. Have in the sun half in the shade that went in one shoe. taking things

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The left

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this is how you know this is anything this is how we could inshallah Tada, try to protect yourself.

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Let's talk about the evil eye. The Evil Eye the Prophet alayhi salatu salam says,

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it is the truth, the evil eye, some people do not believe in something called evil eye.

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It is hack,

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I will mention some stories about the evil eye.

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There was a men as a hobby, in fact,

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who was watching another Sahabi taking a bath

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and he says, Oh what a beautiful skin, his guts

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What a beautiful skin that person's got. And then somehow that person who was taking a bath became sick and he fell down right away fell down

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and they told the Prophet issm So, the Prophet told them he goes he told the man who said those words What are those words? You say go take a bath and bring me the water that you took a bath when

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he decided some at some verses which will mention inshallah to Allah some verses on that water and then he gave them to the person who got sick and he told them to wash himself or herself or himself in this case it's a hobby to wash himself with it.

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Do you know that you can hit yourself with evil if

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you see yourself in the mirror and then you say oh, look how beautiful and handsome I am.

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You can eat yourself you can eat your own baby My baby will give a very reserved beautiful so look at those eyes and you don't say Mashallah tabula cola

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that's all you have to say Mashallah.

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When you see something you like Mashallah, otherwise you may hit yourself for that person with

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the evil eye.

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When you see something you like, say Mashallah.

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Well, I say we know this person, and we heard that person. I mean, they came in they told me, and when's the you know, she said something and they came and they told her some Hanalei you know there's a sister who you made her sick by those comments you sick I mean, we know for sure that this is the evil eye and the head is the Prophet says that you have to take a bath and we have to you know, and give us that water. She says no, I'm not gonna take no bath.

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But you she's sick and you know you caused her to be sick. This is she is no I'm not gonna do that. The Prophet says in the

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Muslim, if you were asked to take a bath for the evil eye, go and do it.

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He gives you the order it says do it.

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If somebody comes in ask you because if they know for sure that you caused it to somebody because they see you hit somebody with this evil eye. And that person you know became sick and then they came asking you for you know for that water for that bath go and take it do it.

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So what are the cure the one causing this evil eye to take a bath as I said

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from a vessel and they take this

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they take that water

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and to put that water on the person who is sick.

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This is the story of San Fran eighth as I mentioned

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and I'm have no idea Abu Dhabi reported by mmm and NASA and classified as cyber Chateau Advani and also reported by a new measure

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at the end

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the person takes water with let's say he takes a bath with with with a with a some v solid with some bucket of water. And then he he whatever remaining of that water. You know the remains of that water that he takes a bath with they should put himself I would go into a bucket, a big bucket I would put myself in I will go there and then wash myself with that water and then use that water in that bucket and then that's the water I will use to go and wash the the person who is sick with is that clear.

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Putting your hands on the second person's forehead again and recite alohomora Vanessa and he will best answer chavi last Yvan inla, Shiva Shiva and llevado salmon. This is in Heston Muslim if you can memorize this draft, it's a very important to app you can even resize it on your children or somebody who is sick. If somebody comes and asks you for hockey let's say you can't you know and you dislike por la

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verbenas maybe I could see

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