The World of Jinn #17

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Since the mafia

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Let me pull it back here. Alright.

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Zara said Alpha, Alpha Omega, I'll feel

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a Polish and carefree rune Yani the last, almost the less than 10 I attend sauce. Unless a method a floss por la, la palabra Venus, right? As you put this on the on the forehead or the head of the patient, and then you decide

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if you feel that that person, as you this is written is, especially if you could see, you see some movement

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is repeat them. Repeat that. Maybe there's some impact here. If you see this person now not wanting to listen,

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that person may even spit at you. But it's not him. He may even spit at you. He may look at you he may push you

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need somebody who's needs to be there with you to help you sometimes, but keep on doing it. Keep on hold in and inside don't stop. I'm not telling you. But the person who is an expert again should be the witness.

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Keep this lighting. If you see again some interactivity though some movement, happy that person who's sick.

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For you know visibly some I do repeat that, especially if it's either currency or if it's origin. Or if it's some other soldiers do the pita. And this process may take again hours and hours. You may come back and do it again. You may do it like I said every day, you need to do it every week you need to do it, you know until the Shiva

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some people have the lead they see the the Shiva comes by the way

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Subhan Allah

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and then if the jinn start speaking, what do you do? The first thing is, you ask him for his name or her name. And then if he's a Muslim,

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then you start giving the hour. If it's not a Muslim, give that as well.

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And then at the end as that person to come out

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as that person to come out, if not start the

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He says some people who have sticks

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with them.

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They bring them and they start heating slowly. Some people eat slowly. Some people who see them really heating so bad. Some people when they're sick, they think it's only from from Shin automatically. possessive witchcraft in Jin Jin Jin Jin Jin. Otherwise you could not it could be maybe just in their mind. They need to see doctors there was this woman one night

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she went to so many doctors she went to one doctor told her no you're not sick. Actually what you need you need to see

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a psychiatrist. It's all it's all here. She says no, no, no. Her husband said no, no, no, no, it's in I know, Jim.

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So he took her to some chef and the chef only talks with the stick if nothing happened, he took out another one stick Myskina Jani her back

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like an Apache. Her back Yeah. And he later she they book a blog, they book The lives he didn't have motion.

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It was all here.

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Right? People talking to it's taken a lot

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of nothing but an

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end. And this if you have that water you know the the water of Zamzam. You can give that person to drink whatever, especially if you have the slides and those is you know of the Rokia on him that that person drink from that water. So you can even you know, take that water and then spirit or spirits or spray it onto the face of that person that could also shout out to help and keep doing this until you see that you've heard from a lot of Xhosa that person could do it by weight set by her or himself or you can have somebody else do it for that person as well.

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let's quickly move inshallah to Allah because we need to complete the this topic inshallah today of this series today, I need to talk about safeguarding. This is the actually most important parts, I believe safeguarding how to protect yourself.