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The story of the three Halima pillars of the Bible is discussed, including their connection to spiritual happiness and their use in various settings. The speakers also touch on various topics such as the importance of being alone, the power of black magic, and the importance of being present in the moment. The segment concludes with a new series happening at 6 pm Eastern time and a call to caliber cat.

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At what my character

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is as he will come to you to Tafseer bytes

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and we are with solid Baja.

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I consider him a lot what a cat.

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About Welcome.

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I'm just going to give a minute or two for more people to join Sharla so that we can start we all want to see the bytes

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and charlo Taylor today will be with Sora Baja, Baja in Sharla

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I'm live both on Instagram and Facebook

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welcoming all of you.

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Once again, this is stuff see the bytes or bits.

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So you can pull your notebooks Ben's in Sharla and start taking some notes Surah Taha today inshallah Surah Taha

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I just want to give another minute for more people to join inshallah

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all of you

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Hello, my hammer. My haben Welcome, welcome all of you.

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How's the sound on Instagram today?

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Is it better?

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How is the sound on Instagram?

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Is that good?

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hamdulillah okay. hamdulillah

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very good. lamonica Alright, let's start in sha Allah Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. One more time brothers and sisters. Welcome all of you to tipsy bytes bits. And today inshallah we are wood solid bar, solid Baja.

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It's a beautiful solar setup muffler. And the number of the solar is number 20. Number 20. In the end, and it has 135 verses, and it's in just 16 just 16 solar haha. Number 20 in the most half, and it has 135 verses and it's just 16 It's a mkisofs so what the hell is a mechi sora

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there's there's no there's it's all of it is a Mickey soul I mean, meaning that it was revealed in Mecca.

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It is called solid Baja. It is also called solid Moosa. It's called solid Musab, because

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there is a very big portion of the solid talking about Moosa Elisa them in fact, Moosa and I mentioned this so many times before, Moosa is the Prophet the most mentioned in, in in the, in the in the story of Musa and the name of most that is Subhanallah, the prophet the mostly the one who is mostly used in the Quran in terms of his stories. So the salt of Baja, you know, there's a big chunk of it that talks about the story of Missouri setup, right. It's called baja and it's called Moosa

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it is, I think the virtues of the solar it is considered to be from El amin from I mean, remember, I mean, you know, those verses that are 100

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or you know, or or little bit more or less the considered to be from El Amin. So solid baja is considered to be from and mean comes or derived from me, means 100, right.

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But there's something really interesting about the soul. There's something really interested in I think you're gonna love this, I think in Charlottetown, to all of you are gonna love this, that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said,

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in the Israelite album, that the the the name of Allah that Greatest Name of Allah is that which is hidden, you know, the Greatest Name of Allah Xhosa. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam says that sola Taha, I mean, the other can be found in three sores in Solomon Baqarah la Milan and salata.

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So what about para la Mulana sutra so there's so many integrations with regard to the name of a lot of social You know, a lot of the Greatest Name which is hidden, you know, some said it is Allah Some said it is and hate Some said it is a young, some said

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it is

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either, you know, I had none and Shannon the you know, I had a summer so there's no but

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there's a variation of of different heads, but

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Hear the Prophet Mohammed Azzam says that the name of Allah Adam can be found in three source can be found in slightly makara can be found in solid

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and solid baja

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Are they any reason why the Salah was revealed there is nothing particularly mentioned with regard to why the sola was revealed, but in terms of its revelation, it is considered to be number 44 number 44 right after Miriam, Mary, you know, Miriam is the soul of that we mentioned, you know, that we talked about in the previous session, you know, so, Miriam. So, this is the solid Taha is number 44. It was revealed right after solid medium and before solid huaca it was revealed right before salt and Walker,

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it starts would hold off at the hedgy It starts with one of the

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remember in those of you who've been following this the series called the Pepsi, the bites, we talked about 10 types of introductions in the end, and in the end the whole call and if you will, all the soils, they start with 10 different types. You know, there's some songs that starts with praise, there's some songs that start with a statement. There's some songs that start with energy, like abakada saltimbocca starts with Eddie, I mean, this is called song of the day as you are there any definition or any meanings a lot of people in a lot of people talking about this could mean this could mean that but the Prophet Mohammed ISIS have never mentioned anything in particular to the

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meaning of these of these letters, you know, so so haha starts with Thor. Some people said it's one of the names of the Prophet Mohammed is awesome, but there's nothing authentic about this. There's nothing authentic that baja is one of the names of the Prophet Mohammed Osasuna. But baja is one of the

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many, it's a tough Madhava deji, how from the Prophet, the hedgy. And so so that the hussites, with Baja, we don't know the meaning of it. In particular, there's nothing really authentic that says this, you know, it means this or that there's nothing, you know, concrete, or not in sound about it. But it starts with Ba,

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la Calico, and anytus for such a very beautiful, and I will tell you a little bit more about the solar power

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model solar, the concept or the topic of the solar, it talks about

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the happiness of those who get guided,

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it talks about two main things, it talks about the happiness of those who get guided, and then it talks about the misery for those who are not again, it's the opposite. It talks about one thing, and that thing is the happiness of those who get guided, and it talks about the opposite, which is the misery for those who are astray. So, the solar is split into an introduction and a conclusion. And in between the introduction and the conclusion, talks about two main stories, this is solar power in altogether. It talks about you know, it has introduction, and it has a conclusion. And in between it there is it talks about two main stories, two main stories. I will talk about them in shallow data.

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So it starts with a look at them and look at them or the introduction is from verse one to verse number eight, verse one to verse number eight.

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And he Allah subhanho a title starts with

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Desi, and then it talks about the hikma the wisdom behind revealing the end or sending down the plan Allah Subhana Allah says Baha

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Allah can

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spawn in death kiloton nemani yaksha does he know me man, Hannah Aldo was semi wet in the role of

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unlock man, although she's still

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nice, by the way, my brothers and sisters you know, these are yet I have recited now. These are the items that change the life of Papa.

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Papa was a mushrik he was not a moment, right? And all he did was he heard these only this very, you know, this this small Elliot. He heard them and these ayat, they changed his life Baja, right when he was going about to kill the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and then somebody told him, why don't you go and check out your home Your sister has become a Muslim. So he went back to his home. I mean to her home, his sister, Fatima and then from outside

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He was hearing the end. Right? You know, he was a bad note. Alex was teaching Fatima and her husband, you know, and so, he knocked at the door is very well known story. So they went into hiding, right? And then and then the his sister opened the door. And then he told her to give me you know, to get him that's called, you know, that they were reading from you know, and she says no, and then he, he, he slapped her and he her husband came and he punched him this was

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going on, but, but then he he felt a bit you know, sorry, of what he did. And he says, just getting me that that score and I promise not to harm it. So he gave it to him. And then he read he read baja

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La La, la Taha, what does that mean? I said, there is no sound authentic definition of what it means. But Allah azza wa jal says after that he says, Matt as an O Muhammad, we did not reveal the plan to cause you misery.

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We did not reveal this plan to cause you misery mountains in the sky elated Karnataka, why have we revealed that Kira as as a as a heat as a reminder for those who feel Allah subhanho wa Taala for those who have that self, no consciousness in their mind. So this is the purpose by which Allah has sent down the Quran or Mohammed baja man's unethical entities, we have not revealed this on and upon you to cause your misery. In the opposite. In the contrary, we know the reason why it was removed 11 kiloton only for for people who feel allies ocean to take heat.

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So this was in the introduction between verse number 81 and verse number eight. And then Allah Subhana Allah title from verse number nine to verse number 128, from verse number 19, verse number 128, Allah subhana wa tada here when he talks about the you know the happiness for those who get guided and the misery for those who don't get guidance for those who are straight. And then he talks here about the study of Moosa

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in detail, the study of masa in detail with better soil in which we own you know, before when starting a new trade out and what happened to no to one he got kicked out and then when he

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travelled to

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hold on, and then he stayed there for 10 years and then he came back and then he faced for an hour, so all the story in detail, and then after the fifth round, he faced the magicians and then after that, you know his journey with Venice la eight, all that is mentioned in detail in so in the in that in that in Salatu Baja, Allah subhana wa tada says

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Well, hello attacca howdy to moose

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Erna for Anania Li him cuckoo in me Ernesto now along

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on Mohammed.

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Have you have you heard about the story of Moses so Allah azza wa jal beautiful conference? Look how,

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in the end this dialogue, he's telling Prophet Mohammed Have you heard her attack it samosa. Have you heard about the story of Musa Mohammed?

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When he saw that fire, when he saw that fire, this is at the time when Mousavi said him and his wife and his family. were traveling back to Egypt, from Jordan, right? So on the way back before he became a prophet, he saw a fire and then he told his family because in the middle of the desert, and they were it was cold and it was dark. So they sought from very far some fire some light, you thought it was fire. He said to his family, I see fire some flames. Let me go and get you some some light and get us some thing so that we can get warm enough to be warmed up in this middle of this desert, but it was not fire. So he went. And then and then that story when he went and he spoke to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala and then he gave him that mission, you know, the mission to go back and Face Face to face out and take benefit slightly from the misery from the torment of what renown you know, what's causing them. Allies those will give him that mission. The first mission This is in verse number 24 from Soraka Allah Subhana Allah tells Musa it has enough in our in

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our Be sure honey saadani was your only was he?

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He was not be he as any what Ashley coffee

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Hi, I'm Ernie Cain who said be hacker Cathy your wellness goal aka caffine log. This is an amazing, amazing verse right here because look the relationship between Moosa and his brother, you know, after he has not seen his family for so many years. So not a lot of associate is Moosa almost go to film, go to film in the hotel, he has become, you know, a tyrant go to film.

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As soon as he told him go to Freetown, he says, oh, Allah, suddenly put some, you know, some more sunlight in my in my breasts in my chest, but I need some help. Do I need some help? So appoint a helper, from my family, how long?

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How long my brother, how long was not a prophet. It was the day of his brother Moosa, that made him a prophet Subhana Allah.

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Moosa yanhong. He was not a prophet, but the daughter of his brother made him and turned him into a prophet. So mu says, Allah Allah, appoint the helper from my family. Yeah. nimasa Rafi, how can I see why? Why do you want to help her or Moosa? Then Musa says, Who should be he as the well actually Kofi Emery to help me in this mission?

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To give me a comfort and to help me in this mission? And on top of that, or Allah, what are we going to do? Cain who said, the hacker Cathy ROM, well, that's comarca Kathy. So we can make a mention of your name a lot. And then we praise you a lot together. You see here, amazing, amazing, that's great here, you know, something, you need a partner, you need your brother, you need your sister with you, you need your feminine with you. Right? So you cannot do this alone. Oh, Allah so so that when we're together, we can praise you more when we're together, we can make a mention of you more, we can make more Vicar, you know, to you more together? Well, I'm alone, I need help. I need that, you know, I

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need to help her.

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So this wasn't in in

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that mission. Verse

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24. And then, and then Allah Subhana, WA tada also mentions, this is at the time one day went, by the way, when Musa alayhis salam went back, he did not go straight to meet for an hour, no, he went back and then he spoke to his brother move how long so that together they went and they met for down and they spoke to Freetown, but then that story when they spoke to Freetown and then the story of the of the staff that turned into snake and then they appointed for our appointed the magician's to come, you know, and they all came together to face Moosa Allah he set up

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and then they throw their staff and then their staffs turned into snakes. And Moosa was scared. Allah subhana wa tada says ornella to Huff, in

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other words, don't be Murphy. I mean, you gotta have mehsana Oh, in a mouse on that okay to say ahead, while you fly her sir. Hello, Hazel. Allah, this is one of the most powerful is on on black magic. Those who suffer from black magic. This is one of the most powerful verse to read on those who are suffering from black magic. Putting that at the half we say almost that don't be scared when Moses saw these, you know, it was narrated that it was like over 110 100 1000s of of snakes of magicians, and each musician had his own staff. So they were imagined his 100 1000s of, of, of snakes. So a lot of you got scared you got terrified. So unless the panda alternativeto Moosa put in

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the latter half almost don't be scared in the cantina you should have the upper hand Fear not surely if most if you're not you have the upper hand

00:18:54--> 00:19:04

corner to have interaction continent what ultimately, I mean, you gotta have Masato that witching in your hand, it will devore it will devour all that they have not brought forth.

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It is all the work of magicians will say hello, hey sweater, and this machine magicians shall never be successful. These people who practice black magic shall never be

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shall never be

00:19:22--> 00:19:31

successful. So all these my brothers and sisters, as I said from verse number nine to verse number 127.

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And then Allah subhanho wa Taala

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in verse number 88, still talking about the story of Musa so talking about the story of Musa Musa managed to take it out, you know, and then they,

00:19:52--> 00:19:59

they followed Musa alayhis salam, and then you know how they went straight? You know? By following this Sammy de

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Some of them went astray by this, following this man semi who made this this the who

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the cemetery who carved this disc off. This is the story of an bacala insalata in South Africa, you know why the South America is called the cow, the car or the health, you know, because it's all built in. It's all built in since these the action of the cemetery, the cemetery after the moose, I managed to take better care, you know, out from the misery of an hour, and then the cemetery, you know, he made this call from gold, and they said, Heather Illa, who compiler who knows, he says,

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he just didn't know who he made for them, this agent, this, this Gulf, and he said, this people, other people, they have on other nations, they have got, we should have our own God as well. So he made this call from gold. And then he says, this is your God. You know, and Moosa came back as most I went to speak to Allah subhana wa tada to be receiving those commandments, you know, the 10 commandments. So when I came back, he found people in Australia and he was really you know, heartbroken and really, really angry. So this all again happened in the same verse members and sisters

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then Allah subhana wa tada

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saw in the same

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Allah subhana wa tada in the same. The other story, because I mentioned that the soldier talks about two main stories, the first story, his story of Mossad, he said them and when you slide eight, it's a long story. And then the second story is a story of Adam and he set up the story of Adam and his setup, from the time when Allah subhana wa tada told, you know, Adam, you know, before in the creation of, of Adam alley Sam when he told the angels that I shall be creating this, this, you know, man, so once I created a mixture to him, so Allah subhana wa, tada, mentions that in solid baja as well.

00:22:09--> 00:22:12

What is one alien man, it is truly,

00:22:13--> 00:22:29

for Sergio in Ebony, we taught the angels was read only atomic prostration to Adam, they all proceeded the atom except a police, except in police. He refused to prostrate for two

00:22:30--> 00:23:03

to Adam and my brothers and sisters, my new series coming up in shallow data today, at six o'clock pm eastern time talking about the stories of the prophets who will talk about the study of Adam Edison in more detail, such a very amazing, beautiful story, the story of Adam and his setup, you know, and the story of the angels and the secret of the beliefs, you know, and who was created first and whatnot. So he allows those installed, aha talks about, you know, in verse number 124, talking about that dialogue that Allah zation had with, you know, the angels when he told them that I'll be creating, you know,

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this person, you know, mixture to him, and all the angels makes his route to Adam le celeb. Illa, please accept, please. This is verse number. 116 I'm sorry. 116. And then at the very end, Allah subhana wa tada talks about the the, again, the happiness for those who gets guided, and the misery to those who don't get guided.

00:23:31--> 00:23:35

Allah subhanho wa Taala says, well, may I met him in a soil he had to

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follow your heart follow a male friend, a half of all male one out, hug them out. Those who work righteousness.

00:23:46--> 00:24:10

And they're believers. They have nothing to fear. They have no fear of injustice nor any curtailment. It's just an amazing, amazing any statement that last kind of ptolemies with regard to those work righteousness, if you were to work righteousness, you have nothing to fear that Allah Subhana Allah says, verse number 124 you know, something really beautiful. Women are all about victory for

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a shutdown.

00:24:15--> 00:24:16

Why not?

00:24:17--> 00:24:18

Do it

00:24:19--> 00:24:22

or not be my hotshot attorney

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to Basilan on

00:24:27--> 00:24:31

that guy. Tuna. cinecitta Rican young men.

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00:24:41--> 00:24:42

Why not? Young

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man on

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00:24:50--> 00:24:58

toamasina anaka danika added to nab fantasy Walker then he can do metal

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Whosoever refrains from making Nicola Sturgeon, believing in Allah and and praising him subhana wa Tada, woman out of antiquity. Those who choose to refrain from the remembrance of Allah what would happen to them this what would happen to them for indetermination banca they should have a very tight life so Pamela things would be very difficult in their life they should have a very tight life for a little home at a certain bunker. Well not sure who your multi Emma Tiana and he shall be resurrected in detail judgment blind. So that person will see on the Day of Judgment of bt Mahesh Athenian my welcome to vasila. Well, Allah What have I been rejected, resurrected as blind, and I

00:25:43--> 00:25:51

used to be able to see waka kotoba Sierra I was able to see pada then Allah tells him pilot COVID

00:25:52--> 00:26:05

tuna fantasy to her. Likewise, our as our messengers, our signs have come to you for the CETA and you forgot about it, yeah, you neglected it, okay, then you can you imagine, sir, likewise, we shouldn't be neglected today.

00:26:06--> 00:26:39

Likewise, we shall be neglected as you have neglected and, and refrain from our signs and our message. And you know, and, and, and, and refrain from our path. Likewise, today you shouldn't be ignored and you shall be neglected. So this is again with regard to the misery that those who choose to be a straight one man out of antiquity. So my brothers and sisters, the lesson may be at the very end is the members of Allah subhanho wa Taala is a way to alleviate your tribulations and hardships.

00:26:40--> 00:27:23

the remembrance of Allah is one of the ways if not the best way and the way of alleviating your hardships. If you are going through any hardships and difficulties for in the lahoma a shuttle bunker he shouldn't have a very tight life. And a lot of us sometimes don't have and feel that we are going through something tight, your chest becomes tight. Your breast becomes tight. From inside and outside in everywhere you go you feel like things have been locked before your face. Things have been locked before your eyes things I've been I've been locked before you every time you try to open something it should shut down before you I mean it may it could be a job could be a car could be a

00:27:23--> 00:27:36

house could be a wife or could be a husband could be a friend. life becomes very tight. When men are older and decree Allah says whosoever refrains from my remembrance, he should have a very tight life.

00:27:38--> 00:28:20

May Allah azza wa jal help us understand the end and love the end and live with the insha Allah Tada This is with Sora Taha my brothers and sisters is that common law fair? He says the end it's a short and sweet you know, I don't want to go too deep. I only gave you that which you need inshallah. To understand the soul I'll be in the lab and inshallah hotel. I just want to remind you of our new series happening today in Sharla. New Series happening today at six o'clock pm eastern time. 11 o'clock peak, pm UK time, the stories of the prophets that was the winner. That was the winner in Sharla hota Allah and that was something any one of actually my very favorite favorite topics to

00:28:20--> 00:28:45

talk about because anything you go through, you will find it in the stories of the prophets. Well, like anything you go through any problems anything, any any example you want, you will find it in the stories of the prophets in Charlottetown All right, my brothers and sisters that common law fans, we'll see you later. Bye like Luffy comm Facebook, thank you for joining. May Allah bless you, sir America hotline, caliber cat