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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Abdullah, he was truly Mohammed why Allah Allah, he was happy he was sending my beloved brothers and sisters. How can I speak after Shadi?

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You know, that voice that I was hearing from when I entered here, and I'm thinking to myself can RWJ Shinya colusa baja como Masako? May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us acceptance, but I'll try my voice is much softer. And you can see I'm smaller actually in size, handler Baraka logic, but I'm really, really honored to be here I was following the progress at this venue during the month of Ramadan by the various links that I had received, and some of the other activities were that were floating around social media. And I did see that there was great, great achievement here.

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We primarily need to remind each other about our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. You and I know that we were created by Allah, we're going to go back to Allah and the distractions that come about immediately after the month of Ramadan that make us forget the dedication we had during the month of Ramadan are plenty for us to be able to continue through the month of chawan in a way that what we achieved in Ramadan is not wasted. We have the six facets of chawan we have you know when you go into the gym and Mashallah, there's a beautiful gym here, one of the best available for us, I think, when you have something called a warm up right before you start, and when you're done, what

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do they call it?

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A cool down right. Cool down. So we had a warm up to Ramadan. And now that we're done, we have a cooldown with six of us and these six fasts Subhanallah we should be trying our best you know, I feel so guilty because I'm a traveler, I haven't yet started my six fasts, but inshallah I will try my best to complete them before the end of the month. Even though we're headed ahead. However,

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what is important to know is all the goodness that we stood for, we should still be standing for that goodness, the compassion, the Salah, imagine I witnessed, from miles away people in this venue, packed, engaged in taraweeh, which is a prayer that is not far off. It's not compulsory. And they were dedicated to this prayer throughout the month here at this venue. How can we not be dedicated at least to that which is compulsory throughout the rest of the year? If I was so happy

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and I want to tell you something else. Don't you feel a spirituality in Ramadan? Don't you feel good in Ramadan?

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You know, the food that you eat in Ramadan, I always say when you open your fast at the end of the day,

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it tastes so good. It tastes a little bit different from the same food if it was served prior to Ramadan, do you know that

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when you fast through the day and you having these savories or you having, you know, a few pies and a few things here and there, you know, as you put them in your mouth, don't they taste a little bit different? Like there is some Baraka in it. There's something happening, man, you know, why is it

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Allah gives you the blessing in everything that you do because of the acts of worship that you've engaged in throughout the day. So at the end of the day, you feel good, you get up good, Mashallah you're empowered to do that which is brilliant. It comes to you Subhana Allah without an effort. And in fact, if you were to get angry and upset and say a word or two out of 10, you regret it because you know, that's messed my fast up a little bit. And sometimes we are supposed to be in fact, we're always supposed to be conscious of our attitude in Ramadan so that we don't spoil the fast. As a result of that Allah blesses you with a good feeling. He blesses you with that spirituality, your

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food tastes better, your children, the ambience, the blessedness in the home, everything feels nice. Do you know one of the reasons is because of your dedication to Allah, Allah has the power to make the other things feel good.

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If you had similar dedication outside

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Ramadan, you would have better feelings than you did during those months outside Ramadan in previous years. So if you are dedicated to your Salah, I promise you, your life will change.

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If you come to the masjid a little bit earlier, a little bit earlier, for the Salah, your life will change.

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Remember, Allah always wants from you quality quality of an act of worship. Quantity doesn't really matter. Besides that, which is compulsory, if it's compulsory, he wants both quality and quantity. If it is not compulsory, he wants the quality more than the quantity to see. So if you are dedicated and you give your prayer a little bit more time, a little bit more time, I promise you Your life will change. You have problems, you have issues, the owner of the solution is the one whom you are running away from sometimes. Amazing. You have a problem. And I tell you, you know, I've got a contact with this minister, you and you want a meeting? And you say yes, yes, please can you arrange

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the meeting, so I'll get it done for you. You make time because you know the thing you want, that man might have part of the solution. You ready to go and meet spend time you'll sit outside for half an hour, one hour, you don't mind waiting for a day or two and you get your meeting and you're so excited with the little bit of time. You want more time than that person can actually give you right? But Allah is the owner of the true owner of the solutions. We're knocking the wrong door. Sometimes we're running away from the one who has the solutions to our problems, financial problems, family problems, community problems, whatever other matters, health problems, whatever it may be.

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The owner of the solution is Allah spend a little bit more time with Allah and Allah will definitely change your life. He will change your life. Similarly, when it comes to the Koran, we know that Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us Shahada Ravana la de Janeiro know

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we must have heard that verse so many times the month of Ramadan is the month within which the Quran was sent down. I'm not going to go into the discussion of how it was sent down and why they say it was sent down in Ramadan, etc, etc. But it is the month of the Quran without doubt. You need to know that outside the month of Ramadan. Your connection with the Quran still needs to be strong. At least a verse or two a day.

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Did you hear what I just said?

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At least what

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a verse or two a day Is that too much? How many WhatsApp messages do we read every day? A lot. 1000s we've lost count some halala if you were to at least replace two of those messages, verses of the Quran you will be okay.

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That's your connection with Allah. I want to tell you one of the benefits

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a brother passed away not too long ago.

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And I met the family. They told me that you know, we have to really thank you I said thank me for what I have just come to say sorry. You know I've come this brothers passed away. You saying thank you like I was Malecon moto someone you know who took you took this this man away? They said no, no. This brother

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has actually started reading he started off reading a verse of the Quran a day based on advice you gave.

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And the day he died. He he had read verses because it develops you know you start off with one. The Quran is a magnet, I promise you when you start with one, it will take you to two, three and four. It will take you to a whole page it will take you to five pages on its own. If you are sincere with one verse a day the Quran is magnetic. And why I say it's magnetic. The Quran is the word of Allah. And Allah promises you if you get close to me a hand span I will come close to you a whole foot. If you come to me walking, I will come to you rushing. You want to read one verse, we're going to make it from our side, another four or five will be easy for you. For senoia sera holy Musa, we're gonna

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make things easy for for a person who is closer to Allah who wants to be close to you want to be close to Allah, Allah says I want to be even closer to you. We only want you to start we will do the rest. So this brother had read verses of the Quran that morning. one page. I'm not too sure how many verses but it was a page

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and he had closed it closed it. He went up he completed one or two things and a little while later he passed away. Imagine

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On his scale, his deeds will be placed the last deeds that he did on the day that he passed away one of them will be that he picked up the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala he read a few verses of Allah subhanho wa Taala on meaning of the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then later on he passed away. Isn't that something good? I mean, if someone were to say the day you died, or if the day I died, the last thing I did on that day, I started off with the Quran or Salatin fudging a little bit of Quran and I carried on isn't that the blesser death? What more do you want, but you need to give yourself that opportunity, or seize the opportunity Allah has given you In fact,

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don't be lazy. It could be your last day. I've seen people and I'm sure you have because of social media who drop dead at any time they drop dead Subhanallah young and old standing as the way I'm standing now and suddenly drop dead. We saw an Imam last week. Juma a person from Malaysia Did you see the clip? Many of you saw it. I actually posted it up on social media. What law he this he ma'am. He started off his football of Georgia in the masjid a big machine. And he says I should wash Edwin La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika wash, Mohammed and Abu rasuluh and so on and he went on to say you are not to lie and fear Allah and whatever else went to Jonah de la la. Remember the day you

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are going to go back to Allah and all of you. Be conscious of Allah and be concerned about your own deeds and the next thing he drops dead. He passed away and talking of this Juma that just went by from the member he dropped dead.

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I would like to believe that is called personal hajima There must be some deeds that that brother did. Time of Jumeirah first Juma after Ramadan if your Ramadan was accepted, who fear Allah

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Subhana Allah, and the man is standing there delivering a message that our Illallah has his own agenda. He just did the Shahada. He just reminded people about the last day meeting with Allah etc, etc. And he went, you and I could drop. Wouldn't we like a lovely death? Start off with the Quran. read verse 31 verse. It's not difficult. You don't need anything complicated nowadays. You have it in your phones, right? Because you have it in your phones. You can pick it up I know of an app called nachten Have you come across it in a cage? Na k h.

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t TM.

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Some people actually made this app if you download it, it closes your phone, or what it does every time you want to open your phone. It shows you the next verse of the Quran just read one verse and then your your phone will open some Han Allah

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You will be shocked you open your phone 300 times a day. You finish the whole of Surah Baqarah the first day. So Allah

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Subhana Allah, are you ready to do that? So panela In fact, I want to suggest to those brothers to see give them two passes, three passes. You know what that means? Read one verse will open your phone three times, three times, because it's still okay if you read 100 verses right Subhana Allah, you will be shocked. We're ready to read messages from people but we're not ready to read the message from Allah.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us ease. So the main purpose of these few words that I wanted to say was my brothers and sisters, keep on going, the man has gone but we are not yet gone. Subhan Allah, Ramadan has gone. I don't know if I'm going to see another Ramadan. And I promise you none of you have a guarantee, not one of you has a guarantee that you're going to see the next Ramadan. So therefore make the most of these days and try to develop yourself your relationship with Allah as I said, and secondly, your relationship with the rest of the creatures of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The piety of a person is closely depicted by his character or her character.

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If a person thinks he is pious, if a person thinks he is pious, because he does his Salah, because he has a lot of knowledge, because for example, he gives a care because for example, you might be fasting a lot. That is not piety in its entirety. True piety

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can be picked up by witnessing a person's character and conduct the to go hand in hand.

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If you want to know how pious you are, take a look at your character and conduct together with your obligations unto Allah. We're not belittling the obligations unto Allah, together with your obligations unto Allah.

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Take a look at your character, your conduct. This is why and I will end on this note, when the prophets of Allah Salam was asked by the Sahaba of the Allahu anhu. Tell us the characteristics of those who will enter gentlemen.

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Guess what he said? Two things, who knows them?

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He said two things. Those who will be in general will have two main characteristics. What are they? Who knows them?

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One is personal. The first one is

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choco Allah. Hey, look at how beautiful his wedding props are. Selim says two things. The koala he was lucky to koala he was lucky. Two things will take you to Jenna, the features of the people of Jenna, they will have a relationship with Allah that is strong that stuck with Allah He and they will have personal relationship with the other creatures of Allah that will be beautiful. Whether people agree with you disagree with you, whoever who are Muslim, non Muslim, whoever they are, whatever they're doing, your o'clock towards them, your character towards them will be beautiful, will be beautiful. In that case, you truly have an understanding of Allah. You know, that the same

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way Allah made me he made him he made her he made all the other creatures I need to respect everything that Allah made, if I respect Allah, if I love you, and I respect you, I respect your entire family, and anything to do with you, your business whatever to do with you. I respect it because I respect you. And I will take care of it because I love you. What about your respect of Allah? What about what he has made? Do you think he just made everything for nothing? He made it to test you. What's your character going to be like towards the things I made? If Allah wanted, he wouldn't have made the dogs and the pigs and the monkeys and the snakes. But he made all of those to

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test you and I What will you do? Are you just gonna go and start shooting and start you know, wreaking havoc and destroying even the plants and so on. No, develop your relationship with Allah and have good luck. Can I just end that Hadith?

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The Hadith started off by saying what are the characteristics of those who will enter Jannah and he says taqwa Allah He was known. Then he was asked, What are the characteristics of those who will not make it to

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those who will enter Hellfire? What would have been the reason for them to get there?

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Do you know what he says? You're gonna get a shock.

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And FOMO will follow

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two things.

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Two things, the tongue and the private parts.

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Those are the two things that will be driving people

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out of general

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be driving people

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into the wrong place.

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And you know what? My brothers and sisters, we have a gift of Allah.

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Guess what? It's called

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still far? That is a gift of Allah. It is such a beautiful gift of Allah, that we don't need to despair. No matter what you've done. Allah says, my slave. Just come to me. I will take you

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turn to Allah have hope in the mercy of Allah. There is a lot of hopelessness No. Develop your relationship with Allah. Let's improve our tongues the use of our tongues. Let's protect our modesty and chastity and Allah will grant us gender to feel those May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us all aku kolyada sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad

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a pious person says to me