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The transcript discusses various topics related to the media, including the use of solar panels and the history of the legal system. The speakers also discuss various reasons for the use of light and the use of water in warfare. The transcript describes various introductions and the use of words like "na philosophy" and "arson" to describe various topics. The transcript also describes rules and behaviors that suggest that the man should not enter a home until permission is given and the use of words like "ham" and "has" to describe experiences.

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Hello kimberleigh Sato Salaam Allah, Allah

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Allah Wa barakato

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rehabbers as he would come up to our to see bits and bytes and today inshallah Allah will be with Sadat a node

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will just give a minute or two for more people to join Sharla so that node is an amazing soul off and in fact, we could have a seminar on some of the most but we'll give you a short sweet to see about the soil shot low tide I'm just going to give a minute for more people to join in Sharla All right, give you a chance to

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get your notebooks get your pens pencils handy and get ready so that the North today inshallah who to add

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I hope you guys are all doing great when it comes to the law all of you

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so if you're ready inshallah tada I am so that we can get going with solar and North so that our knowledge our solar of the light north as I mentioned so that no we could make it into a seminar radiates this lot of a lot of rulings a lot of

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its field filled with tabia soda filled with Tobia you know educating us as human beings Alright, so so don't know let's start in shallow data. The smaller that mean facts that let me pin this right

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to CLC also a lot more to see

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me peanut

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a lot or

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come on

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and pin There we go. You know similar from the last summer so let's have a look at

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the we all would see the bytes our series which we've started back in Ramadan. And we are with solid a North so that no it's number 24 number 24 and it has 64 is 64 is and it's just 18 Jews 18 from South north and it's Amanda nice Hola. So no is a Madani Salama duniya Madani sola.

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Why is it consulate? No, because it's, you know, mentioned solid no in it. And it's mentioned Pella seven times the North meaning the light and it is from muthoni. Remember the four different types of so once the four different types of So, once we have the seven muthoni, you have any mean? And you have

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you have a set up a lot of saw that set up they want and muthoni and you have a mean? So this one is considered to be from an muthoni right below and mean you have set up they want to set a long ones like a bacara and, and an ISA and a Milan, what and then you have alameen, those who are 100 verses or more or less, and then you have those that are less than 100 versus the cold and muthoni where the Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed isocenter says the that he was a, you know, he received the methoni as a replacement of the Injeel Subhan Allah instead of the MG. And it's been narrated that all of the above there is nothing in terms of virtues about the sola. But I'm used to tell people

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teach, teach, to Alamo teach, learn select ba, ba I mean Salatin tober and teach your women so that l so let them know. Well, the more he said consola note says this is a sad statement or saying bye.

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The 13 of the revelation, you know, in terms of Revelation, what's the the number of the solar is number one or three? one or three? So 114 Solas. So that the note is 123. So it's a very late solar, right if it's 103, you know, compared to 114. That means it's a very, very late solar. This is why it's Amanda Annie Melanie salamin. It was revealed in Medina,

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right after solar to muscle and right before saw that and has this is in terms of the revelation of solid unknown with regard to the revenues owed with regard to the reasons why the soda was revealed that it's been the rate of

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That it has eight reasons, eight reasons why the solo was revealed and mostly they have to deal with or do with Tobia to get a Sahaba. You will see that the Solo is filled with legislations with rulings. This lot of etiquette sort of add a lot of

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Tobia, have a Sahaba. And it somehow Allah it talks about one of the main reasons of what disorder was revealed in a disease area that talks about how it is very well known incident that happened at the time of the Prophet, the incidence of Russia, the slandering of Asia, they were known, right when they accused Russia for a lot of you know, they slandered her and accused her in her chastity, you know, how, if so, how she says when,

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when the lies that we shouldn't send down the idea that that showed her initial innocence, Abubakar sabich he used to and I will explain this later on when it comes to the

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use to support a cousin of him by the name of Muslim Luther Muslim Luther that was related to Abu Bakr Siddiq and was Russia. So he used to, you know, support him financially. But this man must have noticed that he fell into the slandering as well. You know, he slandered hija so

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Abubakar Subic, after the, you know, a lot of collusion, you know,

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after a lot of social

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showed his innocence.

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He vowed not to support that man anymore since this is you know what I get in return, I'm supporting him financially, and then in return he slanders my daughter, so he swore not to support him anymore. So Allah subhana wa Tada, he revealed that while they attended all of them in Kumasi

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to oral Apollo that was my second one was even if he said he didn't, well yeah, for this one, this is in verse number 66 from solid and law 66 from sort of know

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what by Allah subhana wa tada you know, in that regard, you know, to or in relation to, to abubaker when he said that, he will never you know, sponsor or support that you know, that man again, Allah illusion revealed that I A telling him what Yeah, for the most part and forgive, don't you want to forgive you. So, I will Becca said, I shall I shall, I shall, and then he forgave, and he went back and he started supporting him. So, this is one of the other reasons why the sword up was revealed. The sort of my business does and sister starts with Joomla habari yeah Joomla kabaya, I mentioned about the 10 different types of introductions of the to the to the source, and this is the you know,

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when I first spoke about this, my very first session, if you want to go back to it, in fact, the second lecture, I remember correctly, the second session or the second lecture on this series, where I spoke about the categories of solos and the different types of introductions of the soul as the 10 different types of social starts disorder with what we call Joomla herbaria. It's a statement a statement, so that

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will follow what ends on nafi

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comm a chapter which we have sent down and which we have enjoyed and in it we have revealed a manifest proofs. So this is a statement or by Allah Xhosa started the solar with the solar the content of it, my brothers and sisters is split into three sections. I will only give you here I won't go deep, but I will give you trust me inshallah, I will give you enough to see what you need to understand the source and the content of it in general. So I will give you you know what you need just enough to understand the slide. This is why we call it of syllabus autopsy of bytes, we don't go deep yet. I give you enough in sha Allah to understand the source of that when you read it or

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when you hear the Imam pray, you know, and then your you know, they cite it and you pray maybe in the budget, you will understand the meaning of the sola and the reasons why it was revealed. So the soda was you know, it has three sections, one section that deals with legislations and loadings, the shear and the gun and there's one section that talks about Allah subhanho wa Taala and there's one section that talks about the Tobia,

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Tobia and he you know indicated the Sahaba raising them you know and and instilling good morals into into people in general. We got to the first section, the first section starts from verse number one to verse number 24, verse number one to verse number. I'm sorry, 34 verse number one, two

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number 34 This is the first section in that section. You know Allah subhana wa Tada. talks about the punishment of Zina. Imagine the very first things that was talked about here. Like I mentioned, this is sort of filled with legislations and rulings. The very first legislation is pertinent to those who commit adultery

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panela those who commit adultery so lies Osho says by that will be diminished ology. As zanny was zania to fetch Lido cola hating men who may be at agenda, the altar and the adulterous

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the adultery, the women are a little guilty of sexual intercourse. Yeah, and he fornication and the men guilty of you know, sexual intercourse meaning fornication flog each of them 100 stripes and you give them 100 lashes each who are the who we're talking about here we're talking about those that are married and that they commit Zina?

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those are married that they commit Zina, those they need to be stoned. In the stem there to be stoned. This is if you were to follow you know the the the actual load is dynamic low in some of the time of the Prophet herself. They used to stone those who commit Zina from those who are married, but those who are not married and they commit Zina xennials and yet, you know, Allah says flog them each 100 lashes 100 stripes and then realize it just says zanni Nyan give her a lesson yet and oceanica was Enya today young Eliza you know machinic the med daddy garden remote meanie zenni the adulterer,

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adulterer. Allah subhanho wa Taala says married not buying an adulterous and a motorist marry not but an adultery and his journey on a marriage zania and zania on Arizona and this is something Haram in Islam Allah as you know prohibits this. And then Allah azza wa jal also talks about those who slander those who talk about the you know, accuse women of their chastity. Look how stern the ruling is with regard to people who slander you know, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, well, Athena Jarmon Anima Sana t so Melania tubo. So milania to summon me to be at Shahada Virginie to whom semonin agenda when levina on the moon and what's on it so madam yet to be alibi? It Shahada Virginie to

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whom semonin agenda, Allah subhanaw taala says those who accused chaste women, those who accuse chaste women and not produce for witnesses, you know, that means somebody who accuses a woman of committing Zina,

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right, someone who accuses a woman of committing adultery, and he does not produce for witnesses of his statement. He is to be lashed. At lashes, he is to be flogged at stripes. Because this is something you know, very, very dangerous in Islam, it's a crime. You cannot accuse a woman of committing Zina unless you produce witnesses. And the last panel it addresses for witnesses. Some handle it is a statement. In fact, this is related to fit. They said you cannot even if you see a man on the top of a woman,

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to the extent digs to the extent before you accuse them of Xena, you bring a rope and pull it in between them. If the rope goes through, they are not committed Xena, if the rope stops in the middle, then you can then you can claim that they have committed Zina that to that extent so paneles isn't a matter right? So these two those who commit you know slandering idolization also talks about the story of slandering the story of you know standard Omar

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in in the teenager or if you're supposed to mean less accessible who shall

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come those verily those who slender out a group of you. So what happened it's a long story when he shot the Prophet Mohammed I was as I was coming back from this battle, right and then and then Ayesha, she she was very light in addition she she wasn't when that Prophet ISIS we went in when the on that trip. And women they used to put them in something called an outage, and how does use a stack a little tent on top of the on of, you know, that used to put that tent on top of camels, but Aisha was very light. So she went out to take care of her, you know, natural needs and then they did not know that

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She was away. So they just, you know, after they took arrest, the profit off of the Sahaba to carry on the journey, so they just not left and they left behind. So how he shot when she came back, she found that the you know, the caravan have gone. So she was really, you know, sad she stayed because the Prophet Mohammed also said them always used to leave someone behind way behind, to not walk back so that in case if the army drops anything or if anything, you know, he's he's behind so he would pick that up. So that man you know, one of our hobbies was passing, you know, was coming back as late and then he found out he knew he was Asia. So this is long story, I'm going to summarize it,

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you know, he,

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he gave him you know, he let her ride his you know, his camel and then he took her to Medina. And then there was this hypocrites, you know, in the interests of Medina, they sold us a hobby without a shot and they started talking, they started talking and rumors started spreading and rumors are spreading from talking to actually accusing her of committing Zina so much so that the Prophet Mohammed Abu Salim really got hurt. And this thing you know, lasted for a few days, few weeks a month, right? So much so that the Prophet started hearing people talking about his and his honor, you know, and he was not aware but she noticed the Prophet Mohammed as I see them you know, his his

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you know, nature changed a little bit you know, with her, but she did not know what happened because she got sick and then once you realize and then she found out you know, she was really hurt and they should know probably Danny would you even any believe that would you? Yeah, and in the end you would just think believe that I will do something or something like this or such a thing you know, something hot up. And then so much that the Prophet Mohammed told her or he shot if you did it, see Christopher sick is too funny and you seek forgiveness from Allah Xhosa and she was so upset that she wanted to go and stay with her because she got sick, she wanted to go back and you know and be

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nursed and at her father's home with her mom. And so much so again that the Sahaba between the Malaysian in the unsolved between those who have spoken and others there was a big you know, Quarrel and almost got into a fight. fitna a big fitna and ally associate could have just sat down you know he's here, you know, unrevealed who did it then what and what happened and whatnot but it just some highlight this thing lasted for about a month or so. until Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed the ayah that shows about his innocence.

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So this is in a nutshell the story or the summary of the story of if had it if

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also Allah subhana wa tada in the same soul that talks about the some adab you know, etiquettes and you know, added like a dab of, of children children entering you know,

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you know, entry, let's say children who do not or have not reached the age of puberty before you know, entering upon their parents, they should ask for permission. Like I said, this is lots of rulings in this area. It's amazing Sora which we could take us like I said, you know, days or weeks talking about it.

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Allah subhana wa tada says you're letting me know

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that holy grail booty competitors that nice before that allows there's a split speak about some some etiquettes or you believe don't enter a home which is not yours until you ask for permission. Yeah, Annie, you come to visit someone. You knock at the door. You don't go and look to the window. If that person is there, you don't open the door and go in. You knock at the door. You ask for permission. If they let you in, you come in, if they don't let you in, if you don't answer go back. Don't say I know their home. I know their home. You know I saw them. Maybe there's something happening at home they don't want you to know or they don't want you to see right. The homes,

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the homes they have some sort of privacy. So Allah subhana wa tada says, and this is verse number 27 don't enter somebody's home unless you ask for permission.

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And then Allah subhana wa Taala talks about another ruling with regard to laurinda gaisce verse number 30 cordless mini mini in a good naming upside domain I'm sorry him tell the believers from the male to lower delegates that's better for them.

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And then allies are just says hopefully won't mean it I mean, I'm sorry. And tell them believe in women to lower their gaze, another ruling you know, to keep you know to stay Chase and not to fall into the traps of shaitan to lower your gaze. So Allah says in here starts with the

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Believe in a man to lower their gaze and to believe in women to lower their gaze.

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Allies those are talks about you know,

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white sculptural not as I mentioned,

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this is the second section of Seoul up north from verse number 35 to verse number 46 a lot of social he speaks about his North Allah one although somehow it one of methadone only he can escape. Fi homies

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and Miss Buffy Suja Suja Taka ko Kabuto

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shahzada TMobile aka zetonna Tila sharpei yet you want

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to say too high all the time says who now? No Nana No. Yeah delivery no he

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said and in

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beautiful idea about the noodle of Allah subhana wa tada Allah subhana wa tada says this is verse number

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44 after 45 which is Allah subhana wa tada is the law, the law of the center what and the law of the heavens and earth. The Parable of his Knoll is as a niche.

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And within it is a lamp and within this lamp is a glass and within the glass as it was a brilliant start Northern Ireland Oh 35 Zach law here 35

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no nada, no yellow,

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no upon no light upon light. Allah is no Subhana Allah to Allah. When the Prophet Mohammed was ascended into the heavens, and he was asked that question, have you seen the face of Allah? He says, How can I see him a lot? No, he is no, he's no. Yeah. And he

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overpowers the entire world. How can I see him he's no, so Hannah, who Allah Allah, Allah to Allah. And then Allah subhana wa Tada. This is the second section still between verse number 35 and 46 Allah subhana wa tada as he talks about himself and talks about his powers. And then in the third section between 48 and 64, between 40 I'm sorry, 47 and 64, which is like I said, this, the whole sola is 64 eight. So between 47 and 64, Allah subhanho wa Taala talks mostly about tabia tabia. And again, some more rules and etickets Allah subhanho wa Taala says, about the elimination of poverty in Poland, Nina

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komaba, whom a punto semi Now, again, submission to Allah subhana wa, tada submission to Allah subhanahu wa tada in terms of, you know, when you are called to be judged, or when you are called, you know, when you have an argument with someone or or a dispute between someone, and they say, you know, let's have a lot just between you two, meaning let's bring the end, and that's the end judge between you two, the believers, what do they say they see semi Nirvana, they submit, we hear and we obey, whatever Allah command is, we will hear and obey. But others, they complain others, they debate, others, they, you know, they always stubborn, they don't, they don't, they don't, they don't

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come forward. But the believers, they always, you know, submit to the will of Allah subhana wa Tada. They would say, send me what I know, we hear and we obey. And then finally, Allah talks about something really interesting with regard to children, once they reach the age of puberty. And if they need to come in, you know, upon their parents, they need to ask permission, what is a bit of a problem in Khumbu and Roma failure set the new when they reach that age of puberty for yesterday, let them ask permission before they before they come in, right before they come in your honey you are with your spouse.

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Before your child you have to teach your children you have to tell them don't just come in and open the door even if the door is not locked.

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You need to knock first and announce yourself. If you hear us telling you to come in you come in if you don't hear us stating your anything, you don't come in you stay back. ask permission. So this is another you know, looting or another etiquette that Allah subhana wa tabia that Allah azza wa jal is putting forward for our children you know, it's all insalata No.

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This is in a nutshell, you know, a summary of saw that and nor filled with legislations and filled with blue jeans and a cab filled with you know, adapt,

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even adapt of entering the message

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Adding a level and profile with coffee has move. You said before the whole field had been on the road outside in the yard in booth in houses a lot as it says in the annual sort of no fee booth booth meaning the houses what houses the houses are one way I need the messaggi freebooting

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I don't know

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has disclosed to be elevated where Why? Because the names of Allah are mentioned in this beautiful assertion in the massage Do you need to look at the massage in your print and massage it so you pray sunlight and massage it you know, and there are certain people whose hearts are attached to this massage. We are in addition to the Jonathan would have been it clear that he called the men not men, men, men, their hearts are not you know, diluted by businesses and commerce and whatnot, their hearts are totally submitted and they are attached dismiss surgeon and a lot of people you know during you know I made this lockdown. They were sick mentally physically, you know, spiritually sick

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because they could not go to the massage during this pandemic. So these are the people and the Prophet Mohammed also says about the seven categories. There are seven categories that will be put under the shade of holiday when there is no shade except the shade right? seven categories amongst them.

00:26:20--> 00:26:24

Are those ruling calibre Humala can be messages a man whose heart is so attached to them as

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a man whose heart is attached to the massage it allows use of toxins so it's not about you know, these people whose hearts are attached to the moustache.

00:26:36--> 00:26:40

Now that makes us amongst them, those people wouldn't be under the shade of Allah on the Day of Judgment.

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That's about it. My brothers and sisters that come live for your for

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your attention.

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This was solid to know those of you who've come in late, you can always go back and watch it will be saved in shallow data. It will be recorded. It's saved on Facebook, on YouTube and on Instagram and Sharla for those who have come in late, it was so worth a note sort of a note back Alfie Kohn Zakouma head those on Facebook Zack Masha salaam aleikum wa barakato