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Mufti Menk

Channel: Mufti Menk

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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Allah speaks about the hypocrites and Allah says, whenever there is news or information or something classified regarding a peace or war regarding that which is, you know, some private information or something to do with the security of the oma, some people who are hypocrites are quick to announce it they quick to make news out of it yet they haven't solved the matter had they returned it had they reflected it with Allah and His Russell's teachings and at the time of the prophet SAW Selim with the prophet SAW Selim himself, as well as those with knowledge they would have been able to come about with a better solution, or with some form of a way of looking at it that would be more

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enlightened. And this is why we say always speak to the wise, before you try to do something you think is wise, may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a deep understanding, we set aside a little moment to pray for our brothers and sisters across the globe. If we were to say where they are suffering Allah, hey, we would miss out certain people. So we are going to say blanket, they are suffering across the globe, it's not fair for us to pick up one and not the other. Many people are saying, oh, there's a problem in this part of the globe. Well, there are similar problems in many other parts of the globe. We don't want to belittle the plight of our brothers and sisters who are

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suffering and struggling, Oh Allah, we ask you to grant them ease. We ask you to grant them victory. We ask you to open their doors and each one of us in our own capacities, we ask you to help us to do whatever we can to be able to assist our brothers and sisters in Islam. I want to end off by saying my brothers and sisters, let's never point at another saying you should be doing this. And why didn't you do this? Because that itself is part of Satan's plan. He wants to occupy you in saying what other people didn't do that they should have done in the interim. What on earth have you done? Many people think well, I tweeted, while I did this, I did that. To be honest with you. Do you

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really think that you're going to solve the problems of the oma just by a tweet or two, just by making a big noise about it in one way or another? on its own? collectively, I agree. But on its own if everyone did only what you did, the problem would never be solved. And if everyone pointed fingers at others, again, the problem would never be solved. We need love understanding and we need a very, very deep concern for the oma that is positive, not negative. May Allah bless all of us and grant us ease