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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The segment discusses Jana's culture of luxury and potential demand for luxury in rewarding her. The prophets have a series of predictions, including the need for people to stay at home and not wake up at night. Jana's success is highlighted, including her success in Islam in other countries and her success in Tarbell Kalam. The importance of belief in Allah's actions and the promise of a 100th May Islam are also highlighted.
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from the Latin means that Allah Salam Baraka Vienna, Muhammad wa ala alihi wa salatu salam, the Sleeman kathira. My God.

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Do you guys remember the kind of reward we talked about last night? The House of agenda right, you remember that? What type of house that was described there in Jana? Remember, the nice beautiful pearl as a tent for the people of Ghana. And then we talked about the trees, the shade all the way as it travels for 100 years still under the shade of a Jana or that tree. Tonight the mama no Rahim, Allah dalla he is bringing one of those very special accommodations for special group of people. You could call them, the VIP people of Jannah.

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Like the VIP provision, like there are people who go to gender, right? They have all these beautiful, this all this beautiful reward. Whether there is a special group, that VIP group, or a very special reward an agenda.

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Do you guys want to be among them?

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Because I'm sure when I said VIP people of Jannah who came to your mind,

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profit, right? shahada, righteous people. And all of us said

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hamdulillah I'm happy with level one right? Now. Now, let's see what the professor's tells us about the VIP places in Jana. In this hadith, Hadith, Abiraterone Qudra the ultra nwaba Carla sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Al Jannetty later on and Allah Hora Freeman felt to him can matter our own el Coco but Deray Alaba of Athenian Musharaka with Maghrib Karla Salah Salem that the people of Jana will look at those in the upper abodes above them like special rooms, special rooms, special houses, somewhere in Ghana, because the people of Ghana will be looking at these houses the upper levels of agenda, as you look at the shining star, which remains in the eastern or western horizon, call it a

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fall demand buying a home this is such will be the difference in superiority, which come of them, which comes back to what some of them will have over others. What does that mean? Jana is different levels right? Not everyone is going to be the same level. So those people are the highest level. So if the people of Jana who have the reward that we talked about earlier, more than 100 You know, hundreds of of Kings of dunya and all that kind of stuff, right? But then he the Prophet saw some says these people who take in such reward will be looking all the way up and see those those rooms and they will just like wow, like shining stars. You know, when you go out and see these shining

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stars? How far are they? Right? So far away from us? You can imagine the people have agenda the VIP people are in these places. So Sahaba loved ran home, they ask the prophets Allah Salam Kado ya rasool Allah, till caymanas Will NBA Live Lu?

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Are these going to be the place of the Prophets when no one else is going to be able to get there? So just like for the prophets and the messengers, called a Salallahu Alaihe Salam kala Walla Walla Deen fcbd Because no, no, no, no, I swear by the one who's whose soul whose hand was in hand actually in whose hand is my soul is because I swear by Allah subhana wa Tala homebridge. Allen and obey Allah was sort of almost silly. He said, sallAllahu wasallam. None of these are people who believed in Allah and acknowledge the truthfulness of the messengers will reach them.

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Who would there be a demand? Who could that be?

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People who believed in Allah and they believed in the messengers, who are these people who could that be in demand? Could you be one of them? Do you have a chance?

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Where he doesn't answer me you have a chance. You just speak and I know maybe somebody other than me right? No, no. Why do you why do you sell yourself short when it comes to Jana?

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So of course I will compete with this. If the prophets Allah Sam open that chance to everybody. I am going to try to take actually a chance to get through the doors open.

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Who is preventing you from getting there as your mom

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Just do who's preventing you from waking up at night? Or even you know, be kind and be generous and make dua and extra Salah who stop you from that? Just yourself. To explain this hadith is hetzelfde Bukhari and Muslim.

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There is another narration in southern Sudan 10 million Muslim Muhammad Rahim Allah Allah Allah when the prophets Allah Salah mentioned that he says called in Nephele Jannetty Rafo there in Jannah there are special rules your Allah hero Harmon botany How about in Hama La Jolla. He says that

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These rooms look like crystals. You can see from the inside and the outside like it's shiny it's like crystal crystal balls.

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And then he said salah, Salah, this is will be for special, you know people in agenda. So an Arab Bedouin kala rasool Allah, who could do who are these people? Who could they be? For Karla Salah Salem con man or Tarbell Kalam

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What are matam or Salah billion when Nasseri?

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He said Salah CERAM those who deserve these places, these three qualities. Number one are Tarbell Kalam, what does it mean when you say Oh, Pavel Kalam, when they speak, they speak good.

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They're not vulgar. They don't back by it. They don't gossip. They don't slander. They keep their tongue pure and clean. A travel column

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I'll walk I'm a bomb and they feed the feed others some other mothers say specifically for the poor and other disabled the generous for everybody the poor and the rich with their families and friends and so on. But don't forget about the needy and the poor. We just heard about Baraka right now actually bytes feeding given God was a believer nursery and would wake up at night and pray when everybody else is sleeping.

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While people are enjoying their eight hours of sleep, they can't enjoy that much, much sleep for themselves. says you know what? No, no. Five is enough for me. Six is enough for me. I need to spend one hour two hours at night in Ibadan and Salah. So the prophets of Allah Azza Majumdar, he gave us this. He says look, it's an open chance for everybody right now. It's not just the Gambia, those who truly believe in Allah to a truthful about their belief in Allah azza wa jal, and they also they were truthful in what they believe in what the Prophet brought to them. And to show that belief he mentioned three things as a manifestation of that. So when they speak, they speak good they can

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speak bad like everybody else. But they chose to keep it clean because they believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala the reward from him and the punishment if you speak ill and they also they make sure they feed the needy and the poor.

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And when they when they when people are asleep. They get up to do to hygiene are you gonna see my dear brothers and sister ALLAH SubhanA. Allah spoke about this in the Quran multiple times. When he spoke about the believers, colicky did a taco rub bang law more often. Men Volkova more often mania to entitlement Dr. Anna says for those who are conscious of the Lords of Hannah Montana, Allah is preparing for them more of rooms, which means homes, places, abode accommodations, men folk they have multiplied what does that mean? Just not one layer or one single floor now mashallah mansions basically touched him in detail and underneath these a lot of rivers are flowing. And Allah says

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about the believers called Elijah for water fat amino, is that the people in the horrified is in the rooms in their place in Jannah. They feel safe there from safety from Allah subhanho wa taala. So Allah spoke about the horror of multiple times in the Quran, and the promises and explain to us what what is he talking about? So imagine right now, every time you go out on the masjid at night is your man or you go out of from your home, just look up into the sky. Motivate yourself.

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Motivate yourself. So when you see the star says on hours up their agenda,

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you might say but I mean, that's too far out, you know what's going on down there? Who cares man,

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if you're in the highest level of Jannah with them via unsalted, Hina with the clean

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doesn't matter anything else. So I'm gonna make sure that I will take this effort in the private system open for me. So remember these three things.

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A doorbell camera when you speak, speak good.

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Number two, you feed the needy. And number three, wake up at night when everybody else is sleeping. And due to raka for Raka six raka pray the 100 May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us among the people that horrified your enemies Allah and the question is your man

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Subhanak alone 100 Assura Lola and estafa target extra Maria Kamata, la vaca

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now go on

Isha Khatirah

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