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Hola salatu salam ala so less than or equal to my data what what I can do

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is read others as he will come to you too.

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We're coming to you to see bits or bytes and we are with solid ashore

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I just want to give a quick minute for more people to join in Sharla

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just give a minute for more people to join we are with salata Shahada today short sweet have seen recorded to see the bits or bytes whichever you want to however you want to pronounce it

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and today in shallowly with solid ashada salata Charlotte so just give you some time to get your notebooks ready.

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Get your notebooks ready inshallah tada

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back into our Tafseer This is not a very long deep sea This is short and sweet have seen enough in shallow data to get you you know, understand the soil and to be comfortable with the soil in shallow tight Okay, so we always saw it shot up. Okay, let's start in Sharla. So let's uh Shahada so let's destroy Allah in Arabic you know the struggle means poets,

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poets, sha Allah, you know share in Arabic that's the singular of sha sha Allah is the plural form, the singular form is share one poet or poets so a sha Allah means poets. It is number 26 In the end, and it has 227 as probably 227 verses and it is in just 19 located in Jews 19 of the end and it is a mucky sola. So those of you who are new to the series in our very first intro, you know, in this with this series, which is recorded in our in our Facebook and Instagram and also on our YouTube channel, we mentioned you know, the difference between mechi sola madonie sola, you know, sources that are revealed in Mecca and the source of that revealed in Medina and there are some sources

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which you know, that comprises of boats, you know, some are yet reverse you know, the revealed in mud cancel as revealed in Medina, but this solar is a mucky sola, it is called a Shara, it is also called solid, a viola

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Viola Viola with ease which is in Arabic the shadow the shade, because it is mentioned in the solar, the torment of the day of the shadow. It is mentioned insalata, Shahada, Yama, Yama, Yama lesson This is also called a sola to Lola but it is in the entities you know recorded at sword Astro Allah

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The is it? Is it from the summit Allah muthoni or I'll meet in or I'll metheny or an Mufasa Yanni this is you know, the member what I mentioned the 10 types of swords in the end, you have several nathania disabled long ones, which are like a Baccarat and a Milan and then the SAT. So and then you have I mean, those that are 100 or more. In fact, some scholars they consider this as from the mean, you know, the mean Solas versus the Submit method. And because of that method, you're only those that are above 200 you know, 300 bucks,

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you know, so the bucket is 286 and this sola is 227. So the others that are, you know, above it, but some considered from the mean, some continent from the Savannah Thani. That's not a you know, but we're not going to go through the discrepancies, whether it is mean or whatnot. And, in fact that the tip of the sola, in the end we said we have ended 14 sauce or 114 chapters. So that ashara is number 46. Number 46. So that's why it's murky. So it's an early it's an early chapter, it's an early solar and it is,

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it has been revealed right after Sol alohacare solar alohacare. And before select normal, and there is a in the habit which is written by Avila. Then when the Prophet Mohammed as I said then

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there was an ayah which is a sort of a stralla was revealed that what ended up being what ended as Sheila carabin you know, Warren your knee and kindred, your family you need Kindred in such Sharla and then the Prophet Mohammed as a stem cell go to his families.

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Yeah, play. He goes to bass he goes to

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when you have the mortality goes to even his daughter, Fatima, your sofiya here is Auntie Sophia. So he goes to one on one and one goes to his family. You know, save yourself, save yourself. There's nothing I can do for you save yourselves. Save yourselves. Yeah, I'm at a loss when you know when you think I'm kidding Allah he she had been teleserye let me not like setting the machine to go in an accumulation area or even to his daughter or father may ask me whatever you wish. But, you know, there's nothing I can help you with, if you were to die as an unbeliever, you know, so you have to, you know, embrace this religion. Other than that, they ask me anything you want, but to save you, I

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won't be able to save you. You know, he goes and he tells it on his family, well ended as sciatica karate.

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So the the solar start switch off at the hedgy. And now we mentioned the different types of introductions. In the end, there are 10 different types of introductions.

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There are some saws that start with what we call hollow for Desi like a flat mean, it's helpful in a lot of attention. We call that in Arabic. So this all starts with all seen me. All see me? Is there any meaning? There's nothing, you know, reported from the authentic narrations, that Farsi meme or a flat meme or hammy mean anything right? So but they are called shut off in Arabic tilka twiki terrible movie

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is there what's the main content of the soul? The soul out, it's just it's that you know this, it states the evidence of the genuity of this message. It is in a sort of Shut up. The main content of it is it's Beth. Is that means like you it stays the evidence, evidence of the generality of the message of the Prophet Mohammed is awesome. So it is split in. In Nakajima, we have at the moment Arabic means introduction. So so that stralla has a mocha demon and the demon or the introduction is from verse one to first nine, from verse one to verse nine. We have what we call the introduction here, Allah subhana wa tada talks about this book, I'll keep tabs on the movie, ball simi DeLuca

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tokita bill movie was just talking about keytab the clear evidence

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and is also called keytab book. So when the last session answers keytab key that means the end, you know, the book almost kind of with that.

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And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, in a nutshell known as de la mina, Santa

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Ana whom they have all the, if Allah subhana wa tada wills, He can reveal upon them his sign upon the non believers, he can send down to them from the heavens, a sign, you know, for them, you know, and then next we'll come and we'll, we'll turn the next into humility, but I certainly don't do that. You know, I mentioned in many times in many instances, where if if, you know, my colleagues for instance, when they ask for certain miracles, if Allah subhana wa tada was sent down those miracles, they still would not believe in it, it will destroy them, like it destroyed other nations before that, right. And when I talked in the series, the the stories of the prophets, you know, the,

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the sila comb, hood, you know, they asked for some miracles that they asked for America and America came to them but he did not believe someone destroyed them. So here Elijah says in the in the shadow him in a semi, if we wish, we can send upon them a sign from the heavens.

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And then this is just the mo Kadima. This is just the introduction. Then Allah subhana wa tada talks about after the MA Kadima. Then we have from verse number 10, to verse number 191. That's what that's the main section of solid strala from verse number 910, I'm sorry, verse number 10, to verse number 191. And here Allah subhana wa tada talks about stories stories slowly of Moosa, the story of Ibrahim of newish loss of hood, the story of the story of load the story of sure I know these other prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala and here Allah Xhosa in this main section of social stralla, he mentions

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their stories and I mentioned this earlier that saw the Mossad is set up for instance Mossad is set up is he you know his his story is blown that is mentioned, you know, in terms of the whole Israeli

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Most more than any other prophets, the story of Musa Allah He said so here in Salt straw again one more time Allah Subhana Allah talks about the sort of mosa in more detail