Tafseer Bites 2022 An Ayah that would change your life From Fath to Annajm

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allowed him to run last summer so that's dilemma they could have laid out over the couch.

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I asked him I said hello tell him to bless you all in this very blessed night which could be Laila to Hello because it's it's an odd night is the night of the 23rd. So we could be it could be it and inshallah Tada. Let us all recite the DUA that the Prophet Muhammad thoughts I shall be Allah Allah you all know that right? Allah humma indica, Apple want to hit will alpha

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for any war fight for Anna Allahumma, California hit with that one out altogether. And so today it's interesting because we have 1234567 sores to cover altogether, and shallow and shallow and shallow, I'm gonna keep it myself in about 10 minutes or less. So we have so that's what the SEC was recycled and then you move to robots, you finish the robot and then pass it So with all due respect each so our requires more than one lecture. If not, maybe several, several lectures fish, it's not cough. So it's tough and then you haven't there yet. And then a thought and then aneurysm and then I'll come on. These are all considered to be suave, which are accepted and of course a lot from them again,

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but the rest of called and Mufasa. Now we're back into the at the very end the Mufasa are the short ones. So let's start from thought. So what is a man Denisova, which means the Salah was revealed in Medina, and the Prophet Muhammad was so happy when the Salah was revealed. He says today, a Salah was revealed today, I'm so happy and is about to sit in a sauna was revealed about me better than the dunya and what often it contains better than this whole world saw that in the conquest. And this solar, you know, was revealed on the sixth or after the sixth to the sixth of the Asia that will Prophet Muhammad was going from Medina to Mecca to perform.

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And he was prevented from you know, performing his armor. And then he worked out that truce, which is called the truth of

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he was the first one we were able to see where he was. You see cha cha you and I will hope the younger ones are fast. You just bought like this in the past. So here we go. He was fast. Mashallah. And so Davia.

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sugar sugar has ever will go up this thing.

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Maybe back to me because I don't want you to hear diabetes is not a good thing.

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So what Nam so we're saying the prophet in the Sridevi are the source of the Treaty of Davia. Initially distrito would they be looked in the favor of police? The story of Robin? You know, he was so angry when the Prophet Muhammad was writing that choose that contract with police thing in Jana. So Allah, aren't we, you know, having the upper hand? Why should we write a contract with them which looks in their favor? The Prophet Muhammad was in him Yeah. I am rasool Allah trust, trust me, I'm rasool Allah, and then he goes to Overbury Abu Bakr and we are having the upper hand, why should we sign this contract because it looks in the favor of Quraysh. But Prophet Muhammad and Islam wanted

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to avoid any types of blood, any war he wanted that choose, which eventually was signed for 10 years, the bill of 10 years, but it got broken after one to two years. But the Prophet Muhammad needed that time for what?

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Peace for what to do what?

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Who said that well, first,

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you for Dawa, the people who embraced Islam in that period of only between one to two years is more than the 15 years more than 10 to 15 years of working because the Prophet Muhammad all he needed is just give me time let me go talk to people they would prefer he was prevented from giving Dawa so he needed the truth. That's why Allah subhana wa Taala calls it

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and later on Omar will come to our Sula feed in regret, yes Allah apologize about the Allah. So Allah azza wa jal starts with enough.

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Vienna, he has a huge movie, that means the conquest, right? By the way, when the Muslims in that 60s of the Asia when they moved, or when the Prophet Muhammad of Mecca the focus of that because eventually after that will happen, the conquest of Mecca, be in the industry today via less than 1000 or so. But in the fact of Metka after a couple of years, they came back as 12,000 It all happened within that period. So this is

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Stretch, bloodless no more whatsoever that Allah and what happened after the you know the this is the fruits of our 2018 with the Prophet Muhammad to conquer Mecca Salah why?

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Because it's too many swords that's why I have to take some notes. I didn't want to miss out on anything in that movie that when the Prophet Muhammad by the way he entered Mecca as fat he was reciting in movida and this surah also

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one Allah has hammered over symbolizing solitons

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Mohammed Omar he was saying he was reciting reciting Sahaba as repeat after him and then when the Prophet Muhammad said Mohammad Rasool Allah the Sahaba altogether when do we make it? Well, how

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was the sisters in the Quran? I'm having goosebumps here. When Allah subhanho wa Taala calls that prophet in the Quran he calls them by name. Yeah, Adam Yeah, no, yeah, exactly. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Musa. He calls them by name except Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he calls him by name. When Allah azza wa jal cross Prophet Muhammad he calls him yeah, you

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or yah yah sold except in this company. Muhammad Rasul Allah. Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah.

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So that stands for and how juillet so it teaches manners. It's all about manners at that with whom the Buddha Rasulullah some you love Prophet Muhammad, right. So when you hear these names, sun salutations upon him, say some Allah who sent them Allah homeless on the cinnamon and Amina Muhammad. So it is the love of the movement in teaching the moral characters and especially with the Prophet Mohammed than any other other with the Prophet Muhammad Ali. So Sudan, there was this, this tribe this conference, who came of Confederation, who came by the name of venue, Tamim, and they were rude, you know, this Bedouin was the Bedouins. They had no other they were calling us to Allah

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and then the rising, rising or re raising the voice of the Prophet Muhammad Ali's. So Allah has revealed certain areas, when you talk to us of Allah. Don't talk with a loud voice, you know, keep your voice or keep your tone, you know that it happens Subhanallah at the time of superb, this is a true story. In the era of ama Maha very after the death of Rasul Allah and after the death of Abu Bakr, some people came in Medina to Nabhi in the in the magic of NaVi, you've been some issues maybe, please, if you have not made make the intention to go and visit, the message of the Prophet Muhammad Ali was set up. So he heard some men talking about

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then he pushed him through something he took what he didn't want to call them. He took something like a pebble and then he throw it at that person.

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So he called he throw as he called them, he says, Where are you people from? Then they told him we were from this tribe, Yanni. They were new. They were not from LA Medina. They were not known amongst the Sahaba he says, if you were from us from here from I would have beaten you up. Why don't you know that this is the magic of a NaVi don't speak in a loud voice. Speak quietly

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Don't raise your voice and then feed the robots when they came and they will ask you Prophet Muhammad I was just selling his chamber and then they came calling him Yeah, Mohammed Yeah, Mohammed.

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Mohammed Yeah, Muhammad.

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Don't raise your voice and then the Prophet said that was versus if they were to wait for him as he comes out. It would have been better for them. What is the standard error? What is this lack of manners? Calling Prophet Muhammad as ism and raising their voices in the doula come in? Why? Because what after the Himalaya appeared on those who closed behind these chambers the most of them their life is you had JD and he didn't share his people in the district have raised their voice but also Allah is a river of mercy. Or Hey, Bill, what we need are often Rahim Salam Allah while you celebrate

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such Medina now have Matka Matisse aura of Prophet Muhammad used to use some time disorder the whole so that he would make fun of June I would it he will stand and recite off until the end just in one hop.

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From Allahu Allahu

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Allah Subhana Allah data in the sofa key actually, you believe that your train of thought? Allah azza wa jal shows us two paths, the path of the people of Jana and the path of the people of her father Isabella, then it's up to you to choose whatever path you want to adopt. Allah subhanho wa taala.

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In fourth path also talks about an Corinne it talks about the party in which you know that shaytan that you know, that gene that Satan that everybody has, who takes this, you know, takes whatever

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You know, sometimes the whispers will play a thing and whatnot. Allah subhanho wa Taala also mentions with regard to jahannam Yama, Nepali Johanna Mahajan, the water polo and limousine the day when Allah has just asked Johanna Are you full hearts refill, she says has been busy. Is there more Give me more. She wants to burn more together. Willa has been busy has been busy and messy. And it's been rated in the headings which is sound when she says hadn't been busy. Allah subhanho wa Taala would put his foot down to press more. To do more people don't do that more people will be thrown in here but May Allah save you and save your loved ones. And then Allah subhanaw taala talks about the

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other scene, the beautiful scene in the people of Ghana.

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When he talks about Jana and he says this is beautiful brothers and sisters who wants to see the face of Allah in Jannah

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there are some people who will be seeing the face of Allah once a day and there's some people will be seeing the face of Allah every day twice a day.

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And this is the utmost pleasure is to be able to see the face of Allah xuejun Allah subhana says love uma Yeshua own Fe

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what are they

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they have everything they would wish in it and it's a new disciples and sisters in Jana you don't have in fact to go on climb and and grabber in on Apple or the grape or whatever you want to use in order you have to be agenda is desire and it will come to you but the law says what do you name as he and we have more and the retina one day made that the CEO of Mozilla he says to be able to see the face of Allah subhanho wa Taala so that sort of there yet how much time are we doing we're doing

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there yet? There Yet Allah Xhosa in makes person person person after person was there yet a person person person is swearing by making an oath in no matter I don't understand that the Promise of Allah whatever Allah has promised is true and it shall happen SubhanaHu wa Tada.

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And then Allah azza wa jal talks about the story quickly about the study of Ibrahim when these angels they came to blame in the form of men giving him the Black Friday in that he wouldn't have a lot of sun by the name of

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this man is how can you the man you there man is hot because Ibrahim had the Sun is made from another wife by the name of

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hers has she was able to wear babies but Salah she was barren and then they came with the news that Salah she will have a baby and then Allah is usually provided no blessing when it's hot. And then they eat him the news that they will go on to destroy what tribe that people have come from.

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I just want to give you guys you know how am i Nice are nice.

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Am I nice or nice?

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You see how many choices you have. Like sort of the thought I have only three more house on that. So at the top, please be patient be patient. So that the thought Allah subhanaw taala again he swears in Arabic and then he was swearing and then he says that the the Promise of Allah which shouldn't happen and here is the thought in

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the punishment of Allah Shan happen and he could prevail. Subhana Allah save us all from it. And then Allah Yaga and Erica, I don't have enough he will present the law in the salt for the people and what happens in hellfire and what happened in the people of a Jana, the solar my brothers and sisters and at the very end he says good Luna FCMB Mikasa Petra Hina every soul can be responsible about their own

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actions you cannot blame him or him or her for what not everybody should be responsible about their own about their own deeds and that's what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada house and lism and we are an uncommon together and this will come out

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Allah subhanho wa Taala talks of Prophet Muhammad as I said, and that he does not speak in vain, that he's speaking on his words of true some of Allah, Allah, Allah who said them, Lama somebody was telling him I don't have enough hammer along with somebody or send them an enemy that Muhammad, Allah, Allah subhana wa Taala says was to come on the moon, a fella, but he said I will. And by the way, when Allah says he told me, he said, the size near the Day of Judgment is near one shot karma when the Prophet Muhammad as salam he pointed to the moon, a very bright full moon, and then when he's one of the miracles, one inshallah shall talk to you about the miracles of the Prophet, he had

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so many miracles, not just so many miracles, one of the miracles of the Prophet Muhammad, that the water was dripping off of his, his fingers, and the Sahaba they drank from the order they were thirsty, and the entire army drank from the water coming down from the hands of the Prophet Muhammad. So many miracles, one of the miracles he split the morning half

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before the eyes of the Sahaba

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and then he was probably this one shot can come up. The side is near, brothers and sisters what year

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We all the the the solar or the lunar

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Did you see that there? Alright.

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Look, look at this right there, right there unless you don't want chocolate unless you don't want chocolate gear

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1443 Brothers and sisters 1443 years ago, Allah is saying the Salah is near.

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The deal judgment is close.

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So many years back the Salah is close brothers and sisters

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and tomorrow they will know many devotees actually because in the Surah they were blaming us for about a liar of Sahel and whatnot. And Allah is saying Tomorrow we shall know who is the true lion May Allah as the receivers and I that will change your life you're ready that's it, and I that will change your life. So artificial watch, we're gonna go back to verse number 22 Allah subhanho wa Taala says that we will probably have a gene what

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is spoken weimarer To adorn vs Sena it is spoken woman

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that yet I'm sorry is there yet that yet? Are you done yet? Verse number 12 is like okay I need you my love. I need you. What is summer it is for the woman to adorn follow up this summer you will on the in hula Muslim and people. Quickly, quickly, quickly what you need. As soon as I said Yes, I said so. Your acid? Yes. How old are you? I said 2929 years old. Are you married?

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Do you have a job? Yes. On the house? Yes. Yeah. Do you have a car? Yes. Okay. He's said he has all these keys. But the asset Listen, listen, who's talking to me right now?

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Yeah, who's talking to me?

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I don't know who's talking to me about you. Yes. Are you having Do you have any doubt? No, I do not. Are you possessed by him? No, I'm not

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talking not not not anybody else. No doubt. Allah. He's saying in the Quran. His risk, the risk there is that you have the systems in the hands of Allah and Allah swears by His Majesty is the truth, just like the words that you uttered?

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That's why I asked him when I asked and I said do you have any doubt he says, I have no doubt then have no doubt that the risk is in the hands of Allah subhana wa. So when we do fundraising, remember this.

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And brothers and sisters before I go, you just saw you know, this is not necessarily money. I'm done. I'm done. 10 segments and this is not necessarily money because of people against this money. Now, this is your parents or this. Your children others. Your your your wife is

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your husband's sister service. No, the fact that you said in his list you know your friends are together we are listening Allah subhanho wa taala. So cherish whatever Allah has given you as a listicle sha Allah my bless him and he would use that basis as comma to bless you all to Sudan. Malik was no fighter bomber Academy.