Zakir Naik – How to get back to One God, One Earth, One Religion- Which is Supreme, Veg or Non Veg

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker is discussing a debate on the best way to approach one's religion, as it is better for one's spiritual health to be a vegan or not. They argue that only giving talk would not be sufficient and that people should implement peace and acceptance of God. They also mention that anyone who is a vegan is a better person to be around.
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First of all, I would like to show my deep humble respect for giving preference to brother in humanity rather than brother in faith. That is my simple, humble, sincere respect or giving preference. I like it very much.

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Michael questions are one word is true. Everybody agrees here.

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One God, I think the world is slowly accepting.

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So multi gods are there and multi religions are there.

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I believe God surely likes to prove that back again. Like in the past, we had one god one year one religion. Now we have come to one year many God many religion. Now God wants to put us back to the same point where we have one god one year one religion, how you think it will be established by God or by human beings? Then my second question is between vegetarian and non vegetarian, say, which is supreme with two questions. Question number one, that previously was one God, one religion, one Earth, now there is one Earth, many God many religion, how can we get back to one God, one Earth one religion, it is by having more such peace exhibitions,

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having more such functions, having more such talks, concept of God and major world religions. And what we want, only giving talk would not

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be sufficient, after giving the talk, the people should implement it.

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So my request to you would be that you should implement this, that there is one God, there is one religion, that one God is not bigger than he has got no images, that one religion is to submit your will to Almighty God and accept the religion. So if you accept this religion, of submitting a will to God, if you accept me as one God, who has got no images, who is not bigger than whose absolute, then will be one, otherwise only giving talk would not be sufficient. People should accept the truth and implemented. So my request to you would be rather than accept the religion of peace, and the oneness of Almighty God, and the origin of submitting your will to Almighty God. Coming to a second

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question, who is better? A person who's a vegetarian, a person who's a non vegetarian, I would say, it doesn't make a difference whether a person is a vegetarian or non vegetarian, a person who accept the will of God is a better human being irrespective as a vegetarian, which again, it is not compulsory in Islam, that a person should be a non vegetarian. In my talk of a debate, I have told a person can even be a good Muslim by being a pure vegetarian. Having non vegan Islam is not compulsory, but why a person should have known when you have given a talk on that the debate I had with the Jain on the topic of is non vegetarian food permitted or prohibited. But as far as the

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question is concerned, who is better? The Quran says the person was taqwa in Surah pujara chapter 14 verse number 13 says, Yeah, you are now so calaca comienza can manzana show baba baba Allah Allah tada foo in Nakuru in the lawyers Gotham in Allah element COVID or humankind, we have created you from a single pair of male and female and have divided you into nations and tribes, so that you shall recognize each other not that you shall despise each other and the most honored in the sight of Almighty God is the person who has taqwa. The only way you can be superior to other human being is by taqwa it is by party. It is by God consciousness.

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Otherwise, eating non wage, as long as you're following the commandment of Almighty God, it is not a sin. I can prove that from Hindu scriptures, from the Christian scriptures, as well as from the Quran. The main thing is, who is better is a person who has taqwa was fine, it was God consciousness. Hope that answers the question.

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Thank you very much.

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