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So I will start with, with the questions of the sisters. We're always we're always accused of ignoring your sisters. We don't do it on purpose will lie. But

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can I use my Zakat money to pay my father's loan debt? Yes, in this case, yes. It only if he is not able to debt, a not able to pay the loan back.

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If he's able, there are some cases where the person has some savings in the bank, and he asked his wife, or his mother or his daughter to pay to help him pay his loans? No, this is not right. If you are able to pay your loans by yourself, you cannot take the security of your daughter for the security of your mother. You can't.

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So yes, you can use your car to pay the your father's loan. If he's not able to pay his loan by himself is not does not have enough money.

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Is it necessary to tell the person whom the money is being paid that it's from the cat? Okay, it is necessary. If he you know that he doesn't like to take the cat money.

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Here, you have to tell him, you know, the person doesn't like to take money receives a cat money.

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But if you don't know, you don't know if he likes it or you don't like if he doesn't like it. It's okay. If you don't tell him it's the cat. This is a gift from me. It's okay, if you don't tell him.

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And he of course, obviously, if you know that he doesn't care, then give it to him with either him or you don't tell him he doesn't care. Just give it to him. The problem is, if you don't know, I would say give it to him without asking. But if you know that he doesn't like it, you have to tell him Is that clear? One

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time What if the inventory of business owner was bought using bank loan?

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Is it still added? Or is it considered that

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you you calculate the inventory you calculate it and then if your debt is a short term debt, you exclude it from the total

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and that's it you deduct your the value of your debt by you need to add this inventory because the prices of these inventories call could go up.

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So you have a disparity now between the initial loan and between the prices of your merchandise. So you calculate the value of your merchandise based on the market price. calculate your cash and you add everything and then you did that your loan the value of your debt if it is a short term debt is that clear who

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this is from sisters right?

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Brother okay. This question is not really relevant to the cat however if you can answer it, that would be great. It's not relevant to the cat we'll leave it till the end is there a priority listing which of the categories is most important? Then which is second?

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Follow the the order of Allah subhanaw taala

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for full of this classification with this order Allah tala cocora and Misaki those who are in need and they are poor. I think they have priority.

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Allah tala

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relatives, yes, you can give your relative Yeah, you you get people double rewards, your your reward will be multiplied to be silvitra him keeping the ties of kinship and also you'll be rewarded for the payment of the cat. But as I said, You're not allowed to give to your parents, your grandparents You are not allowed to give to your children grandchildren can give to your sisters, your brothers and if they are in need.

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If they classify the go under these, one of these categories, if they don't go You can't.

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You can't. But if their expenses yearly expenses are 30,000 and their income is 30,000. Yes, it could be tight, but they don't classify here

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because the faqeer What is the difference between a poor and the needy faqeer? The best explanation is they said the faqeer. His income covers only less than 50% of what he needs for the whole year.

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He needs 20,000 his income is 9000 less than 50% of what he needs for the whole year. He needs 20% 50% would be 10,000. So he his income is only 9000. Very simple, right?

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And the miskeen is better than a fakir. That's why I lost control. I mentioned both of them otherwise there will be no point of mentioned

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two names two different names, the miskeen his situation is better, his income covers less than 100% of what he needs, but it is more than 50% of hidden fees needs, let's say his income is he needs 20,000 for the whole year, his income is 12,000 or 14,000 more than 5240 needs. So that's in Miss key. So, if you are trying to compare between the two and you have to give it to one of them, start with the poor, right. Start with the poor.

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So any other question for the lie?

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We have to be Muslims yes.

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Okay sadaqa you can give sadaqa to a non Muslim but not Zakat, a non Muslim you can give him a cat here and there this category number four

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sisters. Now.

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The practice of Rasul Allah says Allah and the Holika Rashidi yeah

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because his practice his Sunnah explains the Quran

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is something that is agreed upon and

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yes, we go by it Oh, we will go with the with the first row then the second row then maybe

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and not grandparents.

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here if we go under this this category here

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and this is not something agreed upon but it was a fatwa made by a very good classical scholarship Islamic Jamia.

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So it's not agreed upon but it is it makes sense to and it is adopted by many scholars.

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They can afford it they cannot afford to pay it back.

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It has to be halal loan if it is haram loan and they are making tilbyr trying to correct this situation can help them in the process.

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Okay. Are the brothers saying? Yeah, I need to repeat the questions for the sake of four sisters. I said if someone is has a luxury lifestyle, right, this is what he said. And he's spending a lot of money in his needs. And he's not able to save to make a money saving at the end of the year.

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Are they going to take into going to is going to take them to account or not for not paying zakat. alojado but they could be taken to account for

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for the West wasteful manners nulato hibou, busy, busy Nakano wanna share it. So for wasting money, let's say he goes to Mexico every year it goes to highway. I mean, it's heroin. I'm not saying it's high, it's not haram to go and take your family for a vacation to Mexico alone.

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I'm not sure.

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But it's helpful to take your family for a vacation. But if it goes beyond reasonable limits,

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and buying extra stuff that you don't need, and I'm not sure about and I'm not paying Zakat, if it is a problem or not. But obviously there is a problem of wasting money and wasting. Well, Fallout Allah. Okay, let's go back to the brothers who are in the middle or Yes.

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Oh, yeah, I said one year. Okay, this is important. Yes, this is important. When we say one year, which is,

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let's say the the way you calculate it is let's say you just started working, he got your first paycheck, which is 4000. Now you spent 2000. And then next month, you saved another 1,003rd month Oh, now you have 3500 which is we said to be the minimum amount of money Missa. So from that month, you start counting, counting, and then you're watching your money, you have to mark the date down. Today had 3500 or that specific month. If you don't remember the date you say 15th of September if you go by the solar calendar, for example. And then you keep watching your money at the end of the year. You have 10,000 but your mysap did not go below the minimum amount. It kept on increasing

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until at the end of the year you have 10,000 Okay, now you need to pay zakat on 10,000. But how about the 1000 you just got last month? It didn't stay with you for one year. The remedy said yes still it's okay to pay the cat for it. Unless if you want to have a date a deadline for every monthly income or every month.

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Monthly saving there you can do that it's your right. But he said he's not practical and I think no no one is doing it. Or people they go by their yearly deadline. If you will be paying Zakat in advance for some money that Jesus got, he just got one year one month ago, two months ago, but that's okay. It's Hello.

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Yes, the date calculator your calculation 2.5 or 2.577. And that's it.

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Yes, brother, brother is saying the they repeat your question.

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Somehow. So I need to repeat the question remind me if I don't repeat the question. The brother is saying you got some money and amount of money and you paid Zakat for it that specific year now. And then next year. Do you pay zakat for that 10,000 methods next year you had 15,000? What is the difference between 10 and 15 5000? Do you pay zakat on only 5000. The difference between last year and this year? With a cat on 15,000? Is the question the brother made Yes, you pay zakat on 15,000. The whole amount that you have in that year, you don't deduct anything. Yes rather at the end.

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$2 per day.

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I don't know any it's up to you how you calculate it and how we're usually people don't ask this details.

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Usually, I mean,

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I don't know who's here, the criteria that they gave you is the best criteria. If his income for the whole year. for the whole year, you can divide it into 12 months divided into 363 65 days, it's up to you. But for the whole year his income is less than 50%. Of what he needs. This is

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this is the criteria used by chef Murthy mean i think is the best that is available.

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Otherwise, it will be difficult to distinguish between faqeer and mysskin.

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Did you get my point? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, people usually don't ask these details again. Unless there are some other organization like method and national Zakat foundation. They have a 13 pages application I think they might ask this question. Yeah, right, who are the brothers who is what is that now? You have these questions in the application. Yes. But if you are not giving to the national Zakat Foundation, who take the money, they are working on your behalf, they will give I see I see takes your money they are working. But usually when you give us a card to someone, a family member or a friend or someone in the neighborhood, you don't ask these details, but you know that

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his budget is tight. So you give him this jacket. This is how it works. But these organizations like Zakat national debt foundation know they have an application and they have numbers they asked maybe tax papers and they asked for documents a lot.

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Yes, brother,

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you the priority is for me this is a rule basic rule priority is to fulfill the needs of the local people, the brother, he's

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okay, the question is yes.

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The question is, how do I compare? or How can I spread the money between local people and poor people in my country?

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It's up to you. But the basic rule, it's up to you how to do with the basic rule is that the needs of local people have to be fulfilled. And then if there is a need for you know, of course, you have Zakat, and you know that there is a need in Syria and Pakistan, Afghanistan, India uses back your money too. But this is the basic rule. There are some Rudaba they said if the people overseas are a knee, you can you can send it, can he they are in more in a severe situation, you can send it if you feel that most, most likely the needs of local people are fulfilled, like here in Canada for sure Eonni that in sha Allah there will be enough

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enough money for the local people, but we need to pay attention if we include the students.

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You know, then you need to pay attention the only we should know that there are people who are in need in this country. And the similar organizations like method and national Zakat foundation. They're telling us because there is an organization now so people are calling, but people call the talk about the institution.

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Because I know we have an impression here in Canada, that if someone doesn't have an income doesn't have a job, the government is giving him welfare from welfare or AI or but sometimes people are receiving welfare assistance. You need money from the government, but they're there.

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Still, the budget is very tight. Imagine a family of four or five kids with four or five kids. The end for 2000 these days will lead to nothing here in Calgary method for example. So my point is there are people who are in need here, but you are allowed to send it overseas if you feel that there are people who are in need. It's both are permissible. But we as a basic principle, we need to fulfill the needs of local people without alcohol.

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Yes, for the zakat.

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The wife is a cat. She is supposed to pay her Zakat, unless that her husband wants to help her. That's a different story.

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But she needs to pay her Zakat, unless any there is an agreement between the two as long as the security is paid, and there is no problem. So the question was, is she supportive the wife has money and she needs to pay her as a cat is her husband supposed to pay her Zakat or she is supposed to pay her Zakat? The answer is clear. Right. Okay, let's go back to the questions of the sisters. Can you give me some time here because I need to do some justice here. Now that I know I can pay my sister's that student loan as a cat, can I

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can I

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can I deem it's a cat and not alone.

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Only because this.

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I don't understand these two words. But

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it's up to you.

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Now, if you are giving her seconds

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to pay her loan, he don't even have the right to ask for this money. For this money to be to be given to you back. You're not giving her a loan, you're paying from your pocket helping her to pay her loan. So that's it. This is your jacket.

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You're not giving her a loan. But if you tell her Oh, I want you to give you a card,

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then this is not as a cat. You are giving her a loan car has to pay her interest based loan.

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So your money is not as a cat his card hasn't she has to pay you back. And you have to pay your car to other people.

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Is that clear?

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Clear one. I thought RSP was Hara please elaborate. That's a different issue. Now.

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There are different accounts for rsps. And there are some halat RSP is available with some financial companies in Toronto. But that's a different issue. Hopefully we'll talk about it maybe in a different on different

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on a different occasion. Sharla. But as a basic principle, your money your contribution is Helen, your capital, and the money that comes to you from the company is hella and the money if there is money coming to you through from the government, I don't know if the government pays these accounts.

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education years is Hello. So three money, three types of money, money, your money, that it was deducted from your paycheck. The money coming from the your company, the contribution of your company, this is higher than the money coming from the government is higher.

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Now the rest is profit, profit from investments. It could be interest from saving accounts. If it is an investment capital account, it's a profit from investment. It depends on the investment, then we need to talk about it in detail on a different occasion because today is a cat is not about investment.

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I am an employee of employee for company. So based on your calculation, for example, I have to I have 1000 on in hand. I don't give out any loans. I don't have any shares, but I pay a mortgage of 1700 a month. So based on this, I subtract 20,400 from my cash in hand I'm not paying zakat. Well basically this is the decision yes of the Muslim Council. Now the Muslim Council, the second in poziom symposium of Zakat took place in Kuwait.

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1989 or 19 1985 second symposium of Zakat network eneolithic as they said yes, you can deduct your yearly payments, your payments, mortgage payments or monthly payments for the whole year. You can deduct it Yes.

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And you don't have to pay zakat based on the decision well to Allah Allah.

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If you want to give Zakat to your father to pay debts off, what do you mean by if he can

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Of course if he can pay it, it's simple. He has money savings in account and he tells you he my daughter Give me your socket doesn't work. He has money he can pay his loan by himself. So he cannot take your security your ticket you have to give it to someone else. You don't give it to your father, because he has money in the in the accounts, and he can pay his loan by himself. What if he has no savings? Or it's clear he has no savings. That means he's not able to pay his low then you have him with yours accounts. Yeah, well, this is obvious.

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Can Zakat we pay the difference different countries through bank and the amount is kept in the bank and paid monthly to the receiver who's in the village.

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Second cannot be delayed the payment of second cannot be delayed. But I don't know about this. Maybe I need more information about this arrangement.

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If you can give me more information send me an email if you want to if you don't want to talk now or write another question but but Zakat as a basic principle Zakat payments cannot be delayed. It has to be given to the poor and the needy. There is one case, I know one case where it can be delayed. If there is a guardian who is receiving the Zakat on behalf of the miners in his under his guardianship, or insane people under his guardianship he received $5,000 is a cat money to spend on these children, when he cannot there are children here just give them 5000 years ago take it or mentally ill person they will just waste this 5000. So he's allowed to keep it as a guardian

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in his account and give them spend this money on them on a on a on a regular basis will allow to Allah Allah, this is the case, I know that money is a cat can be delayed, and not be given to the pool to those in need immediately. In this case, this is an exception. This bank, I'm not sure about it, I need more information about it. Does it have to be in money? Or can we buy clothes, like it's so it has to be in money. If you have cash, and you have inventory, paying any cash, you know, your RSP account and all these things. If you feel you're supposed to give it to them in money, because they are free, they will be free to deal with it the way the they think it's better for them. But if

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you are dealing with minors, or people who don't know their own benefit, and you feel that it's better to buy clothes for them, to buy some books for them

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to buy some other equipments or other things they need. And you are

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a guardian or you are someone who is close to them. And you are familiar with their needs when you can do it in this case. Otherwise you have to give them their money.

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does having students loan and other loans affect your Zakat calculation.

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As I said it affects your debt calculation if you are making the payment on that year.

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If you're making payments, low payments throughout the year, every month, you're paying the government $200. You calculate $200 multiply by 12. How much 2400 excluded from your calculation. But if it is a long term, long term loan, you don't you don't deduct it, you don't deduct the whole amount, you deduct the money that you'll be paying that specific year from your calculation. Is that clear?

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is a father of life to support his son even if he's grown up and married?

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If he's grown up, and he's able, it depends, there are two cases. If he is lazy, he doesn't want to work.

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He's addicted to Facebook.

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And he wants to alive these problems are there. I know a woman who asked for divorce. She said either Facebook or me. You have to choose between the two. Because the guy left his business left his that site and kept spending like hours and hours in front of his computer. Facebook addiction.

00:24:31--> 00:24:32

So in

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in this case, of course you have to encourage him to go look for work, they are men, apply for a job and look forward. Don't give him don't support him. Let him deal with it. But if he lost his job, and you know he's educated and he has a qualification, and he's responsible individual, but you know he didn't he didn't find a job. job market is very bad and he's not able to pay his rent.

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Then of course, you need to support him.

00:25:03--> 00:25:07

If you already have the ability to support your son, it depends on the situation you know your son.

00:25:09--> 00:25:29

You know, so in this case, yes, you need to support him. Second question. If not, and the son is poor, can the Father give him a cat? No, no, no, you cannot, as a father gives a cat to your son. You have to support him. As I said, with this condition, that he's not lazy. He's not, you know, he's responsible. He didn't find job. He's doing his best, but he couldn't.

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If you don't take it online and get a charitable tax receipt, you get some of your taxes back at the end of the year. How does it this affects like it doesn't affect your security, you can claim your ticket, claim it, it doesn't affect your ticket, because the government will charge you based on your income, your income, your ticket payments will be excluded from your income. So the government will charge you taxes based actually if you are an employee, they will take it on a monthly basis from your income. So you pay zakat for whatever is left with you. So don't worry about it. You can claim your if you give us a cat as a donation, you can claim it well out because this will reduce

00:26:13--> 00:26:21

your income net income and the government will charge you taxes on that income will alter them. Do you

00:26:22--> 00:26:46

do you factor it in? What do you mean factor it Danny calculated it? How do you calculate in Zakat are the tax refund if you get a refund Yes, you added to your savings or you pay zakat at the end of the year next deadline. You add that you're saving any cash you receive you add it you're saving and you pay your Zakat on the on the deadline.

00:26:47--> 00:26:51

Do I have to pay zakat on my money that they have saved

00:26:52--> 00:26:54

over five years?

00:26:57--> 00:27:03

That means every year I have to pay on that over and over.

00:27:04--> 00:27:13

Now if someone this my understanding to this question, man sending this question that she was or he was supposed to pay the cat every year, but

00:27:14--> 00:27:29

they neglected the payment of Zakat for five years, then they have to go and do the calculation for five years. If they don't know exactly how much they were supposed to pray. They have to estimate until they feel comfortable with this is the amount they were supposed to pay.

00:27:31--> 00:27:49

Like say in the first year, the estimation was $400 second year the estimation was 303rd year's estimation 200 and then he should or he she should or he should add all this money together and then pay zakat and make make Toba to Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:27:51--> 00:27:56

because we are supposed to pay zakat on a yearly basis on a yearly basis year one.

00:27:58--> 00:27:59

It is a major obligation.

00:28:01--> 00:28:06

If relative does not have any income sister in law, Zakat can be given Yes sister in law Yes.

00:28:08--> 00:28:26

is given to build mosque in Canada. I explained this when I talked about the CBD law. You can give us a catch for the purpose of building a Masjid in Canada or the USA or in the West in general. Because we don't have a Muslim government that is supporting massage and feasibility law.

00:28:36--> 00:29:21

Sorry, did I miss paying on one's gold if held in back held in back once gold if you mean jewelry you don't pay zakat on jewelry that you use. Women they have every woman has jewelry right and that if you have a small amount of jewelry that you are using throughout the year and you don't pay cash for it, you have a big amount of jewelry, you are accumulating a big amount of jewelry, you are not using it but you are saving it in case you buy a house or reselling that you have to pay zakat on it. You might exclude the small amount of jewelry that you are using and you pay the Zakat on the rest. That was your question.

00:29:22--> 00:29:37

I mean if the person who receives this goal is a man is a male, let me reword my statement is a male, a male is not supposed to use golden silver, silver, you can use it but gold is haram for us to use gold.

00:29:39--> 00:29:47

So definitely you have to pay zakat. If it is a piece of jewelry and the woman is using it. She doesn't have to pay the cat.

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You know, but if it is an item of sale, you got it and you are the you have the intention to sell it again. Then you have to pay zakat on it. I am a single female and I have more than

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Then the nissa nisab amount, and I live with my family, would I pay this a catch? Or would my father paid is a cat, it's up to you, you are supposed to pay your cat but a father, if your father says, Fatima, you don't have to pay your cat this year, our page on your behalf, make sure that he pays it and that's it. As long as this account is paid, that's fine.

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So if he volunteers to pay it on your behalf, that's fine. But you are supposed to take care of that. Which means it is your individual responsibility that you take care of your cat. You don't expect your father to be paying Zakat, and just ignore it and don't talk about it. And hope that your father is paying on your behalf. And just keep quiet about it. You cannot do that.

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The sum of gold which is 85 grams of gold and Isa Yeah, it's every country because it is from the time from last lesson and 2018 hours. Everyday now the amount the weight of every dinar is to four point 25 grams. So it is in every country.

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For 14

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he can he can go with silveria if they want.

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Can if you have the option to go with the silver, the silver and Isa to calculate their nisab because the brother is saying for $40 in some poor countries is a big amount of money.

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If yes, if it is a big amount of money in some countries and the wish to use the silver in Aesop, you can do that. Yeah. But for Canada, in Canada, I am confident that for $40 is it's not, he's not he has rather

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I got your point, I got your printer brother, he's saying he collects his acat every year, and the secret of his family members, he puts it aside until he travels back home. And he goes through some areas where poor people live there and he buys food with a less price, right? It's more beneficial, more beneficial, and he has he gets a deal deals from some local, you know, companies will and then smooth beneficial to the poor, because you will get a bigger amount of food. Okay, now the owner, they said that it's okay to delay the payment of the zakat. Some of them mentioned two weeks, three weeks, some of them mentioned one month or two, if there is a valid reason. And you are not able to

00:32:48--> 00:33:20

reach those who are in need number one, or there is a Muslim, because in your case, you are able to reach them, you can send this money through Western Union or a transfer bank transfer, if you want to transfer it back home. But there is a Muslim, another Muslim, this money that you keeping with you, you'll be buying with it and more a bigger quantity of food, which is more beneficial. So hopefully there is a Muslim higher for the poor. And it's okay. And it's only how many couple of months. I'm hoping

00:33:21--> 00:33:26

this is what I'm using the term is very important to hoping that inshallah should be fine.

00:33:27--> 00:34:12

And if there is a Muslim for the poor, he has the brother he said I'm gonna repeat the question. He said how about if it is a good loan, I gave a good loan to someone and I know who pay me back. But this money is locked in fixed assets, not cash doesn't make a difference. Good loan, added bad loan, ignore it. Yeah, the the brother is saying what happens if you go below the nisab. After four months or five months are you going to cancel the calculation. When you start again, you wait until again, you get the order dissolve again and you start calculating for a new year. You have two options. You can you have the right to cancel, cancel everything and wait until you get a nisab again, and then

00:34:12--> 00:34:17

you start calculating from first day will be the newness of the second lesson.

00:34:18--> 00:34:43

Because your money which reached 4000 this app after two months, it went to 1000. So now we have no nisab cancel everything. Ignore the first date, and then wait until you get the neasa you have the other option, but this is optional. Ignore this fluctuation. And then at the end of the year from the first date have 10,000 pay. But this is optional.

00:34:45--> 00:34:59

Yeah, if you have a land, it depends on your intention you bought a land to buy or to build a house on it. You don't pay zakat on it. You bought a land and you are a farmer, you're going to cultivate this land. You don't pay zakat on the land basically

00:35:00--> 00:35:45

On the cross 10%, not 2.5 but not every year 10% 10% actually usually these days is 5%, not 10%. If there are expenses in the process, the process of farming and cultivation five persons, there is no expenses. It's just rain. Your land benefited from rain, which is in the old days. I mean, there is no no expenses at all, very pay 10% of the crops if they reach 610 kilograms, grains or fruit, not vegetables. And I don't know why there is no Zakat on vegetables. There could be some hikma some wisdom, I don't know it. I didn't find it. But all grains, maybe there are stable food, fruits.

00:35:49--> 00:36:05

Maybe, maybe that's could be the reason grains and food fruit. So if the reach the amount of 610 kilograms and you are a farmer, you pay cash on this on the harvest 5%, not 2.5.

00:36:09--> 00:36:57

Not vegetables, grains and fruit, not vegetables. And if you build you bought the land, with the purpose of what waiting for the price, or you put it again, in the market to sell it again. You sell it again, you're a businessman, you buy and sell lands, then you have to use it. pay cash for it the volume 2.5% it is out of mineral that ijarah it's an item for sale. So you add it to the inventory. You are a businessman and land is for sale. You are buying land to sell it again to make money make a profit you added to your inventory, three types of plants. Right? Do you remember any case another case?

00:37:00--> 00:37:23

Build a house on it. You don't pay cash on it. You don't pay cash on it. If you are a farmer, you're using it for agriculture. You don't pay the cat on the land, you pay the cat on the harvest the crops right? If you buy the land, for the purpose of just owning the land, with no need whatsoever to sell it again or just you want to keep the land. You don't pay zakat on it.

00:37:26--> 00:37:28

House your own house you don't pay the cat for your own house.

00:37:29--> 00:38:00

If you have condos, you are renting them you don't pay the cat for the value of the condo, you pay the rent on the rent, you add the rent rental fees, you add them to your savings. And that's it. Yeah, any capital, any productive capital assets, you don't pay zakat on it. You pay zakat on the income any capital productive or productive capital assets like a machine. You don't pay zakat on the machine, basic asset on the products that you get from this machine house.

00:38:02--> 00:38:10

The income that you get from this house and so on. We said for the 430 Jazakallah Hayden Baraka low FICO subhanak along harmonic shadow and

00:38:11--> 00:38:12

we'll go on to booty