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AI: Summary © The upcoming Islamophobia is a harbinger for people's political and social well-being, including the importance of affirming their values and deeds to avoid confusion and distraction. The speakers stress the need for everyone to join their movement and strengthen their values, as it is essential to protect their communities and avoid negative consequences. They also discuss the negative impact of the fitna, which is designed to purify the holy spirit and make people feel true to their values. The importance of activism and political activism in protecting communities is emphasized, along with the need for people to show their true values to avoid confusion and distraction.
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And then hamdulillah Nigel Horner Stein Ohana still fiddle with the villa Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman say Dr. Medina, Maria de la la medulla warmer Yulin Hofer la ha de la wash hadoo Allah Illa Illa Allah wider Honda Shetty color wash hadoo Anna Mohammed and Abba do a whole lot of pseudo yeah you Hello Gina I'm an otaku Allahu Akbar Ducati wala Thermotoga Illa or anti Muslim on yeah Johanna SUTA Cora como la the Holika Camino FC Wahida wahala come in Huzzah. Jaha Weber Semin Houma de Jalan Kathy, Ron one is what? Hola. Hola de Tessa, Ilona b He will or ham in law her Karna ie Komarov peba. A My bad. My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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predicted in many, many traditions. The fact that as we come closer to the day of judgment, more and more problems and calamities and trials and afflictions, are going to come upon us in one beautiful Hadith in Sahih Muslim, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that each and every prophet warned his uma about the problems that they would face. And what I am telling you is that this OMA of mine, it's blessitt, Iraq is the earlier era. And as for the later eras, that's basically us. As for the later times, firstly, you'll see who you don't have Bala on What a moron tune Kiruna. The later times are going to be afflicted with trials and calamities that you will find difficult to

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and our prophets I said I'm setting this hadith every time one trial comes, it will make the one before it look trivial kilometre geo fitna tune, you rock.

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Each one will make the one before it seemed to be trivial. And so when the movement will see the new fitna come, the new trial come, he will say hi to him, oh lickity. This one, I'm going to be destroyed, I cannot stand it so much and catch up, then it will be lifted up and another one will come. And the believer will say hi the ID. This is the one this is the one that will destroy me. And brothers and sisters will lie when you look at the events and occurrences in the last decade and a half.

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It appears that while logging was done, we are seeing this hadith enacted before our very eyes. Every time we thought that nothing worse can happen. Another calamity, another tragedy, the rise of Islamophobia. It is truly unbelievable that the primary Republican candidate can so casually suggest that all Muslims should be ID, that all Muslims should now have a special registration. It is unbelievable that one of the most prominent candidates to become president can say that we should shut down every single mosque in America. And another one can say that Muslims should not run for office, the climate of Islamophobia has now become something that is not only acceptable, but rather

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when the when the candidates become more Islamophobic their popularity rises amongst the population. Brothers and sisters, I cannot stress enough how dangerous such rhetoric is why? Because no law can be passed without the population somehow wanting that law to be passed. And in order for the population to want that law to be passed, it must begin by stigmatization by to simply suggest something that might be preposterous, and then it is considered to be too preposterous for now, then it will be brought up again, then once again, then the third and fourth, then serious discussion will begin and then the next thing you know that law will become a reality. And if we each and every

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one of us, the Muslim American community and our allies who want to help us in our protection of our First Amendment values, if we do not start acting now, if we take a lazy attitude, if we consider this to be mere talk, then I worry about the next few years. This result of Islamophobia is because of an attack in a land far

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Are away.

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God forbid my dear brothers and sisters, but if some crazy person were to have an attack here, what would this result for people like us? Think about the repercussions of what is happening now. We see already how blatant and open this rhetoric has become. Many of you have seen videos of incidents here in America and across the western world. And of course, the reality is, let us not forget, yes, it is true. We also have crazy lunatics in our side as well. We also have fanatics overzealous misguided individuals. And the problem comes that we, in this masjid and all over the world, understand that these people don't represent us. We know that. And I don't need to teach you a whole

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book about the dangers of fanaticism, because we are not worried about that amongst us. But unfortunately, those outside of our ranks, consider such people to be representative or if not representative, at least coming from within our centers and massaging.

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The presidential candidate explicitly said, we all know that mosques are centers of radicalization. What a blatant lie. Well, Allah he this is such a bold faced lie. We all know the people who frequent the mosques. We all know that mosques are not at all the hotbeds of radicalization. We all know that mosques are places of worship of community of children playing of Iftar parties. This is what the masjid is for. And yet the presumption, the perception, the notion that mosques are hotbed of radicalization. The question Dear brothers and sisters, if we are not going to correct this misunderstanding, then who will? If we're still going to be lazy, if we're going to pass the buck,

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somebody else is going to do it. Brothers and sisters, we have to realize, and I don't want to sound alarmist here. But already parallels are being drawn between rhetoric from the far right now, and rhetoric from the Nazi party of the 1920s. Germany. Already parallels are being drawn. One of the main publications of England compared Muslims to rats invading into its territory. This is exactly what the Nazis did to describe the Jews of their own lands.

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The notion of monitoring a specific ethnicity or race was something that Nazis does to every Jew, you had to register, you had to wear an identity badge. And for 7080 years, nomoto, the slogan was Never again, never again, never again, guess what, we are now hearing the same rhetoric, every Muslim should be monitored. The Republican candidate said, We will, we will ask every Muslim to register their identity. These are difficult times we have to now call for difficult situations and scenarios. And it is true that he's being called out, but the condemnation is so it's so gentle. It's so it's so trivial. And his own party, by and large, has still accepted Him. And He is the

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leading contender amongst the Republican Party. Brothers and sisters. Again, I don't want to sound alarmist here. But if we're not going to take action now, who else is going to take action, if we're not going to do something to help each other out now, and get the help of the broader community who understands and sympathizes with our freedom, then what is going to happen in the future? And of course, brothers and sisters, there are two elements that we need to talk about. And the hutzpah obviously, can only do so much there is the spiritual element. And then there's the practical or pragmatic element, there is the element of what do we do as muslims who believe in Allah, and then

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there's the element of what do we do as Americans who wants to protect our freedoms, these are two different topics, and they both need to be discussed. They both need to be prescribed if you'd like. And, of course, my speciality and expertise is the Islamic side. And there are those who are more involved in the legal side in the in the activism side, and this needs to be done. That's our response that there has to be a two pronged response. Number one on the religious side, we need to understand why this is happening. We need to read the Quran and Sunnah we need to we need to contextualize what does Allah want us to do. Why is this happening to us? That's the spiritual side.

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And that's something I have spoken about before and I'll continue to speak about it even in today's clip, but I will mention some of that. But there is another element as well. Mere talk of spirituality will not solve the problems. Our processing didn't just sit behind and give Halaqaat and gurus know, he was an activist in Makkah. He went around preaching and teaching and he also went around negotiating, he went around getting the freedoms that he wanted, and when he wasn't able to get it there. He went to Medina and he got it over there. Political active.

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Islam is also a part of Islam. And in this country when we are guaranteed the freedom to be Muslim, that is why many of us came here. And that is the irony that we came fleeing from religious persecution only to face even worse religious persecution over here. But alhamdulillah the situation is not completely dismal. People are speaking out. But now is the time to get our act together. Brothers and sisters realize that indeed some of us

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we feel that these are Hadith are so pessimistic. They they are doom and gloom, they talk about the future getting worse and worse. And there is an element of truth that that is true, the Hadith do seem to be somewhat of a dreary picture. But the fact of the matter these are Hadith are not meant for us to become politically inactive. They're meant to console us that you know what, When the time gets bad, Allah and His Messenger, they told us that he's gonna get banned. The purpose of this hadith is not so that we become lazy. If you look at these Hadith, they are very explicit of the signs of the day of judgment or process. And I said, Well, you don't have to judge how much is going

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to increase, they said, What is average, he said, Alcatel Alcatel people killing people killing. And if you look at killing, even today, there was another attack in Mali, and last week, the attack in France and this and that, and of course, the other way as well, the bombings that governments do against people against civilian populations, the bombings that tyrannical regimes do good do against their own populations, and everybody's killing everybody else. And this did not happen for most of human history. For most of human history wasn't as if this type of complete chaos, our process, and I'm told us that a person will kill somebody, and he won't even know why he killed him is just a

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blind fitna, he said that one party killing another party, you don't even have any personal grievance with the other person. And this is what we see again, our process and I'm told us that the Phaeton will become so dangerous. He said that one day he said, as he was sitting on one of the rules of Medina, he said, I see I see trials and tribulations falling upon you, like a heavy thunderstorm, like the drops of rain. In other words, it's as if you cannot run away from it, every one of us will be affected by it, I will process him In another Hadith he said that, that trials will come fitness will come that are so terrible, so difficult to bear, that a person will wake up a

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Muslim, but he will go to sleep at night a Kaffir. Or you will go to sleep a Muslim and wake up the next morning a Kaffir, meaning the trial will be so difficult, He will reject his faith in order to save himself and his skin. But the reality is that is not going to save himself. And even if it saves himself in this world for a bit bit of time, it will not save himself in the next brothers and sisters. Indeed, it is true that our province isn't predicted that more and more trials will happen. But as we said the purpose of those predictions was not so that we become lazy and inactive. It was not so that we accept that that's going to happen. It was to console us that look, this is something

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that we know. And there's a wisdom that we do not understand. But we do not accept status quo. And we fight against any type of oppression. And we fight for our freedoms. And we do not just let people take away our right to be Muslim. That's not what Islam ever wanted us to do. And realize my dear brothers and sisters, that even as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam predicted these fitness predicted these trials and tribulations. He also told us some of what we need to do some of the wisdoms of why this is happening and what we need to do to respond of the wisdoms of why these trials happen, is in fact summarized even in the word fitna, which is used in the Quran and Sunnah

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to describe these trials and tribulations fitna, we translate it as a test as a trial as a tribulation. But in reality in pre Islamic Arabic in ancient Arabic Fantana did not mean trial, fatten Amin meant to examine fat and are meant to examine. And that is why the goldsmith in Arabic was called for tan. Because what is the goldsmith do he examines gold to see whether it's real gold or whether it's fake gold? The Goldsmith's you would go to him and you would get him to assess how many carats is it authentic? Is it not? So he was called the photon, the one who inflicts the fitna. And how does the goldsmith test the the veracity or the character of the gold they would put it

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through a furnace and that furnace was called fitna because the furnace tested the gold. The furnace test

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Did the gold and what happened after the test was what? What came out of it was pure, raw gold, the purest of the pure. So even in the word fitna, we see a symbolism of the wisdom of why Allah tests us. The purpose of a fitna is to purify the righteous believers to sift through and to make sure that our Eman is as pure as that goal that comes out of the fitna or the furnace. Alif Lam Meem a hassy been NASA a new Turaco and your oral armor now hula you afternoon? Did mankind think that there will be left without having been tested?

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Just by saying we believe? No, Allah says what occurred there for 10 Aladdin amicably him Allah has tested those before you why what was the purpose of the test? fella? Yeah naman Hola. Hola, Dino Sadako while AI lemon Nell Kathy been the reason of the fitna, Allah will test Who amongst you is true, and Who amongst you is a liar. True to what unlined to what true in their claim that we are Muslims. True and their claim that we believe, and again, brothers and sisters, this goes back to a fundamental difference of our paradigm. We believe in Jannah. We believe in a world after this world. Even if we don't get full justice in this world, we believe in the justice of the next. Even

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if we don't enjoy this world, we believe in the enjoyment of the next. So the purpose of the fitna is to make us truly re examined. What are my priorities, enjoyment of this world, or enjoyment of the next? What are my priorities, to live this dunya and then to die, or to live the never ending life of the era. This is what the fitna does, it tests us. It makes us reevaluate and think it suits each and every one of us so that the filthy impurities just like that gold that has the impurities, when it goes through the furnace, what happens to those impurities, it falls away, it leaves it then what comes out nothing but pure gold. This is what a fitna is supposed to do.

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And there are those who don't have any gold. They're nothing but impurities. So what will the fitna do, crumble them up and destroy them. And a stock for Allah. This is exactly what we see. There is a whole industry here in America, of these pseudo Muslims or ex Muslims. There is a whole industry of self hating Muslims, people who will sell their religion so that they can get on the New York Times bestseller list. And that's very easy these days. Any Muslim who wants to criticize Islam, or an ex Muslim who wants to criticize Islam, immediately, the fame, the prominence, the money, the interviews, non stop. And there are people as we all know, they have made a lifestyle. They have

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made their income to criticize Islam. They were born into Muslim families, but they realized fame and fortune awaits me if I leave. Clearly they fail the fitna and there are people that we see all the time. These are the standard pundits and the experts that are interviewed by the far right and Fox News and others this is the reality they have failed miserably.

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So we see those that have failed. In sha Allah we also see those that are remaining firm Alhamdulillah how many of us here in this Masjid when we came to this land our Eman was not that strong. But being surrounded by all types of fitna, major and minor fitna of a social level and fitna have a personal level. What happens? Many of us we rediscovered our Islam, many of us our faith became more committed. Perhaps you weren't that involved with the Masjid. Lo and behold, we realized I want to be a part of the Masjid. Perhaps we weren't that concerned about our salah. Lo and behold, I realized I need to start praying regularly. And that hamdulillah that's a positive

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sign that the fitna has affected us in a manner that it should. That's exactly what the fitna should do, that we come out of it purer than when we came into it. But dear brothers and sisters, what's happening is that the temperature of the furnace is increasing. The fire of the fitna is getting more and more. So we need to become pure and pure. We need to rise up even more than what we had already done. And this is a necessary reality if we want to preserve Islam for our children. If you want to preserve our freedoms to be Muslim in this land, brothers and sisters already the Islamophobic crime

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against our Muslim populations have reached more than 100. People have been harassed and intimidated. How many of our sisters in hijab have been pulled off a number of cases I've heard of at least two, where strollers were pushed into ongoing traffic. And this happened Europe, in Europe, not in America, as far as I know that there was a stroller pushed on into ongoing traffic, where an elderly person was basically beaten up in Scotland with his wife, Muslim in their 50s or 60s, white beard, can you imagine a group of thugs surrounded him and then beat him and his wife, both of them are has hospitalized. And the stories are on and on. We already know a few months ago of the

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massacres of the three Muslims here of their neighbor that went in and shot them in cold blood. If we are not going to stand up and face this challenge. Who else is going to do that? And there are many ways of doing this brothers and sisters, and today's holdup I cannot talk about all of them. But very, very briefly, as I said, it's a two pronged. It's a two pronged attack number one spiritual and number two, political or activist. As for the spiritual elements, do your brothers and sisters then realize that these Phaeton

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they need us to reaffirm our iman in Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah mentions in the Quran stories of people far more tried and tested than us that Allah subhanho wa Taala says, I'm happy to him and Ted Horrell Jana, do you think you're just going to enter a gym like that? And you haven't heard of the problems that have happened before you must set to mold that salvadora they were afflicted with war and famine and plague and diseases they were afflicted with torture was zero. They were shaken to the core had a cooler Rasulullah in Amman, Omar, Omar Tanis, Lulu until even the Prophet and those that were with them began to wonder where is the help of Allah? When will the help of Allah come?

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That has not yet happened and hamdulillah here, but Allah is saying, do you think you're the first No, you're not the first you're not going to be the last. But the purpose of the fitna was Zulu, Zulu. They were shaken to the core until they came out and they said Allah has helped us to come and Allah says Allah in nostril loi, Kadeem, verily, the help of Allah is always close. So the number one thing that we need to do is to reaffirm our iman and Allah subhanho wa taala. I might not understand the wisdom. I don't understand why this is happening. I don't understand all of the calamities and tragedies that we see. The Palestinian problem is one that every one of us we have

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been born into, as long as living memory. 70 years have gone by 7 million, 6 million Palestinian people across the world. They don't have a homeland to call their own. What is happening why Allah who are them now the Syrian issue as well. Another five, 6 million refugees half a million if not more killed in their own lands? What is happening? Why I do not know. But this is a fitna and we need to reassess our iman in Allah subhanho wa taala. Do we believe in Allah? Yes, we do. Then we have to accept there's a wisdom. We don't have to accept status quo. We don't like what's happening. But we'd have to accept there is a wisdom that we don't understand. Number two, that should cause us

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to realize that the one who can change our situation is the one who has caused it.

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And Omoro via dilla all affairs are in the hands of Allah he does as he pleases. So every fitna should cause us to increase our dua to Allah subhana wa Tada. We should always be making dua to Allah to protect us from fitness, and then to help us overcome fitness. In fact, one of the doors of the profits on selling was either errata Barry Baddeck a fitness and Falco building the Lakers, MF tune, O Allah if a major fitness is going to happen, cause me to come back to you even before the fitna happens. It's not something that you want to face. He would say to I will do bIllahi min Alfie 20 mahavihara min Helma bottom, seek Allah's refuge from all fitness, the ones you can see and the

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ones you cannot see. So memorize this hadith are all do bIllahi min ash shaytani Malveaux Hara minha wa Baton Rouge Billa he may not fit any mahavihara minha one more button we should always be saying this because we do not know what tomorrow's fitna will come. We do not know what legislation what crazy lunatic is going to come to our communities our massages our houses, our schools we don't know. So we seek refuge in Allah. Number two, so number one, affirm our iman number two, our dua to Allah subhana wa Tada number three, our overall religiosity and good deeds, our overall religiosity and good day

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It's our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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I'm a burden to fill fit Nitika Hijra to LA. worshipping Allah during times of fitna will get the reward of emigrating to me, Hijra.

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So you want to be with the Prophet Sall Allahu Allahu wa salam in this world and the next, then worship Allah during times of fitna and it is reported in Sahadi that once the prophets of salaam woke up in a flustered state, and he was agitated, and something had happened, we do not know what to tell him he had been given at this point, what something of a knowledge of the Unseen but something had happened. And he said, Allah has revealed some some fitna is coming down from from up from the heavens, and we do not know what it was. But what was his response? He said, He sent somebody and said, wake up the women in their in their houses, meaning his wives, and tell them to

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start praying to hajat. So what was the response to the fitna, he prayed tahajjud and he told his wives to pray tahajjud. In other words, at times of fitna, you had better increased your Obata. So this is the third point. So number one was image number two and number three rabada, your Salah, your zakah, just being a religious person, this is on the spiritual side. Number four were mentioned of course, much more can be mentioned, time is of the essence here. Number four will mention is knowledge, knowledge, studying Islam, studying what Allah and His Messenger want from us, studying the concept of fitna reading the predictions about the Day of Judgment, the signs of the Day of

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Judgment, all of this helps us understand what's going on. So knowledge as well, and there are others but other points as well. But time is of the essence here. And as for the other prong of attack, if you like and that is the activism. I have said many, many times. This is not my role. But there are people that hamdulillah they are involved in Islamic activism and political activism in defending our freedom and rights. There are many, many such organizations and then Hamdulillah. Tonight, we have one of the main such organizations here in our city. And as you know, we also have an Hamdulillah, the famous Guantanamo guard who accepted Islam, after seeing the Muslim prisoners

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and attracting with them, he became a Muslim Alhamdulillah he is coming tonight as well to our masjid. And he is being helped by one of these organizations that is helping the American Muslim community. And there are many other organizations, I want to highlight all of them. Tonight, we are blessed to have one of the main ones. But that's not to the to talk about the others in a negative manner. All of them are good. But the point is each one of us, we have to also affiliate ourselves with some of these organizations. Each one of us we have a passion, we have a we have a talent. Some of us might be on the media, some of us on Facebook and Twitter, others whatever it is, we need to

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do something. And the least that we can do brothers and sisters, the least that we can do, is that we make sure that our community, our colleagues, our co workers, they think of us in a good manner, because we are the main window that they have to Islam Wallahi nothing can beat this Dawa. Nothing can be this dour, because your colleagues and your co workers guess what, I don't have access to them. No share, harass them or die has access to them. There's only one person that has access to your network. And that's you. No other human being has access to your network other than you.

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You need to make sure that you are the role model Muslim. Good luck, good manners, honest ethics, upright behavior. People need to associate the positive values of Islam with you, which means what my dear brothers and sisters, you will have to start living your life like a Muslim. You will have to show that honesty, the mercy the tenderness, even the trivial sweetness. What did unassuming ematic say Wallahi I saw no one smile more than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam simple sunnah. Do you know the impact of just being cheery around your colleagues and coworkers always a positive attitude, optimism smiling, this is Dawa. And when your colleagues and co workers associate

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you with Islam, then they're not going to believe the presidential candidate when he talks about abstract Muslims because it's Oh, I know, Mustafa. I know Ahmed. I know Fatima. They're not like that. But if you're going to be embarrassed about your own faith, and you're going to go hide away, and you're going to conceal your own identity, and you're not going to be proud to be who you are. Well, then when that legislation is passed, everybody already knows who you are, even if you're too embarrassed to tell them. Brothers and sisters again, I don't want to be alarmist here, but Wallahi looking at the last

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15 years,

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there's there has to be some sense of alarm, there has to be some sense of things are changing too rapidly. And when candidates can get away with such blatant talk, and even the response and rebuke is very muted, then really we need to rethink through our strategies and need to understand the times are changing. And unfortunately in a manner that doesn't look good. So we have to make dua to Allah subhana wa Tada and do what we can in order to combat such ignorance and in sha Allah, Allah Allah, Allah azza wa jal will help us Balika Lord will call them whenever anyway. Yeah could be my feeling it was decal, Hakeem, according my testimony was tough for a lot everybody welcome. What he

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said was he recruited them in festival photo in the Hall of a photo Rahim.

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Hill wa had had a summit the lady limited Willa mula while me Akula who phoned I had two brothers and sisters also realized that fitna isn't just all doom and gloom. It's not just all the negatives and the harshness and the Islamophobia fitna is also the exact opposite. Fitna can also be good health, fitna can also be plenty of wealth fitna can also be a sense of low of security, or a sense of of being materialistically happy while not understanding the importance of Islam and religion. What does Allah say in the Quran? Whenever you can be Sherry, well, Heidi fitna, we're going to test you with both evil and with good as a fitna good can also be a fitna. In

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fact good is a fitna as well, because it is another type of trial. What is Allah saying the Quran in NEMA and Wailuku? Fitna your money and your children are also a test for you. What does Allah say in the Quran? That sometimes your family or your enemies, so be careful of them? What does it say? What does it mean your family or your enemies? Some people read this and they say what? How can Allah see our families, our enemies, Allah is not saying that you should hate your families. Allah is saying, Be careful that your families don't become your enemies on the Day of Judgment, when you don't do your job with them. When you are not doing what Islam wants you to do with them. On the Day of

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Judgment, they can come and say Oh Allah, my father never told me to pray. My mother never told me the values of Islam, they will become your enemies if you do not do what Allah wants you to do. Also, another interpretation is that your families have the power to cause you to lose track of purpose and reality of life. And a lot of us get so involved in the wealth and the family, we forget the ultimate reality of life. And so they become a type of enemy. Not that it's tougher Allah they have they are people you should hate, but rather that they are because of the fact you are not seeing through. They are inadvertently misguiding you, not directly but inadvertently. So my dear

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brothers and sisters, as the first half of the hood, but we talked about the negative issues of fitna, I felt it is also important we understand that many of us in this audience, we are also facing the other type of fitna, which is too much wealth, too much power, too much pleasures, too much of this material opportunities that we have. And that too is a fitna and we need to be cognizant and aware of that as well. That Allah will ask us about Yes, the negatives and how we responded, but he will also ask us about the positives. And what did we do with those positives that we have given? BarakAllahu li Alvim Allah many times for a minimal alarm alert. I don't know if you

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had it on me them, but it was a photo. What a Hammond Illa for register. What are they in Illa Kadota. Well embedded on Elysia feta when I see Ron Illa yourself to Allah fildena One one in Elina Saba cone Eben Eman Walter Jaffe, karuna, Amano Robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allah Islam are one Muslim in Allahumma is an Islam and Muslim in Allahumma is an Islam and Muslim in Allama Adana or other Islamic Muslim it'd be so influential in who've been upset with you and send me to home theater to bat Jaco you yah Aziz about Allah and Allah to Allah Amara can be better behave NFC within Navy Malacca de Kado say with a letter become a U haul. engineer he will insert for call as a Lima in the

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law. How would I could do Soluna Allah Nebby Yeah, you have Latina Amano solo it he was selling motors Lima Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik what are the obstacles will become Mohammed and while early he was a big marine about Allah in Allah to Allah Yeah, when I deal with extended with orba 100 fascia it will Moon carry well, you're either Camilla Allah come to the Quran, or the Quran Allah Allah Allah the Quran, which Kuru here's the de la what are the Kuru Allahu Akbar. Welcome is Salah.