Tafseer Bites 2022 An Ayah that would change your life Dukhan, Jathiya, Al Ahqaf, Muhammad

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smell lotion did last summer so that's that I'm only gonna play that over the cat.

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So the show Zola head he just finished solid.

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The solid that we talked about yesterday last night the very last dollar that we talked about was sold at Zoho and he just started a new solar so that a dokkan very well no solar

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we're still with the house I mean, those that sat with him so today inshallah he will cover solid heavy so Jesse jatiya And then saw that and soul that Muhammad the very little bit of solid Muhammad, so not all of it, or the enhancer was five, we just finished this off and then we'll cover how many just yet and I have and so that's Mohamed, Salah Lucha and you sent them all this was in less than 10 minutes Shala so those are mkisofs All of them are making sewers except so what Muhammad Muhammad is a Madani Salah which means it was revealed in Medina, but salatu salam jatiya salata, Doohan

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are all mateesah ones, and they're all from the metallic Yeah, and 100, less than 100. The verses with regard to solid 100 to one is smoke. It's one of the major signs of the year after how many major signs are they?

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The major signs of the Hereafter how many? How many? Who said that I heard somebody say it here.

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Yeah, then that major signs selected behind is one of them. So I mean, not sorted. Behind the smoke is one of them, as it will come at the very, very last, in fact, one of the very last signs where this smoke will come and take the soul of only the believers and who would remain on earth, only the non believers, Allah upon them, the PMO will start as Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sustainer has said that the aim was time only on those non believers. So this Dukkha is always the measure son, but it will take the smoke out it will take I'm sorry, the soul of the believers leaving only non believers on Earth. Anyway, so that Allah subhana wa Taala talks about insulted Doohan again, one more time

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your Musa alayhis salam, the story of Musa alayhis salam. And he talks about as we said yesterday, as the not to be deceived with the with the materialistic world such as you know, gold and silver and whatnot. He didn't withdraw can not to be deceived or through the

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Power Authority. This thing is so manifesting through the love of power and authority comes in who around and ALLAH SubhanA wa Jalla says come to the convention nothing was all in one MACOM in caring how many is in that they have left behind how many gardens how many springs talking about Jana, they have missed out on entering into Jana, as they chose to not believe in the Messenger of Allah subhanho wa Taala ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala talks about the scenes in the heat after he talks about a one scene into hellfire. And one scene is the scene in hellfire Allah subhanaw taala talks about in national Gelatos zap home a bomb on FB getting a movie of me when goto gov hammy the tree kobza poem

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is a tree injure Hungama May Allah say you will die from it. There's a tree called Zoom in one eyed says that the description of this of this continent of Africa will also stay up in the branches of it as if they are the heads of champagne. The non believers will be eaten from it

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yes, people will eat in Johanna Ebola but everything from hellfire is from fire,

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food from fire.

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clothing they will be clothed and provided evidence from hellfire from fire. But this tree comes the comb. It's made up of you know these forms imagine forms and people will be eaten from it can hurt your hammy and then it will be poured on them with the juice of it will be put it with their their Interestings it will burn them off with Ebola and they will not die. And then Allah talks about another scene, the scene of the believers when the Muslims uses in them with tequila. So I was giving you these two pictures here had fire and then hell I mean and then Jana, Allah Subhana Allah Allah says with regard to his and not in nonmotor kin of I talking about you, are you listening?

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Let's talk about you know, who wants to go to China?

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On the one hand

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because if you don't choose to go with China, there's only one or more destination right

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don't want to go there is either either Shana and then stuff Allah Hellfire Allah save your life from it. So in the cleaner FEMA Amin, amin fission nothing What are your was your vision? Nothing What are you? Yes the Sonam in some of those in what I stopped back in motorcar believe yes, I believe they will. This disbelievers dislodges people, you might say, in an insecure place.

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We all look for security safety. There is no better security than security. Isn't.

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FEMA coming Me? Me? Come from an unfamiliar safety and security. You will be secure.

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There's one more place if you were to go there you feel secure? Which place are we talking about?

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Okay, so

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who said that? Who said that? Who said?

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He said What did you say?

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Give it to the Cha Cha

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Cha Maccha as Benadryl I mean as well. I mean, it feels secure when you go to mankind you feel safe when you go to Mecca. So Allah person in the mustafina FEMA come in I mean fish and nothing What are you own? They will be in this gardens and springs What are you so that they will be tired? targeted to dresses from silk and silk embroidered mint? All these beauties that is awaiting us? Insha Allah Allah Allah in Jana, quickly so we can move on to sort of El jefe Yeah, so just yet, the theme of the solo talks about the danger of arrogance that kibble

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kibble in Arabic, you may call it pride, but pride as in arrogance, showing off Allah subhanho wa Taala the Prophet Muhammad Ali is such a success. Valiant hold on Jana teman Karna fie Albie myth has been given, he shall not be admitted to Jannah He who has one atom in his art, one one atom of kibble of arrogance in his heart

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while only equally affecting a thing, am I saying woe to these liars to these sinful liars affecting him yesterday? No I Atilla He hears He knows he hears the Ayat of Allah subhanho wa Taala he hears the sons of Allah azza wa jal these prophets are coming to them and warning that the here but instead of following and adhering to these commands, what do they do to propel yourself almost? Kalam? Yes, Ma, Mr. Kabila? You know, then he turns he turns back, stop being arrogant as if you need to hear it.

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Sometimes people they want to come and give you a donation you say I know it all. I know, I know. You're going to teach me who are you to teach me? Who are you to tell me? You just been acting a little bit arrogant here. So Allah azza wa jal talks about that. And then at the very end, Allah says in surah, Allah will keep it here. This is only something that is be fitted to Allah Subhana Allah data, whatever keep via

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Subhan Allah data and that sort of stuff. So it is a very interesting Surah So it's also from the house I mean, by the way, I mentioned that yesterday the soul of the heaven how I mean those that had that start with how many how many sores are they?

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Very well.

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You must be Egyptian from Egypt. The I throw this and that he wanted to give a soccer player.

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Michel Laddie,

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but we're gonna beat you tomorrow Salah

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because maracas playing against them.

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They beat us today, you know, early with my Moroccan team today, but tomorrow we're going to beat them shower tomorrow.

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I'm just joking with the guy

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saw that Hello me, there's seven of them.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about in sort of half again about the beauty and the merits of this Kitab. The Kitab here means

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Allah azza wa jal talks about this key table and a lady Hana persona where two advisors talks about himself as well as Subhan, Allah, Allah, Allah, the halal SML what you will under Bill Huck, he created the heavens and earth with the help with the truth. Brothers and sisters, there's only two things here. And if you don't follow a hack, you will be with falsehoods about them. So choose the path of attack, then you will be in sha Allah how to either resist resurrected upon with the help subhanho data.

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I will come back to this surah the Koran. I'm going to quickly talk about salah Mohammed, the very last Salah that the Sheikh will cover today so that's Mohammed it speaks for itself. This is the sort of the practice of Prophet Muhammad Ali so it is a solid that talks a lot about at the very end of their Allah Allah Allah so Allah who also obey Allah and His Prophet will be among his prophets. And then what the theme of this particular Surah it talks about the actions

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the person can do

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that will get them close to Allah. The actions that a person can do

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that will be accepted from Allah subhanho wa taala. And there are certain actions that will deprive them if they were to be done they will deprive them from from the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa taala. And as if Allah has literally stayed in your eyes, whenever he finishes this love of this age of Muhammad, obey Allah and His Prophet or be among His Prophet. Maybe the message here is one of the actions that will get you close to Allah, one of the main actions that will earn you the pleasure of Allah is to follow Allah to follow His Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Prophet Muhammad Ali his salatu salam, and then in Sultan Hamad Allah azza wa jal talks about the

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reverse in Jana. How many rivers are they in Jana?

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Eight no those are gates Okay, so eight how many rivers for who says four?

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One is only one

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Why are you why are you a little bit miserly? It's easy. Isn't that Iowa? How many 12 and I'm gonna go through all the numbers now. No, actually Allah mentions now I'm using for four but there's more than four because he forgot to mention one more. One more Weaver gold

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and cocoa and cocoa Okay, five here we go. 555505. So, one river Allah mentions one river from Matt in writing acid from water beautiful water and then the second river is from Nia Honey. Honey I have you behind me from honey Mustafa. This is pure honey. Not that. This is pure Sonic. And then the third river is from milk. What Where does milk come from? Boys? Where does milk come from? Cow and what else?

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Camels goats milk in Jannah does not come from cow or camel nor goat it comes from Allah Subhana Allah data. So is the water. So we have water we have milk we have honey and the fourth river is from

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from alcohol.

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From alcohol.

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Come that initially be it is not the alcohol that will make you kukula It is the alcohol actually that is challenging. It's not it will not be intoxicating. It is the other type of alcohol, whether your sisters and I that will change your life. And if that will change your life. This is in so that's half verse number 13 Verse number 13 You're ready. By the way. Allah also talks about this ZYNE when Prophet Muhammad Hassan was coming back from a bias and then he was narrating and reciting the Quran. Allah assertion mentions about a bunch of jinn they were walking around or they were just driving around and then they heard Prophet Muhammad reciting the Quran and they came this is the

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part of the book of Allah the power of the Quran they heard the message they heard the profanity believed in the message home as those and then they start calling one another Yeah, how many Ijebu day Allah Yeah How many without your love, oh people G as evil answered the call realization, but the sisters verse number 13 From

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verse number 13 from So, ALLAH SubhanA wa goddesses in Medina on on Pune along with the Master bamu How often ALLAH in him what?

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Hola, Iike Jun Holly Dena fee ha. Jazeera.

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Remember this in Alladhina Cadogan, Allah those who say our Lord is Allah and then they remain in the state of steadfastness please, underlying this word steadfastness in Alladhina Pawan Bula. From Mr. Calm who is Ahmet as you say maybe an Aldo is the karma, what will happen to them find out how often they don't they have nothing to fear nothing to be said nothing to feed in this dunya and not interfere in the ACARA who like us have agenda the other people have agenda they will be admitted to the Houthi have had it done. And Allah says why Jezza and Bhima Kenya and maroon in the word for that they wish they used to do you see all this done that you're taking from your busy time from

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your busy schedule to come and pray to wake up for Fazal to make your will do and to work hard to try to diminish it too fast to make vehicles to give sadaqa This is not easy you making lots of effort in return what will happen just a and b McHenry and maroon but the key word is as you've been coming in Ramadan and mashallah making the image look so beautiful back and whatnot. This is what we call steadfastness. What are you going to do after Ramadan?

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Are you going to remain steadfast? Because if you remain steadfast this idea applies to you.

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If you're gonna keep coming to the message like you're using the Ramadan, don't quit. Please, I beg you Don't quit this

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is the messenger of Allah azza wa jal keep coming to this mission make this mission look so beautiful with your presence insha Allah Allah Allah. Don't let this this pillar pillars cry after Ramadan because they will miss you.

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Be in the state of steadfastness Allah subhanho wa Taala shall grant us and that you can afford more valuable stuff and I know that my fellow set me up I don't want to catch