Mufti Menk – Revival Series – 09 October 2011

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The host of a news and finance show discusses the negative impact of community politics on people, particularly those who are not in a religious or religious community. They emphasize the importance of community politics in dealing with people who are not in a religious or religious community, and stress the need for everyone to take responsibility and grow. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning to stay ahead of others, avoiding harm, and listening to podcasts. They stress the need to control one's behavior and avoid harming others, and emphasize the importance of shaman and avoiding small group harm.
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it's a social revival series on Chinese International, the ever popular and of course, backed by a public demand for a second season. Mufti joins us on the line from Harare, Zimbabwe, hometown.

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tell everybody, that's where I'm from. I tell everybody, I'm from Zimbabwe, because they're like, Oh, do you know move to Maine? I'm like, Yes, I speak to him on Sundays. What do you make?

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I'm shining on your shiny

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amongst us that Allah subhanaw taala has given prominence because of the effort of Dean. And I must say, wherever I go, I was in Cape Town, not too long ago. And the moment I said, I'm from Zimbabwe, the next thing before it used to be Mugabe now.

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That's another discussion for another day.

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Community politics. I mean, that's an amazing

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description of what what do you what do you describe what goes on in the community? I think before we talk about the social revival aspect of it, let's get a definition, please. What is community politics? Generally, every single community, you have some bickering, some main calling, you know, you have people who don't get along, you have a hierarchy of the wealthy and the poor, you have, you know, the so called religious or non religious so to say, and people generally categorize one another, knowingly or unknowingly. A lot of the times they are gurus, you know, people who are being followed, and because of the polarization of either economic standing, their religious standing, or

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anything else, sometimes, you know, is the group of friends, those who get along and talk to each other alone, tend to influence people in certain directions, and

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sometimes in difficulties in the community, which are created by people,

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you know, on a different side of pulling in every direction. And I think what we would like to speak about this morning is how badly that affects us as Muslims to start with. And then, you know, socially, spiritually, what it does to this is basically what we are speaking about this morning. Okay.

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Obviously, that's a very important discussion, particularly because we're not nobody's an island, we actually live in a community, and our relationship with their community is very important. Right? So how does one deal with that, and particularly, because sometimes it inevitably happens,

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we need to know that, you know, people are good generally, but shape on is very, very bad. And those who are not on the lookout for shape one, they get trapped in all this and what happens as a result is they are affected negatively, in that they have their heart and mind because when you say, you know, politicking name calling, sometimes you have a person, typically, in religious circles, you have someone who says,

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this person here

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and immediately you have another two three people saying, Well, you know what, for example, and for example, he,

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for example, a word that is very, very bad, very wrong mostly. And at the same time, it is definitely from shavon, in order to try and leave us with a ship that has no captain. So today on the globe, I think most communities I visited, you have lack of knowledge, lack of leadership and lack of followership in the sense that the leaders might be there. They might be people who have qualities of leadership, but nobody allows them to be there. Nobody wants to follow because each one wants to be a captain, and everyone is sitting in a different direction. So what leads me I'm sure it happens to a lot of us where if you were to have a problem with your heart, you would like to

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listen to the doctor to the team. If you were to have a problem. With your plumbing in your home, you'd like to obey the plumber when he tells you what needs to be done. If you have a problem with your account, or your accounting, you would listen to the accountants basically. But when it comes to spirituality, especially people are their own capital indicates that everyone is unknown.

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We can argue and debate. And people categorize rather than what happens as a result, very, very dangerous.

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We are all losers because of the plan if we allow ourselves to fall in. And I think one of the main reasons that we are speaking about this, because

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what happens is,

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we have so many, for example, who are doing great work. So when you religious personnel are doing great work, and we tend to allow ourselves to be prohibited from benefiting from such people only because somebody has called him a name. And only because somebody has categorized them wrongly, and only because, you know, little community politics has made us stay away. So you have

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to stay away from this.

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For example, or from the lecture or

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even sometimes I know, people

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who come on the radio, so to speak now, that type of name calling solely based on community politics, that might be a larger scale, because of one little difference of opinion, we've we've actually dropped off.

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Probably, if we had listened,

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we might have been rightly guided, maybe that was the guiding light.

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That if we are to listen to such, for example, our program and so on, we probably would get to the right direction and on the right path. And for that to be

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kept away from us for purposes of losing shape.

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And make sure that any excuse comes in the midst of benefiting and then we don't benefit.

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Because sometimes you have people who are dedicated to serving the community, either with constant use of hobbies or text, which is one of the most important things you could ever have. Because what Allah Subhana, Allah is saying what

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we should learn ourselves, we should make them here, not only here, but we should be apart. And you find what,

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in the churches around us, sometimes we have to deal with example, the minute they say, you know, the Bible says everybody stands up and say, hallelujah, you know, and everybody stands up and get excited. And they always speak about the Bible, and what the Bible says, and so on. But you pick up the Koran.

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And you just say, you know, we have a five minutes or 10 minutes or 20 minutes. And I think the bulk of the people walk out, and sometimes it's because they don't

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a lot of the time it's got to do with

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him because this person has said this about him. So we now are faced with communities, no matter who you pick as your leader spiritually in order to guide you. So you can improve spiritually as well as socially, what would happen is, someone somewhere would have something negative to say about them. So they become very, very despondent.

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And they stay away from everything, and they have their own capital. So now you find nobody's benefiting religiously, because anyone they want to benefit from someone in some way has something to say about them. Now we need to rise above them, we need to come beyond that need to grow over that. And we need to benefit from everybody who can benefit from so that we become better people. And I'm sure everybody can relate to exactly what I'm saying. Because everywhere you go, you can actually you can some some areas that you know, people have polarized each other solely because they say that man is like that.

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If you were a doctor, and you know, he might have had one or two bad habits or something, we would still go to him for medication. And when it comes to

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spirituality, which is far more important than your physical health, we don't want to benefit from it. And we don't even want to blend in here because we think that you know what, just stay away. So people remain in their music, they remain in their nightclubs, or they remain anywhere else. And they

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on the one hand, they have a big mouth Mashallah. And they can speak a lot again, they're

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probably champions of the team in the sense that they have achieved a lot and there are people who've benefited from them sitting we've missed the boat, and we trying our best to discourage others also, not to benefit so we become the tools of shaman.

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Gallery to protect, ensure

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we've now seen exactly what kind of damage can be caused by this because no matter how much we say that the amount of damage that is caused by little community politics,

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name calling, and so on.

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When it comes to the specialty the scholars have,

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is only beneficial to shaman. Only that which will result in shape and being so happy. And he's actually succeeded by making from those who can stay far and not knowing that someone

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might be so close to

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close to you, you, you may feel that this person is so spiritually

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elevated that I am feeling so good in their presence and in that company.

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And we don't we keep ourselves very, very

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protective. And the reason I say that is because

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if you visit, say, for example,

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Johannesburg or even for that matter, you have so many powerful

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but you find, you know, an outsider coming in, like me walking in there, and you have a lot of people who will attend the program, and then they came to talk to me a lot, a lot. We wait for someone to come from 1000s of kilometers away, in order for us to want to come to talk to them.

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Every day there is someone who might be more highly qualified and more spiritually elevated than anyone who's visited us from abroad. And yet we slip away, and we don't want to benefit them

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from outside.

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Because, you know, when you come here, x, y and z,

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we don't realize we make ourselves from making a fool to benefit from those who are right, you know,

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I may

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be in a specific community, your neighbor was an addict, for example, you had an addict down the road, you had an addict in your community, what was your name? How did you benefit from this particular scholar? Or did you get caught in the nitty gritty of liberal politics because he made one or two mistakes or because

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he was accused to have made a blunder or to an event why you

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or your business partners that you have that you're making money to have been known to have so many evil qualities.

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But when it comes to economic benefits, we had to go away, if we apply similar rules to that, which we do when we have difficult monetary items, we probably would have been changed by now. So this is something very, very important that you don't have to wait for someone to come from abroad for us to benefit

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us because of one or two little items that we may have heard and

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that is correct. A lot of the time, I like to think 90% of the time, if you're accurate with people who are, you know, swiping because of shape, and the people are good, if they themselves have the benefit, they would probably benefit. And this is why I feel that those who do not benefit from you know, scholarship

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because of rejection from

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the guidance, guidance.

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And we need to make an effort to one

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trying to come towards

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us and for our feet, we will open the doors of guidance for them to open our doors for them.

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And that is definitely something that's not and it's not something that is going to be achieved by by sleeping or by peddling lots of things about people. No, it will be achieved by controlling your own going against what your desires are telling you. And going according to what Allah subhanho wa Taala has, and making an effort to go out and listen

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to those worshipers of mine who listen to all the speech they follow that

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would mean

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it would mean

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a lot of things from a lot of different people but they only follow that which is the day. So

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those are the ones

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and those are the ones who are of sound intellect they have intellect because they read everything and they are following that which is which is most correct in the sense that they are following that which they know now is sourced from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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all the time that I'm not perfect quality

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shows up for life.

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between right and wrong, and a lot of our data does not prohibit us

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from benefiting from

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people in society and community. Because many times when people

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have been rushing between right and wrong,

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and so on.

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And other income we've

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been nourished by yesterday we had a

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And one of the hobbies mentioned was the habit of

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giving some merchandise from the lady who had gone to the fortune teller and so on. And he put his finger into his throat

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and new form without

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touching, big effect on me and my thinking, sometimes

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upside down, or possibly the not function

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probably possibly not,

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in one way or another.

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And when they stopped thinking properly, they cannot distinguish between right and wrong.

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package, as I always say, is a complete package.

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or enter into submission in totality, not just a small section of it that is convenient for me

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to follow, or, you know, I'd like to

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fit into the entire package, and make sure that we are fulfilling as much as we can, because when we see negativity in our lives,

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are you missing and what is happening

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and we are

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doing things that are We are not meant to be doing,

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then you find you will be able to identify the problem, we'll be able to identify

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where you've gone wrong, because you understand Islam as an entire package, not just you know, and then when you come out of the mystery to do what you want, and not just

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and then once you've done that, you can do everything else you want to give an entire package.

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Every expert.

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And nowadays,

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you will be able to benefit from the maximum number of

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and to make sure nothing stops us from

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from making efforts to try and to develop ourselves in every way, no matter what

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people might tell us, don't go here, don't do that. What if it is religious, and if it is beneficial, then

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we should be going and especially when we know

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people from among our own community, people who've grown up and

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I'm sure we've spoken a lot, and I'm quite certain every single person

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I've mentioned mentioned in specifics, it is a problem. It is a huge problem. People have been known to build a different massage and because of that, and attending different massages in the same town in a smaller town because of the same thing that we spoke about this morning.

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make people understand and come to their senses

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for your time this morning

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I hope and pray really

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open our doors to

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issues out there which are real you know the enemy for example is benefiting so much from this.

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They are busy destroying everything and I'm sure everyone knows what's going on.

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You know I don't have an apple and I don't have a strawberry. Well, to be honest apples and strawberries can stay away we have a huge issue to deal with in the front. And if we are not going to come together to see the bigger picture we probably going to be swallowed.

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swallowed because

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our weekly daily affect our daily series. Of course, this is now been podcasting. So you'll be able to catch the podcast on ci websites

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for listening until next week for myself.

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