Ammar Alshukry – Oppression and Prison Strikes

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The history of Islam and the negative impact of oppression on society have been discussed, including the loss of human rights and the need for people to act with their lives in a way that is the best for their health and wealth. The Day of Judgment is the appointment of every oppressor and oppressed person, and the law of the hellfire is the legal appointment of every oppressed person. The criminal justice system in the United States has faced protests and strikes, and the lack of transparency and media coverage has led to a "redible day." The speakers emphasize the importance of not being oppressed and not being in a situation where people feel like they are being the wrongdoer, and the need for better facilities and the right to vote after serving their debts to society.
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In the hamlet he left medical anesthetic in the home when I stopped when

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you know when you say Dr. Medina Mija de la llamada Nana women you bleed for the hajela why shadow Allah Allahu Allahu la sharika or shadow under Mohammedan Abdo pseudo philosophy homeopathy. Oh, hello, well, Larissa Allah

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tala Coumadin hydrating de la

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ilaha samatar abuse and Ahmadi

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appraisers due to Allah has forbidden justice upon himself and gave us all sanctity and our honor, blood and wealth and who sent a messenger to rid the world of oppression and taught us that oppression is darkness on the Day of Resurrection Allah subhana wa tada says, hold on. Yeah, you have

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a lot of it whether it's a moon, a low anti muslim moon, oh, you who believe fear Allah, as he deserves to be feared and do not die except in a state of Islam. And Allah Subhana Allah says, Yeah, you have not suitable Bakula de la Takumi nuptse wahida, Allah caminhadas Oda, amin, humare, Jad and Kathy alone when he saw what de la had ready to sell, he will hop in a la hot pan on a camera Kiba all mankind, fear your Lord who created you from a single soul and produced from that soul its mate, and made from their combination many men and women. So fear your Lord whom you ask each other by and by the ties of kinship, barely a lot is ever watchful over you. And unless you kind of have that it

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says, Yeah, you have a double law how I flew to Poland and said he that use me.

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I was in Lima, Allah says, Oh, you believe, fear a lot and say that which is correct, he will correct through your deeds and forgive you your sins, and whoever obeys Allah and His messenger that they are indeed victorious, as to proceed, Allah subhanho wa Taala he describes some of the nations that came before and a consistent tsunami of a loss of Hana data is that when these nations would oppress each other and oppress themselves, that when they allow for oppression to exist and for other they allow for oppression to spread, that is when the punishment of a law that is when the punishment of God becomes legislated on such a community, Allah Subhana died, it says and sort of

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Yunus wonderful role and in public Unum now Voila.

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And we destroy the nations that were before you know, when they oppressed, which is around being vegan, and and the messengers came to them with clear science or knock on wood, you know, but they wouldn't believe. And that is how we reward a commune with God mean the criminal communities. And a lot of kind of that as so Medina, Kampala, if a colostomy bag in the number, okay for diamond, Allah says, and then we made you replace them, after these communities, we made you replace them to see on earth what you are going to do.

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The province of the law, it was send them taught us that impression is one of the great sense and he said in the warm up room that you on the piano, that oppression is darkness on the Day of Judgment, because on the Day of Judgment, all sources of light will be extinguished. The only sources of light people will have will be the light of their deeds, a loss of kindness, that assess your mind it I love.

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My new home. Yes, I've been a de Mogi a nine in that they're like the believers are like on the day of judgment will be proceeding from in front of them and from the rights of the Hulu

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on our Filipina they will say Our Lord, perfect for us our life and forgive us. Though those in our press, they will not find that light.

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In fact, that oppression will be darkness for them on the Day of Judgment. Prophet solo I do send them told us with regards to those who oppress.

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He says mankind's lahoma limited and that whoever view has oppressed anybody, then he says I'm an elder he O'Shea whether it's with regards to their honor with regards to their wealth or anything that forget the highlight of womanhood, then let them seek to reconcile

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to remedy that issue now. Because on the Day of Judgment, there will be no DNR when I do hope there will be no there will be no currency on the Day of Judgment, except for good deeds. And so if someone has oppressed someone in this world, the province on the line it says them is invoking he's in in joining us to rectify that now in this world. Why? Because on the Day of Judgment, he says, there will be no currency there will be no danaus note that there will only be good deeds and bad deeds.

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And so when a person is oppressed on the Day of Judgment, they will go to their oppressor, and they will take from their good deeds until a person becomes bankrupt. They have oppressed this person and taken from this person and the province of Allied SNM explains this in the famous Hadith of the bankrupt one. I've looked at this, the province of Alberta said no one's asked the companions and he says, I said, when I made the move to this, do you know who the backroom person is? And they said, O Messenger of Allah, the banquet person is the one who has no money. That's the that's who the person is the person who goes and looks in their bank account, and there's nothing there. That's who the

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banker person is. That's who the person is. And he says, No, the bankrupt person, the truly bankrupt person is the person who on the Day of Judgment, comes with their slot and their car, they fasted Ramadan, they were there, they went to Hajj, they did that they were there for drama. Every week, they prayed their fight. They did all of these good deeds, these actions, but at the same time, while they were doing those good deeds, what were they doing, they spilled the blood of this person.

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They tweeted about this action being fine. And I support this person as they spill the blood of all of these people overseas, they did that. Right. So they shared in that set. And they struck this person.

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And they accused the honor of this person, they just retweeted it, they re shared it, they commented about it, or maybe in person, they talked about this person, they backed it, that person. And so on the Day of Judgment, all of these people will come to collect.

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And they will take from that person's good deeds and this person and this person here and that person there until they have no deeds left. Now they're bankrupt, but they still owe to other people. And so what will these people do, then, they since they can't acquire any good deeds from them, they will offset that by giving them from there since you don't have any good deeds for me. While here, let me give you some of my sense that is the exchange, that is the currency on the Day of Judgment. And so when this person becomes truly bankrupt, even though they showed up on the Day of Judgment with all of these good deeds, they will enter into the Hellfire when

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the Day of Judgment is the appointment of every oppressor and oppressed person. And a loss of kind of data says when I said when mala hafid and I'm I'm gonna watch the moon, Allah says do not think that a lot is heedless, are unaware of what the oppressors do in a civil homeodomain Tushar Seville of song, Allah is simply giving them respect and giving them delay.

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To a day where the eyes will be cast upwards in horror and terror.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says that whoever of you has an issue, whoever of you has oppressed somebody, then let them resolve that today, before the day of judgment, the day where every person will be

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able to seek retribution, and that a person shouldn't be diluted by the fact that they're stronger than this person. They're more financially capable, they're the boss of this person, they can argue their way out. In fact, the prophet SAW a lot he was setting up when he would judge between two people, he would say, I am a human being. And maybe one of you is more eloquent in their arguments. And so I judge on behalf of them, maybe one person is able to provide or to present a better case, they're very articulate, they're very eloquent. They're very logical. And so the prophet SAW a lot instead of himself, he says, so if I ever give someone something that is a rite of there, brother,

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if you take, because of your argument, the strength of your argument, you take what you know, to be the rights of your brother.

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I am simply giving them a portion of the hellfire.

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That is when I'm presenting them. So make sure that you don't do that and that you check yourself. The province of a law it was said, even taught us

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that many cases of what we might not even assume to be oppression or actually oppression. I don't want you many times when we talk about oppression, people immediately go to the state level. They go to the government level, they go into these people who are surfing the lands of these people or eating from the public Treasury or these types of things. But in reality,

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if you have a person who is an oppressor on a national level, then most likely he is ruling over minor oppressors as well. Because it will tell you about the Allied horkheimer he says that one of the wisdoms that a loss of Hana without a place is tyrants over people is that people see that people see the manifestation of their own deeds and the persona of that tyrant.

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It is as if that tyrant is a physical manifestation of the character of the people that they are ruling over. That's a thought that people don't really like to think about, but it nothing he says it is not possible that when people have attributes

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There are evil and wicked little lots of hanos Allah is one to make them ruled over by someone like aboubaker, Noma, it's not gonna happen. And that's why I didn't ever thought about nine came to Him. And He said to him, why is it that the people revolted against you? But they didn't revolt against obovata? Normal? Why is it that you have so much civil strife in your society? Whereas a look at the number they didn't have that? So I didn't know the law, I only said you had many jobs. I know what I've done, because the people of the community that we're working in are ruling over where people like me and those like me,

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what do you do it until I'm done, and he says, I'm my man, the people who are moving over are you and people like you. So that's the reason why I have this stripe. It's because I'm moving over people like you. And so when we look at the situation of

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the entire world, really,

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it requires from us to point the fingers towards ourselves because Allah Subhana Allah says in the law, legal, my department has a little maybe I'm fooling him, a lot has not changed the community or the change of the condition of a people until they change what is within themselves, that a person fears that even if a person that they are oppressive, has no resource, has no recourse, that they still fear that person because they still have the recourse of a loss of Hana data, while you have nebby Sofia in the honeypot of YOLO. And who and the Sahaba, who lost a lot of years and he says I feared

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he says I fear every oppression. He says in the last day and of Lima Malaysia do I also on my blog, he says I am very afraid that I oppress anyone who has no recourse and no support against me except from a loss of pan Oh God. That is a person I'm very afraid of oppressing the person that I'm very afraid of mistakenly taking that right because he's also had, he's not intending to oppress anybody. But he says I am the person why I'm most afraid of wrongdoing. That's a better word, the person that I'm most afraid of what wrongdoing is the person who has no connection? The person who has no recourse the person who has no access against me to resolve this dispute, except for last panel

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data, and the province of ally do send them in Mosul haba with teach this to each other and they will say that within Muslim, fear the of the person who's oppressed Why? Because there is no hijab between them and the loss of kind of that some of the things that the province the licen and taught us even on a daily level, the prophets of the lightning send them said that the he said that the the muck of Allah honey knew that a person who has the ability to repay a debt,

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and they delay repaying that debt. That is a loop that isn't a question that is done. I borrowed money from so and so a couple of months ago.

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And I've had the ability to pay it back. Let me hear doesn't mean rich, let me hear me is the one who's able, the province level license says you're delayed in repaying that person, that debt that's owed is a loan that is the the promise on the lightest of them on another occasion, and reminding the machine is a young man at the time. He says that I came to the loss of a lady, I said, Look,

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I came to the province, the lightest send them and my father brought me with him. Because my father had brought a gift for me. My mother had

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asked my father to bring me some gifts. And so my father went and he got me some gifts. And then she said, Go and make the provenance of the lettuce and then witness over these gifts. Go and make him bear witness. That is what my father took me. And he said to those who lost the light and said love my son, I brought some guests rent. His mother was asking me to bring some gifts. So I brought some guests around. And she wants you to be a witness over it. And so the prophet SAW the light, they said and said to him, Have you other kids, other than Him? And he said, Yes, I have other kids. Well, did you get them gifts off? So he said no, just for this one. And so the province level, like

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I said, I've said in the last video, I don't? I don't, I'm not a witness over injustice. Right? Even something as daily is that that if I'm going to bring gifts to my children, that I make sure that I'm bringing gifts to all of them, that I don't cause or bring about injustice to any particular one of them. A loss of Hanover it says about the Day of Judgment might have brought me in I mean, I mean in relation to a new bar. A law says that on the Day of Judgment, those who oppress, they will have no sheffy they will have no intercessor they will have no I mean, they'll have nobody who's warm towards them. There will be they will have no friends, no supporters and a loss of Hannah data set

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some sort of bucket Oh my god. Why do you mean I mean, I'm saying that those who oppress they will have no unsought on the Day of Judgment. So we asked a lot of kind of data to remove from our hearts and from our actions, any oppression and to make us of those who stand against it, or some will lie to us and hammer the poor Matthew Matthew Mustafa Romani, we're looking for stuff you don't know.

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Hi.

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I do have your sim sim can fill up. Now we as human beings, we're social creatures, a lot of times when something is wrong,

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it stands out to us at the beginning. And that's why the moon card is called mocha and mouth is called the narrow mouth means that which is recognized. Something that is mouth is something that people understand and people are familiar with. And that's why my wolf is translated as good, but it's not really good. My wolf means that which is mainstream that which people are familiar with, because the righteous or good people, common people, decent people, they recognize what is good to be good and what is bad to be bad. And that's why a new cup literally means that which is unrecognizable, there's that which is unfamiliar. And then my roof only remains my roof as long as

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the people continue to recognize it. And the moon car continues to be Mancha as long as it is underground, as long as it is not allowed to bubble up to the surface and become mainstream. As such, our nature is that the more that we see that which is evil, the more we become familiarized with it, and the more it becomes normalized, and the more you are just inclined to be okay with it, and maybe even practice it. And that's why we are familiar with this. And Muslim countries, when corruption is incredibly high, you will find that even the most decent people will take bribes, even the most decent people will be corrupt. Because it's just it's just the law of the land. It's just

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the way that things work. Everybody is doing it. However, the prophet SAW the light I sent him set a standard for us. And he said last Hulu, imagine the Hulu in action. And as I said, Now in lalamove, alumna when I can walk through NASA, NASA, and you know, we're in

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the province of Alliance, I said, don't be Yasmin, don't be Yes, people, that you if the people are good, then you are good. And if the people are oppressive, then you become oppressive. But rather, he says make up your own minds what to emphasize that if the people are stand firm, that when the people are righteous and good, then you are good. And if the people are oppressive, then you don't oppress that you don't oppress. And I wanted to direct everybody in the scope and what remains of it. So just one

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manifestation of oppression

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that exists here.

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And that is the criminal justice system. I'm not sure if you're all aware, but there's been a strike that's been happening for the past two weeks. And it's a national prison strike, that inmates in prisons in over 17 states, and maybe even more than that, have been on strike for the past two weeks, and they'll continue to be on strike. This is the third week actually, they'll be on strike until Sunday. And they're

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their demands, they have a list of 10 demands after the hook, but you can just go online and look up the prison strike and you'll find the 10 demands that they have, but of the demands that they have. And I think it's something that's present in the back of our minds, but it's not really at the forefront of our minds. We know that America has got 5% of the world's population and 25% of the world's prisoners.

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Over 2 million people in the United States are in prison now. Over 4 million people are on parole. One out of every three Americans has a criminal background.

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So there's a problem here.

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Not only that, but there's a greater problem when you have 80% of federal prisons are for profit, not for profit means you know what a disaster that is for a justice system, that when your prisons are for profit, ie you make money off of people going to jail.

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I'll never forget I met a brother.

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We were just having lunch. Wonderful brother. And we were sitting down and he had mentioned that he had been in prison.

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And so I asked him, I said, How long were you in prison for he said 27 years.

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27 years. And he said it like he was mentioning what high school he had gone through just very calm. There was a peace around and he had come to peace with I was enraged for him.

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And then I asked him, I said, Did you work in prison? He said yes. How much did you make? He said I made $5 a month,

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worked full time, made $5 a month, full time 40 hours a week in prison. He's working. So now you see the incredible conflict of interest between a justice system that allows for private prisons, where these inmates can work for 13 cents an hour, eight cents an hour. And in some states, they work for free. That's why when the California wildfires you heard and I'm sure you came across these articles about inmates who went to fight the fires. Why? Because this was just a way for them to get out of their cell.

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I'll go and fight a forest fire, no problem.

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In any case,

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the prison industrial system in the United States needs reform.

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And it has to be something that concerns us. The promise of a lot isn't enough. And there's so much that I wanted to share, but I just want to cut it short. But I just want to show you with one Heidi, and I want to share with you just two plans of action I want to do number one is that you need to learn about the prison industrial complex in the United States. It's not right, we have to do better. We can't have the same communities that 100 years ago were enslaved. You know, when one brother said, and it's a very profound point, he said, I want you to imagine that a Nazi, I want you to imagine that in Germany Now, if the majority of those in German prisons were Jewish.

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How would the world look at that?

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How would the world look at that, after the Holocaust and, and the history of Jews in Germany,

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the world would undoubtedly look at it with incredible suspicion.

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And yet in the United States, after slavery, and after Jim Crow, and after all of these things, we see that there is a disproportionate amount

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of African Americans in prison.

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And yet, we don't look at it with suspicion, we kind of just assume that, you know, we made a lot of bad choices, but of the demands that these prisoners are making. Number one is better facilities. Number two, is the right to vote after they get out. And this is something incredible that after a person has served their debt to society 1020 years, that they're never able to vote again in any election. They're never able to voice their experience. They're never able to participate in anything that would actually create change for the system that they just got out of and they're most familiar with. In any case, the province the lightest of them, and I end with this the province

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little ideas send them as imagined reports dravidian, Abdullah says that one of those who lost some of it SLM came to

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when some of the Muslims from Habesha Abba, sr, they have been in an atmosphere for many years. They came near the end of the time of the prophet SAW Selim in Medina, the last few years, they came back and saw the prophets on the lights and asked a very human question. He says, What is the most amazing thing that you saw in I've seen him? And so one man, he said, he also loved the most amazing thing that we saw. Remember that obviously, names are Christian. He says, we saw a nun walking, and this nun, she's a woman carrying a vessel of water on her head in the way that people do. He's carrying a vessel of water on her head, and she's walking. He said, a young man walked up from

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behind her, he pushed her to the ground. Just hooliganism, right.

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And so she got up, and the vessel had broke. And she looked at the young man, and she said, you will come to know Yeah, the old trader, you'll come to know that on the Day of Judgment, when a law sets up the coup. And he enhanced speak about what they used to earn, you will come to know about this affair between you and me very soon.

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So she's saying to him, on the day of judgment, we're going to have an appointment very soon. So the province the light is and then he then commented and he said, South Africa, South Africa, k for you have this Allahu Homerton, like Has anybody mentioned Didi. He said she has spoken the truth, she has spoken the truth. How can Allah How can God bless a community where the weak do not have a mechanism to secure their rights from the strong and so we realize that in our engagement in our vocalization in our support of oppressed communities, of marginalized communities, that what we are doing is we are trying to bring the blessings of a loss of kind of out of the blessings of God, to

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our communities to our country, to our family, to the cities that we live in. We asked the loss of Hannah data to allow us to hear the speech and follow the rest of it is the loss of kinda data to free our prisoners. We asked the last panel data to three political prisoners and protect those who have been oppressed and we asked the last panel data to make the best of our days our last days and the best of our moments today that we meet him allow mainland us adequate agenda. According to be coming and not we're not gonna be there in the corner. I'm at Aloma to fusina taqwa, Zeki Hunter, a woman's aka Antonio harmala a lot more similar than harshita Camacho to behave in an lb animosity. I

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mean, but I think I'm actually gonna be jenica Emilio de matar who will be hiding almost like with Madonna long that is my you know, upside you know, who has you know, other than my patient, but I realize I mean, like I thought my night I'm on vamana also Manuel Miranda, Donna nicd Nina velocidad Amina Amina COVID-19 sirona without agenda to head on and I

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lira Allahu kasana for her mo Donna wash Morgana. Some of the highlights even hammered home a loss of Article

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