November 13, 2023

Sulaiman Moola


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As believers we need to no injustice is disliked by Allah across the board. And as much as we blow the whistle against the foe in the adversity, sometimes we also need to realize this injustice happening within our own circles. We quick to raise the alarm and press the panic button there. But what about that which is cooking in our own homes and environments?

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Allah told the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, oh my hubby, either I show you the destruction of your enemy or I destroy them after I take you away, but I will destroy them.

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But in either of the scenarios, your obligation remains the same.

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You got to carry on with what you have to do. What imaginery and Nicobar bollettino widow whom own at our failure neck for innama La Bella wa Helene hisab

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we're in Monterey and Nicobar living in Urdu who we can strike now you can witness it always strike pose your demise, but your duty remains to convey the message. If you have stolen or occupied or you serve the right of another person, you will either pay in this world or you will pay in Africa, whether that be on a micro or a macro level, whether that be the distortion of political facts are that be the tempering of an inheritance document usurping the right of your sibling