Riad Ouarzazi – Tafseer Bites #16

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The Toronto International Creations Conference is holding a series of virtual sessions covering various topics, including the release of various music releases, the history of Islam, and the "has been revealeded" concept. The "has been revealed" concept is discussed, along with the "has been revealeded" concept, and the "has been revealeded" concept. The "has been revealeded" concept is also discussed, along with the "has been revealeded" concept. The "has been revealeded" concept is also discussed, along with the "has been revealeded" concept. The "has been revealeded" concept is also discussed, along with the "has been revealeded" concept. The "has been revealeded" concept is also discussed, along with the "has been revealeded" concept. The "has been revealeded" concept is also discussed, along with the "has been revealeded" concept. The "has been revealeded" concept is also discussed, along with the "has been revealeded" concept. The "has been revealeded"
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sought to sell them a lot so he left so there might ecommerce multiple atana where Baba to

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there we go this is zazzy we're coming to our to see tafsir bites there see bits. This is session number 16 and today inshallah with Anna we're going to be with surratt at Toba Sala to tell us that Mr. de la vaca so

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I'm just going to give maybe a minute for more people to join so that we can start with a coma. Sara, how's everybody doing? I hope you guys are doing great today. shala Saturday. It's very

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special. It's a warm day today in in Toronto. gta quite warm here today. The very beautiful day sun is out. People are outs people are out.

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You know, they're just gardening, jogging, running, skating biking. People are tired. I can't blame them. I cannot blame them

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for that, I mean all right. So what does the sisters

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know what's going on here?

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Anyway, so I've got Instagram here and I've got Facebook here.

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This is our tafsir bytes. This is session number 16 and today inshallah Allah we're going to be with solid October so October so if you have those notebooks that you you know, keep notes on but these maybe you can take your pull them out, you know, get a pen handy as well because I'm going to be sharing with you a lot of information about Salta tilba tilba is that only solid that does not start with Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim as he right it's a surah in the Quran. That does not start with Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. It goes straight into ba Mina ma he was foodie, but I mean Allah. Ne and this is why it's called Bara or or innocence. Or you may say,

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to disavow you know, so the sort of the Toba it's number is number nine is some number nine, and it has 120 a 120 verses and it's in just 10 and 11. Just 10 and a 11. It's called salata, Toba, it is actually a melody solo as well. Making a song just like chocolate and fat is a myth any Sora and salted Toba right after salt and fat is a mad Denisova and except few verses that were revealed in Mecca. But the majority of the solar is made any solar.

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It's called salted Toba. It's called Bora

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Bora it's called and farther

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and farther and farther high means it is the solar that exposes it exposes the

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exposes the

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donatien. The hypocrites it's called the Toba because it talks a lot about tobacco because of that in that repentance and then it's called Bara.

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Bara is

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like you are disavowing certain acts or certain people or certain people's acts like an innocence Betty Betty is like somebody who's innocent

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so these are the names of solid

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October it's called also alpha they have on file they have means it's it's the song that unmasked those hypocrites it revealed you know an expose them and father, right.

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So that a tober it is considered to be from El amin, some scientists from the center from the seven long ones, but also some cities from alameen. I mean those sources that are 100 more or less versus right handed or more or less versus

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above the

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law, used to say

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to Allah masala Baba Whalley Manu said the circumcised in law, this is all this is not a hadith elevated to the Prophet Mohammed. This is a howdy This is a saint of Rama used to say, learn salatu wa learn so much but I mean in solid October, so October.

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And teacher women saw that a lot used to say teacher women saw that

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so that the tobermore brothers and sisters it's number in as they said it's in the in the last half is number nine. But in terms of revelations because we have 114 soldiers, so October is number 113 113.

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So So Pamela, if we have 114 Solas, so the Toba is 113. That means is the one before last, right? is the one before last the solar before the last one in the right after so.

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And it is, you know, the very last saw to be revealed before, you know, in one day 114 saw, so it is very, very late. So that's why we say it's a solid dinosaur

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the suburban new zoo. What are the reasons why the solo was revealed? There are about 15 reasons why the solo was revealed. The solo was revealed it has 15 reasons. Some of them are related to the Battle of the book.

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The has worked ebook, and some are related with the monaca pain, the hypocrites, some verses pertinent to the Battle of their book. Some verses are pertinent to the one africaine, or the hypocrites. And there's some verses pertinent to the gap. Who leans and Toby as well, you know, Tobia of the of the Sahaba, and the believers, and there's also one reason pertinent to the Arab, the Bedouins at the time of the Prophet Muhammad as a Semite is also one reason pertinent to the hood. One reason that is related to the Jews and also altogether 15 reasons why the solar was revealed. And the solar the introduction of the server. You remember when we said we have 10

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introductions 10 different introductions. The solar here saw that a Toba? It starts with MK la kabani. What's matahari It's a statement.

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It starts with a statement. But I don't mean a lot, you know, like some sort of information, but it's a statement. A lot of these are vows or the declaration exactly a declaration or a statement. You know, these are vowing, disavowing the hypocrites and the machine and those an atheist is about you know, the atheist, but

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from the atheist,

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the model of the soul of my brothers and sisters, the model or the, or the,

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the, the topic of sort of the Toba

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altogether together is about like three sections, that accent the solar is split into three main sections. The first section talks about as he had struggled a

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lot of the solar In fact, a lot of it deals with, you know, also called tilba batavi talks about Jihad and degradation of you know, of, of struggle for the sake of Allah subhana wa tan, the second, the second talks about the the, the march towards the puzzle of Allah. So the first section talks about introduction to jihad. The second section talks about the march towards the cause of Allah. The first section talks about the introduction of the struggle, and the second section talks about the march towards the cost of Allah. And the third section talks about the continuation of struggling towards the cost of Allah Subhana Allah Tad. So verse I mean, section number one starts

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from verse number one to verse number 37

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verse number one to verse number 37. And here Allah subhana wa tada you know, starts with a declaration or statement, you know, disavowing

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what mean Allah He was alone he in an SEO man had done about another law her body mentally emotionally kainoa who

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has decreased and his proffer and his profit in SEO min hedges aka COVID has lockable so the soda was revealed in the in the oven as the last one the profit as a semi nice final hedge

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what the Finally I need the one and only hedge when he is supposed to them Yo man hasn't come up and it hasn't occupied or they know the the days of hedge the main days of hedge the you know the tank, you know, which is the 10th day of of aid and then you have the 11th 12th or 13th so these days a concept called and has about the greatest hedge why glitters hedge because the majority of the amount are done during those days, especially on the 10th of the Asia, especially on the 10th of the Asia. The majority of the rituals are done on the 10th of the Asia. You have the

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Go into pebbles, you have the shaving, you have the slaughtering, you have the wife and a father, right?

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the removing of the claws and then putting your clothes on so, you know, so

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these are all the you know, the, the majority of the ritual rituals are done on that particular day so it's called and has about in that day Allah subhana wa tada says, that Allah is very Allah, these vows, Allah subhanho wa Taala these are vows and machinic You know what, also those atheists and His Prophet Moses and also these amounts there, you know, those ages, Allah subhana wa Taala also talks about

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Mr. And Mrs. And

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a lot of those

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in the same section, he elevates the status and the rank of the those who struggle in the cost of Allah subhana wa Tada, he says

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levina M and o junglefy. So being in

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levena M and o jollof. He said what he said, Ed, let he be um, when he was 14

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in the law, when

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he got home on his own, the last panel, China says with regard to those who believed, and those who migrated, and those who struggle in his cause fie sebelah with the wealth and with the souls, the struggle of tourism in the cousin of law with the wealth and with the source are the models written in the law, they have a greater rank in the set of lessons. And those are indeed, the successful ones. In fact, these are the winners, the winners, right? So this also is mentioned in the first section of solid,

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solid tobacco.

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And then also Allah subhana wa Tada. talks about in the same section, but I don't mean no shaking.

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And Bara in order to borrow these evaluate any money, anybody who commits Shrek, including the parents, including the parents, and lots of Hana witnesses. Yeah, you handed in an order that the heydo Urbana wife wanna come

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in is to have one cofilin Eamon

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Yeah, are you I Latina man. Oh,

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yeah, that's

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what I wanna come

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in is to have bulk of either email or you who believe do not regard your parents and your brothers.

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And your brothers. Oh, yeah, I know. Odd meaning, make them usually make them your partners, if they choose kofa over Amen. Hello. So even even even a parent even a loved one if they choose kofa versus Amen. You do you disavow their actions? You disavow this action? This happened to be in this habit as well. In the Battle of battle in the Battle of India, no other battles. They some of them had to fight it on parents, or some of the parents had to fight it on children. Subhana Allah right, so alized Oh, God, it makes it very clear. Anybody even from your loved ones who accept you know, go for the verses. Amen. You disavow that actions?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala also in the same section

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when he says putting in can Akuma Abner

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as well as your Kuma Shiro to come Why Sheila to come on. Why don't you

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talk Shona Casa de la Sakina todo I have bet you a comin Allahu Allah so only what do you had if he said Ed fatahna bustle had yet to load the empty one love would a good comment last evening. Allah subhana wa tada says say if you're

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if your father's if you're if your children if your brothers and sisters if you're

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your spouse's, I shudder to come your tribes and wandering off to more have a wealth which you have accumulated with the Shelton, Shona Casa business, a commerce which you feel declined what my second thought and properties which you are delight, you know in having more belongs to you than Allah and His Prophet and striving in the cause of Allah Fatah bustle had a little bit of a wait about the commands of Allah has yet to be afflicted upon you. Yeah, and he, the love of Allah and His Prophet and striving in these cars comes before anything else. This is why I said sort of the tober talks a lot about you know, striving in the cause of Allah subhana wa tada also in the same section in sort

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of the

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About in the same section, Allah subhanaw taala talks about the sacred months, he talks about the sacred months, how many sacred months do we have? I'm asking you now questions, this is a this this is called Deaf seed bites. So, this is a very special course, for those who are very, you know, special that are no, this is different than the homemade happiness or the end of time. This is purely random course. This is a purely random course for only those who really want to take notes and you know, go into it. So as you can see, my style is very different than the style of homemade happiness or the end of time, right, because this is purely purely then. So how many months do we

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like sacred muster? We have four what are the what are those four months? What are those sacred months?

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Because there are 12 months and allies in this sola he defines those sacred months in the Shahada in the law his national shahara mean ha yo mahalo

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mean how about

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Allah subhana wa tada the month that realization has created that 12th the day when he created the heavens and earth amongst them for a sacred what are the four sacred months

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is Ramadan the sacred month

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what are the four sacred months brothers and sisters

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have one

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Ramadan was a

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little hazy, masala

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is ramadan

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ramadan is not chowmahalla

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Ramadan is not Sahaba so what are the the the what are the months?

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Huh? We have one, we have Russia. We have we have What else?

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We have the al Qaeda and did his

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Muharram Marcia DeLuca these are the four sacred months Ramadan is not the sacred month. A lot of people make the mistake now. So you have

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Remember that, remember the sacred months these are the sacred months for for ovum. We have 12 months lunar calendar, mosque and lunar calendar

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months in Islam, there are 12 amongst them are four which are sacred, their sexuality, you know, it goes higher than the other months, Raja Muharram located Asia for So, lesson panels that talks about that in the in the in the in this first section and also talks about an A C in an S in them and the CCA will cover what's in there see this is something a practice that they used to do nj Leah these to the engineer this practice where you know they would because if they had let's say we have one because they know moharram is a month of which is sacred sometimes they would they would make it a month before a month after you know they will they will they will move it ahead or they will move it

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back. So they call it Nessie. Allah Xhosa says no this practice is called the sacred month our sacred Mondays are the sacred months Maha Brahma Raja Raja but in je they used to play with these months. So Allah subhanaw taala also mentioned that in the in this first section, in the second section, Allah subhana wa Tada. The second section starts from 38 to 122.

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The second section of Salta Toba starts from verse number 38 to verse number 122.

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And hear the loss of Hannah Taylor talks again about the hypocrites and the somehow the attributes of the hypocrites, the attributes of the hypocrites.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala. Also

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in the same section

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talks about a toe bath,

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too, with regard to those who did not write who chose not to go and join the Muslims in the bathroom. You know the very well known story about the three companions right who stayed back and they did not go in the water book, the book they stayed back and then the Prophet Mohammed was so angry at them was really upset at them and then he ordered them to, he ordered the Sahaba to they ordered them to be isolated from the the mosque and from the side and from the from the masjid and from the Sahaba not to talk to them. Even their wives they had to stay away from their wives for 14 days. Imagine for four

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Today's nobody wants to talk to them nobody not even sat down. And Allah subhana wa tada sent down the the, the AI a while a celebrity Latina, holy foo. And with regard to those three who stayed back Allah subhana wa tada sent down the idea that everybody has accepted their repentance, right that repentance. So this is also mentioned in sort of Toba in verse number two, a verse and section number two, also in the same section, Allah Subhana Allah talks about measure the law, what's measured the law sisters and brothers.

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What is measured data

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and what is measured it has a relationship with some another measure it has a relationship with this measure called measured what the very first mark mosque that was, that was built.

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The very first month that was founded by Islam, the very first mosque that was founded in Islam is called Masjid pullback, right combat before measured combat, there was this measured that was actually established by the hypocrites it's called measured there are measured There are so they should be revealed to the Prophet Mohammed as I said them that these hypocrites they build this measure, you know, so that they can plot things against Islam. So the Prophet Mohammed or the Sahaba to go and destroy that measure, it's called measured there are right measured There are so then after that measured was destroyed. Then the Prophet Mohammed established or founded the very first

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measure in Medina yes measured Koba Allah assertions with regard to measure that measure the process Allah taqwa a measure that was built upon piety. So that was the first measure and this story is mentioned in source the Toba inverter in section number two. With regard to

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last section, section number three, it starts from 123

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to 129, one to 23 to 129.

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And Allah subhana wa tada in that section

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keeps going keeps talking about the continuation of jihad, the continuation of jihad, the continued a continuation of struggling towards the pose of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And at the very end, the last panel talks about the Baraka of the Prophet Mohammed Allahu Akbar, he talks about the blessings of the coming of the Prophet Mohammed Salim when he says in the very last verse, la de

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la Soloman for Sikkim, azeez la Hema

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Aziza la Hema I need to have a song la

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mininova oh four one locking for that one no one has to be unlocked.

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You know, you know who are the heater what

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are the so the last section starts from you know, 123 to the very end. And here Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about again, you know, continuation to struggle of the cause of urbanization, plus talking about the blessings of the coming of the Prophet Muhammad, the agenda and physical prophet has been sent out to you, he has come to you from Africa from yourselves from your own tribes from your own people he has come to you

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as isn't really my heritage. It can be more meaning for him. He is with the believers there is a lot of he's kind and the Rahim is merciful towards the believers of happiness. A lot of you send them the comment of the Prophet, the coming of the profit. You know, he came as a man from his own tribe and he came with that quality. He is Lehane he is he is gentle, he is kind He is merciful towards the believers. So Lahore I think he will send them and this will bring the end to so at the end of sort of the Toba as I mentioned this is salted Toba.

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The solar is number nine in the end and it is made from the mean it is over 100 so it's from the mean and it is a Madani saw and it's also called a tow bar it's called Bara and it's called alpha they have that you know the the solar that exposes and disclose the hypocrites the non believers. Yeah, the solar is is in between Jews 10 and 11 you know 10 and 11.

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That's about it sisters and brothers with regard to saw that at Toba inshallah, tada we will meet not tomorrow, Sunday but on Monday, you know for another episode in sha Allah hota Allah talking about the

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next sola inshallah, tada, this is step see the bytes. session number 16. Those of you who just came in, we're done. You can always go back and watch the session. This is the see, you know, sessions, you know, it's called as what's called tipsy bites, not long, you know, kind of short and sweet.

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And it's not a deep deep you know, deep dive scene. But definitely we talk about the core of it as I come along. And I hope it's, it'll be really beneficial to all of you so that when you pray, you will get in Salah when you hear next time so the Toba, you know, or the solid talks about, you'll understand what the soldier talks about and you will understand what it meant any solo or Mickey solo and you will also understand the reasons why the solo was revealed. Right? You will understand the reason why this solo was revealed. May Allah bless you all is that Kamala Harris I would see you there on six o'clock pm eastern time. 11 o'clock pm UK time for the home homemade happiness. Oh yes.

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You don't want to miss that one. Homemade happiness session on episode number three. That is in Sharla at six o'clock pm us Eastern time. And 11 o'clock pm

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UK time shallow to add. Alrighty.

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Is that come Lucha brothers and sisters? Facebook thank you so much with SEO shallow today the wrong is that Kamala Shan is the graham thank you so much for joining my lovelies Suzanne law Hello. Sara Marie Kondo robot cat

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