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smilla hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah

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salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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This is reality zazzy we're coming up to the tipsy bits or bytes. And today inshallah we are with flora and nemen today, shall we, I would saw, like the normal to see the bikes. So you may want to grab your

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notebooks, Sharla maybe, if you have, because this is a series that we have started back in Ramadan, and will be nice if you were to take notes, and you have, let's say a note book called tipsy bites, and then it'd be taking notes and shout louder to added his little beautiful, you know,

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bits that we share with you.

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Not deep to see the but you know, enough so that you can shout loud to either understand the syllables and be comfortable with them. So if you may want to take your

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notebooks and pens, and get ready to chop the whole time so that we can start today we, I would say that a normal sort of normal ads in Arabic, it's called a normal in English.

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And these little, you know, insects and Subhanallah is the world the world of the bees, the world of this sort of net, and then select normal. So how amazing that is, in the, the world of the bees, the world is of the insects, the world of the ants. So today we are solving them. Number 27, from the, from the from the Quran in or from the most half, it's number 27. And it has 93 versus 93. Is, and it's between just number 19. And just never 20 years number 19. There's there's never been 20 this is what I've never heard number 2793 versus just number 19 and 20. And it is mechi. sola, meaning that the whole sold up was revealed in Mecca. So it's an early source I've never saw one of the ads

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is a very early solar, since it's a mechi. Solar.

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It's called solar thermal, because there was this story of Solomon and the name of the Sulayman. And the ants. So Allah subhanaw taala called it salt and lemon.

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And it is from an authentic, what does that mean? And it again, just to remind you, the four types of salts and the other four types of so once you have the seven long ones, and then after that comes in the mean, or you know those that are 100 or so, versus they're called mean comes from Mia and mean Arabic means 100. And then right up below that, then you have mF n and Nathaniel are those that are less than hundreds. All right. So this Sora is considered to be from an muthoni as the Prophet Mohammed, you know, he says solarz limb with regard to the method, he says, I was given the mithali in lieu of the Injeel in the engine is the Bible. So I was given the muthoni in view of the of the

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in terms of its revelation, you know, had 14 souls in the Quran. This is Sala number 47, in terms of its revelation is 47. Right? So 114 Solas chapters. So it normally is 47

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right after solid shala sorts of Shahada, which we talked about, you know, a couple of days ago, and the beginning or the intro, the introduction of the soul starts with photofit, as

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I mentioned also in our series that we have 10 types of introductions in the end 10 types of introductions, this sort of starts with hold off. And what do we call health, hygiene. You know, the those that start with Alif Lam meme has meme

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policy policy mean? These are called Hall effect as you saw the Sora starts with

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it starts with bar scene. bars in Do they have any meaning? Nothing authentic, nothing that we know of from any headed that explains the meaning of this whole of these letters. They just one of the miracles of the app.

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There is no

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nothing from the ad that talks about the reason why the song was revealed.

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And the soul of my brothers and sisters is split into an introduction. And it has two sections introduction and two section. The introduction starts from verse number one to verse number five, verse number one to verse number five

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By Allah subhanho wa Taala God talks about the plan and the clear evidence you know of this and it is keytab movie loss of Hana what it says by the OB lamina Shivaji palsy DeLuca or Annie wakita be Moby mobie

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Bashar meanie. This is houda This plan is a guidance, and it is bushwa It's a black tidy and for the believers who then live more meaning. So Alicia talks about the the the, the, the the clear evidence of this, and and that it is no it is a guidance to mankind it is bushwhack lactide into the believers. Then the first section brothers and sisters start from verse number six to verse number 58, as I mentioned, so that animal is split into

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two sections section that starts from verse number six to verse number 58. And in this section, Allah subhana wa tada talks about stories us the majority of the answer Pamela is stories. And I talked about this in the other study series that I have, in all the series of the stories of the prophets, which I know I deliver at six o'clock pm eastern time. The majority of the end is stories. So Pamela, so allows us to talk about study of masa talked about study offs when a man talks about study offsider talk about the study of Lord in the first section of Solomon, Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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with regard to Salima, well, why do you test with a man although that will

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only limit

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could lishui Allah subhanho wa Taala as he says he inherited what we're talking about inheritance. But what type of inheritance is not about wealth? It's not about money. Also your children, also your loved ones, right?

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One of the names of Allah Subhana time and is the supreme inheritor and where if the supreme inheritor, what does that mean? The Supreme inheritor that eventually we will all go back to Allah zildjian, who was the supreme inheritors of Haida data? So he what he says when a man that would say a man inherited What did he inherit that would David, his son, well, are they a un us? And Salima says oh you people, Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Excuse me? Bless to a man with a great

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monarchy, dominion, Kingdom power. Yeah. So he says, Yeah, you have NASS or aluminum or copper, or blessed lasers have taught us we've been taught the language of birds. So the man could understand the language of birds. So the man can understand the language of animals he could understand the language of, of birds of insects, as you can see, later on, when he will hear the story of this nibble of the insects. He had so much power. You had the jinn working for him, you know, he had mankind working for him he had no all these you know, he's his, like I said, his monarch, his dominion was huge. In fact, the biggest kingdom on earth, the greatest kingdom on earth was the

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kingdom of Solomon and he sent it so he says, Yeah, you harness aluminum on the cotton, oh, you people who have been that we have been taught the language of birth. And then so the man was going, you know, with his army.

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And then he says, had had a word that word in until they reached a valley of ants. They reach a very advanced him and he saw his army. barn open them latonia I you have no need Hello, my Sakina come wahaca Yeah, Johan nematode hora Misaki in this world of insects, this world of bees and the world of ants is a world of wonder. Right? It's a world of wonder. He heard

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the one of the ants who's probably the queen of them, saying yeah, you handle all your normal. All you ants autonomously?

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Enter your dwellings. Why?

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Why enter your dwelling is what happened.

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She's saying enter your dwellings or you'll be destroyed by

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by Salima.

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And it's not like Solomon is doing it on purpose.

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No, he's not seeing, you know, he's just like, you know, it's an army of ants and he has got no he's on army. He's not like doing it on purpose to destroy us. But enter you know, go to your dwellings and hide until the army you know passes by.

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He understood that language he understood, you know the language of ants.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. As I said, it's a lot more we'll talk about that as well. The salt, salt Sulaiman as well. So let's talk more about this.

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As I mentioned in the first section, Allah has talks about the story of a man the story of Mossad also inside a lot. And also in the second section, Allah subhana wa at second section starts from first 59 to verse 9359, to 93 he Allah subhana wa tada

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talks about

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his aim he talks about his bar talks about his knowledge, some Hanauer data, such an amazing and of this, you know, the of this of the chapter, beautiful, beautiful is that talks about the knowledge and the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala I'll give you an example. I'll give an example.

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In salt in verse number 62, Allah subhana wa tolerations mejor de buena matava either

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way up she foresaw

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La en el dedicado ama Yuji Bhutto, Allah subhanho wa Taala says with regard to his power, who is the one who answers the call of the needy and Mooji Who is the one who answers the call of the needy and may use your

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work she was so he who is the one who who any of you ate your your your pain when she was so well yeah look, I'm horrified and he makes the inheritors inland Illa Allah is there any god other than Allah? beautifully Allah azza wa jal making us you know

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think ponder about his power so kinda who attacked it? And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says this verse number 63

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Allah Murphy semi Why do you want

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to know law say oh Mohammed that non nun knows the the unseen from the from the whether it's in the heavens on earth in love law except Allah. Yeah and the drink they don't know the the gin the SE has the angels even they do not know the vape even profits they don't know. They don't know the unseen you know, the who knows the unseen Allah subhana wa tada and listen, and then to Allah azza wa jal reveals he's, you know, the Kree on his end scene to let's say, the angels or to the prophets, they would know. The story of Musa is a great example. Musa

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Musa and

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Moosa who said, you know, who is the somebody asked him from Florida, who is the greatest and most knowledgeable man on earth. He says, I am the most knowledgeable man on earth and I wanted to teach him a lesson. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, as you know, and inspired him to go into meat.

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And Allah azza wa jal taught him some knowledge which he did not teach, which he did not teach mosa right. He wanted to teach him that lesson. So when they traveled together, and then committed certain acts and Moosa, the Prophet Musa the Prophet was, you know, astounded as to why accredo was committing these crimes or committing these actions, like, you know, putting damage in the boat or killing an innocent boy or whatnot, right? So Eliza didn't want it to teach Moosa You see, the one who knows the LM is Allah subhana wa tada knows who the one who knows and He is Allah Subhana Allah indirect means the unseen hola

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hola hola mo Murphy's ml it will go away but in non la se or Muhammad, that no one knows what's in the heavens and earth from the unseen except Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then they say why up una meta Hello, doing kung fu solidarity. He talks in the second or second section talks about the non believers when they ask Can they inquire as to method one, what is the promise of what love is going to become?

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What is the what is the sad one is the hour what is the day of judgment in quantum saw the pain wire coruna they say to the profits, but when is your promise you asking us Are you telling us that a lot of surgeon will do so and so Allah will

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do so and so that you'd be this you'd be punished or you'd be destroyed or you'd be what Incoterms are the thing you know, they were asking them, asking prophets to show them the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala miracles. Also Allah subhana wa Taala says in verse number 79

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speaking or addressing Prophet Mohammed is a synonym for the word can Allah in the kind of helping will be or Mohammed we know that there you know causing you harm and pain and whatnot well that can further work can Allah put your trust in Allah Allah workI in the cattle happy moving on Mohammed indeed very you are upon the truth and the clear evidence so put your trust on Allah put your trust in me subhana wa Tada.

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And then Allah subhana wa tada and verse 87, towards the end of solid enamel talks about the the end of time where it will be blown on the trumpet. He says some kind of way Oh, my Oh,

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Professor Murphy Center, where do you feel all the

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Jamie that

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Elaine's talking about the science of the year after what's happening, you know, Isaiah says, and the day when it will be blown on the trumpet. And we talked about this in my series, the end of time, you know, that the the angel know who's been assigned, just that, that, you know,

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that task of blowing on the trumpet, you know, and once that engine blows on the chaplain for the first time, people would sway and die. And then one more time he would blow the trumpet for people to be resurrected.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala says another sign of the Day of Judgment. What about g better, Jeremy that and what do

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you think you look at the mountains? Do you think that they're solid? is not as they think that they're solid, but they will pass away as the passing away of clouds? Allahu Akbar, right.

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What is now Lazarus is here, you think the mountains that are that look solid, that day, the day of judgment, they will be passing away like the passing of the clouds. You see when you look at the clouds, and you see them passing going fast. That's how the mountains will be passing by on the Day of Judgment. One of the signs of the the judgment once the trumpet would be blown on and they will this is the day of piano, the day of judgment will start monitors that are motors. They will be passing by, like clouds of the fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Well, this is in and the very end that Hatim at the very end of sultanahmet, Allah subhana wa tada ends with, you know, praising him Subhana Allah to Allah and talking about

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the way aid you know, his promises and his warnings with regards to the Day of Judgment. In a nutshell my brothers and sisters, this is the summary of solid and

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as simple as that. I summarized the whole solid number for you in less than 20 minutes,

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less than 20 minutes. It has a deema it has an introduction and it has two main sections. It is a sola

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47 in terms of each Revelation, verse 47, it has 93 verses and it is between juice number 19 and just number 20 and it is a Mickey Sora it's a Mickey soul

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in a nutshell that's all you need to know about solid number HR long time as a common law firm with your brothers and sisters by the coffee calm I appreciate and thank you for joining in you know again shout louder for the series.

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I hope to see you later on today at six o'clock pm eastern time. 11 o'clock peak pm UK time for our stories of the prophets, stories of the prophets that would be today 6pm Eastern Time Shabaab attack already is that Kamala shell for joining me Allah bless you all. We'll see all the other on inshallah. So don't worry somewhere