Riad Ouarzazi – Tafseer Bites #17

Riad Ouarzazi
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Milan hamdulillah salatu salam ala

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so then while it comes much later Allah wa barakato

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Riyadh, Rosetta z we're coming up to another session of to see if they've seen bites or they've seen bits Give me one second and just need to

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fix this in bit more

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one second and shumba

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a little better. Helen was haba haven't become the Assistant Dean Are you from Facebook here? It's the gram How are you are the other of the other city man sorry man. Yeah Have you been where in the world have you been?

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Did they arrest you or something? Where you've been arrested you and your wife you have disappeared for one country me when what have you been?

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almost almost two weeks This is the second week the whole week I didn't see why not. Where have you been?

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Did you go out and and they arrested you or something? I don't know what happened until Mr. Khurana you guys disappeared you're missing you know the homemade happiness the one of the best series right after the end of time you miss you're missing it. You and your wife. You have the I don't know what happened to you guys. You disappeared But anyways, give her a man but Phil bait you have no excuse. Why haven't you been coming online? You're missing out on the on the pogroms. Anyways, Welcome brothers and sisters, all of you may Allah bless you all. Here. Today we are with solid Jonas. Today we are with select Eunice. So let us I like it because because my brother's name is Jonas.

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I'd like to select us because my brother's name is Jonas. And and in fact, I like it because it has some beautiful connotations about things that we can relate to. Right? So please, if you'd like to take your notebooks and pens because we're going to do FCL sobat Yunus inshallah tada short sweet FCB it Neela Okay, so if you have your notebooks please I know some people do Mashallah. They have shared their notes with me Mashallah you know a lot of them do have that. So please pull your books not books, bands, and take some notes. This is sort of see this is not deep tipsy but beautiful to see in Sharla hotel or it comes to the hot lava cat. So that you want a verse number solid number 10

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in the Quran, and it has 109 a a 109 verses it is in just 11 so now we're getting lower and lower because now we are the wind so I

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mean, you know the the third The second type of of swans that go that about 100 versus more or less we call them and mean all those Sala tuna some considered to be from setup one from the seven long ones but it has only 109 or verses. So it is just it is from El amin and it is a mucky sola. It is a murky sola. There are a few verses that were revealed in Medina, but saw that Jonas it is a Mickey saw. And it mentioned a white is yours because it talks mostly about the people of Jonas Allison and Tom Jonas and his center.

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And it starts with la flamme la la flamme la which is you know, the one of the intrado intros, I've spoken about the 10 different introductions and one of them is held at the hedgy. So let us Is there any any

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virtues of the Solon salata Jonas,

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a man came to the Prophet Mohammed. So Sam, this has been written by Abdullah.

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He says that a man came to the Prophet I just said and he says,

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I want to read the end.

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What shall I read? Then the Prophet says F. F and mean that mean that Elif lamela, read the source that starts with Elif Lama. You want to start with Edie. flama.

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And then the man says, I'm old.

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I'm old and I don't have that much energy. And my tongue has become heavy. Is there anything else I can read something less than those than the provinces that have been read those that start with hammy I know they are shorter. The man says he said the same thing all I can do this long. Then the Prophet says apart from them was said

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had in our read the ones that start with some Hana you know disappear some hand you know the short and again

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the man says the same thing I'm all my targets become heavy and my heart is no then then can you tell me some solar that that encompasses all this then the Prophet told him and he thought it as was elected he said a very short to one either zero to

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one apologetic

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upon and in no matter yo my eating too hot this will

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Becca Hana, Yama Ed has gone on so ash data

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from a man Miss Father God watching

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me move on of watching, shall ye Allah, the Prophet says, read this and then the man says yes, Allah will lead you by attackable by the one who sends you our data, I will not read more than this whole

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Oh, it just just read this saw and I will stick to it. I would stick to it then the Prophet says of how always you have to have boys You sure have succeeded this man if he was to do what he said he would do that indeed he would be successful man. So anyways, the solar as I said saltiness is solid number 10 in the must have in the in the in the first half. But in terms of Revelation, it is considered to be number 50 number 50. And the solar was revealed right after salt Islam and right before solitude. So 114 Solas sola Tunis is number five, zero 50. Right before right after that sort of swap. Right? And before solitude. Is there any reason why this law was revealed there's nothing

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mentioned in terms of reasons other than in all talks about.

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It talks about the end a lot to the sort of talks about Docker and in the confirmation and affirmation of the sanctity and the validity of the right. So it starts with * of a * of a desert is Elif lamb and beef lamb mean Alif Lam raw hair mean Alif Lam Meem sod These are what we call it as you so this sort of starts with sort of a Desi. And as I mentioned, the core the main topic of the solar solar Tunis

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is again, confirmation and affirmation of the of the book of Allah assertion.

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So those of you who have joined this, this session is called tipsy bytes. This is really mostly for those people brothers and sisters who are into m who are into n although you don't have to be really like a scholar to attend this lecture. You This is because I'm trying to make it very easy and simple for people to be able to concentrate in the solder if they were to understand the source if they were to understand that which they are recycling so I'm making it very inshallah sweet and simple for you. This is why I don't go too deep into the into the depth see, you know, explaining verse at a time, one word at a time, I talked about the content of the song. So So saw that Jonas is

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split into two main sections, two main sections. The first section is to set

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an evidence against those who wronged This is the first section of salaat units to set an evidence against anybody who wrongs the plan. And the second section talks more about health and it just talks about so first section starts from verse number one to verse number 56. So let you in this first section starts from verse one to verse number 56. And you start with that's why I said, you know, the set an evidence to against those who have wronged the poor and so allows you to start swing, and if lamma tilaka to kitabi Hakeem and keytab and hacking and hacking the all wise, because in this book, there is wisdom. Hakeem comes from hikma and Hickman means wisdom. So, this book

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contains a lot of wisdom in it starts with that there is wisdom in this book, Allah subhana wa tada says, By the origin in back home, this is the start of the of the soul. In another book, one lady had a similar to one of the fisi 33

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verse number three

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is talking about the creation of the earth and the heavens. So kind of our data and then he talks about how allows us

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I created the heavens and earth in six days, in six days, my brothers and sisters, those of you who are here, and as I said, this is this session is mostly for those who are really into a little bit of em, because you cannot teach Tafseer to anyone they've seen has its own people. Right? And it depends on how you teach that have seen really also the teacher who teaches that the seed plays a very vital role. So here's a question for all of you a lot created the heavens and earth in six days, although Allah subhana wa tada all he had to say is be entities. My question to you now Why?

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Why Allah created the heavens and earth in six days, whereas he could have said be and the earth and heavens will be it

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be any it is, but Allah says yeah created the heavens and earth in six days. Why?

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Most male, Kobe, Nadia Nadeem.

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Why I mean, why Fatima Kareem.

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Welcome and don't miss the homemade happiness. Don't miss the homemade happiness. That's the six o'clock that in our sessions, why created a lie created the heavens and earth in six days where as he could have said, the entities

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that have loaded 1806 teach us patience.

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So that we can take it easy on our life and don't rush things. Yes, these are in fact one of the main reasons as to why Allah subhanho wa Taala. Although there are many reasons One of them is that you know, to teach us non Patience, patience, that things like you know, a tree grows in silence as they say, A Tree Grows in silence.

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Elijah could have said it is.

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So it teaches us patience. Yes, it also teaches some Pamela not only us, but also to the angels to show them the magnitude of the greatness of Allah subhana wa Tada. Every day, Allah in those six days, every day Allah will create something will do something will do something, and the images are in art with the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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you know, so there are many reasons and one of the main reasons is to take teach us you know, this, you know, patience in terms of how to run our affairs in this life. So that was mentioned in the first section of solid units that Allah subhana wa tada talks about something that relate to a lot of us my brothers and sisters, you know, when you have a, you know, where we're suffering from this pandemic, and we're sticking home, you know, and we're, we're, you know, 24, seven in our homes and we want to come out some of us wants to travel, some of us want to go in and see their loved ones, some of us right, so, because we are being in not only quarantine, but we've been

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contained in our own homes and there's so many things that we want to do. So looks of Hello, I happen sometimes when we go through difficulties we make lots of

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when we go to difficulties like sickness, looking for a job, looking for the wife looking for the husband going through any type of tribulation, we make lots of there and then when Allah zildjian alleviates that hardship, a lot of people they tend to forget about Allah.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala says by the honorable Amina shaytani r Rajim ye the MSN in Santa Ana de jan de Paul Eden, or EMA, man, what he does

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it jumpy, oh, oh, Paul email

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hamdulillah Excuse me?

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By the mecca chef. Now I'm the

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owner in the Messiah. Because we know little Muslims in America know.

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Allahu Akbar, Allah subhana wa Taala says, when this man

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is being hit by some harm, he invokes us standing, sitting, reclining, he's making so much darn supplication for Elijah to alleviate his tribulation. Then Allah subhana wa tada says, and then when we remove and alleviate his pain and hardship, the man moves and he forgets all about us as if he has never been afflicted with any harm and pain.

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Does that have ever happened to you or know of people that has happened to them or Does that ring a bell that sometimes

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We do that May Allah forgive us. When we got going when we're going through difficulties, even kids, you know, tomorrow you have an exam and then they they they pray your law, your loved one to pass this exam. You have a you have a driving test tomorrow, your law, your law, my driving test tomorrow yada yada yada. You're going you know you have an interview, yada yada yada yada you know you want a wife, yada yada yada you want a husband, yada yada yada. Then when Allah gives you what you want, sometimes what happens to people they forget about Allah Xhosa. He comes to the masjid because they go into difficulties that they want allies that should alleviate their pain.

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They forget about Allah subhanho wa Taala so that allows them to dimension is that in solid Toba nicely you know install a tuna style nicely in

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in the first section of solid

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Jonas also Allah subhana wa tada mentions in solid Eunice in the in the first in the first section in the section that starts from verse number one to verse number 56.

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He responds to those who claim that the plan was forged.

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They say this plan is forged. So Allah subhanho wa Taala respond to them. And the Apolo Neff Dada confect ob sola team, Mr. missing this challenge is entered the end of time

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and they claim that it is been forged like the end so Allah says here's the challenge. Blink sola, can you make one Sora and they couldn't make one solar so Allah says will bring down the challenge. Can you make one one? Can you initially this challenge was bring up like it

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you think it's forge them bigger I like it, they could not then allows you to burn down the challenge within one sword. I like it, and they still could not solve I brought down the challenge. And then he says bring one I like it. And there were some people some hands there were some people on the internet, you know, some some people who saw Hama, may Allah guide them What can I say? Who who made some and right they said look, the Muslims they say that we cannot make the so here's when we are making and they made some soldiers that they think it sounded like the end. They can never, they can never be they can not even you know, an idea that like that, that sounds like a

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bird that challenge to those who claim that the Quran was forged. And then

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the second section of salata, you want to start from verse 57 to verse number 103 those of you who have come in late this is step seed bytes short sweet, not deep into the scene, but this stuff see that will help you just concentrate in your Salah when you are reading solid units or when the Imam is reading solid units and you understand about the soul so this is the aim of this session. You know this stuff See, that's why I call it epcis bytes not too deep to confuse people but also sweet and short and simple inshallah tada the second section of saw that

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you will notice saltiness, from verse 57, to verse number one or three, and Allah subhana wa tada here. He Yeah, yohannes Look, look look look look beautiful,

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Entrance to the second section, talks about

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a lot talks about Docker and in the second section and he says, Yeah, I Johan

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by the

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hour, a lot on our editor Rob become worship.

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Lima fish sudo wahoo mottolino Mini all you people a lot talks about taco and listen please, this is amazing. Allah says all you people and admonition from your Lord has come to you. And that the munition from your Lord has come to you more Allah

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has come to you, where she felt only Murphy's Law and and the cure and the healing to that which is in your chest.

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The end is the cure to that which is in our chest people who are suffering from anxiety, from stress from depression, mental sickness and illnesses, right? It is this time and yes, yes, you can seek and you should seek professional help. Right? But Allah subhanho wa Taala also says in the Quran, that for any she fed to that which is in the in the chests, that which is in the breast, what kind of Shiva what kind of cure cure to that which is spirit

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The cure to that which is physical, a cure to that which is emotional, all types of diseases and all types of illnesses, you will find the cure in the end.

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In section number two of solid tumors, Allah subhana wa Taala also says, Well who the man and it is guidance and mercy to the believers. So you think you're you're, you're lost, you're confused.

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Sometimes we feel like that. Lost, confused.

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We don't know what's going on.

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Wrong, right?

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You need guidance, it's in the end, you need to map it in the correct meaning as Allah subhana wa tada says, In so that you will notice as well.

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And Allah subhana wa tada

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warns those who claim that Allah subhana wa Tada, the gods a sun.

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Because the son he says, well, * will determine whether that should be Han and who I love Ani and they claim that Allah has become the son, Praise be to Him, He is the free of ones. You know, when you bring a son or a daughter, you know, you have some once you need, you have some needs.

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You know, you have a need to get married. And then once you get married, you want children. And once you have children, you want your children to get married so that you can have grandchildren. But Allah is the free of ones who will have any sister Fatima. Your husband's name is Ronnie is that does he understand what that means? and honey in Arabic does not necessarily mean the one who is wealthy. Because in Arabic It means rich, wealthy, but it also means the one who is free of want.

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Honey, three of one is not in need of anything is Allah Allah honey. A man can be honey, but Allah is Allah honey, la la la la la. This comes from my 99 Names of Allah azza wa jal. Allah is a honey you can be Ronnie Gunny, you can be Gunny. But Allah is Ronnie.

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Allah is the fleet of one so can our data I hope you understand and I hope you can tell your husband what that means. I don't even know if you're still here are your left sister Fatima? Oh, am I talking to okay sister yes means is here. She's your sister she can let you know.

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And in the second section of saw that

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Jonas as well, Allah subhana wa tada talks about the story of of, of Norse and also talks about the story of Moosa and Benny eel, as I mentioned, you know, saw that Jonas,

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not only saw Jonas, the story of Musa Musa is the Prophet, the most mentioned in the hall and more than any other Prophet Musa His story is mentioned in the Quran more than any other prophets of Allah. So sola Tunis also one more time talks about you know, mousai sam and Ben Salah he

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and, and Allah subhana wa tada

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at the very end, talks with him at the end the conclusion of SOT Yunus which is from verse 104, to 109, and it would end with this in sha Allah hota Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the

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he talks to the Prophet Mohammed Al salam wa cambogia Kelly Dini, the dean, telling Prophet Mohammed to direct his face, towards the religion of, of Islam, and to be patient, you know, with this with this, with this mission or his mission, that he has been given.

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And, and the lies are also talk about the benefit of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah Xhosa also mentions what idiom says colloquially even further, because you really have a level what an amazing, amazing AI that can relate to all of us what em says colloquial, and this is what's going on today. What's going on today in this pandemic, right? A lot of surgeon says, What am says color habido if Allah was to inflict you with some harm, no one can remove that harm except him. Yes, there are people working on vaccine for for Coronavirus, but no one can remove this Coronavirus other than Allah wa em Cisco Allah who will further Kashi further who Allah who if you are afflicted with the

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disease with a harm sickness,

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depression, anxiety, stress, mental illness, divorce,

00:24:46 --> 00:24:52

financial problems, whatever, whatever harm there is no one who can remove it other than Allah.

00:24:55 --> 00:24:58

No one can remove it other than some kind of attack

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My brothers and sisters are in solid, you know, as I said the solid unit is solid number 10 and it has 110 verses and it is in verse number 109 109 verses solo number 10 and it is in Jews 11 and it is a Mickey Sora all right Mickey Sala called saw that Eunice after the profit of university he said, All right. Yeah.

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You're here. Do you understand? Do you understand why what your name but Ronnie, I mentioned that your name I don't know if I mentioned that like five minutes ago you just came back now you understand the meaning of granny. I said Allah is honey, but you can be runny. But Allah is I don't know honey. Honey, in Arabic, you know means of honey in Arabic means rich, wealthy, but not necessarily just that because Ronnie This is why Allah His name is Ronnie. And it means the free of ones. We have needs we have once Allah is with a, we are Scheffer. Allah is with a with a means one. Odd, you know, but we we cannot be one. We cannot be one.

00:26:18 --> 00:26:55

We cannot be one we know Allah is one we are meant to be together. We are meant to be married. We are meant to be to live in groups, but Allah does not need that. Subhana Allah Donna right Allah is the one so he is Ronnie, Ronnie the free of what? He is free of what he does not need anything. So what a beautiful name to have, you know Ronnie Abdul honey, right? So this is from sola tuna small brothers and sisters that come to La Habra coffee come as I promised we will keep it short and shallow to IRA. And I longed to see you all tonight in Charlottetown at six o'clock pm eastern time.

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11 o'clock

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pm UK time for the homemade happiness inshallah. huhtala. Right. So this was this was the Tafseer bytes. sola, you'll notice. I think if you have come in late, you should go back and listen to it. I think this is my advice to you. Those of you who come in late, go back and watch it and listen to sola Tunis. The shorter version of it.

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Other than that, bollock Luffy comples that I really hope to see you later on tonight and shallow to add up six o'clock in sha Allah hota IRA Eastern Time 11 o'clock pm UK time for the homemade happiness. session number four is number four. And then we'll finish talking to the dads to the parents, especially the dads because this is the message tonight we'll be with you know to the fathers and the role of the fathers inshallah Tada, you do not want to miss it. inshallah. We'll see you is that Camilla head back Luffy calm brothers and sisters, those of you are in Facebook. Those of you are on Instagram. We'll see you later shout out to era that Kamala hair said mid market.

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