Medina Stories #16 – The Roommate From Yemen

Tom Facchine


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The speaker describes how a humble Yemeni student used to encourage students to take their mattress and eat it with their friends from Yemen. The student's experiences showed that humanity is possible and that everyone is capable of doing something. The speaker believes that people from all parts of the Earth are open-minded and interested in what is possible.

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Did one day have a roommate he was from Yemen, very, very humble guy, very, very humble guy. And this, the students from Yemen used to just amaze me because it was as if, if one of them own something, it was like all of them owned it. And so he would like take his mattress. And sometimes he's like, going to spend the night with his other Yemeni classmate or his other Yemeni friend or something like this. And they would all sometimes they'd come to our place. And then there's 10 guys on the floor. Right. And so they just were so together, it was really kind of inspiring. And I've never seen people more humble they had I remember one time he came into the room with like, just a

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little tiny

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carton of yogurt, and a little piece of bread. And he forced me to eat it with him because I was there. He would not let you know if you're in the United States that the best of us might offer once you want some, and we know that the right answer is no, no, no, I'm good. Thank you. Right. He was not having it. He it doesn't matter how many times I refuse, he forced me to sit down around the floor and eat that with him the share just a little bit. And that amazed me. You know, so all of these were great experiences. You know, the people from so many different parts of the Earth really, really opened up your mind. It showed you often it showed you the best of humanity and what's

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possible. Sometimes it showed you the worst, but even that was with a purpose to kind of train us and to transform us.