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The Bible is a source of understanding and passion for the Bible. There is a brief discussion on the importance of salt and fat in the Bible and the SOA. The Battle of butter and the SOA are important topics. The history of the Battle of battle and the importance of protecting soldiers is also discussed. The transcript describes a surprise in a battle between Islam and Muslims, warning against giving up and discussing a new series called homemade happiness.

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react or zazie we're coming here to our tafsir bytes or service. This is session number 15 it says to the mean

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Okay, so this is our tafsir Bart's and this is session number 15 today shallow tie that we'll be talking about, so that in fact, I'm just going to give a minute for people to join inshallah

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set up

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just a minute and Sharla to four to give a chance for more people to join.

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And then hover,

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mouse hover and then what's the hell and then

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then Kereama and then find help saw

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and then yes mean?

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So who do we have on Facebook?

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And here is the Grom

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and shallow to add Me too.

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Me too.

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shall meet you. Alright, so as people are joining in, we'll shut up the hotel and start

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welcome all of you again. This is our session number 15 from Tafseer bytes bits.

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And to then shallow to either we'll be talking about soul but in fact, you may want to put in your book, notebook and pen. No handy inshallah you can, because I want to finish off today insha Allah

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Khadija Mohammed Jr. from Facebook, and then I've got people there on Instagram Live on all these different platforms. Anyway, so inshallah we'll start with salt and fat because we finished soda till, um, yesterday. Right. And I love I love yesterday. So we'll move to solar number eight, solar number eight, solar and fan.

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And fan. It's interesting because some handla it has only 75 verses. And Fred has only 75%. So when you have when you have a Bakara, you know, and and then la Milan and Nisa, and Merida, and olive. All those are right.

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From the seven long ones said that they weren't. But then and fat is not from day one. And fat, in fact, is from El Amin.

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Remember when we talked about alameen you know, the four types of saunas, the four types of so once you have set up, they will have several long ones, those that have over 100 as they're called a seven, they want the only seven of them seven soldiers. And then right after that comes the mean those who have 100 a a more or less so so that, in fact is considered to be from El amin it has only 75 verses. Right. And then it is in what just it was number nine and 10 you know between nine and 10

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the SOA is is a meta nisour the consensus is a medini sola, except very few eyad were revealed in Mecca. But the soda was revealed in Medina and the SOA deals a lot with what happened in the Battle of butter. So if you want to learn about the Battle of butter and what happened in the Battle of butter, salt and fat, just like the soda that deals with the Battle of you remember

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this is my question to you remember what sola explains the battle ahead and what happened in the Battle of head when the believers the Sahaba you know they they did not actually follow the command of the Prophet not to come down from the from the mount and then a laceration change the you know the victory into a loss and they will heartbroken remember what sola talks about that I spoke about it

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wouldn't be the first one to answer my question.

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No no no not select Nisa.

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No sister Khadija was not selected Lisa. No. No, it was not selected. Lisa

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Emraan masala Dickey Shazia jazz Yes, she's good. Mashallah. So Mr. Netcat emo and

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you need to make Toba in a while and get him.

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Get him whenever he needs to make Toba Sora

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Enron, after Enron is the one that talks about, you know, what happened in the Battle of have, have offered sort of unfair talks about

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the Battle of butter, and unfair and just the name of it and fat and funny Arabic means the spoils of war. Right The Buddha is the spoils of war. It has also it is also called as sort of jihad. So that Al jihad, right, so and fat it's called salt and fat because

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it's introduction talks about unfair. Yes, no naka, honey.

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Only fair winner he won was

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the ask you about the spoils of war say that this was a word belong to Allah and His Prophet, Mohammed summerson. It is also called selective jihad, because the majority of the soul talks about jihad. Right? This is why it's called Satya. Is there any further on the sola? Is there any virtues?

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Actually, it is not from me, I'm really sorry, I made a mistake. It is from Danny.

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It is from Danny.

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Because the Prophet Mohammed or some says

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minion method led to her lady autonomy. McKenna says that when the Prophet Muhammad says that I got the mitanni instead of the engine, you know, engine is the Bible. So there's nothing in particular in terms of its virtues, other than it is because it has only 75. Right? So it is not in the hundreds. That is why it's not in any I made a mistake, it is not from the mean, it is from the muthoni, which is the one below the mean, and the end of 100 a a more or less, you know, and below that is an muthoni. And below that is a Mufasa, the very short ones for the Mufasa. So this one is actually considered to be from an authentic right. And it's number of in terms of Revelation, it is

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considered to be at 814 sold us solid and firm is considered to be sort of number 88.

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Some said, was revealed after an Enron but there is a controversy here because in Milan talks about good and bad that happened before ahead. Right happened beforehand. So this is why some you know, they say that it was revealed after la Milan may not make sense because Basel happened before heard Amman talks about overhead, but anyways, it is regarded to be or recorded to be a a number or solid number 88.

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And a suburban knows all the reasons why the soldier was revealed altogether 13 713 13 713 reasons, all pertinent to the Battle of battle,

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all pertinent to the Battle of battle,

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the model of the soul, the content of the soldier still,

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it is about jihad. It is about you know the battles and the battlefield about Jihad about struggle and the outcome of a Jihad and the rulings of his head as well. Right. mostly talking about the Battle of battle, as I mentioned, right, this is about saw that and, and fan and the math class saw the introduction of the soul. So we said there's some songs that start with talofa Desi, right if Lam Meem and inflammable hammy, Alif Lam Meem sod right so, but this solid does not start with that. So it starts with a statement Mashallah Khadija How did you you're reading my mind now. Right? You're reading my mind muscle it before I said it. She jumped on it. It is a statement. Yes, no naka

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They asked you about the facts. It is a statement masala very good. Khadija Muhammad Mashallah. Yes, Alona Canyon.

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know he wasn't

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but he asked me who that

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many, you asked you about the it's a beautiful soul. It's an amazing soul. Right. So if you want to get if you want to learn about solid about the Battle of the

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soul and for my business sister, some of you may be just have joined us. This is tafsir bytes and this is session number 15. See the byte session number 15. And we're talking about salted and fat This is a series which we have started

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which have started you know in the vein of Ramadan

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All talking about small it's not deep to see By the way, but this is just a you know bytes bits of stuff seen but inshallah tada very very beneficial the solar my brothers and sisters has two main topics, two main topics, two sections or two such natural sections and customers or when the plans of Allah subhana wa tada talks about the plans of Allah Xhosa. Right The first section talks about the plan of Allah subhana wa Tada. And the second section talks about how Allah azza wa jal voided the plot of the movie King, how Allah subhanho wa Taala invalidated the plot of the non believers. So these are you know, and all pertinent to the Battle of battle. Right. So there are two main

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sections in the in the solid and fan. First section talks about the plants of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The second section talks about the

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talks about the how Allah Xhosa and voided the plan, or the plot of the mushy King with regard to the first section with the no pleaser, brothers and sisters, those of you just joined maybe if you don't know how we work here, questions you will may want to save them at the end of Sharma because once I'm going through my session, I don't want to pause and answer questions. I will just answer the questions at the end shot level dad, right. So session or section number one starts from verse number one to verse number 29. In fact, these are just obscene bytes short, sweet, not long. inshallah. Again, section number one from salt and fat. It starts from verse number one to verse

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number 29. Laszlo just starts with a statement. Yes, they asked you about the fact and in this

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lesson she talks about the game of the infant, the shotgun of the spoils of war and fad you know is the spoils of war or the booties and when they asked go Mohammed they asked you but you know who should be getting this spoils of war, Leila whatever was sold. This belongs to Allah under the profit meaning they go in you know the profit analysis that will distribute them in accordance with the laws by a given by Allah Subhana hood that

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the section that first section from one to 29 also talks about how the believers they need to steadfast in the battle when they meet the enemy

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and the obedience of Allah and the Prophet Mohammed as was said

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is the study thrown out of bed confessed their job Java COMM And the moment the Alfie meenan equity model Divi

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they will outnumbered the believers, right. The Hadid says that there were about 33 to 13 threads and 14 and they wish they can they were about 1000 right in the Battle of button. So it's destiny to confess the Java COMM And the momento can be Alfie minang mana equity multifeed they thought you know the invoke their Lord. So Allah Subhana Allah to understand them, what did he sent down 1000 angels amazing, the angels they did not come down only in the Battle of battle. But they came down in a different form.

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question to all of you, those of you who know about the Sierra, the angels claim only once

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in the Battle of battle, but they also came down in another battle but not in a form of angels. They came down in another form, what battle was it?

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What battle was it when the interest came down?

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But not in the form of angels?

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They came in a different form in what battle and what form here's a question

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what battle and what form the interest came down whether they came down and this habit so that would be the majority so before my my sword touch the neck of the enemy, his neck flew away in the in the air. Yeah. And in the instance they were fighting with swords from from fire, Allahu Akbar. The angels were fighting with Four Swords from fire. So does anybody know the angels came down a second occasion? What battle and it worked for him? Does anybody know?

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Does anybody know? Yella Yella? Habibi yellow, yellow, yellow? Hmm. Does anybody know sister Khadija Do you know

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Nadia Do you know yes scene Do you know

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anybody knows

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the Battle of

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Have Allah subhanaw taala sent the wind

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it is but not the angels Allah subhanho wa Taala said the wind

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the Battle of offered no the Battle of the angels did not come down

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in the Battle of battle they came down but not in the Battle of offered they came down in the Battle of her name in form of ants

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her name they came down in the Battle of her name in the form of ants

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ah analyzation you know all the Muslims they were winning but you know they they lost again and then they want again some handler because they thought that they were out they were they outnumber the non believers right the Muslims they thought oh we're gonna win today we're gonna win today how we are we know we're outnumbering them we have more in terms of you know quantity supplies those will make them make them lose and then when they realize loss penetrates and down, they help angels inter inform in advance but the angels they came down on the ones in the Battle of button

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is the studies on alibabacom festa. Java come in a moment. The elephant elf 1000 means cutting with the feed from the angels coming down fighting with you.

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analyzer explains how they were feeding the believers the Muslims how they were how they were feeling. Is he or she come on no as a minute a minute. Zero la comida sama liotta here Lacombe What is he by the shade on what the other beta Allah Allah who become what you said beta behind up all the amazing how Allah Xhosa sent you know he's helped.

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They will outnumber the Muslims. But they stood fast. They stood strong. So what happened? Allah subhanho wa Taala made them all fall asleep. The others they were having a party coalition were having a party the whole night and drinking alcohol, the Muslims, they went to rest. So Pamela, even the guards, those who are guarding, you would say the Sahabi who's guarding and he says, Well lucky my sword felt almost seven times in one hand he says seven times. And the seven times the sword fell from his head. He also slept. Allah made them all sleep. Why? Because they need to sleep to rest. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala sent down some rain. And that rain remember, like when you're, you

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know, imagine you're like you want to take a shower to feel refreshed. So that rain that fell on the camp of the Sahaba It was not a flood the rain. It was just that sprinkling rain that made them feel okay, I'm awake now. And also to make the ground be firm so that when they walk, they walk in on firm ground versus the other camp. The rain was flooding.

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Flooding on them so much so that when the police was walking into the battlefield, they had difficulties walking. I love the whole battle of battle was orchestrated by Allah subhanho wa Taala

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if you are healer buka Ll e karate aneema calm

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beaten Latino men who Co Op Apolo Villa de la Casa La,

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la, la, la seine and friends same session, same section. You know, the first one, Eliza St.

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Allah Xhosa revisited the angels. Me Malcolm I'm with you as well.

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Make the believers be strong and feel stand firm. And I will still I will throw a love fear in the hearts of the non believers. Yes.

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What now? What happened? Because

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Quraysh outnumbered the Muslims. Allah subhanho wa Taala to fear in the hearts they looked at the Muslims and they thought they were huge numbers

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and that in sort of unfair, allows that talks about that as well. If you they come along for you, my name is Katerina because

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you need that Allah subhanaw taala would make you look like you know they are small.

00:19:23--> 00:19:45

You know when the Muslims they look at them, they look at them cap, they're not that many number. But when the correlation was looking into the Muslims, they say, wow, that a huge number. Where did they come from? Allah azza wa jal, you know, you know, changed everything. I told you Allah orchestrated the whole battle even the camp was chosen by Allah Subhana Allah with that.

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And then the second section starts from verse number 30 to 75.

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The second section of salt and fat start from a number 30

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To number 75

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Allah subhanho wa Taala how it talks here about how he void the plot of the mission key of the caffine. So kinda what to add? Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says, What idiom kobika leadin aka fowlis will use Vito have to look how you do while young colonna, William Cohen, La La Jolla, Luna macchine and the non believers they're plotting how to kill you how to kick you out from Medina how to send this to Prophet Mohammed Salim William Cologne and they plot and law is the best of planners, they plan and Allah is the best of planners subhana wa tada how Allah voided all their plots of Hannah who attacked him.

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And Allah zation also talks about how these people spend so much money

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to deviate people from the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala in Medina

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una some attacco no la him hasta la

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boon Allahu Akbar Allah would you saying that they're not believers They spent their wealth via solar and Sevilla to deviate people from the path of Allah delusion, they will spend it in the today yesterday today in the future says they will be spending their wealth they will be spending their money to deviate people from the path of Allah Xhosa they will be spending money to introduce all these concerts all these you know, all these

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plays and games and movies had on things you know to deviate people from the path of Allah Xhosa even in Muslim countries, didn't you hear that even in Muslim countries even in so called Muslim countries, where the Kava is where Mecca is with Medina is having concerts having you know, a WWE ease and and and having all types of of the photo smbd left to deviate people from the path of Allah Xhosa and the law says and they will be spending more money but they will lose,

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you will lose. This is not something that happened in the past. It happened in the past and it is happening in the present it will happen in the future. First I want to point out a law surgeon also talks about how they should prepare for them. You know the okay we're believers and they they they're going to meet in this battlefield. So do your you know prepare for the battle prepare for the war as the laws are stated that the Sahaba well I do the whole muster bottom line on

00:22:40--> 00:23:12

the battlefield and prepare you know whatever you can from from strength from people from from horses, do your due diligence, do your work and then put your trust in Allah subhana wa Tada. Don't just go and say okay, I'm just gonna go to my exam, right? The next day I have an exam. I'm going to stand up the whole night pray I will not prepare to not study but before the night of the exam I'm going to wake up and make pseudocode and make prayers and make and ask Allah subhana wa tada to help me get an A on my exam. I'm not going to study but I'm going to make a lot of

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when you go to your exam my friend you don't get to get an A for sure. Even if you spent the whole night praying and giving up and and crying and they didn't call and you're not gonna get no aid because he did not do your job you didn't study

00:23:30--> 00:23:42

so I'm not associate here studying the Sahaba I need to learn prepare, gather your forces gather your you know your strength gather people call people gather whatever you can from from weapon weaponry and whatnot.

00:23:47--> 00:23:48

What a beautiful idea.

00:23:49--> 00:24:09

And so, in fact, in the beginning of the soul that Allah subhana wa tada talks about the true believers, the true believers. Who are they? in Malmo Menon alladhina either tequila Allahu wa g net boo boo. What to do to allow him to do that to me, man.

00:24:13--> 00:24:17

I love you. alladhina Yo, paymo sana Tommy Matos Aparna

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una una momento Nepal, their home da da da, da p him one melt will fill out.

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in the automobile, the believers who are they will lead in either to Kerala that's one way that we'll get to that even when the name of Allah azza wa jal when they hear but a lot of those young their hearts will tremble.

00:24:45--> 00:25:00

They get shaped when they hit about a lawsuit what they did and whether to detail in a A to Z manner when the size of a lesbian you know, recited upon them, it will increase them IE men who are these people. Allah Xhosa keeps on saying

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00:25:01--> 00:25:04

lady in the middle of Minna De De De De De

00:25:05--> 00:25:06

De De De De De De De

00:25:08--> 00:25:17

la de okay Mona satomi masamichi upon those who established the prayers, and they give from whatever we have less than what yeah and it gives other

00:25:19--> 00:25:23

allies this describing the qualities of the true believers and Latina

00:25:24--> 00:25:41

up masala that establish the prayers, what many models are now Who knew? And listen to this my brothers and sisters, Allah did not say a lady they use alone Allah did not say those who pray. Allah says those who establish the prayers there's a difference between praying and establishing the prayers

00:25:43--> 00:25:53

and then Allah subhanaw taala says and those who spend from that which we do not bless them with and then Allah says those are the true believers

00:25:54--> 00:26:06

would I comment on the haka ob mama Carrie they will have high levels in the you know in the ranks in general and shout out to her the Honda Jetta ended up being mama felon and forgiveness

00:26:08--> 00:27:01

mama Falcon what is for Kenny and a great dress from Allah subhanho wa Taala the true believers This is with regard my business sisters to solid and fat and fat no verse solid number eight it has 70 7070 squabble and fat 75 verses and Jews Jews number nine and 1075 versus number eight it's called the end fan because it's it's about the spoils of war talks about the mostly about the Battle of unfairly any the Battle of battle. So if you want to learn about the Battle of battle, please read solid and fat. Now Lazarus MPC or melody orgy or is that Camilla hair? I'm done. Those of you who have come in late sorry, we have these sessions. It's been over now almost a year since the

00:27:01--> 00:27:51

beginning of Ramadan. We have this sealed bite session that starts at three o'clock pm eastern time, three o'clock pm eastern time. We have the seal bytes short session. It's not long, but I have another session at six o'clock pm eastern time. You know, it was the end of time we finished the end of time. But as of today we're starting a new series called homemade happiness. Family Reunion in light of the pandemic family reunion in light of the pandemic. This is a new series I'm starting today inshallah to Anna 6pm. Eastern Time. UK time 11pm is worth a shot low to Anna is that Camilla head. Those of you who've maybe missed it and came in late. Please go back and listen to the

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session. It will be saved on my stories all