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Jamie Bismillah your Walkman you're watching woman

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look your hobby lobby for our bar and when I see God damn it in john paul obey him again attend a for whom Murphy Danny him Walker ah wa tada own Ella Luda Valley Dudu even bad. Salt Allahu la v. Yesterday I made multiple appeals to my audience number one I spoke about the importance of connecting to the Quran and I'm sure the message was well received and I'm hoping that we have made some commitments with with ourselves and with our Creator. When you read on insert only after amama value Riedel insert only after amama. Sometimes a man doesn't want to change not because he's not convinced on the truth, but because he wants to continue a life of sin. He wants to continue a life

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of sin. I'll change the day I go for Hajj. So you haven't realized the truth now? No, I still until addicted to my habits. Well, time won't allow you that my brother time won't allow you that my sister.

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The devil has no problem with our good intentions as long as it is for tomorrow. Between the regrets of yesterday and the hopes of tomorrow lies the opportunity of today. Yesterday is mystery to yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a present. That's why it's called the present tense. It's a gift. It's a gift. It's a present. capitalize on it, exploit the moment make the best of it. So we need to connect with the Quran now we need to connect. reading the Quran in Ramadan is great is rewarding is noble is awesome is brilliant. But why stagnate at that level? We constantly want to change our recipes. I need to eat something different. I need to flavor it. You

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need to garnish it you need to drizzle this year. You need to do this. Yeah, we want to add variety. We want to excited. We want to spice up our marriages. We want to add flavor. Why don't you add spiritual flavor to the recitation of your Quran? You read in it great. There's beauty in it. Absolutely. It's making you feel wonderful. And can you imagine it's taken a notch higher when you start connecting with lessons of Quran what scholars of Quran with people of Iran and understanding the message of Quran I promise you, there is nothing I'm a human like you. I'm a fallible mortal like you, we have our fluctuations and we have our dull moments. When I have my dull moments. All I

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need to do is listen to beautiful recitation of Quran and go into reflection mode. And then I would contemplate what the grace of Allah over whatever is been recited. And I credit this to Allah that He afforded me the opportunity to teach the entire Quran multiple times and I continue to learn I haven't even touched the surface properly. It's just what I will borrow as they say it's beyond our grasp. It's the speech of Allah, but in my little basic elementary understanding, just listening to the Quran, and then you will have that you know, the different opinions and commentary and text and and variations of the rod and the Bulava and all that that will play out in your mind. I promise you

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it will take away all your depression instantly my brother This is it's magic. It's magic to fail better hammer dose he said I came to mocha mocha Rama they poisoned me. Don't listen to this man. Hata hijo tofi Adani putana Hata hijo tofi Oh Donny Katana. I stopped cotton wool in my ears and I passed by one street in mocha mocha Rama and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was reading Quran my word my word. You listen to beautiful recitation and tears trickle down your eyes and you can feel the Quran in so Sue then what Bill have a anzahl now what Bill had thinner cell in Buhari Sharif in the first volume on page one double five according to one particular print the words and the couplets and the

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stands as of Abdullah bin raha de Waal phenol Rasulullah. He had to locate Ah, he then shot Tama room for mineral veggie rissa t o. r en el Hoda, Bama della. For kulu buena be moved in. I don't Anima da la Giroux Joby to your Daffy, Jumbo and falacci

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That's that's pilot Bill moshiri keen Alma Giroux

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my word my word your hearts will burst while phenol Rasulullah. Abdullah windrower has said oh people are people we had Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam among us, Jews 26 chapter her Jura the chapter on apartments, why Lambo and Effie calm rasulillah and no one understand Oh companions, your honor is great in your meds in your presence was Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. when ever I read about this, I just tear my body goes into spasm. I cannot explain what happens to my thoughts and how I envy for the noble companions. how Allah had blessed them to be in that gathering where Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was present, how often it would be like okay, just wait, wait,

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wait, wait. I think revelation is in process, my word.

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My Word, you sit in and conversing with him. And then the program is put on hold.

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Not because of some disturbance or interference or some unforeseen circumstances, the modulus is put on all because revelation has commenced. That does not happen regarding surah two nor and it does, where Allah Allah exonerated the honorable consort of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and multiple verses were revealed, in which Allah exonerated her and Allah subhanho wa Taala expose the architect of this accusation, Abdullah bin obey bin cellule in the following words, in a levy, Allah kibra in Allah DITA well lucky Brahimi no one loves

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him, the one who orchestrated the chunk of this accusation for him is a severe torment.

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Can you imagine that moment? Can you imagine the richness of that gathering? La ilaha IL Allah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah connect us with the Quran May Allah grant us the love of Quran What are bukal Ronnie you the rush ma? Okay, woman Abdullah mommy Mundo Kira bi Yachty Robbie for Radha and one SE MA demetria da, we come back to the verse that we were discussing verse number 57, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Who can be more evil and more wicked than the one who ignores the signs and the verses and the reminders of Allah? So no re m, er D na fill our fault. We will show them our signs in the horizons in the skies in the earth in the galaxies.

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I've been to many planetariums and I've done a bit of study of astronomy, when I was studying and of course, there's so much between astronomy and Islam that we can understand and appreciate. Because the Quran invites us to astronomy, it's not a book on astronomy, but yes, it has the discussion of astronomy in it. It's a book on guidance. It's not a book on zoology, but yes, it has the mention of animals in it there are so many chapters feel is an elephant. Allah speaks about Baccarat. That's a chapter in the Quran the cow Allah speaks about the spider Allah speaks about the honey, the bee Allah speaks about the elephant Allah speaks about so many different it's not a book on zoology it's

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a book on guidance, but Allah tells you look we're in Allah calm Phil anomala bruh we're in electron fill an army libre. And for you there is such a rich lesson in this cattle in this animal that is before you you in your farm you in your planting you are milking look at a point of reflection. Like my brother ma screams out How can someone not know the Quran is the truth? I begged the Lord not to block my heart and seal my heart because when Allah blocks the heart and seals the heart then none can guide us. May Allah guide us May Allah protect us from deviation chapter two verse three Agha juice three surah Allah Imran or other chapter three as well. The third chapter pseudo Ali Imran

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Robin Allah to zero khudobin Robin Allah to Allah don't deviate our hearts Allah don't deviate Allah don't deviate. So behind Allah Allah Molina Illa Allah, we have no knowledge but what Allah has given us Rob bisate in our life increases in knowledge. Well, in general another Habana Villa de la if we want, we can seize your revelation

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He said don't have Allah Selby my Rosita had been a nice but he will come on came for Allah. Allah Allah tala amin Habibi, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for Lama who, for whom, in who Allah. Allah Akbar. Allah warns us, Allah sounds a strong one and he can snatch and seize he can take, I used to always say to my students, and I say it again, that Allah is doing us a favor to allow us to try and connect with the Quran daily, we need to beg Allah don't deprive me of this EMA and because of my wrong, Allah don't reject my fast because of my deficiency. Don't reject my resignation, because of it not satisfying the credentials of acceptance. Go and apply for a visa, go and apply for a visa.

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And if it's written there that you need to write with a blueprint and you wrote with a black print, they refuse your visa, but all the details know we've told you go to write with the blueprint. And if you come and give cash and they say you need to EFT No. But yes, get no you need to EFT.

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And the size of the photo is not right. Or the size is right. But the background is not right. Or you weren't supposed to smile and you're smiling. Oh, my word. One specification is out for a visa. And then it's declined. And then you think that Jenna is so easy, and it's so cheap, and it's so simple. You know, someone said this. Yeah, and this is it's a painful reality. Everybody is experts, when it comes to a particular field is an authority is the Dean of the Faculty. But when it comes to religion, then everybody besides the experts are experts. In all other matters. You go to the authority, you go to the man in charge, you go to the person who's got the badge, you go to the

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person who's got the qualification, but when it comes to religion, all goes all goes, it's fine.

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I was sitting in a divorce case, three divorces were issued. And I said, Well, listen, three divorces are done. And now there's consequences. I recited the verse from chapter two giusto for in palaka falada Hey, Lola hoomin Bernardo and if the Pilates given and prior to that Allah spoke of total outs at pala Kumar Ratan and they asked Allah said for inter locka which means the third tala fell at the high Lula who she is not permissible for her husband had died then he has Oh Jen Laila until she marries someone and someone else for in Bella Bella Bella Jonah Halima da da da da da in Varna Yokohama foto de la so the brother says no, no, I don't think that it's not possible for them

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to reconcile. Because the way I look at it, this child is going to be deprived of parents and Allah is merciful. So I'm sure it will be fine. Hello, hello. Usually it's fine. Okay, try and go into a hospital there's someone that's ill you know what i'm sure the doctors won't mind. I'm sure there's no protocol, because you know what this person is on their way and this is their child. Regardless of the sensitivity and the need this protocol, this bureaucracy this formality there's, there's red tape, this procedure

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and that is why Allah wants to rescue the child. That is why Allah is giving you the chance of three dogs. And don't give a don't issue eight Why be impulsive? Why being haze? Why just blurt it

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right? So when it comes to religion, unfortunately, we all have our own opinions and we just say things. You know what, in however way we feel and

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May Allah forgive us. We're not making progress with the verse But hopefully you know what each reflection is a message for us today. Okay, getting back into the verse, verse 757, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and who can be a greater wrongdoer than the one? So I was quoting these couplets. You see, I digress from that of Abdullah bin roba hora de Allah Mourinho, he said that were phenol Rasulullah we had the Prophet of Allah yet Luca taba reciting the Quran, it then shatta Maru from mineral Vijay southie Oh, at the crack of dawn at the flesh of dawn, around l hood, can you imagine maca? the Kaaba, the presence of the Kaaba, the galaxy of the Sahaba, the golden era of Naboo and

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the Prophet of Allah reciting Quran This is now the perfection and the combination of nobility to its best. People say I was in arafat, it was a Friday you know who was in our group you know who was our Muslim? You know, who gave us a talk you know who did the DA you know what the moment was? I spent articles with this person with this kind of Wow, wow, wow. But what can which words of which language can do justice to what Abdullah bin Rama has said that the Prophet of Allah was reciting Quran. connect yourself with the Quran, my brother and my sister in Niger, Allah Allah Kenobi him I cannot verily we had placed upon their hearts a venue. Allah subhanho wa Taala said we had placed

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upon their hearts verse number 57 avail Akina, the plural of the word Kenan

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This veil that Allah had place was not to block them. From the inception it was their own arrogance, which then Allah made it into an actual barrier. So they themselves and now we don't understand our hearts are blocked and then Allah made it a blockage, right wacol Oh Lobo nafi again nothing may matter there owner Li what we are done in our pawn, one embedding in our Bay nigahiga bone. Another verse Jews 24 Allah subhanaw taala says that the disbelievers said we're called Apollo benefi Akin you know, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when you read it, really it doesn't resonate it it doesn't ring a bell to us men. We don't relate to it actually, our hearts are blocked off. Wow Paulo

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Paulo buena Fie again, Nami Matera Runa la where we are then in our work Brune and you know what they is deafness and there's a problem in our ears, and there's a blockage in our ears. When we bind in our bionic eye job, and there's a veil between us and you family in an army we'll do what you want to do, we're going to do what we want to so they themselves initially said their arms were blocked, it was sealed and it was blocked off. And then Allah made that suppose that intangible blockage, a real blockage, by way of example, is the Hadith in Sahih Muslim, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam seen a person eating with his left hand. So the messenger sallallahu

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alayhi, wasallam said to him, it was your idea.

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It was your idea and he said, law as study room, I cannot do so. The Hadees goes on my manner or who ill cable he could raise his right hand. There was mobility in his right hand. But it was his arrogance that didn't allow him to eat with his right hand. So the messenger sallallahu wasallam said, Let's stop Ah, may Allah make it such that you are unable to eat with your right hand. And immediately his right hand suffered a permanent paralysis. La ilaha illa Allah, the hadith of Sahih Muslim what a warning. What a strong warning. What a strong warning.

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May Allah save me from arrogance? May Allah save you from arrogance? May Allah give me your military May Allah give you humility.

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The Prophet of Allah said eat what your right hand what did he say I cannot do so the messengers Allah Some said less data now you won't able to do so. And that was it. He was unable to then raise his right hand because as a word and a curse from the Prophet of Allah sallallahu Sallam due to his arrogance, arrogance. Did I not mention to you my brother and my sister in the inception in Episode Number one, that one of the themes of this chapter of the Quran is speaking about the evil and repugnant and deplorable nature of pride and arrogance. May Allah protect us

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to find Marrakech Dr. To fanmail justia or GM and demand astea Duba Gara de wa What did the order bowood say? When there are storms in the oceans? Then vessels tend to sink and in arrogance, humans tend to drown Wow, did you get that my brother when they are storms in the oceans to find Marrakech, they are then vessels and liners and ships, they tend to sink and in pride and arrogance, humans drown May Allah save us. So Allah says in jalna, Allah Palooza him again, we then put a veil over their heart in Niger Allah Allah Allah obey him again not an AF bow, what we name water Ah, and there's a prop in their ears. There's definitely the staple they cannot hear.

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We're in the room. Illa Luda, fillet dough is an Abba da my alarm can only beg you guide me my olark and only beg you guide me. My ally can only beg you guide me well, may you he Neela Hofer Marla who may look grim. Well, may you he Neela who firmado Makarem? Well, may you he Neela hufa mala who me macrame a verse of the 17 jos chapter 23 surah, two hij and the one whom Allah subhanho wa Taala whom Allah subhanho wa Taala disgraces nobody can give him honor.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, we're in the room Illa Luda. And if you were to invite them, if you were to invite them, oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fillet? Do he then have a look at the emphasis

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They will never be guided they will never be guided. When the avenues are blocked off my brother and my sister. Sometimes you observe the occurrences in the life of a person. There is multiple fatalities there is so many callings from nature. You are feeling the jolt on your side you feel in the tremor. You think this is a definite goal for him to mend his ways to change his ways. But lo and behold, I'm afraid the arrogance process learn let Joe learn ladoo Vito viani him Yama, whoo. But let jiofi lay persist in their deviation.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the opening verses of the ages, the verse I decided before was the verse of the 18 Jews and this is the verse of the eighth Jews, the old all our Nanana Zana la Mala Mala eeka waka llama Humayun ma Jai Sharma la him calling luxury in po bola while oh and Nana NAS en la Mala Mala and if we send the angels down, or kalama woman moda and the dead man stands up from the grave because this is one of their complaints and they request they said when Leah Bertha Nana mama bah bah bah in beta two albida when we hire that's why I read this year when Leah bartholin man Baba min Abba in a revive our ancestors when Leah confy him pusa Ubuntu Caleb and

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amongst the ancestors that you revive Oh Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam we want to see the likes of Poseidon Akela must also be revived and then he must come from the grave and he must tell us that you are a prophet then we will consider accepting you for inside the polka dot Kanaka in caribou caca.

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Allah told the prophets Allah ism to answer them. pulsar ohana Robbie hongcun to El Basha. Rasulullah say unto them, I'm a prophet I'm a messenger. I don't have the powers myself. Omar usually don't come and na Elijah Atala Yami, no concluding verses of the seven Jews. They're asking you of the miracles of the previous prophets. Those people didn't accept it what makes you believe that they are going to accept it? If we went to send out the angels and make the dead speak what can lemahieu Mota? What hoshana him coalition in Ebola and put hell and paradise before them? Ma no Leo minoo they were not to accept the truth. This is when the heart gets blocked off. This is serious my

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brother, this is serious. That is why you will see the pious would make this draw our law protect us from the actions of habitual Amal let us not do those actions which result in the destruction of our good Allah let us not do those evils which will deprive us of divine tofi give us the ability to do the actions which will attract more Tofig from you. Sometimes it's arrogance and it can drop your whole wealth. Sometimes it's pride on your tahajjud and Allah will never let you get up again. The anabaena EMA was behind idema la yameen and a beta EMA was biharmonic jiba witheridge bin Abdullah bin she's here in babul origem. in Tempe will affilinet is mentioned. He said if I spend the whole

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night sleeping and then I get up for failure and I regret that I did not perform the high job that is better for me than to spend the whole night in nocturnal optional prayer and then get up arrogant that I'm better than others. Oh my word let me make some progress here. Okay, that's verse 57. Verse 58, warrumbungle rafu The Wrath Ma and your Lord of food he is so forgiving. He is so merciful Oh my Allah what I'm looking for like like when I when I read this it does something to me. Now bear I by day Annie and I will go for a while and either be who will either Eileen, we're in Rebecca lado. mellifera Tilly Nancy Bumi him we're in a Rebecca Alicia de don't wake up. How many verses do I read

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to you my brother and my sister? Were up buckle her food. We're up book your Lord gaafu go into Arabic grammar year you have Rafi you have food you have ghafar. Rafi is the one that forgives. Love food is the one that perpetually forgive. A golfer is the one who forgives in large volumes. Allah said if you send in occasionally I still can forgive you. If you send in all the time I can forgive you. And if you have oceans of sense my pattern is a far greater than that. My pardon is far greater than your sons and your vice.

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Well, I'm pasa Toby without muda, Hebei while I'm matassa talebi without at muda, Hebei

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What were the words of that great scholar when he was leaving the world and they asked him how do you feel? He said that Allah Allah He worried Ah, I am going to meet Allah fearing for my son hoping for my mercy optimistic for the forgiveness of my Lord. What up Boca lafoon your Lord is forgiving the rough man let me say to you one thing here my brother, Allah is not waiting for you to default. Allah is not waiting to get sometimes we punish ourselves too much oh I did this I think Allah is angry with me Allah doesn't want to punish you you know that I cry when I read Maya for Allah will be either become in ceccato what will allow achieve in punishing you just to do two things Shakira

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to be grateful how much you be grateful Armand to bring a man after a man What must you do? All Armin? To Villa to muster to say I brought a man on Allah and then live a life according to the dictates of that demand. You said NACA to her I married this woman. Now Now under the contract of that nigga. I'm not asking for anything different about wife says to husband husband says the contract we start to just honor it. What I'm looking for your Lord is forgiving the rough man He is merciful.

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Then what does Allah say? Lo you're asked Hey, don't be Marcus I bow. If Allah wants to take them to task, he can punish them immediately. Now you are hidden by Marcus abou if he wants to punish them now Oh, he's fixed at time. And he's not bound by that time. But it is his nature that he doesn't go against the time that he is fixed. But if he decides to strike now at me or you know and Allah Allah Allah subhana wa t

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if Allah punishes us all that is absolute justice from him, we have defaulted laryngeal Allah Humala, he can instantly give them punishment, Bella humo redone but he has appointed a time and a place right zarafa have worked or salmon or time or place he has fixed upon a time lady do mean Dhoni hemo illa land land in Arabic comes for emphasis, they will never find an escape from it. The time will come.

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Allah gave so much grace and and leniency and clemency you think this man is going to live forever. You think this man is going to be healthy forever? You think this man is going to be prosperous forever? And then Allah strikes but the system of Allah of striking is generally is gradually sometimes suddenly as well. Our lamea Oh, another nun also our Domine Rafi ha Oh my word. Oh my word. Oh my word. Oh my love me or oh and na Nan por su Aruba min atta Rafi ha

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whoa model Wally Boone. Like you need to understand this that don't they see we narrowing the lens upon them from all sides. Do they still think they're going to win? If

00:28:10--> 00:29:05

they bowed? Do you still think you will be dominant? gM like Norman kubla him mecanim fill out the ma alumno makela Go Go see on the earth people who we anchored much more than you how we wipe them out. Well level meridian lady do min duty hemo Isla we have an appointment from which they will not find any rescue any asylum, any shelter or any protection. And that that takes us on to verse number 59. Now what will kill Cora alakina whom llama Bala Moo and they are the towns and the cities. And again another verse comes to mind. We're in Korea in nanomol Maluku Kabbalah yo mille tiama o mas de boo ha been shaded up by brother. Everybody swims in his own pond, right? In Surah sharara in the

00:29:05--> 00:29:08

19. The Jews of the Quran Allah says was sharara

00:29:10--> 00:29:59

Alam Tara and now one vehicle Luba de mon Alam tera naam vehicle Eva de mon, don't you see how the poets move around in the valleys of poetry singing away in his own thing. Each person is consumed his drowned is overwhelmed is overpowered by his own fantasy, a believe and needs to swim in the ocean of Iran. swim in the ocean of Quran one verse with another verse one reflection with another reflection, one deduction with another deduction one commentary with another commentary, verse number 59. What do you tell what till can Cora alakina whom llama Bella Moo and these are the towns and the cities we destroyed them when they oppressed when they send what they will kill for Allah.

00:29:59--> 00:29:59

Wa T.

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Pero alakina whom Lama wala mu y Zhang Li Maliki him Merida, and we have made an appointed time for their destruction, the time of every nation, and the lifespan of every individual has been decreed by Allah in nama now or do lahoma da, we just count in for that time to lapse. And then we will strike. We ask Allah to make us amongst those people that we can change. Someone said, change as long as it is early, and what is early, as long as you are breathing, and you have no guarantee of life. So it has to happen today. And now let us be amongst those people who repent to Allah today and connect to the Quran for the remaining part of our life. Was it the quotation of Abubakar he

00:30:53--> 00:31:10

said radi Allahu anhu one form of repentance is change your future and that will atone for your past. I mean, you're a bell alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina. Muhammad was early he was happy he married well. hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen