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So that might have come with I thought about casadesus rather was as he would come to us to our to see ladies have seen it I've seen bites they've seen bits. So I want to come of LA

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and then also Helen, Moshe

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and then

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and semia and Z and nyesha Davis and Sherry And

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same law that I'm only gonna sit down. That's Instagram. I got Facebook down here.

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People on Facebook when it comes to the helmet law

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How's everyone doing? I was setting on metabo

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I said I'm Sr 90 nfdm are you

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then this is our session number 10 on the sea of bytes diffserv bits, keeping them pretty much short and sweet.

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Today shallow to either we finished Sadat, and Nisa, and we'll move to solid Elma EDA, right as hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen symbolical la Vika La La j vocalists my man Mashallah the machine is here today.

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jaywalkers How are you happy? I have not heard you in a long time. Would you like to maybe have a little piece for us today? Maybe a small song for us today inshallah.

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Would you be interested? My brother defocused I missed you

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like maybe to have a small little piece for us today so that we can hear your voice

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so most of the time I guess there huh? me ask if he wants to join you have

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whinchat Mashallah. With us

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I don't know maybe not so well. Okay. Anyways, is there if he's interested? Well, this is this is I'd like to welcome you all to our daily to see the bytes or bits. Today is session number 10. And I need to finish saw that

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in the set remember yesterday when we're talking about so instead of me quickly recapitulating Sharla with regard to certain Lisa

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certainly says it's number four in the in the bus half number 470 6am and it's in jersey number four, five and six. You know this is with regard to salata, Nisa, and it is a Melanie sola just like Mr. bacala It's Amanda Ania, sola. Most most of it you know, if not, if not, actually, according to the scholars, the majority said it is. All the whole Sora was revealed in Medina, not in one, you know,

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maybe shot but in different batches, but most of the is, and it's called select Insert, because mostly about a new set about women about of women, the heckum of inheritance pertinent to women that presented the families with these words called selecting the SAP, and it's number 92 in terms of Revelation, you know, we said we have 114 solar, so, let me say is 9092 as baccala is 86 and Milan is 87. So that and the sap is 80 is 92.

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Right? We said that solid Nisa has the ASVAB and knows all the reasons why it was revealed over and all 41 reasons 41 reasons or so.

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Mostly, but you know, the matters of of inheritance tarbiyah Tobia to the believers to the Muslims, also talks about the Jews and talks about the Masada as well you know, the people of the book

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and we said that certainly SAP has three different sections and each section talks about you know, different topics so of and but the macapa sort of the most you know, the topic of it the topic the subject of certain set talks about three main things number one Amana the trust, right and Amana. Number two and I do justice. And number three to solidify the man you know the man the faith of the of the believers. So these are the the topics of solid

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wood with regard to section number one we mentioned yesterday it is from verse one to verse 58. Verse one to verse 58. Mostly talks about a man again the trust talks about fearing Allah subhana wa tada talks about giving the rights and fulfilling the rights of the orphans and not to consume their wealth wrongfully.

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also talks about the the the adult, what kind of either justice, Justice in terms of marriage

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For those who you know, that talks about marrying more than one wife, Eliza gel explains in this app,

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if you want to marry you know, then you have to be just to all of them. And if you cannot be just then marry one because Allah subhana wa tada says in, in the, in the first section of solid, and and this app also talks about, you know, the prohibition of praying while intoxicated. So as I mentioned yesterday, the levels of,

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of prohibition of alcohol in Islam came in, in batches in series, in fact, in three different you know, stages, the first stage in all analyzers and experienced that it has good and harm more than this, and the harm outweigh the good. And then Allah talks to the second stage tells them not to abstain from alcohol, while they're there, you know, they're praying, meaning the Sahaba they would, they would drink only after the Asia because if they were to drink after, they have to get ready for the hot and if they were to pray for though, it's also they'll have to also is Muslim and after might have is Asia. So they had only that time between Subhanallah Asia, and first off to drink. And

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it used to be a lot of them used to be like alcoholics, they used to drink a lot of alcohol. So, you know, he made that prohibition in in stages from his home and from his hikma from his wisdom. So Hannah, who would have had

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the The second type of second

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part of section of sorting, sort of in this app, talks about also a scan of Orleans. And it has something that we left off yesterday, the analyzer talks about men and women and when Allah says, you may be that you dislike an ally, so she's talking to men here, husbands, it may be that you dislike Santa Claus, una Takashi lofi, phailin kcfa, that

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if you dislike your wives, your spouses, it may be that you dislike something, and there is so much in it. And there's so much in it. So here, this is what I left off yesterday, right.

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And I did not explain I The question was before I left, why Allah zildjian said only to men, if you dislike your wives, and he did not say to women, if you dislike your husbands,

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and it may be that there is that you dislike something and there is so much in it. There's so much good in it. My business sisters, I explained to you in a beautiful way in Sharma hotel. Have you ever seen maybe two elderly people, you know, a man and a woman, you know, husband and wife, elderly people in their 70s 80s they're looking at each other. Right? And, and the man looks at his wife, as if she is the most beautiful woman on earth. She is all

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eight years old. She's all like, crippled and everything. But he's looking at her. She maybe have 112 left.

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She maybe has one two left. And he's looking at her like she's the queen of the Miss Universe. Right? Yes. He is not looking at her with the eye

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of reality. He's looking at her with the eye of mercy of Rama right?

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you see what a woman a woman she was not dislike her husband? Maybe she would only dislike his actions. But the way he is she would never maybe argue or complain about maybe in a joking way she would say maybe you need to lose weight honey in there. But she would never men.

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Men men love for us man like a lot of men man like a that's all.

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After, you know when he when she was young, I saw everything and then she's 4050 then he starts saying she has my wife has changed. And I say what what what has changed since she has changed?

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I know she I know what she's trying to say. And I'm trying to act stupid.

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She has changed like what do you mean? She has Yeah, she has changed is growing old. She's not the same. She doesn't look the same. What made you what what attracted you before you married her? What attracted you in this woman? A lot of things attracted me and her her beauty her hijab or higher chastity, her field of law Xhosa.

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And then what happened now?

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have anything Has anything changed? You know you like all these things? You know, Has anything changed?

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And I ask the question, have you watered

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Have you watered the love when you have a flower and you don't take care of the flower? What's going to happen to the flower sisters? All of you out there when you have a flower? Right? And if you don't water the flower, what would happen to the flower? YesI what would happen to the flower?

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says you know what happens and then what happens? Khadija what happens to the flower? If you don't water it

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it'll die.

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It's no brainer it'll die. Exactly. Right? So I say did you order the flower? Did you order the love? Yeah, I mean 20 years old, you know 2025 but now that she's 5060 whatever. You know how I see it she does not look the same to you no more so what kind of it looking at her What are you looking at her with the eye of reality or the eye of Rama Have mercy. The eye of the beat or the eye of the fly? There are two types of eyes I have the bee I have the fly the beat the bee looks for beautiful flowers look for you know the when there is honey and these are beautiful Fly, fly you find them on you know in trash and garbage and, and and things that are dirty. This is what you look at. This is

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where you tend to find flies or as a bee. Only look for things that are beautiful. Are you looking at your spouse with the eye of the fly or the eye of the bee?

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Right? So you we men, somehow Allah forgive us all. But you know, may Allah guide certain people, certain men, you know, when the wives reaches a certain age and is busy with life and kids and things? Then the guy started looking around and what happens? You know, she has changed. No, she hasn't changed. It's you. It's life. Things. Have you watered that love? Have you watered?

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Right? Now the eye of the tiger, the tiger, you've killed her. I don't want you to look at your wife with the eye of the tiger. You know otherwise? No, not that I but

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so So the thing is, it's an analogy. I'm trying to try to make you think you know, because Ally's actually saying if you may dislike them. But it may be that if you were to dislike something alone, put so much fear in it.

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Your wife

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maybe if she grows in age and whatnot, like you grow, but she would never I mean, you could have maybe a huge belly. You could be we're sleeping with her right, you know, and maybe things are coming from your mouth, things are coming from behind you things she would never complain about how maybe sometimes ugly looking she likes in you is your manhood. What she's proud of is your manhood. She likes your manhood. But men, they look at women differently. So Pamela so that's why Allah is saying you know if you dislike them if you dislike her, it may be that you you know if you were to dislike something, Allah subhanho wa Taala would make so much in it. Beautiful

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for us to ponder on for husbands to ponder on for wives also to ponder Are

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you sleeping with her? You're snoring your

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things coming? When you eat? You eat when

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you eat and you're making noises at and then after you're 18 years

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old, man. What's, what's that? after the age of just things coming out from you? She doesn't complain. She doesn't say what kind of man did I marry? What kind of monster is this guy? She doesn't say things like that.

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But you after she she reaches a certain age and whatnot. What do you start doing? This is what a live version is beautiful as is where Santa crocheting which I would love for you haven kathina maybe that you dislike something and I'd love to put so much hair in it. Alright, so Robinson sisters, this isn't you know, sort of nice act also number in the third section of sort of nice up Allah subhana wa tada starts with the MCC lightning day. My plan today is the one that I mentioned, you know, in the, the 10 different types of introductions and Dr. And Eliza uses this type of introduction here. The need that need that is a call a call for the believers or causes believers to

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solidify and intensify their, their their, their

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their email, their faith, my brothers and sisters. And this again the section number three and also lies

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in the same section talks about talks in like a dialogue with the Jews, with the people of the book and also Allah subhana wa Tada This is the very end the Hatem at the Fatima salata, Nisa, the conclusion of solid Nisa, Allah Subhana Allah

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With a hotter

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mix that neither you harness or your people or your people so this is calling the entire mankind to eat man and to hold the strong into the the, into the into the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala you harness all you people these days ocean and salt and he sat with my brothers and sisters with Nick's solar solar

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solar company that's worth money that is number five.

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And how many is in South America? How many verses 126 verse 120 220 verse so what the

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many that the one that comes right after certainly set 120 verse how many Jews six and seven. So it's in has to choose sixth and seventh. It's number is number five. Is it Madani or Mecca, Sala it is a metaphor. It's a metazoa, according to the consensus of the scholars, although there were some areas in it that were revealed very early on before the Battle of butter. So there were some maybe some that weren't revealed in Mecca, maybe but the majority of Salton

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Sea that was revealed in Medina, so it's a meta nisour. It's called a memory that has met you there. And he the table when he was asked about it, that was asked to bring a table from from the heavens. So I met you that it's also taught, it's another name of Satyam ADA is

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what's good contracts of covenants. It also talks about covenants, the same sort of talks about covenants. It has another name of Bob, about rabbis, or Jewish scholars,

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Jewish scholars, rabbis, so it has three names, you know, and Maggie that a little Hello, good and bad, and many that are quote, unquote, meaning covenants. And then, you know, analyzer just says, Yeah, you had Edina, MN o forbid, or quote, or you who believe, fulfill your covenants,

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any virtues of solid metadata, nothing authentic, other than it is from the server. They weren't just like, sort of a nice app, you know, before it. It's from 71 from the seven long ones, those that are above 100 100 versus right, above Cabo, Nisa.

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And then you have sort of marido and half. Those are all until that those are all, you know, the seven, it was seven soldiers that were, you know, long soldiers over 100 100. as, you know, solid metadata is from the source. It's number five, as I mentioned, and in terms of its revelation, remember, I said we have 114 souls in the Quran.

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sola and Matt EDA is actually number 90, it's termed number of Revelation, it's number in terms of the sequence number 90, right after that. So that was revealed right after sort of his app, which we'll talk about in a long time, right.

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And the suburban knows all the reasons for the solar to be revealed it all the like I mentioned, it was revealed in different batches or different stages, just like you know, most of the source.

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They said it has 20 to 22 reasons why it was revealed

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in two sections,

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reasons pertinent to the Jews, and some pertinent to tabia. camp, Tobia and callback routines.

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The Mk la sala the introduction of the solar saw starts with a yohannes. So what does that mean? What kind of introduction? Is this sisters and brothers? Those of you who've been taking notes with me?

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Yeah. Are you a nurse or you people? So what kind of introduction is this?

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I need that much. I'd like to share this in a very good any doubt it's a call. Right? It's a call exactly a call a call. Yeah. You and so this is the this is what this is the solar and the set starts with an E that starts with a call. Yeah, you're right.

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And you may say that the talk that the main subject of certainly set is about keeping the covenants

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with holding the covenants, right. This is the main subject of sort of Nyssa to withhold the, the the contracts and to respect the confidence.

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But we can say in detail that the syrup is you know, split into three sections.

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three sections, just like some Hello, Mr. And Mr. bacala me all the seven long ones, you know, three sections. So the first section, you know, what is the three main topics, one that talks about welfare, meaning you know,

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With holding and keeping, be loyal to keep in covenants. Number two, it can be shot in if there's any disagreements to use the ruling of sherry app in terms of this any discrepancies or any disagreements, to go back to Australia, you know, to rule between, you know, people and whatnot. And the third subject talks about why Islam

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who you know convey the message of Islam these are the main three, you know, subjects of so lots of solid ulma either three main subjects,

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keeping the covenants go and using them as a rule as, as as as hokum. st Kamiya Attica meaning if there's any, any discrepancies or disagreements, we use Islam, two to four rulings, and number three, to convey the message of Islam. More detail, we'll be talking about that tomorrow, shallow data about each section and what it talks about. We'll use that tomorrow inshallah.

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This is why I said it's difficile bites bits short, sweet, not too long in shallow data, but a coffee comes from Lucky sisters and brothers. Those of you from

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Facebook and those from Instagram. We shall see you today inshallah to Allah at six o'clock pm for our major main session, the end of time still talking about gender in charlo. Dad still talking about Jenna, Part Six. So this will be today in sha Allah 6pm Eastern Time. 11pm UK time inshallah 12am Belgium time is that lucky sisters and brothers Baraka Luffy con,

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that I will talk about tomorrow, which I have for each section, we'll talk about that to martial law. All right, is that common law here, so that might come up later.