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The host introduces a series called "SharGeneration on Facebook and Instagram" about AI and a troll series. The series is one-hour long and covers various topics including a woman named Rita who wants to read from the book of Allah's subhanho wa taala and her brother's actions that have caused her to change her heart. The recitation on recycling, recycling, and various stages of Islam are discussed, along with a recitation on a woman named Hannah with Allah and a woman named Moe who is a recitation on a woman named Moe who is a recitation on a woman named Moe who is a recitation on a woman named Moe who is a recitation on a woman named Moe who is a recitation on a woman named Moe who is a recitation on a woman named Moe who is a recitation on a woman named Moe who is a recitation on a woman named Moe who is a recitation on a woman named Moe

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hamdulillah Soto salsola This is the others as he would come to a new episode, this Ramadan called tipsy bites or tipsy bits however you want to call it

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is that like I said American Ramadan Mubarak?

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Ramadan, Mubarak mela Xhosa except from all of you Mashallah all the regulars are already logging in. All the regulars are already in Mashallah.

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How's everybody doing?

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Hope you all doing great.

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So this is a new series, like a new episode

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of Ramadan, or I would say it's part of this rock your Ramadan. But the new theme is Tafseer. So I call it silly bits or bytes, right?

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something new, something I have never done before. Write something totally new shout out to Anna Ramadan bitter Ramadan bites. short series. Today is an intro in Sharla. Alright, today's an intro. And then as of tomorrow, inshallah Tada, we'll be talking about something amazing about Docker, and we're going to live with Yes, we are both on Facebook and on Instagram, both handle alive, right? Facebook, Instagram, because on Facebook, I get to save them. Get to save them. And they will be no No, no, no, no, no, this is not this is not the one hour series. The one hour series is at six o'clock pm eastern time. That's the end of time. This is a new series I'm starting. If you can just

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give me a chance. I've already explained how long.

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This is a new series, I've said that. Maybe you did not hear me. This is a new series I've just studied today, right? I've never done it before. It's called tafsir bytes or I've seen bits, right? It's a short series about we're going to live with out this month of Ramadan. So every day inshallah tada except Sunday, we'll be meeting in Charlotte to talk about and to talk about the

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to talk about beautiful things about Docker and I'm going to talk about a lot of interest in about today is just an intro. But as of tomorrow on shallow tide I wouldn't be talking about you know, before we even started talking about the AI themselves and themselves. We've talked about the two types of two categories of AI. So what's the meaning behind you know why there are certain so on you know, being revealed in Mecca, let's say and others were reading Medina was the what's the the hikma the wisdom behind it? We'll be talking about

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why the no huddle and start with you know the N has 10 ways to start in every soil in every area you will see you will not realize there's just starts in a different way. So we'll talk about the 10 different ways that allies are just starting up and with every soul and how beautiful that is that we can connect with

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each other. So this is the purpose of this series inshallah. Okay, but today is intro intro about

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a troll but this book of Allah subhanho wa Taala, Allah zildjian is probably one of his names is Allah Allah Li. And if he is alim, his words, I think because is the words of Allah Subhana what

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are the words of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, the words of Allah subhana wa Tada. And there's nothing more beautiful than the words of Allah. I'm telling you, there is nothing nothing more beautiful than hearing the words of Allah subhana wa adad right now, Zenn la con kita Fie the colloquium as an

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insult the envy of Hannover dialysis We have revealed onto you keytab fee cuckoo kita kita. The book it is honor.

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The day when we have left and

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then our lives have turned upside down. The day when we go back to the UN, Allah subhanho wa Taala will fix everything that we are going through any problems tribulation that we're going through, the key is in the book of Allah isn't

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the answer. No. We have revealed until you get a physical copy of a book in it is your remembrance. It is your honor.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala call this book Beautiful Names, beautiful names you have. And you have no you have

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keytab she fat. I wouldn't mentioned these beautiful, you know notes that the lesson Tanda uses to call the end or to use and you know it's a beautiful

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in every session every way.

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One of the

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subbies by the name of hublin f is a sahab ism is a companion. He used to say

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the COP is alive, immerse it in America. He says come up

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with anything that you wish from the righteous deeds and actions try to come close to Allah illusion with any righteous deeds that chant but he says what? A Nicoletta takahama la BA in a happy man can I make a Mahatma, he says but rest assured that you won't get closer to him when it didn't know belongs to Him then his words and his words is the puppet. So if you want to come close to Allah, the Book of Allah,

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if you want to come close to Allah is by virtue of reciting his book.

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reading his book, listening to his words of Hannah, right, Ba,

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Ma, Santa

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Rita sprawl in kiloton Lima II.

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Xena memenangkan upon the autobahn was semi wet

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I'm washing

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although she's still a, these are the only words that changed the life of Bob and many other people. I don't know how Bob was so harsh and stern. He was so

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very, very difficult person to deal with be prior of Islam, you know, he used to torture and you know, many, many hobbies, and Soviet as well, you know about the Allahu Akbar. But he only heard these words. And these words change his heart as he was going to kill the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and someone told him Why don't you go and fix your home Your sister has embraced Islam and his sister Father, you know with her husband and there was about teaching them the call and then he came knocking on the door and then he heard them he heard them you know, reciting and then he barged in, and the long story he hit his sister, you know, he slapped her and then he hit

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her husband because he wants to read from you know, the scroll, and then and then and then they refuse to give him the you know, that scrolled and he says I will not harm it so his sister said go and take a bath and come back so he went and took a bath then he came back and then he read from that scroll What did he read ball her

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then he can go and finish

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it in that case

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men hung up on the Aldo was

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a wash

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I don't

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know these are my brothers and has not changed but what has changed is us because the sample and that of the hapa read and change his heart is the simple and that we are reading today.

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No he's in his whole hubbub No, not a hot saga but if not Earth, but just listen up to me please and shout out i don't know maybe we can ask questions. I'll have a blue an Earth. Anyways.

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What I was saying here sisters and brothers is that Please don't ask any questions until I'm done shall have died because I will not be able to answer questions and cut off. So if you have any questions just hold them until the end inshallah. I was saying my brothers and sisters at home and he only read these verses and he changed their his heart of the law. And today we read the content. But what has changed? It hasn't changed. What has changed is us. Allah subhanho wa Taala my brothers and sisters as I mentioned that he he he he this book and he hasn't it so many beautiful names. Beautiful. Allah subhana wa tada says about an

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Makita movie.

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It has indeed been revealed to you.

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acumen Allah from Allah know what a terrible movie No, no, Allah calls it no light. It does to her and his light. It will enlighten your life. It will bring you out from darkness into light. And it is no Allah subhanho wa Taala calls he fat subhana wa Taala he says what he does is he no man or any man who was

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meant to live more meaning one unit zero mean an animal who was

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want to limit meaning and we will, in the end, that which is shift, that which is cure and Oshima, Allah concentration as well as an issue fact of matter is all she felt what kind of she felt cure, she felt to all types of diseases, she felt to spiritual diseases, she felt to physical diseases, any diseases that a person may be going through

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the cure is in the Quran, Allah says that when in any Maha Shiva and we read from the Quran, that which is she, before she felt to that which is in your

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subhanho wa Taala says by that will be lamina shaped on the wall gene and

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de la Idaho hace

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la what Dylan can not believe in Siena. munia de facto on.

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If you were if you were to lease on an on a mountain, on the mountain, the mountain will shake and become turned into dust.

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Because of the philosophy.

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If allow us to live in this mountain, the mountain would shake

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the mountain

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the mountain would go down into dust.

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And why a mountain The mountain is destroyed. structure on Earth. Imagine if this was to be reviewed on a mountain, the mountain would shake and tremble and turn into dust.

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no I

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love the I mean officiating.

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What can not be

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seen on

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on people who are into four categories. People who are into four categories. The first category are

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the people of

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those, and the in and the outs. Those who listen

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all the time.

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Latina Latina who Makita Luna who have patella watty those who typed it. And it's right and it's Deuce

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is the first category. The second category are those who have a body recite on a daily basis. They're not as the first category that always written. The second color, or our category are those who have a portion of the recite on a daily basis, like what we say, you know, and

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they have a sub

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follow. I mean, read whatever you can from it. The third category are those who listen to the content. You see now we're going down into four levels. The first are those who live with the plan. The second are those who have a portion that they recite on a daily basis is one page, maybe two pages, maybe half a page, maybe one is maybe you know whatever it is, but they have this portion that they recite on a daily basis. The third category are those who just listen to the

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the recent loss of Hannah with Allah says

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well either for the

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first 10 year old who I own, stay tuned to hameau

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for the

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first time you

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won't say to now I don't have more wonderful and it's been recited, listen and such you may get Russia from Allah you may get that mercy from Allah, Allah, just listen to the

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these are the first three categories he's having. The fourth category is for the worst.

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The fourth is the worst was those who have neglected and neglected recycling,

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reading the Quran, listening to it,

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pondering and acting upon it. They have totally migrated before Allah subhana wa tada says on the on their behalf. Well barlaam was so no

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one wants to be in a ponytail

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oh no one soon. Oh, yeah.

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Yeah, I'll be in Nepal mid

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And the Prophet has said, Oh lord, oh my lord. Some of my people have naked this one and our Prophet, he goes to Allah He says, Oh my Lord, my people have ignored the call and they have migrated from it. They have made it.

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I hope you're not one of them. Because this is the month of the

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Jomo dawn, shalom Allah, he,

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he hinted

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in the muscle of Ramadan, well, what the Quran was revealed. So this is the month of the end, if we don't talk, and in this month, you tell me when when are we going to recite it?

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somebody dies,

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we're gonna wait for somebody to die for us to decide, is this what is what assertion has, and only to be recited when somebody dies? Or maybe when we get a window where we have a wedding, right? We have a wedding. And then for the the the Nika we bring in the chef to the side. And as and all put our heads down, and we all listen, you know, you know, and then with leaves, we put in a job, and then the lights will get pops on, on the policy that will start you know, yellow hair, you know, and then and then,

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you know, I'm saying, you know, I'm saying is this what is no snow doctrine was not revealed to be recycled on weddings, for maybe before Nika, or maybe for just starting a program or before just or somebody. The plan is for you and I to live with

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is for you and I to live with my brothers and sisters.

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And it fit to be connected with God and Allah will elevate you.

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Allah, when he

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how, look, Allah elevated, you believe because he believed he was the one who you know this poll and it was revealed to GB GB the the master of all sides of the end of the

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call and it was revealed upon Prophet Mohammed Prophet Mohammed sauce is the best and the seed of all profits and the most beloved prophet Allah Xhosa profit center, this was revealed on this on this nation became

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first nation that came out to mankind This was revealed in Ramadan, Ramadan is the is the best month in the civilization. The Quran was revealed at layer two, layer two hydrogen alpha, it was revealed on the night of the power the bar is better than 1000 months.

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And those who who recycle and memorize the halo

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lemma the provinces the best amongst you are those who know and teach it. You see, whoever gets connected with the Quran Allah

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elevate that person's

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elevate that person if you get connected with the book of Allah. So, I suppose inshallah tada I want to start this new series called

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bits or deaf seed bytes, if you want to call it by to call it bits got it however you want to call it, write everyday inshallah, we're going to meet to talk shortly, maybe 510 minutes, 15 minutes max, to talk about you know this, and to talk about the you know, stuff, maybe from Fatiha all the way until next we will have tafsir talking about it's sort of a thing of the soul or the purpose of it, when it was revealed the purpose by which it was written, the wisdom behind it, all this in Sharla Donna, definitely see it so that we can get connected with the book of Allah Subhana Allah.

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I hope that is

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I hope this will be your liking in sha Allah hota because as I mentioned, I have never never done this program before. This is my very first time offering this program to Ana. So I hope and I pray that you will be to your liking, getting behind a lot with with Baraka and inshallah tada as I call him. Sisters May Allah bless you all my brothers from Facebook is that I see you tonight, six o'clock

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pm, Eastern Time. 11pm UK time for the end of time series, you know for the end of time inshallah tada 6pm Eastern 11pm, UK time at the end of time series of shallow data or Facebook Zakat, Salaam Alaikum.