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Welcome to another episode of Raka Ramadan 2018 day 24.

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This is the eve of the 25. So this could be again, another opportunity to witness later to cuddle the night of the power. ask Allah subhana wa tada to accept from you and I asked last Canada to make you increase from the HIPAA debt and to accept all the bad debt from your child low data.

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We still want the seed of the Prophet Mohammed also said that Prophet Mohammed now has migrated Timothy that the first thing he did Salalah He will send them all the first speech needs of the letter send them

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after he reached Medina, this is a very well known speech to the Prophet as I sit down and short and concise, au Han s. After salam wa mo Tom was told to believe in oneness with the end that whole agenda TV seller, or your people after setup, spread peace, there been so much war, you know, in, in, in in Medina, between the owls. And

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so he came to LA and he was sending them and he said after he said them spread peace

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and feed the poor and the needy and he give charity, or some lovely lady or nurse with em and pray at night. Yeah, and he's telling them about a lot of em, pray, you know, the night prayer, or in fact, he's talking about Salah as well, but mostly hear about the pmla was a little bit late.

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Third full agenda to be served initial address and not in peace. Very beautiful advice from the Prophet Mohammed It is also them short and concise.

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And then he did mainly three things, some of the learnings. And then when he came to Medina, the very first thing he did, as you all know, the story of the camel where she started, you know, wandering around, and then she's she, he went by the space, what we call today's mission, never we she sat down and then she stood up again. And then she went around as if she's looking for something, and then she came back to the same spot. And then she sat right across what her name was the camel or the she capital, the profit and that's where he or the Prophet instructed this a habit and build the masjid measure the neighbor we, which we call today measure the Netherlands, the

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mission of the Prophet Mohammed, as I said, in Medina,

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it was a land that used to belong to a couple of orphans from Panama. So the Prophet Mohammed as I said him, he asked if you could buy it from them and then and he took the land and the build the mission and never we said that the measure took them, you know, six months, some said that year, some said more than a year. So the Prophet as I said, he, he lived with a yoga Ansari at the time until the masjid was built. The mission of the Prophet Mohammed sources. The second thing the Prophet Mohammed did was called for brotherhood

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brotherhood on unity between the Mahajan and the unsub. The very well known story of

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Abraham out from the Mahajan and Saudi Arabia from the unsolved side he came and then he offered all his money, you know, like, you know, to split in half between him and another one and others, many of us to be amongst the wealthiest so hobbies, you know, from Mecca, but remember these people from Mecca, they left everything behind. And then they came, you know, writing with their faith with their writing with their Amen. And some have a lot when the prot when they came to Medina, they have actually pretty much nothing. So the Prophet called for that unity. So Cain, this, you know, it's a known stories that go a bit, he said, This is all my wealth. He's willing to speak with him. But he

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he had that dignity and honor and he says, Man lepidus your wealth of this your family, just show me what the market is. The third thing the Prophet Mohammed Austin did was

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to store the county and he set laws and regulations and the Constitution itself, you know, setting out certain laws that the Muslims should live by. Not only the Muslims, whoever lives in Medina, even the Jews who used to live in Medina had to abide by the Constitution. maca and the other hand was boiling, and they could not in fact, swaddle and the Prophet Mohammed Tao

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has migrated you know and and made the Medina his abode with the Sahaba. So it started again, you know, boiling and fury, which will lead to the very first battle in Islam, the battle cold battle. We'll talk about that

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in our next episode. Until then, I say