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The speakers discuss the upcoming release of "The Parts of the Bodys" book, which is a solid and interesting title but not deep to see. The book's structure and potential to reveal news about the spiritual world is discussed, including numbers and references for the book's sections. The segment covers topics related to Islam, including the origin of the statement that "any man" is the same as the "any man" in the book, the history of Islam's teachings, and the importance of "any man" in the context of the book's shia. The transcript also covers the importance of respecting and covenants and contracts in Islam, avoiding false accusations, reciting the book's language, and avoiding false accusations.

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Gotta love him the last semester.

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So that might look like a lot of cattle is rather zazzy. And this

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I just want to give a minute or two for more people to join in Charlottetown right.

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So then Monica what law you will look at? And then also Helen. Yeah, hello, my name is Oh, Nadia shares yo Shireen. And when as

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Robin has a Sheffield Sabbath welcome, Sarah, all of you, all of you.

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This is the tipsy of bits bytes.

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When it comes cinema scene give haidakhan.

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And this is episode number 11. And we're still with solid metadata, solid metadata. We want to finish select metadata and shot a lot of data today. So that we can move on to solid and am Neela. Right? We started solid metadata yesterday. But we want to finish it today In short, long time. All right. So let us start Bismillah Alhamdulillah, WA salatu salam ala as you may have noticed, the style of the Tafseer bytes sessions are a little bit different than the end of time. series, right? Each has a different type of each has a different type of style. This one is more su theme is more calm, because I can see it, right? The End of Time, is more vibrant.

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It's more vibrant, because there's at some point we will go down especially when we talk about certain major science. We talked about head fire, you know, people cry, and then when we talk about gymnasts then we get a boost. So that's a different different type of atmosphere, different type of style. But this stuff seed is kind of like shallow, right? It's It's It's talking about the book of Allah subhana wa Tada. Okay, so we're still with solid and made up my business sisters. We want to finish looking at Ada today, I call it epcis bite. So this is not deep to see. But definitely something that will help you in shallow Tata, even in your sada in your culture and your

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institution. And to learn more about the the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala, and how the book is structured, how this is structured,

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in terms of the soul, and what the soul of means, and in terms of their revelation, and when they were revealed and what a soul is, before though after a certain solar Yani, it's not like ad hoc, nothing is ad hoc, you know. So this is why, you know, it's nice to understand these little teeny tiny bits of, you know, pertinent to the book of Allah subhana wa Tada. So let's admit, you know, my brothers and sisters we said that so ultimately that is a solid number five, and it has 120 128 and 20 verses and it's institutions six and seven. It's called an ADA and it's also made any solar it's Amanda new solar just like a bacara and like an emblem it's a Melanie saw some said actually the

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foot soldier and other said there's certain AI that would reveal on an early on they were revealed like a a pertinent to bother was revealed before so but the majority of the time that they said actually the full solar is made any man any solo any bit revealed in the in media, it's also lovely man, he that you know, the the the trade the table, the plate, whatever you want to call it, and Maggie though and a Sadie cerami knows, by by his followers, you know what you were told to?

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To bring down, you know, to form to ask Allah to send down a matter of code. It's also called a little code, you know, the the covenants or the contracts and also called bah bah, bah, the, the, like the rabbi's

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of the scholar, the Jewish scholars, you know, this al de Sala, you know, is split on on three sections, and each section talks about a different kind of like, maybe a topic, but more about a hold covenants and more about you know the dialogue with the people of the book, namely, namely

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about the rabbi's. It is considered to be a sola from

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The seven after a while 7311 of the seven there weren't other seven. They weren't right. They weren't our December long ones, right? Like baccardo in Milan when Lisa,

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Marie de la, Sol have to tell, but these are the seven of the one that are above 100 100, as they call them seven long ones, right. So as many that is considered to be from the seven long ones, and it is in terms of revelation number 90, number 90, you know, bacala is 86 and Emmeline is 80 714 soldiers, right handed 14 soldiers. So I'm giving you the numbers here, and no solid and Matt ADA is number 19. In terms of Revelation, right after that.

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And I talked yesterday about the reasons as revenues or the scholars, they said of the fasciae 42 reasons 42 reasons. Some are related to the relate to idea hood, the bar, the rabbis, and the better slightly in general, and some are pertinent to tarbiyah that'll be I can also I can routines, matters of

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the soul. I started with MATLAB and the that when we talk about the N, or the psoas, it sort of starts with a different introduction. They're all together 10 types of introductions, in the end, Eliza just starts the solar wind in Silicon Valley, that last panel starts with me that would need that. Yeah, you have Yeah, you know, yeah, you know, it's neither on a call a call.

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We said that the soul up is split into three sections, one section that talks about in no loyalty in terms of covenants, or contracts, one section that talks about

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the rulings on the camera shot, I'm sorry, if you can be shot, you know, when you have a disagreement, or a matters that needs certain rulings, you have to adopt the Islamic Sharia or Islamic rulings. Right. And then the third section talks about conveying the Messenger of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, just a little bit detail about this, because that's what we left off yesterday, the specimen or the very first section starts from a a number one to a n number for tea from one to 40 this is the first section and this section talks about mostly the it starts with need up to the believers, right and need a call to the believers and mostly deals with again, the

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covenants and the contracts on how to abide by covenants and how to keep your covenant, you know, promises contracts by the know and respect these contracts.

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Also in the soul of Allah subhanho wa Taala deception, Allah subhana wa Taala talks about

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the key to be near meeting, Allah Xhosa reminds in this first section, the about his Nam about his blessings subhanho wa Tada. And also as he talks about the Jews in this very particular section from one to 40, and also the binary slightly under study with moose up when they entered

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adesa when they were in that, you know, in that journey with no set with vendors slightly

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and then entering in I'll put the entering of quotes and and how that conversation happened between them and Moosa

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had been slightly with regard to you know, when, in fact at some point because they they hesitated that they come in in order to try to come up with many excuses. And then Eliza afflicted upon them, you know, that 40 years where they were in this land of one dream, there was one dream in this you know, and they call it the 40 years of luxury of wondering, because they, you know, they were hesitate, they hesitated and they did not you know, they came up with many excuses versus you know, answering the call of Eliza and the call of their Prophet Musa alayhis salam. Also my business sisters in the same section of Allah subhana wa tada talks about the story of the sons of Adam II

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Salah, the sons of Adam

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habit and kabhi

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when they

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If, however, for the benefit of OPM in an email, well, let me talk about a minute Aha, when you know, it's amazing story, the story of habit and Javi, Cain and Abel, you know,

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when they

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the father wanted actually to test them.

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each had their own work, or his own work.

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He says, you're going to make an offer, like, you know, to offer a sacrifice for the loss of Hannah with that offer the best that you have

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offered the best that you have.

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have been, he offered the best of what he had, but came he did not. He just gave some basic stuff, but have been able, he did make a very good offer, you know, a lot of solution for taco photocopied, I mean, I had email let me talk about man accepted that of habit. And he did not accept that of Kane of hobby. And that's why I created you know, more hatred, some kind of law, you know, for qabil towards his own brother happy and then he intended to kill him. That story happened in solid, and Matt either in that verse section.

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When he went to kill him, or he wanted to kill him.

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Potter in nice, absolutely no

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problem at the moment in Africa in itself, forget, as he told him, I shall kill you.

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Then his brother told him if you were to kill me, I shall not if you were to hold something to give me I will not, I will not, you know, I will not, you know, fight you back. If you want to fight me, I will not fight you back.

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And also my brothers and sisters. In fact, that was the very first crime committed on Earth, somehow, the crime of Cain killing his brother happy. And then when he went to try to bury him, he did not know the buddy was there.

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And he did not know how to get rid of that buddy. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala, sent down these two birds, also, they were fighting and then a bird, you know, saw another bird dying, and then that bird he dig the hole, and then he buried the other bird. So he got the idea of how to bury his own brother from the from the bird. So that story was mentioned in, in, in, in,

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in solid America, you know, the the first section

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in the also Allah subhana wa tada in the same section, he talks about

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I'm going to be the first section of the bill Jihad will accommodate, again, governance. And again, going back to the Shetty app, and again, you know, applying the shady out of Allah subhana wa tada on earth with regard to the second section.

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And that second section starts from 41 to 66. Four to 66. Allah subhanho wa Taala starts with an E that one more time and the data and a call a call to the to the believers who kind of what data

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or a call actually to the Prophet Mohammed It was then yeah, you're letting me Yeah, you can be you

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or your prophet needed to the Prophet others to them. And then he's asking him a lot as though Julius Odin, His Prophet Mohammed also set up to rule based on the loss of a loss of Hannah who would die

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and to convey his message, otherwise, he doesn't do he doesn't do that, then he will not be conveyed the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And then also Allah subhanho wa Taala in the same section, section number two talks about

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the dean and then also talks about not to follow the infidels, especially those who embrace the religion of their hate. And then they they, after they revert after the embracing division of their hate, that revert from from their hates Allah subhanho wa Taala warns those who after embracing Eman they revert from it so Eliza should warn them in the second section of soul that an unmet need

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in the third section of silicon Merida, Allah subhanho wa Taala one more time he starts with an EDA another need that and that means a call a call to the Prophet Mohammed Elisa to again convey his message This is 67 to one 867 to 108.

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Also Allah subhana wa tada sends a message to the people of the book to the people of the book because Allah Xhosa in that message right in the

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In that call that he made to the professor said, to convey not to the buildings, but also convey the message to the, to the People of the Book. He also said the People of the Book, not especially the People of the Book, the Jews and the Christians.

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Also in the section, Allah subhana wa Taala talks about kafala. To me, this is interesting brothers and sisters, go for look at what's currently a team. This is for those who make a deliberate oath. Right? When they make a deliberate oath.

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And they don't fulfill their oath.

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Like somebody says, Well, I wouldn't do so and so

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well, I will do this will law he, I, you know, and and they don't fulfill their oath. So there's cafaro there's the kuffaar, who deliberately make an oath, you know, if took to expiate for that oath which they could not fulfill, they have to feed 10 people 10 poor people, or free a slave or fast three days. What is a father to a mannequin? This is the kafala of the a man. This is those who swear by Allah azza wa jal, and then they cannot fulfill you know, the thing that they have swore for, you know, when you swear by Allah that you're going to go visit so and so will you swear by Allah that you're gonna say something or you swear by Allah? Is he gonna do something and you don't

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do it? So you have to offer an explanation that expansion will be in the form of feeding 10 people or freeness, slave or fasting three days, this is the expiation to if somebody was to make

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was to make an oath and do not fulfill it. So as again Allah subhanho wa Taala starts with an NIDA Yeah, you have all sorts of better live mountains, they did come up big. We're in them to find what if remember laughter the senator will love ya similkameen ns also in this very particular area, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells Prophet Mohammed when he told him to when he told him to convey the message of Lazarus is one La Jolla single coming in this and Allah will save you from people because Prophet Mohammed used to have bodyguards. What kind of bodyguards Buddha used to be his bodyguard. Sometimes Zubair used to be his bodyguard, be that used to be his bodyguard, especially I'm sorry

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Zubair, and Addy Zubaydah nanny, these two they used to be his bodyguards. So

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now when Allah Xhosa defeat this ayah or la similkameen, and that's an Allah would protect you from people perfect Mohammed told them I no longer need a bodyguard, because Allah has, has promised to you know has voted to protect me. Hello, I don't need no more bodyguards. So from there on. Noah's obey no alley, no anybody needs to stand. There is a pillar in the in, in the Medina in the volta, right and what the law is, there is a pillar called the pillar of unharness. The pillar of our house what's on how does the house are the soldiers, the people who guards the Prophet Mohammed, they would go and stand by that pillar and then just guard Prophet Mohammed if some buddy was to harm him

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or something, they will come in and defend him. So when this ayah was revealed, well, we are similkameen and ness and Allah will protect you from people. Then the Prophet Mohammed told them I no longer need anyone to garden, right?

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And then the, the the

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conclusion of the, of the solar starts from 109 to 230, Matt 109 to the end, right to the end of the hour, so Allah and Allah Xhosa concludes with the

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with statement, some news of what's going to happen to the prophets at the end of time where they will be assembled to be questions

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where they will be assembled to be questioned what Allah says you will call upon the prophets they will call you know, to, they will be assembled for questioning Allah, Allah mentions that and also talks about that conversation that Allah will have it but when he said it he set up this is all in the conclusion of Solid Element EDA.

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Also Allah subhana wa tada in the same conclusion talks about the consequent consequence of those who do not one more time respect and abide an honor their confidence, those who don't honor their covenants Allah subhana wa tada in the conclusion of of solid Merida talks about this consequence.

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So in general again, let me give you a quick summary my brothers and sisters with regard to talk about something that ADA is number five in the Quran, it has 200 it has

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200 What is this 200 a right 200 verses

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So let's say that it has, I'm sorry, 120 verse 120, verse 120 verse and it is called me that it is called a quote, it is called Bob is and the names of Silicon Valley that

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it is considered to be from a summit they went from the several long ones. And also the modal at the topic of the solar is mostly about respecting and honoring, covenants and contracts. Right. And, and it is split in three different sections section that talks about the covenants section section that talks about the rulings and going back in turn, you know, in terms of discrepancies or misunderstandings to go back to the loading of Allah subhana wa tada to the ruling of the Sharia. And the third section is to talk about conveying the message of Islam to Muslims and Muslims and to the whole world, especially the People of the Book. These are the three sections of solid Alma ADA,

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and it is solid number 90 in the Quran. So number 90 Yes, it is. Is it 121 2121 20 sR 121120 not 125 120 so from from 109 to 120 That's what I meant to say from 109 to 120 that's the that's the the conclusion of solid Alma EDA it has ended 2020 versus

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what else I think this is pretty much it to my brothers and sisters with regard to subcommittee that it is a solid It is made any sorta it's a made any solid that was revealed in Medina, according to the majority of scholars, it isn't it is it is mostly was revealed in Medina verses in not of course, not in one shot, but in batches in different batches.

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And some said that there was some area in it that were revealed in Madcap but not in Medina, but again the majority said that this saga is a meta any meta nisour the next all of my brothers and sisters will be solid and solid and am which is number six, which is number six and it has 160 565 as we will talk about solid um, Why is it such an atom and such an am, by the way, it's makiya. So an atom was revealed in Makkah versus abakada. You know, versus an A Milan versus Nisa versus Mati that those are many sodas but solid and is a murky soda. What makes it a Mickey soul up, we will talk about that as well. Tomorrow inshallah Tada, not tomorrow. Tomorrow actually is Friday.

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Tomorrow's Friday, tomorrow is solid gaff. Tomorrow we're gonna have the salata calf program and then Saturday charlo Tana will be our

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no the Tafseer bison Sharma who tada where we will talk about salt and and and try to finish salt and I'm often Sharma malacological brothers and sisters, I hope this was a you know, a beneficial reminder for all of us about this, you know, this particular sola sola and Matt ADA, I asked Eliza to bless us with the plan and to make us love and and to make us amongst those who act upon the book of Allah illusion, not just recite it, recite it and act upon it inshallah tada

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with regard to your questions,

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what if someone was swearing By Allah, or that's even worse? You know, we said about swearing by Allah Xhosa, you know, and you have to offer an expiation if you to swear by Allah and you don't fulfill your your, your oath, right? You have to go and offer an expression that expression will be in the form of

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feeding, you know, 10 people or

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free to slave or fasting three days but with regard to somebody who swears by Allah on top of that his line or she's lying

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right not only swears by law swears by a law on top of that they're lying. Yeah, this is the worst.

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That is

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this what he's saying in this particular instance. Yeah.

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Notice that a monocle letters don't make a lot of money come just to you, you whatever, you want to buy something and you want people to believe you swear by Allah swear by Allah, try to you know, don't just even kids sometimes you say swear by Allah that you're saying the truth. He said the truth he said it's fine. You don't have to make him swear or make her swear. I mean, but not not don't make it as the norms you know, because it is not good. This is what's gonna what's gonna happen is we know somebody might lie

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Again by swinging by Allah subhana wa Jai.

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Right. So that doesn't allow that today many come. So this is what I said, you know, don't just, you know, for every time you want to make a statement, we swear by Allah. Well, I want to tell you something. Well, I wonder what law he called me, Allah He did. We don't have to say what line all the time. So if somebody lies on top of that, that's worst, then you know, then just swing by laws, though. Of course they have to offer the second request and make Toba Tomas Pena with that.

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I hope this is clear about a coffee on sisters and others. I shall see you in Sharla huhtala today at six o'clock pm

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eastern time. 11 o'clock pm UK time for the

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end of time. Jenna, Part Six, Jenna and shout Allahu taala Part Six. You don't want to miss that promise you. I promise you don't want to miss it. So we'll see you in ciabatta today at six o'clock pm noon, Eastern Time. 11 o'clock pm. UK time 12am 12am Belgium time in Sharla. Is that Camilla head back Luffy calm so that might look like the IRA or bucket