Tafseer Suratul Fatiha – Its Revelation

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The speaker discusses the revelation of Surah Al Fatiha, a famous doctor of the poor, and its seven recurring verses. The speaker explains that the majority of possession of the name is related to the the speaker explains that the name is a "will" and the "will" is the ability to the the "will" is the ability to the "will" is the ability to the "will" is the ability to the "will" is the ability to the "will" is the ability to the "will" is the ability to the "will" is the ability to the "will" is the ability to the "will" is the ability to the "will" is the ability to the "will" is the ability to the "will" is the ability to the "will" is the ability to the "will" is the ability to the "will" is the

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Let's look at some of the points regarding its revelation. So we've discussed the name of surah, Al Fattah and various names to it. Let's look at the revelation. According to some scholars it was revealed in Mecca and this was stated by Eben Arbus and other scholars as well.

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There is also a statement by other scholars including Abu hora Mujahid Mujahid, is one of the most famous professor of the poor and one of the most famous manifester of the poor and during the period of the tab your own. This is why when you look at almost every Tafseer book, they will quote Mooji his name I mean, Ibn katheer. His Tafseer is full of quotes from Mujahid or rhodiola one. So Abu hurayrah Mujahid and others have said that this soda was revealed in Medina. Now this is a third opinion. Other scholars have also said it was revealed twice on two separate occasions once in Mecca and once in Medina.

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And the first opinion that it was revealed only in Mecca. This here is the opinion that the majority of scholars that they've taken, and this was all based on an A in sort of the ledger, that Allah subhanho wa Taala says Well, according to a NACA seberang meenan method he will pour and allow them that we have sent to you the seven often repeated verses This is referring to sort of fair to her the point of reference here for this area is that allies so it will send this idea and it is a murky area, so that a in soldato hedger it is a a number 87 in so little hater. This is the eye that reverse refers that suta tel Fatiha is seven verses and we'll come to that shortly. However the area

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is a murky area. So as a result majority of scholars said that sort of Fatiha is a murky surah

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in terms of its This is what I like to call the composition of the surah okay this is the discussion regarding the A yet of the sorta itself, how many do we have of Surah Al Fatiha? Now generally speaking, the most common opinion that is out in amongst them or fast soon even the contemporary contemporary scholars as well is that sudut al Fatiha consists of seven verses seven, eight or seven verses. Other scholars, including Mr. Ebner obeyed although the loved one who said that it consists of eight verses. Other scholars have said it is only six verses. But both of these opinions that it's eight and six, they've been rejected amongst the majority of the scholars. And we'll come to

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some of their evidences shortly. And basically what what's really happened here the reason why they've even different in the first place is that these scholars differ whether Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim is part of sorted Fatiha or not. So this is where the issue was. If Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim is part of the verses of Surah Al Fatiha then it would lead to eight yet. However, if Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim is not part of Saud at Fatiha then it comes down to the idea a number seven if you'd like him, sir oppa Latina and Antara Li him allow you to do Brr Li him while darlin this area. Are you real? mahoto Brr la him. Now this is where scholars differ whether this is one a

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year or two. Is it going to be just viral moto br la him? That's one one balling that's two Why did they separate these two? It's because they both are talking about different subjects. One is talking about the hoody and the other is talking about the nosara and Allah subhanho wa Taala has anger on both categories. But the reason why it's separated isn't the sefa or the description of a loss anger for both of them and when we come to this area, a lot you really my whole deal will be What does muscle do B mean as versus the word or bar lien versus the word misguidance and we're going to talk about that in much greater detail inshallah, when we get to that, so that just gives you a general

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synopsis. And as I mentioned to you, majority of scholars have taken the opinion that the height of the mouth do Brd model by lean is one area. So as a result Surah Al Fatiha altogether excluding Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. It is seven verses and this is the opinion that the vast majority of scholars have taken. The evidence for it is the same as in solid

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allies. So agile says

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pseudo hatred a number 87 while apart at NACA, when we have given you how many saben minalima 37, often repeated verses, so Allah azza wa jal himself says sabar, but other scholars have said that it had referred to different things which we will talk about as we continue with our Tafseer.

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In terms of the word sorted Fatiha consists of 25 words,

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and 113 letters, 25 words and 113 letters. When you hear that it's important brothers and sisters to really allow a statement or a figure or statistic like that to tap into your hearts because of the hadith of urban Massoud or rhodiola. horn is that a person who recites just one area as a matter of fact, one letter of the poor, and they get the reward equivalent to 10 rewards, or 10 has senate and imagine just reciting only soda tell Fattah. In addition to that reciting the entire poor end, nobody is able to actually put a figure of how much reward you get for reciting the entire core. And in addition to that, some of the scholars even have stated because so little Fatiha has so much

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specific references to it in the Quran, that there are special rewards that you will receive by reciting Surah Al Fatiha that you wouldn't receive by reciting other soldiers of the Quran. And so this here, it brings a lot of things into perspective. Because what that tells you is that there is a possibility that even in the era, so little fat, how will elevate us more so than other soldiers of the poor end, which is a very, very interesting point that some of them are infested with, including an emammal quote Toby rahima, who Lai mentions in his Tafseer and it gives a shout he gives sort of a little guide or a little taste of this particular point, but there isn't much that

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said about it, in terms of what the scholars have explained how to soothe and fat elevate to more so than the other suitors on the F hero, but it's just nice to throw it out. It's nice to think about in terms of when we study the blessings and how profound this one particular sutra is.