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So don't want to come everyone Now for those of you who have logged on to the YouTube page for green main messages, we're just giving them a little bit of time for other people to join us in Shut up. And then we'll get started together the evening learning to either. So please do share it out with your family and friends. In sha Allah, it is something that may be a benefit to them. And hopefully it's something that they can find value in in sha Allah

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is like more fair, do share it out with your family and friends and I look forward to having a productive session with you and come to love. This is our 10th session for the study of Sudoku. We pray the loss of Hannah to Allah allows us to complete the surah and if the brothers and sisters of green lane are interested in May Allah grant us the life in the energy, perhaps we can study another source of the whole and so I come to you today not from my office or my home, we're actually on a little bit of a holiday

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with the family down south in Western Australia hamdulillah our social isolation has changed a little bit. So we're able to travel a little bit once again and a lot make it easy for all of you in the UK in Birmingham and those who are listening in other parts of the world. So once again, for those who are on my Facebook page, I will give you a little bit of time to share it with your friends and your family. Those online at the YouTube page do the same in trouble up. I hope to begin in about a minute the evening law heated up. This is the 10th session of Tafseer solar thermal we pray that Allah subhanaw taala accepts it from all of us a lot that I mean.

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All right, do share it out with your family and friends and Chatelet now we'll get started in the next couple of minutes but you knew that hey Donna let me know where you're watching from Mashallah we see brother nazzer Dean, Milan Medina, I assume is following along from Birmingham. Anyone else on the YouTube page, Greenland's YouTube page where you listening from? And on my YouTube page on my Facebook page? If you're watching, let us know where you're watching from I see some people from London Mashallah and a few other places.

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All right. We'll get started in chulmleigh Santa Monica Welcome to life of unaccountable Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi we're sending into Sleeman kathira a lot more suddenly, we're selling with it to abetik Alexa you now have even whenever you never have met in color wedding, or suddenly we're selling music to America last season I went to Vienna Mohamed el erian well salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina, Vienna Vienna Mohammed implemented Alia on camera he mean a lot of my live demo getting them in a follow on with a kidnapped minimum and we've seen that we pray that lots of kind of tie that allows us the

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opportunity to learn more about the portal and and to be able to understand from it that which is confusing to us at the moment and to allow us the honor to memorize from the portal and and to be able to remember sections of it that we may have been led to forget a lot. I mean, we pray that lots of panels Island makes sort of unique and evidence for us and not against us that it is reason for our protection of the punishment of the grave as as many as is promised to us by our Navy Mohamed Salah Allahu Allah. He knew he was lucky he was sending to Sleeman kathira This is our 10th session studying salted milk and hamdulillah we're at verse number 23, which we began at the end of last

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opportunity session session number nine, we say Are we lacking the necessary Ivanova Jean are the one lady Shiva Kumar Allah, Allah como Samira, well, Abdullah sort of either polylang

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Guru, Allah subhanho wa Taala says what can be translated to mean say to them, yeah, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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It is He alone alone Whoa, and levy and shaquem it is he Allah alone who made your niche who has brought into

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Your existence originated you from nothingness into this existence. What janilla commanded is only through his virtue through his color for you his destiny for you, that he has made for you, your hearing your sight and your credit, and your cognitive hearts your ability to understand not just from a mental rational capacity, but to feel kalila matter, school and how little and how little things and appreciation do you put forward in that which we have given out we begin this ayah by saying first this is, you know, in the rhythm of the surah. Most of the time a law has been speaking to the people of disbelief. And Allah subhana wa Taala addresses them directly and it's very, you

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know, emphatic that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives them directions, LLM, Don't they look, Don't they look into the heavens, don't they see the birds in us in the sky?

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Don't they see that I'm the one who has originated and brought forward. But here, this is one of the verses where a lot says, say to them, and there are the man they say that this is to show that after all, the evidence has been shown after our law says look up into the heavens, young, cloudy, you know, your site will return to you and you will look again once and again and see what is there in the cosmos that gives evidence of me being the creator the wonder of Old Dominion, which is the title in the name of the surah. In this final sections of the sudo says a law says quote, say to them, meaning that I'm done with them. Yeah, Mohamed, I, my anger is now complete, my evidence has

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been shown you speak and you let them know. So it's as if you know, you know, with this type of adapt in the Arabic language is actually quite forceful. And if you understand the rhythm of the oral and it'll make you pause, then a law has been speaking directly. And then he stops his first person account with them in discussion and says to the Prophet, you deal with these people, you enter them on my behalf. Now there's a number of reasons for this first, it empowers the prophets, I send them as the sole representative of revelation that is sent as a final message from human to humanity by Allah. Number two, that it adds a voice to the number of Hamlet's I sell them at a time

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of perceived weakness. This is at a time in Mecca and mocha Roma, where assault is occurring against him as we studied in the very early parts of the sutra, that this is Allah subhanho wa Taala, elevating the Prophet saying, My Dominion because you submit to me as my servant is he is your kingdom as well. And therefore these people who try to take away your power, your authority, that I'm giving you what nobody can give you, and you speak in my name in my purpose, sharing my words that nobody else can bring into reality. Number three, what this does is that it makes the humanity of the Prophet Mohammed's eyes lm central to the practice of Islam, central to the practice and the

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rationality and the ease and the facility of Islam being a human condition of life, something that all of us can attain and practice with expedience, if our heart turns towards a lot. And that's why you will hear a lot speak as speaks about the sources of evidence for human beings, which are hearing sight and conscious awareness, you know, this emotional understanding and feelings, things that we feel can have the same effect to things a maybe even more greater effect and things that we've witnessed with our eyes, or heard of with our own ears. what it also does, is it It shows, as I mentioned that the disbelievers will have turned away from a lot they are unworthy of receiving

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any more discussion from a lot directly and therefore the response that comes to them is poorly you say to them, yeah, Mohammed Salalah How do you sell him on my behalf? So Allah some kind of dialogue orders, the most honorable human being the final messenger of God, the one who was brought with prophecy, to say to them something that nobody else can say, and it closes the connection between humanity and the law and that's why the forehand is full of this statement calling you and it's you alone Yeah, Mohammed, you and you alone, say to them such and such and such and therefore, finding the miter saw now who really sent me a lot some kind of time it says and sort of the de Haan which

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is the 44th chapter of the whole on verse number 58 for in the manga so now who believes Sonic I made this Quran easy on your tongue? Yeah, Mohammed and those who will recite in your name after? Yeah, I left them yet have a cuddle perhaps that when they hear it from you, when it's remembered and reminded when the citation is done is the way you have received it. It would make them more

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mindful yet as a Korean more aware and conscious of their dealings with me. Now Allah speaks about three sources of knowledge in this a lot speaks about a seminar, when

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Allah speaks about a seminar, when others are not well bustled Al Assad. When jalila como seminar, a seminar is the ability to hear, and to translate what you've heard into a meaningful understanding, there are many things that you can hear, that you can listen to, but it doesn't mean that you've heard them and understood them. So somebody speaking a foreign language, and reciting something to you does not mean that it is of any value to you. And therefore, the first level of knowledge and the most that we receive in knowledge as human beings is from hearing, not necessarily sight. And the ability to understand through sound through tempo, through elevated voices to through 100

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voices, that what you hear gives you the ability to understand what you've seen, and therefore, to try to, you know, to come to terms with seeing something but not being able to sound it out makes it much more difficult than if you're able to sound it out and to see it. And that's also in the process of the learning of the form is, it is much easier for you, for example, to acquire the knowledge of the floor and through a seminar, then it is just from mere reading. And that's the same with all levels of instruction, to be able to hear something understand and grasp it is a times of greater value than to see something so alone makes it first a semi well absorbed. So Allah says, the

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different types of site, and there is bustle. And there's vasila, there's busser, which is like really reflecting and I translated in, you know, my eyes in my brain that this is the image that I've seen. But there's also about Sierra, which is an enlightenment and an insight that's not sight. But it's an insight into the workings. And that leads us to the third level, which is an either the, the emotions and the cognition of the heart. And the ability to decipher what is being said, the one that is of most use, the one that you'll learn from most. And the one that most people rely on is sound, and it's hearing, then it is sight, but the one that is of the greatest importance, which is

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usually left to the last and one that people don't listen to, and one that people don't hone in it's vasila, in its insightfulness is their heart, and therefore the measure of your heart is very much a measure of you as as a human being. So a human being is made up of three components. We are a physical reality, we are intellectual well being, but we're also one of soul and the soul for us as Muslims resides, the role and the next they reside in the heart in the proverbial heart, don't the physical must morsel of flesh, but the proverbial heart the seat of decision making, and it's important for you and I to understand that Tez kiya to neffs. to purify your soul is to purify your

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heart. So Allah warns us of a closed off heart can lead on rondalla polluted polluted him. And in fact, some of them they have a rusting and envelopment that has covered their heart. So they are unable to understand unable to see unable to hear unable that what they heard with their ears, what they saw with their eyes, does not penetrate into the consciousness of their being that makes them take proper decisions and make good decisions on account of their outfit off as well as their dounia. And therefore your character is very much a part of your heart, not necessarily of your hearing in your sight and how you are as a person. It's very much a description of what is inside

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you know what people see of you. And of course Allah subhanaw taala as a prophet Isaiah Lim says in the hadith of women Muslim, in allow in Allah Allah young guru Illa Sawa recoome Allah doesn't look out to the apparent aspects of your life, your physicality, when that can young little fob Can we look into the depths of your heart, what are monochrome and what follows of the heart of the actions and therefore you see what Jana Who is the one who plays for us sound, the ability to hear and the eyes to see with and the hearts to understand with all of it is routed back and referred to a lot hollyland message guru how little you are thankful. And therefore if all you have is hearing, you

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should be more thankful. If you have hearing insight. You should even be more

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thankful to have hearing in sight and now you have a heart that is woke, right you're awake and you're able to feel and to absorb more than just with hearing insight. Then you become a person who is even more important for them to be thankful to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So the two levels of knowledge that are material and physical are the hearing and the sight but the one that of course we should dependant on largely as being a source of greatest benefit in our life is the knowledge of the heart and I refer to Hulu and that's where Allah subhanaw taala tells us lm yet in Medina M and tough choccolocco livechat la, isn't it time for those who claim faith and are people who believe that their hearts should become humbled and softened towards the remembrance of Allah women as men have done what was revealed of truth to the Prophet Mohammed so I sell him knowledge received through hearing and seeing depends on the human heart condition to make benefit

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of it. And therefore the prophets I said, let me would say yeah, I'm Oliver Colombia with a bit of a loop seven bit called reality make my heart firm established turn towards that way of service that leads me in good reputation with you Oh Allah, it becomes very important for us to make this key to next, to cleanse the heart, rubbish of lead, solder the elimination of lack of solder at the drop of musala. open my heart, let it become exposed and let light penetrate through this chest, through this cavity that protects my heart. Let it be exposed to the truth so that I can follow it and let people see that from me and feel my heart and the prophets I seldom was prepared in very much a

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similar way. You also have the narrations that are in the Sierra. With the province I sell them as heart and also in the Hadith before Alicia rock with Mirage, that his heart his physical heart and his proverbial heart was removed from him and knocked us so that that dark spot and knocked us so that was removed, meaning the place where sinfulness takes root and his heart was made pure receptive so that he can ascend to the higher levels in communion with Allah subhana wa Tada. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala says we'll attack when we leave ourselves to move it is a law was granted you everything that you have asked for meaning that what your heart desires, whether you know it or

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not weighing that will do never met the law. And if you were to try to account for just one of the favors alone and just account for a seminar for hearing, if you were to try from the beginning of your life to the end to make note of its importance in your life, you would fail just that one near Mount of a law to kind of Allah and Allah that's in sort of the Brahim verse number 34. And the law some kind of dial it says well law solid Yakubu neomatik will lead to Allah Mona shapen. With jaleco it is a loss of hanos Allah Who allowed you to grow and come forth from your mother's wounds, and you knew nothing less alimony child you were a clean slate we're gonna recommend is a law who

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allowed your hearing your sight and your either your conscious heart, Lyla conclude that the three of them us together may allow you to return to Him in showing gratitude. And therefore the heart that you have the hearing you have in the sight you have are evidence of a loss of kind of tireless grace and clemency and kindness upon us that we should use them for that which is pleasing to Him in the authentic hadith of the prophets I send them

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the prophets I send them teaches us what it means to be thankful to Allah how to use a loss, blessing and thankfulness where the Prophet is lm says, Oh, you've got a lot Be mindful of a lot be thinking of a law be remembering of Allah. Phil raha

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you have Coca Cola we shouldn't that if you make mention of a loan if you keep a law mindful in your mind, you're a law is your focus at times of ease, a law will be there for you in times of difficulty that will arise and the laws and the prophets I sell themselves and Anita Villa materially that the one man arada the one who wishes for a lot to answer their prayers for death. Then let them be from those who may drop federal hot let them be from those who invoke Allah worship a lot at times of ease and facility Allah Medina Mina home May Allah make you and I have them along the amine. And that's why the prophets I send them says the condition of a believer is always

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blessed that when they have good they are thankful remembering of Allah, gracious and grateful to Allah and when there's difficulty they're able to be thankful to Allah in an equal capacity.

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The Prophet I sell them you know, he would stand in long hours in his prayer.

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And when he would be asked like unbelievably short about he narrates this

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They said O Messenger of Allah and Eve is in Bahati. Why do you stand it for half the night in your prayer until that you're, you know, your feet become swollen? And the prophets I send them said FNS aku. I've done chakra, how can I not be I thankful, grateful servant to the one who was forgiving me and the one who was showing me this favor. And therefore using your Niermann in that which is pleasing to a lot is a way of ensuring and with our money, that it remains as a part and parcel of your life. The Allah subhanaw taala says, verse number 24, our next verse in the soul.

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Now Allah is saying to the Prophet Allah Allah is showing you haven't met You're the one who is going to convey You're the one who's going to deal with these people. I've already shown them evidence I've said to look to the heavens look to the screech I said look to the Tabasco cola de via the milk I explained who I am without even mentioning myself, just look out into the world and you will find evidence of me say to them, yeah, Mohammed Hola, it is he? And that reminds us of the beginning of the solar tabarka levy via de hilman wahala It is He Who is this a levy that law accom fill out what he later shown, it is he say to them, it is he alone Allah who has scattered you,

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throughout this earth, what he they he took Sharon, and to Him you will be returned not to be scattered and forgotten. But you will be brought back and gathered to an appointed time. This is such a beautiful idea. So Pamela, Allah subhanho wa Taala, once again, identifies himself through an acquaintance of what he possesses, that no one else possesses. I'm the one who has brought you into this world. No one else can can make that claim. I'm the one who has given life from where there was no life. I am the one who has brought, you know, and from the rules of science, you can make as many claims as you want at the moment you can't make something chemical biological, you can't take

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something that's just elements and give it that life it's not something that is ever been demonstratable in any laboratory in any place at any time. The lots of kind of diamond says whoa well lady, it is he a lie a lot a loan, that all echo spread you out in scattered you. Now that word, you have your own fee spreadsheet out in this world spreads out, though I can fill out spreads out in this earth means that the Earth was meant to be inhabited and shared amongst all that humanity was meant to interchange and to explore and to go to its four corners, and to live in all of its parts. It was not meant that we could you know we we gathered together at Mecca, we live

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together in Medina, and that was never understood by this whole habit. You find that the Sahaba some of the great companions of the Prophet was bought or buried for our places. And what are you will uncited on your lower I didn't like the gateway of Constantinople, which is present day Islam bull Istanbul, you find, you know, with a familiar man you find fulfillment. In in, in Uzbekistan, one of the places that when Mandela was to lead our tours again, when we visited Pakistan and we do the Hades door, you see the the nephew of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. He's buried in in a far off part of the world that you say How did the Sahaba get to this land? And how did they enter

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some other putting that Bahama and, and these places? Well, they understood that all of them fill out a lot intended for us to be scattered and spread throughout the earth, that we civilize it and we bring to it, order that is meant and found in it, what a lady took Sharon, but don't forget your return is to Allah widen them out of there can mean a lot. And therefore in your dunya fedden tecido. Fill out Allah says, spread out throughout the earth web devilman for the last seeking the bounties of Allah, his euro was always a symbol of the prophets of Allah to travel in the way of God, to call people to truth to defend them we to be from those who you know, climatized people to

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faith in areas where they have been forgotten. It is very much an important tradition, from the traditions of the prophets of Allah. There is no messenger of God, no prophet of God who did not travel different sections of the Earth to the one he was born in and the one he was buried in. Whether it's Moses who was in Egypt and ends up in a sham, or whether it's Luther in the Mahajan in Arabi or Ibrahim letting them then de la alderman Wang

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Jeremy make his euro for me Ibrahim leave me we don't want to see you whether it's a smile and his mother being left near the the rebuilding of the Canada you know all of them use of it as salaam in a new land although it was a forced exile, all of them demonstrate that I can film Mohammed that's all I sell them the seal of finality of prophethood who travelled from Mecca macaron, to Medina and when a lot of that even when a lot of returned governance and gave him the conquest the federal Mecca he returned back with the people of Medina what he they he took Sharon, do Allah Subhana Allah Allah will be your hash. The word Hashem is a very important word. It has both a literal meaning and

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an allegorical meaning. The first important part of hash is that Allah subhana wa Taala will gather us physically in a part of our belief that separates us from Jews and Christians, our cousins have faith that people have the book in the Scripture is that we believe our resurrection is in physical material, as well as spiritual, it's not just our souls that will be gathered, no we believe and that when sure and therefore if you look at the verses that came before this, Allah Subhana Allah tala, he speaks about what he lay hidden assure to him, you will be resurrected and returned subhanho wa Taala. And therefore that's important. So there is a bath, there is the you know, be

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brought in and brought out of our grade, there is a new shoe, that we are given back our shape. And then there is the hasher that we are gathered together into a place physically, as well as in in spirit in our souls returning to our bodies. And that's a very important orthodox opinion of Atlas in that there is no Muslim who believes that our gathering on the Day of Judgment is just the souls that will be assembled. It is a part and parcel of a man to believe that it is the soul and body that will be gathered. The second important meaning is that Allah gathers our deeds. And I saw how Allah who when a school, Allah has gathered our deeds accounted for our deeds, even though we have

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forgotten it, even though we haven't paid attention. Everything we have done has been gathered. While thumb good enough to map them at the HUD What have you put forward for tomorrow? What is in your scale that is waiting for you that is going to be weighed with Allah subhana wa Tada. And lots of kind of Allah tells us that this scattering and Allah mentioned this in sort of assura, which is the 42nd chapter of the

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verse number 11. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, it'll somehow it will audit he is the innovator that creates, you're the one who began the heavens in the earth from nothingness. JOHN and acumen and fortune come He created from you from amongst you, as wagon that will be pairs for you. spouses to you will mean an army as well as just like there are pairs in the anon the cattle and the livestock in the things that you breed, yet the raw okume fee, a lot expands your numbers in this way. And therefore the second important understanding of the law is the law scattered us means allows us to multiply and to be from those who procreate, that one of the essential elements of humanity is that

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we are meant to further the procreation and to breed amongst each other, generation after generation who inherit the earth. And that's the true understanding in that john nakoma stuff left enough he, I have made your upon the earth as halifa one who inherit from the next generation next generation. So our duty is to protect the Earth and protect the mind for the future generation of our children, then for their generation, their generation and their generation. A lot of them I mean,

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the prophets I said 11 teaches us that the Day of Gathering is a day of hustle and Allah Subhana Allah says what entered the room Yo man hustle wrong, warn them of the day of regret and loss of kind of data protect us from having regret on the Day of Judgment. Yamato BMW who went to sweat due to some faces will be darkened with the indignity of their sin, and other faces will be brightened with the levity of faith. I love your boo Hannah, may Allah make our faces brave when a lot of luck with your hang out with your hakomi I mean, may Allah put the light of faith in our in our scene I hope you will join in our face that people recognize our commitment to the truth from the trueness

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and the light that shines forth from our very existence.

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The final verse that we will study today in chat law verse number 25.

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Way up una Mata have a Lua I do in

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tune saw the team and they say

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a lot has said to the prophet to say to them and they say meaning to each other and at times in response to you or others of the believers meta that word to Pamela Wang Mehta, when will it be you keep talking? The word meta is a contemptuous word it's not when with genuineness. Meta is a word of condemned condemning an indictment meta is that you are pushing it from an ever having a true reality. Meaning it'll never be when will it be when it will never happen? What you're claiming is a false hood. Yeah, Mohamed Salah Mehta either way, when will this promise day come? When will this promise gathering happen in quantum software fame, if all of you are true, meaning if the angels

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were true to you, yeah, Mohammed, if you were true to your companions, and if you are true to us, all of you are not truthful in your claim, meaning you haven't brought forth evidence,

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if you're only hearing and seeing,

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but there's evidence if your hearts are integrated. And that's why in the preceding verses, Allah says, he's given us hearts. That is the place of true cognition of what the eyes and the ears have heard and received of truth. weigh up una meta, they say when

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at a lot, a lot enters in the first verse of sort of tonight at 10

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Verse, So number 16, it has already arrived,

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fell at the statue. But don't be earnest waiting for it, meaning my order for it to occur has happened. The final messenger has been delivered, the final Testament is amongst you. And the final message is now come to an end with the death of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it's already here. But because you're living in time, and a lot is beyond time, it is already happened with a law but it is unraveling itself in our time, which is relative to our experience and existence.

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So when you ask metta, it's already arrived. The prophets I said Lim said

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and nurse

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and this is something you and I we fail to understand the prophets I send them he tells us that your day of judgment is closer than the shoe strap on your foot, you know, the one that binds your feet together the laces, you know how hard you type them, to keep your shoe on you your sandal on you. That's how near it is. It's it's an essential part of your life. And the loss of Hannah Montana has given different allegories in the Quran and the prophets I send them gives a few in the sooner about how close men matter. Karma is clear to the moment a person has passed away their day of judgment has arrived, their gathering is at hand. There scenes are about to be weighed. And therefore metta

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is a question of the one whose heart is dead and distinct from the love and the mercy of Allah and the fear and the hope in his mercy. subconto to Ana Mehta is the claim of the unbeliever. When will it be it is this thing that is not ever going to come to a reality is not the claim of a believer, rather when the prophets I seldom heard this question from a man of faith. The out Avi he comes in, he says Mehta set I went is this hour, I heard I came to believe in you. I heard that there's a day of judgment when so the Prophet eventually says Tim Mather out there. Now, that question is not for us people of faith, that question of metta that when will it be is a question the unbelievers ask?

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The question you and I ask is what have we prepared for it? How have we made ourselves ready? In what way have we put forward that which will be pleasing to us when we when it arrives? Right? And therefore meta is what is a statement of content? And Mather, what have you and how have you prepared is the question of the believer? Why a fool you'll notice a lot makes it in the plural. It's not what Carla and one of them said, or what color blue. It's one way of who Luna meaning that they'll say it in this life. And they'll keep saying it with each other generation after the next meaning it is an unending slogan amongst humanity. It is an unending slogan amongst those who

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disbelieve in the trueness and the tuition and the trueness of a lesson.

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Somehow no matter when have and watch this thing that you keep saying what happened like a promise in quantum saw the theme, show us through proof that this is true. Allah Subhana Allah says in total slot, first idea for Luna men you are you do now, they will say who will bring us back to life matter? When How

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could you let the photo come out with a murderer? say to them, the one who brought you in the first instance you being alive and conscious and thinking and, and experiencing is the greatest evidence of the next life? Why? Because if you believe you came from nothing,

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that humanity you know, even if you were to believe, even that, you know, the nitty gritty unsubstantiated aspects of evolutionary theory and process, if you were to say we came out of chemistry, and some vent in the depths of the ocean and fungus and bacteria and from it, you human beings are walking even if you were to accept that claim,

00:36:11--> 00:37:00

then that very much necessitates that the likelihood of something more happening after this demise is likely if your consciousness was not attached to that bacteria, if you're aware of who you are and where you are, that is very much evidence that there is something else that awaits you, the moment you pass through the neck threshold into the next existence, which we call an era the next choice the next time the next experience. And therefore the Prophet describes our death from this world as if we are born into the next world that the angels they will cloak the soul out with 100 minute agenda with a covering from agenda to deliver it into the experience of the next life. Meta

00:37:00--> 00:37:34

has a wide variety of follow the main menu or you do not they say who will bring us back to life who will make us have another existence couldn't let the photographer come out what I want to say to them, it is the one who gave you your existence in the very first instance first a Luna Elaine Carol shuffle. They will be from those who will sway and shake their heads in an unwillingness to bow to the truth. Why a fool notice where food and will be a human condition they will continue to say as unbelievers meta

00:37:36--> 00:38:25

meta who When will it be quoting say to them supply Selim as una COVID katiba say to them, maybe it is nearer than you think. So count a lot. It is as simple as eating something that doesn't go down right and English that is growing inside us. May Allah protect us and give us good deeds and good health along my mean, it is the moment your soul departs, meta is entered. Now lots of kind of metallic rentas easy I'll and that therefore the disbelievers who are skeptical, who believe that they become nothing more than fertilizer or soil or worm food as some will flippantly say the know that these are people who will discredit the messengers unwilling to accept the evidence of truth

00:38:26--> 00:39:12

that is brought but this day of sorrow that arrives is one that will be at hand. The prophets I send them said we're here to no asaka hottie I and the hour were brought into existence like this, meaning the time between his arrival and the Day of Judgment is so close to each other something Allahu Allah He earned it, he will stop you or send them and therefore it's for you and I to have that understanding privatized system he also said to us allocate useful, mundane enough so the one who was an intellect The one who understands the inner workings makings of the world, the one who has a full ad that is alive a heart that is able to understand what it hears and sees with insight,

00:39:12--> 00:39:57

not just the sight and the sound of life. The one who deliberates and things educate you to the one who is intelligent, is the one who prepares family by the dunia for what is after the demise of this worldly life. We pray that Allah Subhana Allah seals his favor upon us, makes us from those who value the four iron in the suit and the teaching of our Navy Mohammed Salah it was solid. I pray that Allah subhanaw taala increases you and I in good and makes us from those who practice the truth until our very last days, makes us from those who are hopeful and obedient to Him in Chicago went to Iowa. It's an honor and a privilege, to learn to study to memorize and to practice and to teach you

00:39:57--> 00:39:59

the whole and mehleb acres of them and

00:40:00--> 00:40:27

You have them male, lovely our families into the future deeper and deeper into the love of his word and understanding of its practice, male loving, sought out and move evidence for us and a shafia. And then we shove that one that speaks and intercedes on our behalf on the Day of Judgment, laugh through that one and then 100 a day from behind. I mean, while suddenly lahoma was selling, was it whether it was the iOS 11 What have you been in whenever, you know?

00:40:28--> 00:40:53

What are you Nina Mohammed, Abdullah Ali Abdullah Saleh item with the slim Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik. Allah says, you know, Nabina Muhammad Allah wa palawa II know an AR 15 Well, suddenly we're sending was Edward Burdick. And how Vivica Rasulullah Mohammed in filamin Ilana? Yeah, I mean, so kind of along when we're having decrescendo Allah ilaha illa and, as Julie was ceremony for more