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Hello, Catherine, this is rehabbers IV and I'd like to ask you a question. Do you know someone who is married through, let's say, an arranged or pre arranged marriage? I'm sure you do. Maybe you know someone, maybe you from your family, maybe your parents, or maybe even you?

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What is what are your thoughts about the, you know, these pre arranged marriages? Do they really work today?

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Especially in the West? I mean, here is like it is no, yes and no. It's all about opinions on meal PDS basically, some would say, Yes, they do. You know, and others would say what they used to, but not anymore.

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And maybe that is the case. In fact, as a marriage officer, I do respect these pre arranged marriages, but now things have evolved.

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I'm not against them, but I'm not for them either. Right? You know, if you look about Islam, and what the standard says, yes, definitely, you need to look at your spouse and get to meet her and whatnot. But, but here's what Islam comes and puts in work, some sort of restrictions, when your parents, for instance, with all due respect, when your father comes and says, you will need to marry your cousin, your cousin, or your cousin, or your cousin, Fatima, or your cousin Fatima, you know, he gives you these options. And, and, and you can say, No, I can I have 1000s of stories like this people, you know, writing to me and guiding me and gave me In fact, one of my own students came

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crying one day saying, my mother wants me to marry my cousin, which I've never met, which I've never met. And I can't say no, I don't want to marry her. And if I were to say, No, my mother would have a heart attack.

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So the father was there. And I called the father says, What do you say about this, the father said, it's the mother, she has invested so much into this. And unfortunately, there is nothing we could do. Maybe even her she does not want to marry this guy that she's never seen. Yes, they are cousins. They know the guys live in, you know, he was in Canada and the girl was from some other country.

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And maybe they don't want to meet or they don't want to marry each other. But the parents make it in such a way that, you know, the they have to have these sort of cultural marriages. So here is Dan has some rules. Now. So I'm having an event, the 16th of November and the 17th of November, you know, in Sheffield and in Birmingham, UK giavotella, to talk about marriage to talk about the fruits of marriage to talk about how to find the right spouse and to talk about how to improve your relationship with your spouse's and I would follow that event with a matrimonial for those who are not married, I would provide them with the Islamic environment in shallow data to hopefully meet

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their need their their spouse, their future spouse, Anil and myself monitor these know this this matrimonial making sure that they are going to go in accordance with the Sunnah in accordance with the etiquettes of Islam in shallow data, the parents and the chat rooms will be invited as well. So for more information, check my website you know WWE rock and check my Facebook you know the project is called rock Connect, you know on shift and yet we're zazzy on Facebook. The project is called rock Connect. May Allah subhana wa tada help us all and connect us with those who are not married connect them with their their future spouse in Charlotte O'Hara.