YQ Gems #1 – Two Problematic Issues about the Reports of al-Isrā wa-l-Mi’rāj

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Miss min, he'll

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sit down while he was alive what a catch. I hope you guys are doing well. So now that I have the setup inside the house, obviously, I wanted to just have you know, short snippets and talks because it's so much easier for me to be able to do this. Obviously, I have the caveat that this is not a professional studio, I'm the one doing this on my own. So if there's any issues, any lighting, any sound, just please leave it in the comments. Don't try to fix it inshallah Allah, I'm trying to move on to a less, you know, a less formal and more informal approach, just doing it from my house whenever I have some time and just share with you some benefits. And to be honest, I don't really

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have a series in mind, per se, I just thought I'd share with you beneficial points and whatnot. So as you're all aware of most of your word Hamdulillah, I've done a very thorough study of the seal of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I'm very happy with him did ask Allah for acceptance in doing that, nonetheless, it's an ongoing project. And obviously, you always learn more things you always, you know, rethink things through. And that's the reality of research. And I wanted to just start off these mini snippets or series that I'll be doing informally from my house, we just call it benefits or philosophy, there's something of this nature, I wanted to start this off by going back

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to the incident of the stolen marriage, and thinking about two very problematic aspects that I had just mentioned. That's the the, the, the mainstream position about these issues. And even when I mentioned them, I glossed over them, but deep down inside, I was like, doesn't quite make sense to me what what is to be done, but obviously, you know, the lectures have been given. And now, since you do more research, and you discover more things, you kind of fine tune in you, you you you realize that hey, you know what there might be solutions to some of the issues raised. So I want to raise two things in today's quick, you know, session that we have, first and foremost, I have over

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here, of course, the Standard Book of zero, I think you guys are going to see the opposite thing because of the camera. This is of course, secretive Nishan which is of course the standard main book of the Sierra, as you're all aware, and the eastern Mirage is mentioned. And there's a phrase there that has been adopted by many, many books of Sierra and even in my own Sierra, I mentioned that phrase and you know, life goes on. And that phrase goes as follows that

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even a sham says that when the prophets a lot of them came back, people were amazed and confused. If I had had with Attica Mohammed and he laid it in wahida while you read a Makkah that he's gonna go all the way from back and forth in Jerusalem and come back in one night. Od fototec de Kathy Roman man can a slum okay. This is a phrase in his in his Sham that had been his house was before him. And he says many of those who had accepted Islam became motivated. Okay. Now, this phrase here, it is mentioned in is used in the book right here. I mean, I don't know if you guys can even see it or not. I don't know if you can do it or not. But it's really very explicitly mentioned over here. And

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of course, the majority of books of Sierra they mentioned this, but you know, it was always troubling to me very troubling, motet early Muslims in Makkah, there was noted in Makkah, and we know this, for many reasons, first and foremost is never really mentioned in the Sahaba. Secondly, the only people who embraced Islam in Makkah, they had the strongest of Emacs. Thirdly, sofian sorry, Abu sufian when he went to heraclius, right, and heraclius asked him, did anybody ever leave the faith after having converted to it? And it was an answer to him? No, nobody ever did that. So how do we reconcile all of that, I mean, there was noted in Makkah, the Muslims of Morocco are the

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best of the best. And Allah xojo praises them in the Quran. And they are the Buddha said beehoon and Allah says in the Quran is that we

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refer to a party that whoever embraced Islam before the conquest of Makkah, and fought with you is not the same as those who embraced after analyze the origin mentioned in the Quran was Samuel Puna, a well known and well hygena will unsought that Allah preserve them while hydrogen and then the unsought. And it just never, it never settled with me that how could people become motivated in this phase of Islam? And so obviously, I mean, I preached it I taught, because that's what pretty much every book of zero average will consider that you read it, even if finish half, I mean, how do you blame these authors? But see, again, this is where further research shows you so so panela, you

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know, because it never touched, you know, it never settled with me. So you're always reading you're always reading and and hamdulillah. You know, I came across Of course, many years ago, but I mean, you're not going to redo this or I'm not going to redo the entire series. So, you know, it's just an opinion out there. But it's, it's, it makes a lot more sense. So, in another classic book, very

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You know mainstream book delight in the Buddha I remember they have to remember to be happy died 458 age era and he is the last of the great giants of one of the last of the great giants of headache compilation, right so if you know you're headed study so you have the era of compilation in which the author is actually present there is nods back to the professor so and then after that you get the era of sifting through and correlation not original collection, the original collections is taking place, Mr. Malik's time, all the way up to around by happy so be happy is the last of the big giants of the collection era. And then after him is a different time for so remember bayhealth he

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has a book called The Buddha which is an 11 volume book about the miracles of the Prophet salallahu idea he was set up and I mentioned this book in my theater multiple times. And I've referenced it and points it was now in this book. And then I didn't know Buddha. A moment be happy has a narration over here that.

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So if he has a narration over here, that when the Prophet salallahu idea he was sent him came back instead of Ted de he says tetanic Cathedral, Milan Muslim. Okay, and this is in Volume Two page 358. Okay, so he says that not irritated. But if Tatiana and if that means it was a fitna for them, if that means it caused some troubles or tribulations amongst them. And so this phrase over here, it actually makes a lot more sense. This is what really happened that it troubled the Muslims, not that it caused them to become mortal. And this narration actually explains and so, you know, what happens is when you know it's human nature, when you describe something, you sometimes use an adjective or a

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verb or whatnot, that you're not, you know, thinking too deeply about. And so, you know, it'd been a sham is quoting from somebody early on, and they say, Oh, the Muslims became motivated. And that's not what happened. We have to correct this. None of the early Muslims of Makkah became motivated. We have the correct narration here, which is if data and if that means it was a fit enough for them, and it was a fit and anything can be a fit enough for you, you know,

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women are a fitna for men. Men are written for women. Money is a fitna for people fit in. That doesn't mean you become motivated. fitna means it was like, Oh my god, Did that really happen? And oh, my God, how are we gonna do that? You can also interpret it. It was a fitna for the Muslims that the people mocked Islam. And so the Muslims were troubled by that mocking because the fit enough, it doesn't say in the way of being healthy. It doesn't say whether the concept was a fit enough, or the repercussions of what happened was a fitna. So both of these are plausible, and therefore, inshallah, what we can conclude, based upon that is that none of the Muslims became martyred in

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early Islam, this is actually a mistaken adjective or noun that is used if that there should not have been used, rather if data is the better one. So that's the first point. The second point very briefly, which is actually probably the more difficult one. And so the first one I think is very is open shut case. As for the second one, it is not an open shut case. And that is the more problematic issue of the date of a slot one marriage, because whichever date you choose, there are going to be it, there's always unanswered questions, right? So the date of is starting Mirage does present a bit of a problem, how and why. And of course, you know, if you log on to the series of lectures that

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have given, a lot of people have actually questioned on YouTube, very perceptive people. And of course, when I gave the talks and whatnot, I mean, I'm aware of these controversies. But I mean, at that stage, I just followed what you know, even is how can others are saying and just, you know, move on with it. Now, the the the and of course, we have over here, let me get this book out here. We have over here the inside of a lot of the Cobra, which is one of the main sources of early Islam, and even inside mentions, the data is on mirage. And he mentioned two reports very similar in nature. And by the way, there is no authentic is not back to a companion about the database or a

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mirage, all of the chains of narrations are weak. All of them, they go back to later authorities. And so in reality, we don't have a definitive date from the mouth of the companions. We have weak chains. And so there's a bit of a controversy when it occurred inside mentions, the current methodology were for the Salawat. And he mentioned the the issue of marriage, and he brings with his is not. And he says that when it was the night of

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late at a Saturday night, the

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extra 200 measurables on the 17th of a normal bond before they drop by 18 months. So this is a year and a half before the 100 that's one opinion or the 70 level a month. And the very next narration, he then brings another chain and he mentions that some people mentioned that the city of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Linda to Sabbath Sabbath I showed him he can reveal our public ledger it be Senate in the Profit System was taken on Israel and Milan

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Before the hedgerow by one year on the 17th of revere a word Okay, so this is the other version he brings. So he says in one report one and a half years and in the other report one year, okay, so this is it been sad and even sad therefore puts the the data of Israel and Mirage after the death of Khadija, and after basically the incident of thought if and after the death of Abu Talib, and that is the standard, you know, mainstream as you know, the the presentation, which is that the distorted marriage was a personal miracle to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. What is the problem with that timeframe? The problem with that timeframe is sorted in Nigeria, and the return of the Sahaba

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from heavy ship. That's the problem how and why Sudan nejm we all know was why the companions returned from Abbey sr, right? Why? Because Sultan najem was the sutra that the corporation did such there. And this by the time the news reached avicennia, the Muslims felt that the police had accepted Islam right. And of course, the infamous presstitute aurania which has been translated the Satanic Verses so called I have the wholesaler lecture on that you can listen to the interpretations and the defense of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in that lecture, but the point being that the Muslims have ever seen yet why did they return? Because they heard the rumors that the porridge had

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accepted Islam. Why had they heard these rumors? Because the origin says that why did they choose that dosage that because of suta najem. Okay, if suta najem is the cause of the Muslims returning and sooner than negative explicitly mentions lapadula I mean, it will be held Cobra right. So written najem clearly mentioned is that our marriage had mentioned what the prophet SAW some saw and the Muslims returned to Abyssinia you know, from our senior, maybe the fifth or sixth year of the hedgerow. So how do you reconcile sort of the nejm is mentioning is hot, and the Muslims returned to Abby's from Abyssinia. And yet we're saying it's it's occurred at the very end of the prophetic era

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of the Macan timeframe. Now, if you look at where did my other book Oh, excuse me for a second, here we go.

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If you look at even a sham in this, in this Volume Two, that was volume one over there, if you look at even his shams, presentation of this rock, firstly, he does not have a date. Interesting, very interesting. Even his Sham does not have a date of when Israel occurred. Secondly, if you look at he doesn't have a date. But of course, he has a chronology, right? He's talking about one incident on another incident, another incident, if you look at his chronology, very interestingly, even his Shams chronology is different than even then even cites, the one that we just quoted, even his Shams chronology is Thrall occurs before he mentions the death of a robotic and the death of Khadija, and

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he mentions Israel, right after mentioning the return of the Muslims from Abyssinia. So he mentioned the return of Abyssinia. And then he mentions his slaw, right. And then he mentioned the death of a robot and Khadija, but he doesn't mention a date about that. But nonetheless, the way that he's presenting the chronology, it shows that his date is different than that of than that of a double particle algebra of inside. Okay, so we have now therefore, two slightly different dates. Now, there is a third book out there, which really, to me, the date really does make more sense, even though it does, it does raise other questions, but there is a book, the famous book of

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immunity, you do not, which is called the reunion method, okay. And this book, or unit method,

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is a book written by a great scholar under Lucien scholar who also lived in Egypt. And it is one of the later books of Sierra written around 700 100 way after Heaven is how condemnation is not an original. And he goes back to sources that we do not have, unfortunately, we don't have some of the sources he goes back to. And in one of those sources, he says that he narrates with the chain to Missouri, that is raw. And the photographs of the setup occurred five years after the beginning of Islam. Okay, so he had no again, by the way, all of these chains are weak. By the way there is no authentic chain. So in whichever chain you choose, you're going to find some issues with it. And as

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you're aware, by now, most of the changes of the Sierra are based upon broken or whatnot history is different than the fifth and halal and haram. So there's nothing authentic. Now. However, in this version, which is mentioned in a book, 700 hedgerow from a source book that we no longer have, we don't have the original source book, right? He is quoting a book that we don't actually have an access to. And he is saying in this book, we discover that English you have Missouri allegedly says that the Sierra or the Islamic marriage took place five years after the beginning of Islam. Now, this actually solves a lot of problems. And of them is the return of the Muslims from every senior

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because it's so our marriage took place in the fifth year of the hegira. Then obviously

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The Return of the Abyssinian Muslims took place right after that. Perfect, what's the problem? The issue comes now. This means that the Salah became obligatory in the fifth year of the hedgerow, and the majority of scholars are of the opinion that the Salah became obligatory in the 10th or 11th year of the hijra, it also raises the issue that the incident of is sort of one Mirage, the entire all the reports that we have, they don't seem to mention how deja de la Juana. And if Israel and Mirage took place in the fifth year of the hegira, then definitely Heidi joy is alive, and she was there. And she must have consoled the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we don't have any report

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of that. Now, to respond to this, we say, Well, okay, the fact that Khadija is not mentioned doesn't mean that she wasn't there, it's just that okay, she's not mentioned, the fact that she's not mentioned does not mean that she had passed away. Therefore, that's one thing, the thing about the Salah being obligatory and the 10th year again, this is an opinion of many of them, I've been hedged mentioned this, and others mentioned is that the Sonata came became obligatory in the 10th year of the hydro, after it started mirage. But we can respond to this and say, the reason why they say the 10th year is because they based it on the opinion that is so and Mirage happened in the 10th year or

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the 11th year of the hydro. So based on that, they then decided to say the solar became obligatory in that timeframe. And if the report is not authentic, or we can bring it back to the fifth year, then we can say, the Salah became obligatory in the fifth year of the hedgerow, and also that Israeli Mirage took place in the non hatred and the 50 of the data, and also a certain Mirage took place in the fifth year of the Dawa, and therefore, this is a solid correction, because at the end of the day, these are all opinions out there. I mean, Allah knows best we were not there, what happened, but I wanted to just have a quick, you know, miscellaneous topics that we're doing and

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please, you know, leave in the comments as well what would you like to see or do or you know, other things of this nature, I just want to benefit the people now that have this setup at home, inshallah, tada, and just go over miscellaneous topics, whether it's 50 issue, whether it's a theological issue, whether it's an issue of the suit, or whatnot, and, if possible, as well have, you know, some type of advanced classes as well, because again, it's always nice to have different levels and and to go into detail and seminaries and to others. So, whatever you guys are interested in, let's see what is possible. But But To conclude, therefore, in today's very quick overview, I

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looked at two things from the astronomer Raj. And they said that, upon further inspection, what we find in many books doesn't seem to be 100% accurate. The first of them, no Muslims became motivated in early maccha. And even though it's mentioned even as he called him a sham, it is simply an exaggeration or something of this nature. The the correct verb or the correct term should be if it was a fitna for them. And the second thing is that the data is stored in Mirage is something that there's been a number of controversial opinions over some said one year before the hijra. Some said a year and a half. Some said two years ago, I didn't go over all the opinions by the way, there are

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other opinions as well. But the opinion that seems to now make the most the most sense to me, and even though we're going to have to backtrack and say so therefore, the strong marriage was not necessarily a consolation because of thought if because of the death of Khadija because of the volume because that it really makes us feel good to say that but then it raises the problem of other issues, as we said, so we redo the whole thing. And we say that it seems that is starting Mirage took place in the fifth year of the Dalai Lama, and Khadija was alive, the Salah became ligature at that timeframe. And she must have been praying even if we don't have narrations that she was praying

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obligatory prayers, you know, until she passed away, and that the Muslims of every city therefore returned around the same timeframe after sort of the nejm was revealed, which must have been revealed right after israa Well, Mirage, I hope that inshallah this

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impromptu talk was a benefit to izaak milaca salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh