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The caller discusses a situation where they get calls as a marriage counselor and a marriage officer. They also receive calls from people in love with others and ask questions about their feelings. The caller then introduces a new product called Black Connect to talk about the real " crucial words" of love, and suggests checking out WWE rock training calm or Facebook for more information.

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The other is there's no like to talk to you about this.

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It's something really disturbing. You know, sometimes I get phone calls from people you know, as a marriage counselor, and a marriage officer, people call me to come consult or ask me questions. And oftentimes I get these questions about people being in love with others. You know, this guy calls me says, I'm in love with this girl and I want to marry her. Would you mean you're in love with her? Where did you meet her?

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No, sometimes there these events, they could be even Islamic events. I'm not going to mention no names about what kind of events but Islamic events whereby there's, you know, some kind of intermingling. And then you see this girl you know, and you see this guy with knots. And then things happen, maybe like something like a click, and then and then you can sleep. You can eat, you can drink all you do is like you're thinking of that person, you go eat up and you see her face in there. Or you see his face in there. I mean, and then you call the chef and you say chef helped me you know,

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in love isn't there is hello love and there is

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love in Islam.

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Here I'm launching a new product new project called Black Connect, to talk about the real meaning of love

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and the languages of love. Now, love has the language. Do you know what your love language is? For more information, check out our website WWE rock training calm or check us on Facebook. You know Scheffer yard or zazzy on Facebook and look for rock connect and shout

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out to them it can look like overcast.