Haifaa Younis – Do You Have a Pure Heart – Meeting Allah with Qalbun Saleem Part 3

Haifaa Younis
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Dust. What is this all about?

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And even scholars is beautiful analogy. They said even shade on can have an excuse.

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Look how they looked at it. Briefly the Yeah, at least shaitan was created differently, different material. And you can see, fire is better than

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clay. It is not but you can at least make this analogy. But a human beings all the same, all from the same source, why you're arrogant,

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arrogant if they are from different country or again, if they speak different language, if they're different parts of the country, if they are from the village and I am from the city, if I graduated from this university and they graduate from that, right? If our children

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where you have to make a point in a gathering, your children graduated from this university.

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That's arrogance. You want to show people you're better than them.

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Disease. Now the other one?

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Hardly. It's if you tell me you don't have it. I will say I'm going to talk to you outside.

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The last one he said love of this world and power.

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Who doesn't want to have power?

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Who doesn't show me?

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And power doesn't mean you're going to be the head of state. That's power. You're at home. Home, your house.

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One of the biggest problem in marriage is

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exactly who has the power.

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You're laughing? We're not gonna go there. Right?

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Power. I said it and they didn't hear me. They didn't listen to me.

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And love of this dunya and the more Allah is giving us the more miserable humanity is Am I correct?

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We are you look at mental illness these days. I don't know again about Malaysia. But I can tell you about the United States way more than 40 years ago. Why?

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And we have way more these days. Anything you want. Subhan Allah, anything you want. It's in your phone.

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Your order. You are

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searching anything. It takes you to him. And these days, we don't even search we just say Siri. Hey, Siri, what do you say here? I don't know. You say also Hey Siri, okay. Right. And she apologize.

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Right? I'm sorry. Can you repeat that again?

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And we want and we are we want more?

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Have you seen when the new any new thing comes out? And we just bought it last year or two years ago, any of the new technology comes out? We want to go and get it why? Why? The love of dunya

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as a raw soiree saw to Assam said to the Sahaba, what's really what makes me worry about you? Is this dunya that the dunya will be open to you. You have it. So this is the love of dunya

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and no soundness of the heart. Again, this is Imam Abdul Karim unless the how the heart is safe from these five.

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So that the any of the ones I shared with you before, don't talk about sound heart, we have work to do. And he said you can claim easily your heart is sound. If you have these five, not one need to have them all in the test key and the purification of the heart, that science it is not one and two. It's either none or all the process can be one on two. But when you get to the point you say, I am close to Allah, I am one of the will II of Allah, I am the real friend of Allah, there is no

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impurity it is all so let's say Calvo, Selim he is that you cannot say My heart is sound unless you have these five. So the opposite number one. Nothing in your heart actually the definition of Albert Salim and I'm going to say it in Arabic and I'll translate. I'll call * Salam I mean cliche in mod Allah,

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the heart that has nothing in it, but Allah

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but Allah

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and one of the scholars said it is like the strainer you know the strainer we use and kitchen and you strain things. They say the hull boo Saleem. This is going to make it very easy, but Nila to at least grasp the point and colobus Salim is like a strainer, anything you put in it comes out except Allah

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except Allah. So he said these fives the Cobra said he does not have anything but the monotheism. Allah only it is not Allah and my children. It is not Allah in my career. It is not Allah and my bank account. It is not Allah and my house. Yeah.

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You still struggling when it becomes Allah and Allah only then called whistling to

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there is nothing in that heart and pay attention to the nothing in that heart that contradicts the Sunnah.

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contradict the Sunnah of Rasulullah salatu salam, how do we look at the Sunnah these days?

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Tell me

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I see young people. I see people let's say not only young

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finish, solder jumped on their phone.

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And then they stood up and walked after Maduro after OSHA.

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And says are you going to pray? I'd sooner

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then don't talk about adversity.

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And I will end and remind me if I forget. Why do I have to worry about adversity? And is it possible? Or this is a theory? This is impossible.

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So anything you do and you don't do specially you say he didn't do it on a site or

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I say this to myself, I'm not going to invent the wheel. There is so many things in the Sunnah let me practice and then I will do something else. So number one, nothing but Allah to nothing but the Sunnah of Rasulullah salatu Sinha, three

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there is no desire now it's getting very hard

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in my heart and yours there is no desire that contradict what Allah wants.

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I want to fast Monday and Thursday but I love I don't know what you drink in Malaysia is it coffee or tea?

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Okay, so there is a difference of opinion.

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Right? Excel a fellow or Mr. The scholars differ. Okay, that's fine. It's okay. So let's say this is the T group this is the coffee group doesn't matter. Right? So you come in and you want to fast

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want to drink a coffee is a desire it's halal.

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Of course provided the coffee didn't steal the coffee. But in general Salah has drink so you want to drink and then it is Monday and you have this dialogue

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it's Monday it's a shuttle haram let's pray let's fast Monday and you hear something inside you saying Yeah. But you know I didn't drink my coffee before Fajr

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or I didn't drink the water and I'm gonna get very tired. Now you have this two forces

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if this force one

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you hear something in use as the most beloved de to Allah is fasting. Fasting is for Allah and He will reward you you have a carbon city because you want

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it if the coffee or the tea or the food or the water or whatever it is. Again, I'm talking about if you're okay you're not getting tired you you didn't say let me try and see you just assumed you cannot do it. Then the Congo Salim has an issue

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that's the calaboose Salim is that everything all desires?

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Is there that that are okay with Allah subhanho wa Taala which most of it is not

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the next one.

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How many of you show me hands. The good news is you don't see each other I see you all so don't worry.

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And I think the camera on me not on you. So also don't worry. How many of you says can say

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Now that I am I remember ALLAH, I'm going to make it easier. I remember Allah more than I remember dunya

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zero hand

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anytime and I'm not saying 24 hours I didn't say all the time I said more.

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Anytime that I am you in state of heedlessness, I'm so occupied by the life without having a lot in this thought to make it practical. So let's say I have an exam tomorrow. Let's say I'm going to have a baby tomorrow. Let's say you have a really important interview tomorrow. I'm of course I'm thinking of it. But if there is no Allah in this thought, and I'm not remembering meaning, something new says you're not going to pass this is very difficult exam. Then inside Do you hear Allah says, You know what, nothing is impossible for Allah. Then you're not heedless. You're not heedless. But when Allah doesn't come in the equation,

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and the statement, and I'm a person who is here.

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So if my heart the heedlessness more than remembering Allah, Michael, my heart is not setting. The opposite is true. Drinking water. You said Bismillah. Your adakah you remember that Allah? You said the hamdulillah even if it is habit, you remembered. You open the door, say Bismillah you're an Acura. So if the amount of Allah and His remembrance is more than none or not, then your heart is sound. That's easy, isn't it?

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because you're looking at me it was like really?

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no thoughts. That's the last one. Howa thought that contradict what Allah said, in whatever Swati his salatu salam said, Do you have these issues these days? Here also.

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Do you have issue says hijab is not formed?

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Do you have a tear? It's not in the Quran. It's not in the Sunnah. Do you hear that?

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If your thoughts

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goes with that direction, but what's the name have left already?

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It has to be your thoughts. Doesn't mean I am not going to entertain this idea because I hear it. We live. So I'm going to say you really okay, let me go and look it up. And then you do your homework or you go and ask. Reputable trustworthy scholar and the scholar gives you the evidence that

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then your colobus Salim if you steal, and then finally says because I like it. So I'm not I said no, I'm not convinced. Allah Salim left, or you don't have it? Is it easy is cleared number one, the five let's say it one more time, nothing in your heart but Allah. So there is no association. Children is not above Allah. Beauty is not above Allah. Wealth is not above Allah. All go through. Remember the strainer, go through Allah and leave, but he stays to sunnah.

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And don't you ever say it's so now you belittle it?

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Just to say this, I don't know if it is here, but I'm just saying in general.

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Imagine you see words or a statement and the statement is very true. And if you are not a raw Swati salatu salam and people belittle your words, how do you feel?

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How do you feel?

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Sad betrayed. Who do they who they are to say this to me? Imagine that I Swati Assad to Sinha the one who's going to take me in your in his hand and get to Jana. And I say it's Sana.

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Sana three, your desires and your thoughts, desires and thoughts. Which one when, in general, let me tell you a daily struggle you and I have. Let's be as I say to myself, let's be honest. We are always there is always a fight inside you and me. True or false? I call it the fighter fight. You know, what is the fighter fight?

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What is the federal fight? The alarm goes on.

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And I hear you're much better. There. It's for 20

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The future

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For 20 An Asha is 10.

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So you barely have four hours of sleep.

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So the alarm goes on. That is to dialogue.

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Get up, it's better.

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Give me five minutes.

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But you're going to sleep and you're gonna wake up. No, I will wake up.

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Yes. hamdulillah Here you go. The fight is good news, because you have the good side. So don't always look down at yourself. You have the good side? The question who wins.

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And that's also a hadith of Roswaal ASR to send the meaning of that every heart has two forces or lemma to like to grasps one from shaitan and one from the Malak and one from the angel. So if I get up, and when I do my model, did my model and I prayed Federer who won the angel if I slept

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and I'm not talking about one time, the norm

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then the shaitan So always think of this when you want to put a microscope on your heart. Look at who's talking this hour I say to myself, who's talking who said don't do it, or say do it

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if what I want to do and the answer is yes. pleasing to Allah angel is stalking.

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If what I want to do I like it, I love it. But it's not pleasing to Allah and I know that for sure is not different opinion than the shaytaan is toxic. So look at this. Now I'm gonna take you really difficult ones. Are you ready? Are you tired?

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Or you're not ready for difficult things.

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By okay

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the first sign that you have a heart that Salim

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it's 12 of them. So we may cover a few today inshallah we'll cover tomorrow and then we'll take you through the diseases. Number one. Let me ask you a question. So you'll understand it easily. How many of you every single day now pay attention to the question every single day you think of an Acura you think of the Day of Judgment

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Wallah. It's very honest to cloud her.

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How many of you every day think of the grave.

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When you enter I will enter in you will enter

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al calaboose serene sound look at crystal or a vase or a cup or a glass clear clean nothing. Nothing. You see through that heart? If you have it. Or I have your be I mean, your to * and dunya they say move away from this dunya

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what does that mean?

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What makes you cry?

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What makes human being cry? Usually. Loss of something. Could be material could be human being could be job loss of something right? Sadness.

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Betrayal, right? Am I correct?

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Moving away from a place you love. Separation from somebody you love.

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That's dunya that's life.

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How many of us cry for only one reason? Because we miss a lot.

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Because I miss talking to him. I miss Ramadan.

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I miss being in Jana.

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How many?

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That's what he's talking about.

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When your focus, your heart, your thoughts and you are living here and living well. Living dunya full but the focus is Akira

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I say this always people come to me. Some of you may know. I'm an obstetrician gynecologist. So people, especially medical students come to me and says I want to be we call it in the state OB GYN. Everything in the United States has to be summarized. We don't have enough time to say the words full. Everything has to be everything. Kuala lumper que el is too long, right? Yeah. If you go there, you will remember this.

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So people asked me,

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he said I want to be an OBGYN. Actually, this is a true story. This is a son of one of my dear friends really I love the younger man. And he's actually now in college. This was two years three years ago. And I said, What do you want to be? Was 14 or 15 He said I want to be a doctor.

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Everybody wants to be a doctor. It's like the key of Jannah in medical school.

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Here's what I say.

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And I said, Why do you want to be a doctor? He said, so I can help people.

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I said really? He said, Yeah, social.

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And I said, Why don't you be a garbage man?

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Imagine we don't have a garbage man. What's going to happen? gonna live in garbage

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Be honest with yourself

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because Dunia in Madison. I'm one of them, brings you a lot.

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But if I want to be an OBGYN Reedy, and Allah knows me, because it's affordable Keifa it's a collective duty. Because every Muslim community has to have an obstetrician gynecologist, nurse, especially female, nurse, female labor and delivery nurse, teacher, all this then that's for AKA,

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let alone if you didn't want to do it, or it was hard.

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I want to be a successful businessman.

00:21:11 --> 00:21:17

Nothing wrong with that. This is what I want you to learn. Islam teaches me to live this life

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fully, but the focus is my IRA.

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So there is nothing wrong with being rich.

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Nothing wrong with be educated, in place of power. On the contrary, and more mineral away hydro men and women of dive with equal in higher, as hadith of Roswaal they sought was strong believer is better than the weak believer, and here is not strong and weakness in faith, because he used Mormon. Both are believers.

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Of equaling higher both there is goodness, but the strong one. So you have power, you have money, you have education, you have children, all these are power people wanted, right? How are you getting it? And where are you using it?

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If my focus your Allah and I said this very recently, to somebody who Allah give them a lot of money, I mean a lot of money. And they are using it for the sake of Allah, unconditional. I mean, things you wonder, I was like, what kind of a heart these people have. That's the time I looked at them. And I said, this is the only time in my life. I wish I had that money.

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And then I spend me I was like, don't ask for something, you don't know what will happen. Because we change. So you're to hail Annie duniya, you stay away from dunya doesn't mean you're going to leave everything and you got to go on this forest by yourself in this small home, and you're going to be worshipping Allah, most of us cannot do this. And who is going to Yamaha the Lord who's going to flourish this earth, who's going to take care of this earth is when your focus is our hero.

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When the when the job you have, or the money the deal that you're going to get

00:23:11 --> 00:23:19

in it, that something will take you away from Allah, the answer is no. Even if this is the best deal in my life,

00:23:20 --> 00:23:36

when the man that is proposed to you to get married, and you really want to get married, everything is fine with this something not pleasing to Allah, or you're worried that he may take you away from Allah? And the answer is no, because of that reason, then Africa is your focus.

00:23:38 --> 00:23:41

Now, how many of you can say Acura is my focus?

00:23:44 --> 00:23:45

Is it possible?

00:23:47 --> 00:23:59

This is the what I need you to see. Yes, it is. If I only change my focus, and don't you think this is a paved road?

00:24:00 --> 00:24:10

This is not easy, because you're going to be going against two forces. One is you me, me wanted me once it and the society.

00:24:12 --> 00:24:21

Society, why you're doing this? Are you crazy, there's a hole we say there. Allah has given you and they give you all the excuses for doing it.

00:24:22 --> 00:24:26

But when you say when I'm in that grade, that's why I asked you about the grave.

00:24:27 --> 00:24:31

When I am in that grave, none of this will help me.

00:24:33 --> 00:24:52

Keep focusing on the accurate keep thinking of the day and this talk to me before anybody else that I am going to be standing in front of him alone or Kulu, whom it he or multi Amity for the each one of them will come to Allah alone. Allah said this and Sora to Merriam

00:24:53 --> 00:24:57

when I am there I want to say your Allah, I lived for you.

00:24:58 --> 00:24:59

I studied for

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00:25:01 --> 00:25:03

I married for you.

00:25:04 --> 00:25:12

I had children for you. I want it to be beautiful for you. Then don't worry. May Allah give me all dunya then

00:25:14 --> 00:25:21

most of us is not that's not the case. Most of us when dunya comes to us, what happens?

00:25:23 --> 00:25:24

Are Hera

00:25:25 --> 00:25:26

out of the window

00:25:28 --> 00:25:34

and that's why he said that he saw to a sinner, what's what is me about you, the dunya will open to you.

00:25:35 --> 00:26:01

This is to the Sahaba to the companion. So don't say I don't want money. If Allah gave it to you take it but say your Allah make me use it in the way that pleases you. If Allah give you children don't say they are taking me away from Allah because now I can do my thing. I am. No, you're a mother. The piano will be much less because you have children you have to take care of. That's your daughter Jana.

00:26:02 --> 00:26:07

Don't say now I have two jobs because I have to take care of my family. That's your road to Jana.

00:26:08 --> 00:26:12

And may Allah subhanaw taala make us among those Yoruba me

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