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In this lecture Shaykh talk about the role of a Mother in the upbringing of her children. Indeed “behind every successful man, is the hand of a woman”, if we look at the great scholars of the past their mothers play a very important role.

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Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad

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spected brothers and sisters assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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We praise our Lord and creator, Allah subhanho wa Taala for granting us the trophy to be here today. A very important event.

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Mother's behind the stars, a unique title and unique topic. And it really requires

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many hours. And I think we need more and more people coming to events talking about the pious predecessors of the Muslim women, the female

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there's a Hadith of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is a very unique ID.

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Before I mentioned the Hadith to

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as far as the chain of transmission of this hadith is concerned, it's slightly questionable. It's not is maybe according to some scholars, not the chain is not authentic enough. Other scholars have considered it to be authentic, including Shahada Rahim Allah He considered it to be authentic even though many others did not. It's a hadith related by Mr. Brue. murgia is sooner.

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The wife of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Ayesha Omar momineen radi Allahu Allah she says

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that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Now this is like what we're going to talk about the sisters, we're going to talk about women. But this is how Jesus addressed to men. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, it's in the soul of

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the hero of

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the first part, the how to look of

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all men.

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When you want to marry when you are selecting a spouse, when you are choosing and searching for a wife, this is addressed to the men.

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And also, it can also be addressed to the women because many of these texts of the heavy on the Quran, sometimes it's specifically addressed to a specific gender, and it's exclusive for the agenda. And sometimes, rather than lengthening the text, it's only addressed to one gender, but it can relate to both the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam said when you are selecting when you are in a process of selecting a suitable spouse, choose the most perfect spouse to hire.

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Be very careful, very selective, who you choose as your spouse and where to cultivate your seed. The literal translation is to be very selective, be very careful where you cultivate your seed. You know what that means? The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is trying to tell us that look, when it's when it's your time to marry. It's not just about you. It's not just about your own rights. It's not just about your compatibility. It's not just about you having a perfect wife. It's not just about you having a perfect husband. Think about your children your you your children have a right from now over you You don't have a child in this world. But the first right you know that our rights are

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book, rights of the parents rights of the children. The first right a child has over his parents is the fact that his father or mother chose a right life companion. That's the first right before anything before your wife is even pregnant. Before the wife is even pregnant before you've even you

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You will have children. This is once you before you marry. This is the right of the children that you carefully select a woman who you think will be perfect to bring up your children. Select a suitable woman to be the mother of your children, select a suitable man, to be the father of your children. Just don't be selfish. Don't just think about your own selves and what kind of man I want, or what type of woman I want. I want someone to cook for me that's it and I want somebody to pamper me all day husband to pamper me to cook for me, just don't think about that. Just don't look at you know, someone who's going to be good and beautiful and just look so just be don't be concerned about

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your own self. Rather, think ahead. Unique think ahead, select a perfect mother for your child, select a perfect father for your child. This is the right of the child from now these are the the helicopter children.

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This is a handy thing to measure.

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Because you see the mother that we're gonna talk about mothers right and it's because here and this is general, right father, selecting a suitable father selecting the suitable mother because the whole event is about mothers behind the staff, our focus more on the mother, because a mother and specifically the mother, especially in the beginning years of the child's life has a very, very important role to play throughout the life but especially in the beginning few years. The mother has a very important role to play, and we always hear and this is why the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said this, that Be very careful, very choosy, very selective in choosing the most appropriate

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mother for your child. Your child deserves a mother that will bring it up into the world that should educate that child that daughter or son, instill in the heart of the child, the human and the heat and reliance upon Allah, educate the child, make the child healthy, make the child courageous, inculcated instill in the child the qualities of patience, of suburb of love of the ohana, or rather the level of this world, giving preference to Allah, His Messenger and Dean over worldly pursuits and worldly benefits, you have to be very careful. And this is this starts on before you get married. That doesn't mean if you're already married, and you've gone wrong, nobody's gonna run

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Sharma you can still change. But it starts from before. And that's why those sisters and brothers if you're not married, think like that, that Oh, who do I want as not just as a husband? Who do I want as a father of my child, who will bring my children up in the most appropriate or the Islamic way. And you hear this statement all the time behind every great successful you probably hear this all the time today. In this a very successful great man, there is a successful woman, mother, sister, daughter, wife. But I will say one thing here that the opposite is also true sister sorry for being Frank, behind every evil man more or less, not all the time. But behind a irreligious evil man, you

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will find that there is an effect not all the time, not all the time. So it's not always the fault of the sisters. But in many cases, you know, we have to take both sides. If you give credit to the women and the mothers, you have to also mention the opposite that many of the times if you find a religious person, someone who's very evil, then there is a non upright irreligious woman behind him who is not helping and supporting him making things difficult for him. And

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we also hear the famous statement that the mother is the lap. The mother's lap sorry, is the first institution first mother of the child because the role of the mother especially in the beginning, few years, few months, the first year second year that the mother has a key role to play. The mother has a key role to play in influencing the character, the upbringing of the child, how the child grows up to be in the world. In his life, the mother has a great range of say, and a great and an important role to play. And we see all these people you know, you know, history, all these great demands, more or less, every one of them

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who excelled, the great team arms and the scholars and the Sahaba. All of them they were all young babies in the laps of the mothers it started before the Father can even think about doing something. It starts with the middle. And I'm not saying after birth, it starts even before the it starts from pregnancy. So you've chosen the husband, you choose the most appropriate mother. And then it starts even before pregnancy really, if you see it and it starts before pregnancy, that this is what's called a state that if a couple wants to have children, they need to so they should sort the lives out anyway from beforehand. If they get married, so the lives are but if they still haven't been

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Practicing, at least before you have children,

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change, you always inculcate good qualities and habits in your life. And then when a woman gets pregnant it starts from that time how the woman is washes pregnant if she at home, which is pregnant. It has a big impact on the children, the child in the stomach in the womb. It has a big impact. It starts from pregnancy, making Dora a mother should h a woman The moment she realizes that she's been blessed by Allah subhanaw taala. She should make this as soon as it's in the Quran.

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It's in the Quran about the murder of Maria de la sala to have noticed, she made it it's in the Quran. She said in in Aurora, Murphy botany Mahabharata Papa Mineola, I take a vow that whatever's in my stomach, I don't know if it's a son or a daughter but she was thinking it's going to be a son Murphy about anymore how to run free for you exclusively this son of mine in the previous nations and Sherry are in the midst of the previous prophets. They used to have this concept that mothers and parents they would dedicate their one of their children exclusively for the works of Deen for the sake of Allah and nothing else. So she made this another she made a vow in the University of

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Ibadan. He will however have a taco bell Mineola accepted from me exclusively for you. But then she became disappointed when she found out that she gave birth to a daughter.

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She gave birth to a daughter but when she did give birth to a daughter, she said in the summer to her Maria Ola, I have been a mother. The Quran says when she gave birth to a daughter arlette she said in New America. It's a female child. When he says that when you submit to her Maria Maria

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Rita, minutiae apology, this is the part she's making the artola Ola. I asked you she's a she's a woman now. She's a she's a girl. She's a daughter. She's not a son. I asked you you protect her. And not just her but you protect her offspring, her progeny her children, and she was the man she was Maria Elena salatu salam, the murder of Teresa, the doula of the grandmother of Isa peace be upon him. Imagine looking not for a just a daughter, but even for her project. And then she became exclusively dedicated Kalamata Holly has a Korean Maharaja or she was worshipping Allah do actually made from the moment you recognize and you realize oh mother that you're pregnant. You make rubbish.

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Up masala, tea woman Doria tiara banana.

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These are the supplications in the Quran. Allah make me someone who establishes prayer. And my children woman the reality this is in the Quran we make a habit to meet regularly recited in prayer, even before Salaam in prayer and after prayer robina Halina, Virgina kurata

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Allah Allah blesses minutes Virginia warriors in a blessed us with make our spouses and our children the coolness of our eyes hublin happiness Virginia kurata

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Athena Emma, make us as leaders of the righteous and pious and God fearing which means that make our children God fearing making dua for children from a young age. From pregnancy, as I said, you know, women mothers, even fathers, but as I said, and I don't want to repeat this, we're talking about mothers wake up in the middle of the night, to her job, offer to make the call once you're pregnant.

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When a woman is pregnant, it's such a critical role, what she eats what she thinks about if she is going to spend her time in pregnancy in increasing the law of the Quran recitation of the book of Allah Subhana Allah excessive Vicar remembrance of Allah offering Salah with his shoe with Hulu with devotion, with concentration, with humility and humbleness before lawmaking that will have an impact. But if she's pregnant, and during pregnancy, she's watching Bollywood and hollywood, bollywood and somebody told me to do Dollywood in Bangladesh. I just found out today by the way, yeah, that child is gonna become someone Han when he grows up. Yeah, it's true. If you're going to

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watch some soaps, then your child become a standard actor. We want to be like that. If you're watching football, on the TV was the woman's pregnant. She's breastfeeding and watching sports. Your child will want to become David Beckham. And if you're watching apprentice he probably wants to be Alan sugar or something.

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It's like that when you think about if you're pregnant, reciting the book of Omar pondering over the verses of the Quran. Reading the serum, your child will grow up to be like the Sahaba it starts from that from pregnancy even before but especially

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Now on the time of pregnancy, it's a very important time to read the books there are books written on the topic of motherhood, ideal mother very good book, things to do once a woman is pregnant and recite the book of Allah increase a bird worshipping a lot and definitely avoid sins. You know backbiting, jealousy, hatred, all this especially enmity talking ill of others, especially the tunnel pregnancy if, if a mother has these bad evil habits, she picks up the phone, she's pregnant, she's breastfeeding and two hours on the phone talking about the whole world except her own self and the child grows up to be a bag biter, he'll have enmity the daughter will grow up the son will grow

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up to be someone who's always bickering and fighting and arguing, because it has a direct link attachment for our case. There are examples in history where the mother how her lifestyle was what she used to do while she was pregnant, and while she was breastfeeding had a direct impact and this is even scientifically proven that the child in the stomach while the woman is pregnant when he's being breastfed

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in the child's brain works and his hearing before the child even sees the hearing has the child has this ability to hear there are cases some things might be true some might not be true but they mentioned about evolution on the other Algeria Rahim Allah did his when he when he was born, he memorized many parts of the Quran. It's a story mentioned, I don't know what authenticity how strong it is. But he because his mother used to recommend he was breastfeeding and pregnant beside the book of Baba. But one story which is definitely authentic, which is very recent, one of the scholars of the subcontinent shuffles a courier.

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He says himself, he passed away in 1981. Just very recent, that my father and this was known amongst the family members, their relatives, everybody knew that he said, my father when he is when he was being read, which is two years of Islamic age, he actually memorized half of the Jews, he already knew by heart half of the code of first use of the Quran. Reason being that every day was being breastfed her mother had a habit, his mother had a habit of reciting the book of Allah subhanaw taala.

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It starts from a young age, these are the responsibilities of the mother, right? So it's very important. Make dua for your children. Avoid sins, especially at the time of pregnancy at the time of breastfeeding. Do not breastfeed your children and even think about evil things. Try to clear your mind read a book was your breastfeeding doesn't it's not haram or sinful. Don't read the book of Allah. But you know, read a book and read some Islamic book was a woman is breastfeeding. It's very important do not do not for the sake of Allah ever watch anything on the TV once you are breastfeeding mother, because the consequences of that are very bad. And when when the child grows

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up, this is a problem when the child grows up, when the child leaves the poverty slot. We don't we neglect the child when we have when the mother is pregnant. And when she's breastfeeding, she neglects the child, the parents, both of them neglect the child when the child is 1234. We don't think about the Islamic tarbiyah we don't we are not concerned about the Islamic upbringing. We are not concerned we we let them do whatever they want, when they grow up, or when they're teenagers when they're 18. And when they get into drugs and this and that. Then we complain what happened to our children? And then what happens? What do we do? Oh, you know, I don't know my child has left the

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path of Islam and he's run away with a girl and run away with a boy and this and that. Probably I know someone's a black man.

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You know what I say to these people, you've done black magic yourself. Seriously, you've done black magic yourself. Not

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literally speaking, but you have because you've neglected your child. And if you neglect your child, then it's very easy nowadays everybody blames I'm not saying for a moment it does not exist. But the easiest thing to blame in life is black magic. You can deflect the responsibility from yourself. It's easy. You know you want you don't want to be known to be someone who's been not a good parent. So you think black magic so people won't say you're a bad parent. Oh, I'm a very good parent. But what can I do? I did the best in my life but people are doing black magic is very easy. It's the easiest thing to blame. Every you know this is a big problem in society. Every one of us any problem

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marital problem, black magic, parents, I love the path of Islam black magic to this case that our sister recently once she was speaking to me and she got so involved and absorbed by this whole idea of black magic that a spoon falls in the kitchen and she thinks it was black magic. Someone anyone else black magic. Come on. We get we are human beings. This life is full of tests and trials. This is not Jenna. This is Danielle. So anyway, it starts from that time.

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It starts from that time from a young age.

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And we need to add the time of breastfeeding. The mother needs to be very careful of ensuring that she worships Allah. She worships a lot. She does not she does not

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engage in sex.

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she avoids things, especially a lever and things like that. And she is focused on bringing up her child as a role model. As someone who has served the Dean of a law, someone who will be a righteous, pious, religious, righteous individual, someone who will be good himself or herself and lead and direct others to good. Who will serve the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala concern for the tarbiyah from a young age.

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We look at all these great humans Come on all these mediums when they're good, except with a few exceptions. Some of them were born before the mother. The mother's passed away before they were born. But generally speaking, all of them the young age, they were nourished, they were brought up, they were looked after they were educated by their mothers, they should be concerned about the taleem and tarbiyah. You know, you've heard of Mr. Malik in America, the law and one of the greatest amounts of this oma, if you really know who Mr. Maddock was, then you will appreciate this, you know, Malik is a huge figure. He is a huge Eman Buddha, he was known as the image of the abode of

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digital medical errors. One of the great properties of this oma one of the greatest scholars if you want to list after the Sahaba and the owner of the top 10 scholars ever in Islamic history, you know, Malik has to enter this may be in the top five. Well, Malik is amazing. He's one of the unique scholars. If you read just read his biography, my Malik, when he was young, he was a playful child he used to like to chase pigeons is to change pigeons and run around music singers, you know, singers and people who meet musicians. That's what he used to like. And his parents saw this once his father even his father had a good, you know, very influential role to play him. He his father

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once made a competition between him and his brother, his brother one, and then his father just smiled to tell him Look, you're not really good for anything, which means that you're not, you know, you're not really taking your life seriously. And then he said, Okay, you know what, I shouldn't run around pigeons. So what I'll do is I want to go and visit the singers and I want to become a musician. At that time, his mother said, Look, son, you won't get anywhere in the world. This is not Malik's Mother, you won't get anywhere in the world by running around singles and being a musician. Okay, you won't get anywhere, the ultimate Island. seek knowledge. By the way, there's nothing wrong

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with being in

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the ultimate Island. Seek seek knowledge, seek knowledge. And then even marriage said I should even marry Guardiola who I'm used to this is a famous statement of my money. You'll find this in every book when I was young cadott only to a memory. My mother used to place the turban on me in some other. In some other narrations mentioned she made him where they leave us the clothing of the clothing of the aroma and the righteous people and the pious people and the educated people and the scholars got an army to army Mooney she when I was a young child, five, six shoes to place the turban on my head. And then she used to say to me on day one for the foolery in the hub in

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arrabiata. Go you need to go and study by the great RM of the time, whose name was that a br two, right? robbia mailscanner. Great, huge amount. medics, one of my medics main teacher is having our obeah go to the Br. And then she said that I mean a big cabinet.

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Learn from his other from his mannerism from his etiquettes from his character from his attributes before you start learning from his knowledge. This statement tells us so many things. Number one, his mother said you need to study. Don't be a musician, she knows she's interested. She wants to have a say in which career, his or her child will take the path that the child will take. And then just imagine she knows the scholars of the time she knows who the greatest quarter of the time is just telling him the look, you need to go and study by Robbie, don't go buy this shirt right now. You need to go and study by the shape. This is a mother and then she's telling him instructing him

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about the 13th the order what to study first, whether hobbies are out of zero o'clock or what this is a mother being directly involved teaching and then educating the child but the ultimate

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enemy and we see this you know with everybody with a mama shelter, you know your mama chef in another email from the major four imams in Italy Allahu Allahu Greece, a great mom. He was born in Hassan, which we call it today, Casa which is a Palestine in front of stream. He was a young child whilst

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his mother was pregnant father

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A single mother, a unique example of a single mother, amazing read about these people. Unique example. She was young. She was very beautiful, but she for the sake of a child never married. That doesn't mean that you can't marry. It's actually sometimes wrong to think that a woman who's divorced or widowed not to marry, but she chosen somebody who doesn't want to she sacrificed another marriage for the sake of a child. And she saw that Mr. Musharraf was mortality by his lineage goes back to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was or he was a sale, through lineage. She made hegira for her child and single mother, she was extremely poor, no wealth, the journey was

00:25:45--> 00:26:09

very difficult. But still, she took a young son moved from huzar in front of screen all the way to Makkah, animoca Rama because scholars were there and she wanted her child to be a great scholar of Islam, and travel not by you know, what, what time's the train, take the train and you're there in about 10 hours or five hours. This is on the camel on the foot. Imagine this is the mom chef, his mother or the Allahu taala and who

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and she, despite being poor, she had no no money to fund education. But what happened Allah bless her. She relied on Allah tala coolala. And the scholars down there. They saw that this single mother, young child, family of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they taught him for free. And it became a huge, immense individual, of this oma a puppy, a great jurist, somebody who was a master of Arabic language, read his books, he has our research. And then even Monica de Vaca of Heidi Imam Shafi. He became a poet as well, he was, he was a huge poet, a master of the Arabic language for 300 Listen, can ever even listen, he was eloquent in his speech. And he actually

00:26:55--> 00:27:14

studied with him Amharic is a student of nomadic. And so this, you know, taking She was also very educated. She was a scholar herself, who I'm sure is mother, she's actually got certain things that she's bumped to the scholars of the time and she gave the views and references and she's young, she became a scholar of the time.

00:27:15--> 00:27:56

This is taking part we talked about, we talked about pregnancy, influence on on the child pregnancy, we talked about importance of taking an active interest in the education of the child, even to the point that cooking food at the house has an important role and has an impact. Who cooks the food how the food is cooked? Because we don't think about is halal food, Allah says in the Quran, kuruma fell out of the Helena Eva, each batch which is lawful and pure, wholesome food, the one who cooks not just Hello, you know, the one who cooks if someone cooks the food if your mother if my mother if our mothers

00:27:57--> 00:27:58

are cooking.

00:27:59--> 00:28:29

our daughters are cooking the food with, you know, remembrance of Allah, the vicar of her life, she's a half without the Quran, she has memorized the Quran, imagine cooking, cooking food for the family, and she's making cartoons of the Quran. Imagine, you know how much Baraka new will be in that food, unique food, you can never get that type of food. And there's another type of food you go to a restaurant and you don't know who's cooked and how it's cooked. And when he's been swearing was his cooking or what Allah knows best. That's why you know, try to avoid as much as possible

00:28:30--> 00:28:37

food in restaurants because he has a big impact. The food cooked by the person individual and the stories you know, there's incidence

00:28:38--> 00:28:44

when she's cooking the food, and she's got a TV on Bollywood. That said again, you eat her food and you become a Bollywood actor.

00:28:45--> 00:29:09

If she's got a massive 32 inch HD, high definition, you know, game between Liverpool, Manchester United Nations watching it, she's not interested in football, she's cooking for a goal and she's cooking away, or she's watching the apprentice or whatever reality show, setup celebrity, what is the juggler Get me out of here and all that business, then you will probably end up in a jungle where after eating the food.

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You understand the point it has an impact. There's a story I don't have time to go into it. There's a story between Mr. Musharraf or you and him and I had been humbled another great human. humble, he was amazing as well and the stories about his mother, how he inculcated how the mother inculcated in his life. But there's an incident about him I'm sure he was a teacher of him and there are different variations of who visited who But then one of the versions of the story is that mm chef very many became old even Akhmad who was a student became a huge scholar himself. him I'm sure if you once sent a message that look now you become a huge scholar. I haven't seen you for a long time. And see

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for a long time it would be nice to see you say mom, timeout despite being extremely busy. Such as you know, Michelle, I know it's been a long time you're my chef, of course. I need to come and see you or visit you and then they fix the time. So you came in

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to visit him, I'm sure for him. I'm sure he actually left his village went to the outskirts with all his students and companions to go and receive his amazing student who has become the great chef of the time. Anyway, Mr. Ahmed lived and stayed at imaam chef for his household. A couple of days as a guest, his mom sure of his daughter cook the food. Okay, anyway, cook the food he ate after eating. What happened was, they gave him the room. This is where you sleep. And him I'm sure for you at home had always been praising my mom and I have a student, unique student has become the great amount of the time you will never I am so proud of the student. He told his daughter about all of this.

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Anyway, after they were professional salon, he came back home and his daughter said, Dad, you've been praising your straight student but i think i don't

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think you're mistaken. So why should I have three objections? Number one, he eats too much. I cook food. I've never seen someone eat that much. Great people don't eat that much. Number two, I did his bed and I put some water there for him to wake up with hydrosol I went in the morning when you guys went for fudger in the masjid. And the water still a preternatural Salah. And number three, it is due to forfeiture. What kind of stealing you're saying is a great team on the bombshell. Sorry, after forgery says

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you know I trust you but what happened? Have you changed What's happened? You know, my dude is complaining. He said look, number one, the food that I ate. I have never felt the Baraka and blessings of the food ever. In my life ever. It seems that someone who was cooking was reciting the book of Allah that is so much new in the food and that's why I just ate you know, I normally eat very less but it was just the blessings of the food. And number two, because of the Baraka the blessings in the food, I did not sleep all night. I never needed to use the water I never stepped all night I did not play the Hajj Salah because in my mind about some say 20 or some say 30

00:32:01--> 00:32:37

rules of Islam I derived from the Quran and Sunnah through the bark of the food they were just just coming to my mind. It was just an opening of the heart in the mind the bulk of the food and number three I didn't do Voodoo because for pleasure because I prayed for God the same will do of Arusha Simone Shafi den says and he told his daughter This is the reason and the food was cooked by the daughter. This daughter was the one who put the food in mom shelter his daughter with a lot of this he has an impact impact on the child. So we need to the mothers the way they cook food instill though he the neoprene I'm going to end in Sharla. But you know we need mothers need to from a young

00:32:37--> 00:32:42

age tarbiyah we talked about food, we talked about education, instill email,

00:32:43--> 00:33:20

children from a young age, another has to do therapy of the child even a father does but another like you have a five year old son comes back from school, I want food, not everyday but now and then say son We ask Allah gives us food. Allah gives assistance. Go to new make, go into the bathroom, remove your clothes, first ledger just change it into your good clothes. Make will do offer to record never pray and ask Allah Allah to give you food and then come back and say look, you pray to Allah. Allah is giving you food. This is training a bringing from a young young age it's very important. And a mother has an impact. You know, it has an impact on the child. You know, the famous

00:33:20--> 00:33:21

story of Susan armour, you know.

00:33:22--> 00:33:24

I mentioned a couple of things. And

00:33:26--> 00:33:46

once while she was halifa he was doing the rounds. You know the story and he overheard a daughter and the mother. Remember the daughter the mother and the mother said daughter you know just add some water into the milk. Says the Holy Father woman has banded he can't see us the mother said so Rosa says mommy I Lola Where is a mother isn't

00:33:48--> 00:34:10

outside hearing everything you want until the next day he called for the daughter and he was so effective and impressed by this daughter that he proposed for his son our son he went to his son asked him and he said look this is amazing, unique woman and you need to get married to her and he did and from there progeny was produced the life of say that.

00:34:13--> 00:34:22

This is this is a woman making an impact. You know there's another incident which is a unique incident. It's a habit in the ballpark of American Muslim Muslim and elsewhere about how

00:34:24--> 00:34:59

the husband or wife, they had a son who was extremely ill and sick. Right One day I went to work he left the house and he saw that he came back home to the White House and hamdulillah much more in peace better than before. Unique woman you know this kind of women qualities. Sometimes you think it's very rare to get the kind of women in this world. Shallow they will be but just imagine you know some patients or patients in the man you know having some of and patients and and the quality of ethos of giving preference to others. She said don't want to use this

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

very peaceful. And she cooked prepared food for the husband made him eat and then actually adonus have they actually had a sexual union that night and after they fulfill the needs, such as the, almost the labor of the law, that oh my husband can ask a question said yes. If our neighbors borrow some oil or something from us, and if they want to back is around if we don't get it back. Of course it's wrong. If we borrowed if we bought something from our neighbor, and they asked him and demanded and they want you back, of course we should give it likewise Allah has blessed us with a son. Take a listen back. He got a shock first became upset, but he was gobsmacked what a woman is she's amazing.

00:35:42--> 00:36:21

You know just how you know how much thought she has put into this, rather than you know, just completely losing it. sobor patients, he went to the messages of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam offers a lot of pleasure and informs the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. What had happened the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was quite impressed and he made a daughter and said Baraka lofi in a letter Kuma May Allah bless your union last night. And the Hadith states that from because of that drama, and that sexual union of Allah produces great scholars of Islam and grateful Roz roses recites the book of Allah from the union from the project

00:36:21--> 00:36:49

progeny, they had immense amount of Baraka. So, this is what a mother is has a direct impact. You know, she, what are the habits, qualities, attributes a mother has through her pregnancy through her breastfeeding, it gets transferred, if she's courageous, have courage is transferred to the child. So he's an armor once was when he came into the Medina. All the children saw him I saw him coming. There was gay, so the old flame

00:36:50--> 00:36:53

is coming, is coming. Everybody ran away. One child just stood

00:36:54--> 00:37:09

up and said, Son, how comes your feet? Why don't you run away? He said, number one, I haven't committed any sin. So why should I free and number two, the road is not that narrow that you can't pass you can pass. He said, What's your name? Who was this guy's name is Abdullah.

00:37:11--> 00:37:15

He says No wonder, you know, I'm not surprised. He is the son of asthma.

00:37:16--> 00:37:23

As well as the daughter of a worker because she was very courageous. He is the son of asthma because she was very courageous. This guy, this kid is very courageous.

00:37:24--> 00:37:47

These allow these habits to get transferred into the child, if a mother is has all these qualities of struggle of patience, of courage, of courage of of preferring the author over the dunya and I would definitely agree with this. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one of the reasons I showed he was he extremely loved his wife.

00:37:48--> 00:37:53

I mean, he has mentioned many versions of his wife. And one of the one of the main reasons was

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