Kaleemullah #14 – Firown Losing his Power Grip

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AI: Summary © The history of the Prophet's use of Islam's blessed miracle, "will" in various cultural context, and the loss of control over people is discussed. The Magician losing control over the sky and causing fear to come out is also discussed. The speakers emphasize the importance of maintaining power and accepting the message of Musashi's victory. The loss of power and the need for people to accept their message are also highlighted. The history of the US military and Musashi's victory were due to his power and skill sets.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Mr. Lau Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi LG marine Abad. Welcome to another segment of Cunnamulla, where we talk about the lessons and reflections that can be learned from the story of Musa alayhis salam. Now we've got to this point where if you remember last week we talked about, there were five threats or five ways that fit our own threat, try to throw Musa alayhis salam off of his message, five different techniques that he used. And each technique that he used was was to try to make Musa alayhis salam emotionally compromised. Musa alayhis salam he was one step ahead

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of the game, he remained logical, he remained on the case. And he remained on the argument, and when fit around, saw that nothing is working with a Musala Islam. At the end of the day, what did he say? He says, The I threatened you that I will imprison you. And it's not just that I'm going to kill you because Killing is killing someone and doing away with them here for the own knows that by me imprisoning him, and the torture that he will endure is more watching him go through this is going to be more pleasing to Me. So this is why I found he threatened Musala hisab now when Musa is some sees, and he understands that this is a threat, because now for own has lost the verbal battle.

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Okay, talking to each other, he has lost that battle. So now he says what if I have proof of what I'm saying? And that is where we are in sort of Shuara Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that Musala you some he began to show fit on his the miracles that have been given to him by ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala that let's stop here for a moment. Let's understand something. Whenever you go through any story of the Prophet, any story of any prophet, any messenger, one thing that very common that we see is that Allah subhanho wa Taala maintains two principles. The very first principle is that Allah subhana wa Taala will always send a messenger or a prophet to a certain group of people, that they

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have the ability to speak their language and convey their message. See, when I say speaking their language, it does not only mean like for example, English, English, you know, in an all other languages alike, but that a person who understands how to speak with them, someone who knows how to get to their level and explain to them and teach them. This is what Allah subhanaw is talking about. When he says for example, instead of Ibrahim wama Oh salam ala Rasulillah elaborately said he called me he'll you by the home, that we always will send a prophet who can speak their language, who can dem who can talk to their level, and use examples and parallels that they can they are very used to

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understanding and so forth. So this is something very common that we see even a story of Fidel and Musa yourself. We see again, Allah subhanho wa taala. He could have said any prophet to fit on, but because he knows Jana Radha, that Musa you some he has lived in Egypt, he grew up in Egypt for so many years. He understands their culture, he understands their way of talking, there is no one who is more suitable to talk to them, then Musa alayhis salam, this is why he said Musala you so the second thing that we learned, the second principle of Allah subhanho wa Taala is that he will always equip them with miracles if Allah decided to give miracles, but the miracles would be such miracles

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that was also relevant to the society at that time. Why do you think that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave such a unique miracle of the Quran to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, there was a reason behind that. Why do you think Allah subhanho wa Taala gave the miracles to easily Islam as highlighted in the Quran in various places? Why those particular miracles because once again, that was relevant to his society. Allah subhanho wa Taala he understands that in order to bring people closer, you have to use certain techniques and methods that will attract them. And from this, what do we learn? What is the reflection in this matter? And the lesson to be learned from this is that

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anytime you anytime you want to call someone to Allah subhana wa Tala, you have to understand that how you're talking to your audience. If you're speaking on a different level, that is beyond their capacity, they will never understand you. This is why you have to come down to their level. Sometimes, you know, subhanAllah we find that people they talk to other people, they feel very inferior.

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I'm sure but when you talk to a certain person, and you're not able to get across to them, many times, it's probably because you're not speaking to their language, you're not speaking on their level. And so this is why it's very important that the way we speak to others, especially if you're in the field of the hour, you have to learn how to speak to your audience. And that's not against a class, you know, subhanAllah people feel that a lot of times that if you're able to really give a really good speech, and you're able to use you know, much like you're very eloquent in your speech and so forth, then this is perhaps some way somehow against a class this is not against a class this

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is we see from the Quran, that Allah subhana wa Taala will use different techniques and methods that was relevant to the people in order to bring them to Allah subhana wa Tada. So a diary must always know their audience. Now Allah subhana wa Tada says, For Allah calm for Alka Asafa either here thought abandoned well being and by the way, we will find some variations here and there from sort of Shuara to suatu are off, we will find these variations in the Quran. And if you go to our off again over there, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. He narrates this entire story with some small variations here and there. But nonetheless, the story is not different. It's just that there's some different

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information here. There's some different information there, but they all collaborate and they all they complement one another. So Allah subhanaw taala says for a PA Salafi that he thought abandoned well being, Allah says that he moves out at some threw down his, his staff and his stick and behold, it became a serpent and it was very manifest. Now some of the ornament they say that the reason why Allah made a point to say it was manifest is because later on we will see when the duel is taking place between Musa and the magicians. The Magicians put down their magic and they turn to serpents, but in so the art of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, For Lama, Alico, Sahara, our Yuna nurse, the Allah

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says that when they put down their sir their sticks and turn the serpents, he says that Sahara Are you the nurse, that they cast a spell on the eyes of the people, in other words, is as if Allah subhanho wa taala, saying that they were dealing with illusions, so people, they see what they're seeing, but in reality is simply an illusion. It's not actually real. But in the case of Musashi ism, it is absolutely real. This is not an illusion, there is a real serpent there. And that's why Allah Subhan Allah says thought abandoned will be in it is very manifest in his real, what you see musalla is something that is not an illusion, it is absolutely real. And one thing here to point out

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is that this snake, I mean, this is a snake that probably you and I will probably never ever find in your life. You know, you we all know that there are venomous snakes, there are non venomous snakes, you have a snake that is venomous, it kill its prey by using its venom. On the other hand, you have snakes that are not venomous, but they have a very strong bite, for example, you have the Anaconda or you have the Python and so forth. They usually you know, they get on their prey, they wrap themselves around, and they squeeze their prey to death. But here you're talking about first of all, ALLAH SubhanA things are banned. So our ban is a Python. So you're talking about a Python, Python,

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there are small snakes, they're very big snakes, sometimes they can even you know, you know, take in a you know, a human being in many cases too. But here we find it in one ayah Allah Subhan saying that this is a Python and when you see a Python you get away right away because you know, that it will come to you and it will squeeze you to death. But then at the same time and other ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, Hi, yah, here's a higher higher is in reference to like a cobra, like when you see a COBRA COBRA, when it comes and is, you know, it's it's giving his pose is telling it's, you know, it's telling the person coming in or anything coming closer, that this is my pose

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I'm about to attack you. But we have probably never ever seen a snake that is as big and as thick as a Python. At the same time. It has a pose like a cobra and this is what we see is that Allah Subhan saying that this snake was so fierce, and some of them I mentioned that it on the mountain when it turned into a higher Musa is I'm scared you see it you see a snake like that you get away right away, and it's moving so fast. But in the case of the magician's because Allah Subhan wants to show his power is not just a high Yeah, it's just not a venomous snake. But it's a it's a it's a Python it's big. So this is where Allah subhanaw taala is saying and some automated said earlier have said

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that this is a Python in a cobra put into one such a different kind of snake to warn and to show this is Allah's way of showing his power to the audience there so

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This is what we see. Then Allah says when as the AIDA who fight you that he obey the law and now that in that Mussolini's and put his hand under his arm, and it turned into an illuminating

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entity, it was white and it was you know, everyone's able to see this now at this time was you know, fit own actually he sees that he's losing the battle on all fronts. First of all, the argument battle he lost that fit own tried several ways to lure him away from his argument that didn't work. So when that did not work, now, the next thing is he now he's trying to tell people that look at this, you know, you think that he's, you know, this is just a being a magician. Now, the reason why again, for the own is using this word that he's only a magician is because it all knows that when these other magicians when they use their magic, it's only an illusion, it's not actually real. So

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in order to downplay the, the, in order to downplay the snake, that that has come from being you know, Mussolini's and put down his stick and turning the serpent in order to downplay this idea. He simply says to His people are in Marathi hola who in the Hadassah Maleme he's only a magician, what is there to be afraid of? I mean, I have so many other magicians that didn't come and do the same thing. What's so special about this? So now once again, we see that Finn own, he's trying to ensure now I don't lose this battle. And the Quran then says you redo a nuclear command. Oh, they can be surgery he fermata Maroon. Now you have to understand here that here he's saying that he goes to the

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next thing. Once again, he has to maintain his power, he has to maintain his authority. He's losing his grip here. He's losing this battle over here. So what does he do? He tells everyone around there that you know this person, he's trying to drive you out of your land. Now Subhanallah you know, this is why we always say that the Quran is, you know, we always have to go back to the Quran and understand the Quran. And the Quran. The stories of the Quran really teaches us, you know, things even that are very relevant to our times. I mean, subhanAllah How many times have we heard this, even within our own time, people have created this kind of fear of Muslims. Why? Because once again,

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these people your Sharia law, they will enact Sharia law here, you will lose your freedom here and so forth. This is a same tricks, the same tactics that were used by Fidel and he's telling people he's instilling fear in their hearts. He says that he wants to drive you out of your land. This is why he's trying to show his power because once again, verbally he lost that battle now in terms of power, found as you know, he does not compete his power does not compare to the miracle. So now he's losing this battle too. So this is why he resorted to developing fear in the hearts of everyone and he says for mad that I'm What do you think we should do? Now this is also very important because for

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the own never fit on because of his arrogance, he never consult with his people. He never consults with those people around him. So now he's saying for the very first time probably in all the people who are working there around fit on for punk for the very first time, Phil Owen is consulting with them. Now you know why Phil only is consulting with them. Because he understands that if I don't consult with them, and I just keep on doing what I want to do, I'm gonna lose their support. So in order to keep them close to me, let me try to ask them what they think. If I asked them if I consult with them, they're gonna feel valued. So this is why Fidel and he did this accordingly. Then Allah

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says, ha LU ZHI, Hua Hua who will also follow RJ what a haha I think my dad in hashing. Now the magician when they are being consulted, what did they say? They say, put him off and his brother for a while. And let's send callers to the city's mean that let's go let's send all of our people there. We have, you know, control over certain tribes, certain areas, certain cities. Let's go there just a normal sign Hold on for a while for a moment. Let's go there. Let's bring all the magicians that top class magicians. Let's you know, let's assemble a team that cannot be defeated. And so what happened was that now they all started to go and they start to bring everyone and they said yes to comically

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Sahar and olive. Sahar does not only mean a Sahaj, Sahar is a person who's like an expert in magic, not just one of your rookie, kind of like, you know, a magician says, you know, those students who are learning magician and so forth, no, I want that top class. You're the top, you know, the cream of the crop. You know, I want those magicians from the land. And so the Quran then says you have to be equally Sahara and clean for June for Jumia Sahara Sahara to let me call the Yeoman maloom a day was appointed. There is a certain day everyone knows about that day. It is well known in the day or it's well known in the calendar and on that particular day, the Quran says that they were all

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gathered and then the Quran

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As well cleaned and didn't nasty hull and to monitor your own so now Phil always just start saying that you know what, you know we're going to do this we're going to have this door because a lot of people may feel like you know, what's the need for me to go? I have other issues going on in my own life what's the need for me to go? So no, that's not what's happening here, Joaquin and in Nancy Valentin, would you tell him your own, now people are being ordered whether you have anything to do or not, you have to go because see if it only once again, in his own courtroom, he lost the battle of power, he lost the battle of you know, the argument back and forth, but he wants to exhibit his

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power in front of the entire kingdom. Because overnight this word is spreading that you know, Musa came back and Musa has really put it all in his place and so forth. And this was very common even go back to the story of use of Adi Salam, we find that you know, she tried to deceive and you know, she tried to lure you swatting Islam into committee haram. And you know, you try to get some runs away and so forth. And then the news spreads that Did you know that the wife of the King she fell for a slave, not for any other men, but for a slave, her reputation is tanking. So what does she need to do she calls all the women and so forth likewise, even in the case of Mussolini's some new spreads

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that fit own he's losing his grip he's losing his power. So what happens is that everyone is called and no one has a choice. You have to come to that to that event. And then the Quran says Allah Allah and atop your Sahara in Ghana hula hollaby That we may follow the sorcerers and the magicians who are on who are who are believers are found that they if they are the winners so now here what's happening is that now it's being said that if the magicians actually win against Musa Islam, then who deserves more respect here who deserves authority here? Is it the magician or is it fun to own so now for the owners losing his grip there too because he's not the one who's going up against Musa

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he went against Musa he lost, and now he's bringing his magicians so now these magicians they also understand too that now, you know, we our egos are our you know, our egos are being stroked. And you know, people are coming and talking about us that how you know, influential we are and how much we can do. So now they want to take advantage of the situation. So what did they do? They came to fit around. And before this, they don't they don't get paid that well. So now they came to fit on the cerebral Sahara to CARDONE for the owner in Iran in Cananda. Halloween, that if we When are you going to give us anything for the work that we're doing? Like, I mean, we're gonna get paid to eat

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is there an honorarium or anything of that type? So now see fit only understands that people are talking about who's, who's more in position of power here who has the authority here is the magicians or as a fan own? See if an owner is smart? See if it always says to these people, he didn't he didn't promise them. Yeah, they you know what, I will give you an agile, he says, Call anom we're in accumulation and macabre being that Yes. And if you are able to defeat him, you're going to have a position who are who you're going to have a position close to me you're going to be close to me. So it's it's as if it only saying that I won't give you what you want. And I'm going to

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remain in power, and you're going to be my servant, and you're going to be close to me. And but nonetheless you're going to be under my power under my authority. So it's as if he he gives them a certain promise, but he does not give them what exactly what they want because he needs still to maintain his own power. So then after that the Quran says for now

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all the WHO Musa uma and Tamil on that moosari Some said to them that so down what you have for Alko Hey, Bella hamari see Johan Makalu their incentive for the owner in volleyball and they're claiming that you know what, we are the Egyptians we are followers of fit own and you know, they swear upon fit owns there is that we will not let you down and they put down their stuff and they said we will in Nana Nana Hello Hollywood, they swear that we will be victorious today for Alico Musa Sahoo for either he a telco for my Yaffe Quran and the Quran says that Musa Elisa put down his serpent and his stick and turn to a serpent and quickly very quickly, this serpent of Musashi is some swallowed all

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the other serpents now let me ask you this question. You guys have all seen like sport matches, you know when there are two teams are very close to one another, they go head to head it goes all the way down to the wire. Usually there's a lucky bounce here and there and so forth. And one team is victorious over the other team. But you know what happens after that match? Everyone's talking about the you know, these two teams is not that this team was better than this team. These two teams are equally matched. They have equal amount of power, equal amount of skill sets, and is just that at the end, one got lucky over the other lucky one bounce here of the ball, one bounce there, the ball

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and so forth. The reason why the Quran tells us that US

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Soon as Musashi is put down, his stick is swallowed up everything is good. This is a display of power, that this serpent is so powerful that it not it did not go that one serpent and guess all these serpents and it took some time and at the very end, the, the serpent Musa Hassan was was victorious, because once again then the discussion could come up as what they you know, these two these magicians and Musa they're evenly matched. And it just so happened at the end that Musa serpent was victorious. That could be the conversation here. Allah wants to display his power here. That's why as soon as he put down his serpent is swallowed up everything, they thought that they're

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gonna watch like a match and the watch do for like, you know, several hours, but in just in a few minutes, it was all done moosari Some serpent swallowed everything. And that is when these magicians realize that they're not, you know, this is not just an illusion, they're playing with powers, and they're standing up there up against powers, that is beyond their capacity. And as a result when they realize this, what do they do for all of the SRO trussardi And they realize that this is, you know, we talked about fit on Fit own is nothing, this is the real deal here. So they all fell into sujood to Musala Islam. Now, when they when they found this a God said, although I'm unavailable, I

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mean, that we believe and the rub of all the sky of the of the earth and all the worlds we believe in that Rob. Now someone could say that are they worse? Are they making sudo to fit own? Are they making sudo to Allah subhanho wa taala? Who are they saying that they believe in here, and the Quran makes it very clear, and Nabi Musa Harun that we believe in the rub of Musa and Harun Allah he's Salam. Now, when this happens, what is the what is going on do he needs to maintain his power he has lost the magician is now too. So now in order to maintain his power, he tells He says his message across by telling them as magicians that you are accepting his message before I permit you like is

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as if and only saying that I own you. And if you if I don't give you permission that how can you just go in and believe in Him? And then he says, Though up there under ADA, can we communicate if and when it was Saliba? Nakajima and I'm going to cut your limbs off from opposite ends. So right hand left leg, you know or the opposite. And then after that, I will not only just do that, but I will hang you that will suddenly been nickel I will crucify you. And and so Paul how we find he says little Saliba confit judo, a novel, that these trees, I'm going to hang you in there. Why? Because they you can be an example for others, anyone who says that they believe in this, then they are also

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going to face the same kind of fate. Now Subhanallah you know, when a person is threatened, their Eman has been threatened, a person has two choices. Either you succumb to the threat. Or you say you know what, you stand up against the threat. And so ha This is what happens that even in the time that we're living today, for all Muslims, wherever, wherever we may be, especially Muslims living in America or any other country where Islam does not is not given a very positive image. A lot of times we feel scared to go out, go here, go there, do something do that. You know, we feel that, you know, someone may do something against me because I'm a Muslim. And because of that, I feel scared, I feel

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threatened and I began to compromise my own deen and so forth. One of the strongest things that you can do is to stand up against that threat to show that there is no fear. And that's exactly what these magicians they said. They said Agulla lawyer in Robin Kalamoon. They said no harm, you want to kill us. You want to crucify us. You want to cut our limbs off from opposite ends. That's fine. Go do whatever you want to do. Because at the end of the day, when we return, we are going to return to the real Rob. The true Rob, you're not the ROB. We're going to return to the true Rob. And once again standing up against fear. And then they said in NaNoWriMo Danielle Fiona, Rob buena Hapa.

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Yeah, Anna and could not only mean again, here we see that these magicians who have just converted to Islam, they are saying they're referring to Allah as the Rob and this is making their own angry. And so this is exactly what happens here. And now, now that they have lost these battles, now for the owners worried about maintaining and keeping that authority, and what does he do now? Allah subhanaw taala actually then tells Musala Islam, well, hey, now either Musa that we reveal to Musa to go and do something after that. What was that thing that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala ordered Musala Islam to do? What did Allah tell Musa lism do next? After this defeat of fit own? We'll talk about

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that inshallah. Next week, ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada to give all of us ability to understand these ayat, may Allah give us ability to learn and reflect upon them and apply them in our life admirable Allah mean Exactly. Mala Hey salaam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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In melon Mussolini now almost Lima de one meaning Mina team one quantity now look on it the most

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On the Lena was funding bond the one song meeting I was Slavia the one before she you know wonderful she

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wouldn't voice she I mean I want to call she I think one downside BP now one downside the party was all Amy now was all in

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when have you Lena photo gentlemen one half year warranty was good enough. Guess

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what's going on? Now I don't

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well enjoy when I leave