The Importance of Our Parents in Islam

Fatima Barkatulla


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of parents in Islam and how they can be used as carriers of good behavior. They suggest respecting and respecting parents' behavior even if they don't say anything negative to them. The speaker also encourages parents to make the signing-off for their good behavior and to be a good judge of their own behavior.
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sons would like to know the importance of their mum and dad in Islam in sha Allah. Okay. I wonder if the son wants to know the importance of a mom and dad or if mom and dad would like the son to know the importance of mom and dad in Islam.

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The importance of mom and dad in Islam, Subhan Allah, you know, after Allah subhana, Allah tells us to worship him alone. He says, and have a son with your parents be excellent in your behavior towards your parents. Don't ever say a word like even as small as often it says in the Quran, right? Which represents the smallest type of rebuke, you know, to your parents don't look at them in a negative way. If your parents asked you to do something, do your best to fulfill that request. Try to make your parents smile, don't cause them to be upset and sad.

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The only thing that Allah subhanaw taala The only exception to that is if they're commanding you or asking you to do something haram. Right? They're asking you to do something wrong, then of course, Allah comes first. But in everyday life, you know, usually, that's not the case, right? Especially if you have Muslim parents, we should be really respecting them, trying to do as much as we can for them.

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Because we don't realize what they've done for us, brothers and sisters, right? When we were babies, we were not conscious of the sleepless nights that our moms went through for us, the breastfeeding, the physical difficulty, but also the psychological difficulty that our mothers went through for us the sacrifices they made, the hours they made for us, our fathers, you know, they go out every single day, to earn money for us, to be for us to be able to have stability for us to have a home.

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All of these things are things that we can very easily take for granted, but that have helped build our personalities. So brothers and sisters, we must always treat our parents with respect and feel a sense of depth towards them. Even if you know what there's some reason that maybe that they don't have the best behavior with us, etcetera. Still, just by virtue of the fact that they are our parents.

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They have rights. So I would encourage your son and I would encourage all of us to make the dua for our parents. Allahumma are a bit of ham Homer Kamara, Bernie Sahira. Allah humara Burnham, Houma, come out of the Yanni servera which means, oh Allah have mercy upon them both my parents, as they had mercy on me when I was small, and that's a beautiful day that we should all be making for our parents whether they are alive or whether they have passed away.