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Day 13 – Practice your Patience part I

June 18, 2016

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa Salatu Salam Alikum hoplite alibaug casadesus rehabbers as he will come in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2016 day 13 and Yeoman sha Allah who died so far that the Kalam Allah mobile, Ramadan was subtle. Today inshallah we'll be talking about patients that are mobile and patients, you and patients. In fact it is in this blessed month of Ramadan. In fact, when you're fasting, you're practicing and you need to practice patience and train yourself in patience.

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Huneck and watch out for that and why monostable sobre La Masia masala Mcdo Allah, maka de la Subhana Allah Allah subhana wa Tada. Mantilla Mata consign

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so there are three kinds of patients my brothers and sisters his patients in obedience of Allah, patience in disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala and patience in dealing with trials and calamities.

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Subhan Allah La Casa de la summer by and to suddenly emulate de la Sol salata para way

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Subbu Anahata Allah, Allah Subhan Allah Akbar and the metal and tequila and I will tell him he

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has a cooler

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and has

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the summer in obedience of Allah subhana wa Tada This is in the month of Ramadan when you're fasting, you know or pmla or Balawi requires lots of sub you know some people they complain about you know, pray 28 long rocket it requires

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the elicitation and you know when you have to decide the N word you you October you don't have to but this is something that is good in the month of Ramadan it requires some supper when you wake up at night you know in the early in the morning and then you you go to make will do to go to the masjid is required summer requires summer. So summer towards the openness of Allah subhana wa tada is considered to be the greatest type of summer of patience and then you have a civil Allah maaseiah until answer a methylene tamashi mahalo Matata masala

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Massey Allah Subhana apana with the ATA has a sharp focus on

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serving patients in disobedience of Allah subhana wa tada you you're fasting and then you see something haram and then you lower your gaze somehow you feel like you want to quit the misery then quit you know, go into the trailer we are going to go out and watch a game and and and or go to a party or go to these these requests about somebody

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you know sometimes you know there's some some hardly any. Even when sometimes you know somebody who those people who go for hygiene who I know they know what I'm talking about, like you know when these levels I met a lot of people and whatnot and then you feel like somebody pushed you and then you want to you want to you know punch shaman you already don't want to disobey Allah subhana wa tada so but

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you are fasting let's say then you're you're you're driving and then somebody cuts you over and then you're really upset and you want to you want to shout anyone you know, but you show some. So it

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was summer Allah, Allah subhana wa tada

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within the blue Lacombe shaman and how he will do it went up to the minute he was familiar with machinery of slavery.

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When a criminal and what he went unfussy what famara were machinery a savarin alladhina ada Saba Tomasi baton cuarto de la la Mirage la Rasul

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says that he shall try us, this is the third type of summer, Allah will try and us with kinds of, you know decrease decrease in your wealth and and loss of of matter of money or loss of a loved one. Well this year is sabeti Michelle give it to the civilian those if they were to be going through some sort of calamity What do they say in any level in the Iranian regime to Allah we belong to Him we shall return some of Allah, Allah subhana wa tada some of the grace of Allah Xhosa, when you go through some sort of calamity, you know, as a loss of a loved one or the loss of a job of a loss of sums or dealing with your health or whatnot, you shall suffer but

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machinists are very much alike giving the gloves ID

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English law minima, especially a Saberi, so this is why the quality of sub you practice it in this discipline of Ramadan until another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2016. I say I said Mr de como para la vaca