Ali Albarghouthi – Ramadan Motivations #05 – Ibrahim & Namrud

Ali Albarghouthi
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and potential of Islam, including the death of various individuals and the use of Islam in attacks. The importance of protecting from power and being grateful for one's ability to bring life back is emphasized. The segment emphasizes the importance of finding evidence of one's ability to bring life and death back to life, and the use of black clothing during COVID-19. The importance of learning to be rich and purify one's heart is also emphasized, along with the need to abandon certain habits and avoid distractions from one's money. The speaker recommends reading a book on the topic and joining them for a lecture in the upcoming month.
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Santa Monica, Monica

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smilla rahmanir rahim smilla would hamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah who is early he or Sahabi you are seldom pray and we ask Allah zoji to make us of those who are missed,

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and who had experienced and will experience the mercy of Allah as they will generally asked him subhana wa Hanna to bless us with the acceptance of his do

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with escape from Hellfire freedom from Hellfire, and the eternal blessings of Jenna. And we asked him Subhana Allah to forgive us all of our sins, the major ones and the minor ones, the ones that we know about and the ones that we do not know about. We asked him as a panel with either to give us power over the shade line and power over or since. And to allow us to experience the sweetness of the month of Ramadan, the joy of the month of Ramadan and the nearness to Allah in the month of Ramadan. And I mean hamdulillah Bill and I mean, so we continue with our series and today in sha Allah,

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we have a story and in fact, they are three mini stop mini stories from the Quran, follow each other. And they begin with the story of Ibrahim and he said and this is still in Surat Al Baqarah and salted bacala is such an important surah and the stories in this are such important sources. So all the stories so far that we have shared with you come from Surah Al Baqarah. And these three mini stories come from sort of in Bukhara, and there is a common thread throughout all of these three stories and they follow each other. So the first one is where Allah as dogen says, I'm Tara either lady had j Ebrahim f Jambi. Allah says, Do you see Have you seen Have you known Have you marveled

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at, okay, so it's such a, you know, a wondrous or wonderful or strange exchange?

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The one who was arguing with Ibrahim alayhis salaam, about Allah xuejun. When Ibrahim said, Allah, may Allah Allah zodion is the one who brings life and death.

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He said, okay, and why he said that, because Allah says, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. Hi, Jay Abraham, if you love Biggie, at all a long one. Why was he arguing with Ibrahim alayhis salam because Allah granted him kingship, because he was king. And because he was king, he had power and power corrupts. And it this is evidence from the Quran, that power has this really strong potential to corrupt the more that you are you increase in power, whether it's money, or you know, physical power, or material power or power over people, regardless of what it is but power.

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It has the potential to corrupt you. See, you have to watch for that and ask Allah so just to protect you from the fitna of power and be grateful for what Allah has given you mouth, rebellious and arrogant. So because he had this power, where he was arguing against Ibrahim and he said, I'm telling him, No, I also can bring life and death meaning like Allah, so just so in a sense, he was acquainting himself with Allah Subhana Allah, like I am like Allah Zeus, who is a lot Allah can do this, I can do the same.

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He brought him and he sent him rather than be involved in an argument that is fruitless with this man, because it's very clear that the kind of life and death that that that Allah can bring is unlike what that King is talking about. It is said that that King is a num rude. Hello, Adam, right? It's not named in the Quran. But in the Tafseer. They say it's a number rude. And it's very obvious that if that King can kill someone or pardon him, as they see in the Tafseer, as he cleaned, meaning he brought brought a prisoner and he said, look at this prisoner, I can release him so I give him life or I can kill him. So I gave him death. Death is very different than the life and death of

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Allah as that can bring. So rather than engage in a fruitless argument with someone who does not understand the basics, or is rather is trying to maneuver his way out of of clarity, Ibrahim, Allison and Brian is an example that no one can dispute. He told me he tells him

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Allah as urgently brings the sun out of the East. So you who claims to be close to all

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As the drill or like him bring it out of the West. Allah says fajita Latika for he was speechless. The one who disbelieve meaning this disbelieving King was speechless, who couldn't reply, who couldn't say anything, because the argument of Ibrahim alayhis salam was so profound. And so beyond anything that this man can do, that it had defeated him.

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That's the first story and we'll come back in sha Allah to it, to see the benefits in it. And the common thread that I'm talking about I talked about

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then Allah soldier immediately after he says, okay, lady, Mother, I love Korea to hear how we are doing or how we're doing either OSHA is all like, or have you heard or seen or pondered the story of what are the one who passed by a town

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and that town is deserted. Fall had fallen apart. Its people had abandoned did the walls and the ceilings of that

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town had fallen? Meaning it's, it's dead. It's a dead town, that there are no people in it. And there's no life in it.

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As he passes by, he wonders,

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how can Allah azzawajal bring life back to this town?

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So he had some basic belief in Allah. He was not a disbeliever. He had a basic belief in Allah. But he looked at that death that had overtaken this town

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and the people who had deserted it, he wondered how could Allah bring life back to it?

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Then Allah subhana wa, ala needs something incredible.

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He made him die for 100 years.

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Then he brought him back to life.

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And then he asks him, and this is Subhanallah question reminiscent of the question that the people in the hereafter will be asked, How long will we be living in the dunya? We will say a day or part of the day Subhan Allah on the Day of Judgment, right when we will be asked how long did you live on this earth? We will say just today, all this 60 years, 70 years, 80 years, all of that will seem like it's just a day or part of the day. So he was asked how long did you stay dead? Or asleep? right because he woke up. How long did you stay asleep? called Aleman? Oh baldoyle he says a day or part of the day. Allah tells him Okay, whether this is through an angel or somehow alone. He doesn't

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tell us but probably through an angel.

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He says no you slept or you're dead for 100 years. Now look at your food and drink did not change. It did not go bad. It stayed the way that it is. And look at your donkey.

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That donkey of his that had died and turned into bones. Then Allah azza wa jal says one more Elan Eva mckeithan on chizu Maxwell hammer, look at the bones how we raised them and then we fill them or surround them with meat meaning bring your donkey back to life in front of your eyes.

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And Allah tells that man when Nina janica Lynas we are going to make you assign to people so that they will believe in Allah, his power and his ability to resurrect. So those people who are around him and those people who are now today because we believe Allah as though did in the Quran, we believe he can do this. So we know that this is also assigned for all of us, though he did not see it. When we believe that Allah zoldan and we believe the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So it's as if somehow Allah as if we could see it, because we believe this thing has happened.

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So this man says for lamotta V and Allah who he says, when he has seen this with his own eyes, this man who 100 years ago, looked at that village and said, How is it possible that Allah could bring this back to life, he saw this in his own self, in his food, and his animal, for that matter. But you know, the whole when he had witnessed all of this and it was clear to him on our level, he says, I know that Allah can do everything

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I know now because he has seen it with his own eyes. Now the third mini story

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what you thought Abraham won't be any key for to heal Moto E. So whenever I hear him asked a lot as a dad, show me how you bring the dead back to life.

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Allah asks him

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and Allah knows by Why does Allah ask him so that we would know? And it comes out of the tongue of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam so that he expresses and affirms his faith all over them to him in Allah asks him Don't you have EMA? Don't you already believe? Allah Bella, he says, indeed I do. So it's not a question of doubt. Show me because I have doubts. It's not a question of doubt. Well, actually at my in Nickleby, but so that

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My heart would be comforted With this knowledge, meaning that is Ibrahim and he said, I was asking Allah increase me knowledge, I know this much.

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And I believe in it, and I'm certain of it, but increased me knowledge. So I could see it with my own eyes and an elevated and certainty that Allah xuejun accepts his request, because Ibrahim is very close to Allah azzawajal. And he says, Take four birds, slaughter them, kill them, spread them into four, and then put them on different mountains, and then call them and they will fly to you.

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They will fly to whole back alive.

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These three stories right are all about let's see the thread that is that is involved in all of them, and similarities and differences. They're all about life and death.

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Right? Now, the first one is a disbeliever in Allah xuejun. And he's arguing that no, I can also bring life and death. And this is sapan Allah, the example of humanity, when it rebels against Allah zodion and thinks that it does everything or it can do everything and understand everything. We don't need a creator, we don't need the divine we can do and understand everything.

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So Allah xojo here brings to him through Ibrahim alayhis salam, which is our ama. This is evidence. He says, look at the evidence in the universe to understand your inability and your weakness, you think you have control, as misguided as your thinking is over this small thing. But look at this entire universe and how we're trans and now in fact, you are or you don't have any control over it. Allah does whatever he does with it. And you have to follow and surrender to the will of Allah zildjian. If you have a mind, if you have a heart, if you are seeking the truth, you will see it right there in front of you. And this is evidence for all of us, that Allah azzawajal has deposited

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in this universe for all of us enough evidence of his existence, enough evidence, evidence of his power and mercy,

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enough evidence of his wisdom and forgiveness and guidance. So if you ever have doubts, but you are actually seeking the truth, look at the universe around you objectively. Look at yourself, and you'll understand that there is a creator behind it. And not only a creator but a wise powerful and merciful and loving creator. You will see evidence of Allah's love in you. Evidence of Allah's wisdom in you and evidence of Allah's mercy in you every single day of your life. And how Allah treats you and how Allah as the judge gives you and how much Allah forgives and overlooks. So that's the one the one was a disbeliever.

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Yet Allah Zoda did not show him a miracle.

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Like the second one, or like the third one. Why is that?

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Because that miracle would not help him.

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That miracle that math miraculous supernatural event like dying for 100 years and waking up, it will not help him because he was not really seeking the truth. And that is why a disbelief or like the disbelief is a mecca when they would request from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam they would not request as out of as sincere. Seeking of the truth they will just plain

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and it would not benefit them so for that King you would not help him. Now the second person was someone who's on the fence, he had Emad but not fully Amen, some conviction but not full conviction, on a lot out of his llama showed him a karma.

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Karma is something that is supernatural that could happen to a human being not a prophet of Allah could happen to a human being. So allow me to die, so that he could come back to life. And he could believe and those around him could believe as well. And he did not ask for this, but Allah gave it to him. And he could see with his own eyes, he could see what his donkey coming back to life. He could venture out and see that people that he knew how long past and now they could see their children and their grandchildren.

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So this was clear evidence for him that Allah zuiden is present and is powerful and you can do everything. And so it is your night.

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That when Allah zodion knows that we are sincere and we don't have knowledge, we may have doubts we may have difficulties we need Allah's help. Allah azza wa jal often intervenes without you and I asking and rescues us from doubts, rescues us from hardship rescues us Subhanallah from whatever ails us without even asking

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And that is part of the problem of Allah as his origin, with the

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believing servants of his.

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So expect this Lamb of Allah as the origin and witness it and thank Allah for it whenever it happens, who knows? Maybe without you asking Allah as of you going through some difficult times and Allah rescues you from that difficulty without you even asking, when that happens, recognize Allah's intervention, and thank it and praise it and share that story with others so that others know also, that not only is there not only did Allah intervene in the past, but Allah intervenes now, when you call upon him and even without you calling upon him, that a lot actually rescues you. And a lot intervenes and answers your or removes your doubt. The third one

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is someone who truly believed in Allah zildjian.

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And here is an example an inspiration for us to ask Allah to elevate us and knowledge. Now some of us may have some questions that are left unanswered

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questions about a lot and a lot of questions about Allah s power questions about justice questions about things in our life.

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And we have emailed him doing a lot of anime, but we want to increase our certainty, increase our pain and conviction, answer certain questions that we have. It's an opportunity this story is an inspiration and opportunity to do the same as Ibrahim Ali Sena. Yeah, Allah strengthen my conviction. As to my questions increased my European, show me what I do not see, elevate my Amen. And as with Ibrahim, and he set up now, in fact, Allah is not going to give you the exact miracle that he gave Ibrahim La Silla, you're not going to see things coming back to life after that they have died. But Allah can indeed show you things that can strengthen your email, you ask him for

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something, and Allah will bring the answer to you directly or through somebody else.

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You You're looking for evidence. And you ask Allah for it, and you're reading the Quran and you see it or you open a book and you see it, or Subhanallah somebody is talking about something exactly the thing that you were looking for, but Allah will send it your way, in ways Subhan Allah that we could predict and ways that we cannot predict.

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So Ibrahim as he said, I was asking for what to Allah, increase mean, amen and increased me knowledge. And so we also ask, because we will never run out of Eman and will never be will have enough knowledge. So we also ask Allah, Allah increases an email and increases in knowledge. So these are three stages that Allah has talked about the disbeliever, the one who had some email that had some doubts, and no one had complete email, but wanted to be elevated in it and elevated in conviction. No matter what station person is in life, no matter where they exist, how much knowledge they have, what their state of their emotion is, if they look and they seek Allah zoologia Allah

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will give them the answer. So for the first, the answer was available and ready in the universe around them.

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If he was willing to look and accept, he could see the answer. The problem was with him being a rejectionist being someone who did not want to commit or believe that Allah zodion is there, he wanted to elevate himself, so he blinded himself. The second was sincerely looking. And Allah gave him the answer from a way that he did not expect, but Allah gave it to him. The third was a person who was among the best of Allah creation, Ibrahim, and he said, I wanted to know more. And Allah gave him that knowledge. So if you are a seeker of knowledge, if you are a person who wants to know more about Allah azzawajal, Allah is there and Allah is near, ask him, especially in the month of

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Ramadan. And I bring these stories because in this age of ours, there are a lot of people who may experience doubt about Allah azzawajal, or doubts about his creation or his power or his wisdom. So we say, the Quran, the Book of Allah xojo did address these things. And they talk about these things. We just simply gloss over them. We don't connect what we read to what we feel. So yes, indeed, the answers to our questions are in the haoran or they are also in

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the hour.

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So if there's anything that you have asked Allah suited for it, anything that is puzzling you about Islam, about the Quran about the sooner, ask Allah for it. And after you do that, seek it in the Quran and seek it in the sooner of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then also ask those who have knowledge they'll be able to insha Allah to directly

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You this precisely to the eye to the Hadith to the argument that will help you and bring comfort to your heart in sha Allah to ask a lot of but I mean to make the month of Ramadan a month of comfort so that if any one of us is experiencing any kind of turmoil internally the month of Ramadan inshallah we'll be able to answer these questions and leave us in sha Allah at peace, its heart and mind even a couple of

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questions in sha Allah. Just to answer this getting the COVID test break your fast as far as I know it does not to be tested or vaccinated in sha Allah it does not break your fast because you're not really ingesting anything into your body. So as far as I know insha Allah whether you are tested or vaccinated for COVID it does not break your fast See, I see a lot of people wearing black when someone passes away is this permitted in Islam? No, it is not. So it's not permitted in Islam. It's not sooner in fact it is

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for that when someone passes away, you would wear plaid black. So out of mourning, you would wear black No, this is not allowed, right? This is not allowed because it's a it's imitate evading non Muslims. And that in itself is not allowed. Second, it's adopting a foreign habit and making it Islamic and that's not allowed. And there is no specific virtue to the color black that you would say I will only wear black when somebody does. So this is not Islamic. Yes, you will. If you're mourning someone, if you're allowed to mourn someone,

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you will leave adornment, you will not put makeup on you will not wear something that is very colorful, but you will not stick to one particular color. Especially black. So this is not an Islamic habit. So we should abandon this habit and it doesn't matter if a lot of Muslims are doing it or a lot of non Muslims are doing it. It's not right so it's not right inshallah.

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Nam insha. Allah

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says, Can I know why the prophets a lot he was sending them chose to be poor. Is it sooner? Now?

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Like? It's a good question. The prophets of Allah Hadi was in them in the beginning of his life. He did not choose to be poor. Allah chose that for him.

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He didn't have money. A lot of us Hubbard did not have money. So they migrated from Mecca to Medina, what money did they have in Medina, right they will receive by the population who could not support that influx or incoming population. And they were involved Subhana Allah in one more after the other people were attacking them, and they had to defend themselves. And the Medina was not rich to begin with. So they didn't have to have money. So he did not choose to be poor. So that's one later in his life sallallahu I do send them a lot as though that did give him wealth, did give him land, and he received returned from that land. All right, in terms of crops and what have you, and he would save

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some of that money for his family. Towards the end of his life. He would save some of that money for his man family for one year, and would donate everything else.

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Good. But even among their that he had saved from his family, he would even spend that on Muslims.

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So he would eventually not have enough sallalahu early he was in he would not he did not have enough. So was this out of choice A it was out of generosity,

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out of generosity, because if you want to tell others, also, because he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not want the fitna of this dunya. So he said, some allottee or send them in a hadith and we talked about that when we just discussed the

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adabas Sharia, the etiquettes the Islamic etiquettes that he said a lot he was cinnamyl Allah make the provisions of the family of Mohammed Kuta meaning sustenance only enough, meaning no more and not less enough for one day or enough for two days or three days. But not more than that. And that scholars have said Ebola and they have said that this is preferable. Because if you have a lot more it distracts you and if you have less than you need, it distracts you but if you have enough, you can just eat enough drink enough and then not be distracted by what you have not be distracted but your money the upkeep of your money taking care of it, guarding it growing it, you're not distracted

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by money. So you just eat and you forget about it and you worry about more important things. So this is what the prophets of Allah audio send them to us for himself. He chose for himself to have enough

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with me he chose for himself to have enough not to have extra. If he had extra he would give it away. If he would save he would say for the sake of his family, only what is enough for them and he would donate what is extra

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Even that if he chose somebody who was in need more than he was in his family, he would give that to them. So this was his tradition. And as soon as a lot he was alone. Now not everybody will be able to live like that. So we're not saying to everybody, you should live like that. Some can, many more cannot. And many more of the Sahaba battle the Allah and they were rich. So you're allowed to be rich in sha Allah as long as what you're allowed to be rich, as long as what you give your zeca and you help others with your wealth, and it does not corrupt you.

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And it comes of course in * and you spend it in Halla, you can be rich if you want. But when it comes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he chose the state that he was in, because he did not want the temptations of the dunya. So he took what is enough for him is him and his and his family. And he gave away the rest. So he opened sha Allah, that was clean, meaning he had money. At the end of his life, he had money, he just gave it away. He didn't want to keep it in shown.

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So how do we cleanse and purify our hearts? That's a lecture in sha Allah. So that takes a lot of time. And this is designed in sha Allah just to be

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just few minutes in sha Allah. So maybe in sha Allah, I can direct you inshallah. Well, first of all, you're aware of the heart therapy book, right?

00:26:22 --> 00:26:50

Sister, I think Sister norine. So you're aware of that heart therapy book. It's about that inshallah cleansing and purifying your heart. So I do recommend that you read it, because that is a grand topic, right? So we cannot really answer it just now. But maybe in sha Allah, we can direct you to an upcoming lecture in sha Allah, we will be talking about that in sha Allah. What if I break my fast and you did not have the intention of breaking it. If it was by accident, it's fine. Insha Allah

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is fine in sha Allah. So if you break your heart, fast by accident, meaning you forget, you forgot, and you ate and drank, the swine inshallah, as soon as you remember again, that you are still fasting, you just quit eating and drinking, and you go back in sha Allah to fasting. So if you break your fast by accident, it does not count and you're still fasting and hunting. In sha Allah hamdulillah. So you got my message in sha Allah. So try to get that book and try and Charlotte to start reading it in sha Allah because it will answer your question about how to cleanse your heart and purify it and inshallah, as I said, perhaps there will be an upcoming lecture in sha Allah will

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announce it in sha Allah so that you'll know more about the purification of the heart. So you bought a lot of them, I apologize if it was longer, but it would just answer some questions. And at any point in sha Allah, you feel that it got too long, you could just you know, log out and you know, join us tomorrow but if you have the stamina, if you want to join or you stay on while we're answering questions hamdulillah you could receive extra benefit when we do this hamdulillah just upon low hanging off for you know, being patient and staying with us. And then shot on love evening, I will see you in the next well, not tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow in sha Allah, we'll be talking in sha

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Allah about a hadith from the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa send them and the benefits that we can take from that Hadith, in the month of Ramadan. Just that Allah here is a lot so just to benefit us with the Quran in the month of Ramadan, to benefit us with the wisdom and the stories from the Quran, and to come our hearts with that wisdom of the Oran with the pain of knowing Allah and knowing his prophets of Allah Hadi was in them and following the line following His Prophet sallallahu it was in the yellow we asked him that you bring comfort to our hearts in the month of Ramadan and cleanse them from sin and cleanse them from disobedience and cleanse them from doubt,

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cleanse them from arrogance and the diseases of the heart. Whereas Europa allow me to elevate us in the pain but elevate us and conviction bring us closer to you in the month of Ramadan. closer to our obedience and closer through staying away from sin was fueled up by an amine to make our fasting sincere, our Salah sincere our reading of the whole and sincere makers of those who fill their days with worship and fill their days with what pleases you and they run and flee from what displeases you were asked you to accept from us yellow Bellamy and not reject anything that good that we do and overlook and forgive the bad things that we do in this month and before it and after it was your

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enemy to bring us closer to you in the month of Ramadan and make us of those who are freed from Hellfire and those who have one Gen. mean your enemy we asked this for ourselves, our parents, our spouses, our children and the oma Mohammed Salah model and he will send them in our families and handling our beta alanine we conclude by saying subhanak Lama will be handed a shadow and that stuff will go to the lake See you tomorrow inshallah at the same time and how do they know you're not being an amine or cinema aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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