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Ramadan 17 Night 10 Surah Al Alaq (The Clot) 2
The Worse Man of All


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The importance of learning and practicing in Islam is highlighted, particularly in areas where there is high crime, high unemployment, and graduates. The use of knowledge and learning to build wealth and power is emphasized, along with the need for people to have a clear understanding of Islam. The history of the prophets of Islam is discussed, including the use of violence and the "how did the know" phrase, and the importance of the front and back of the brain and body in learning and actions. The segment concludes that the "has been made and the "has come," and that the "has come is the death of the" is the death of the "has come." The segment also discusses the importance of "medicals in winning prizes and balancing out negative outcomes," and a potential draw for the next week.

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Are the reliable shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was mine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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allow me also to congratulate the Taliban, aunty Fatima and the milestone of 50 years, something we can all aspire and hopeful. And just for me from my personal capacity, first real position I've taken off the I studied was to be part of this Masjid and hamdulillah I've learned so much from Buddha Taliban, the committee and

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grown as a person Alhamdulillah and Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, except all the Taliban anti fighting has done for this Masjid and for the community, and granted many, many more years of health and strength and continue to serve as they are the pillars of strength that this you know, this community this organization depends on. I said before,

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that the alum one said the reason what's wrong with our managers, he said before the main the frustrations they would come home with it frustrated, but they'll keep it inside and they keep it for the budget committee to unleash the massive committee. And since may no longer want to join the budget committees. It's all at home. So Alhamdulillah maybe that's the secret to joining the masjid committee, the secret to a successful marriage inshallah. I mean, we continue with our series of series, there's a man we spoke yesterday about the very first revelation, Ico and Subhanallah we can talk so much more about the importance of learning and after the talk, I should have said that I

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should have said this that's behind Allah. If you drive through different areas here in whatever city it's only, you know, it's not a it's not a shouldn't be a surprise that the areas with the highest crime, the highest unemployment, the you know, the dangerous areas, the people we people are living in the worst conditions are also the areas that have the lowest education, the lowest graduates university graduates, and this balance is Allah subhanho wa Taala is teaching us the past few suitors were showing Allah circulated man in perfect stature. But then he goes down. And the thing that elevates him is knowledge, the thing that made the angel sudo to know the item was

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knowledge, not just the knowledge, but secular knowledge as well. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will always elevate the one who knows, above the one that doesn't know and in the next few is to we're going to discuss is a difference between two people a man who learns and a man who doesn't have knowledge and you will see the difference in them. Some questions that people asked me yesterday, why did you video squeeze the prophet SAW Salah? What is the purpose of the squeezing?

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Because another principle with Allah is that knowledge does not come for free. No one will acquire knowledge without effort. You know, wealth you can inherit from your parents looks you could maybe inherit power under whatever it could be. But Allah will never ever give knowledge for free to nobody. Your father could be Einstein, you will have no physics knowledge. Your father could be Mohammed Salah Salim you have to learn from alphabeta so the prophets of Salaam is receiving knowledge. He has to go through some physical effort, and that's the reason why he was being squeezed Subhan Allah, look at that even for the prophets of Salaam. So for us it's this principle

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knowledge is the golden ticket. And to get it Everyone must go through the difficulty to get the How did the knowledge stay with nobodies also number of the last stat that the prophets of Salaam with the year gibreel obviously Djibouti already cited the ayat now visa was very freaked out and he ran ran home, but the ayat was fixed in his heart and Jamil Of course, would come back and revise the if we know Ramadan, every Ramadan, the prophets or some would revise with gibreel all the ayah that he had memorized and put it into the correct order. So this is how Allah subhanho wa Taala totana vehcile salaam to memorize the Quran.

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So we said the first bit of revelation was revealed right at the beginning of Islam, and that's the first five Ayat of surah Allah. The next few is revealed maybe five to 10 or 15, five to eight years later, at the time when the Muslims were public. Islam was very public now. And the Muslims were being persecuted. And it's about an event where the prophets of Salaam was making Sala in the harem. Now when Islam Islam was openly propagated to three years after this event of ikura, when Islam was now openly propagated, the Quran obviously objected to Islam being practiced publicly. And I told him to be salsa lamb, he's not allowed to make solid public. So Allah subhana wa tada spoke about

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learning, that man is at a loss that man through his knowledge through Allah teaches him what he does not know. When the next ayah that links the two stories Allah says in Al insana, Yato are now in Arabic or Raja men. Indeed, men is a transgressor. He goes beyond the limits and the bounds he goes out

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of balance. Why? Because he thinks he's self sufficient. He thinks he knows. He thinks he doesn't need Allah. He thinks that he is, you know, the Big Shot year on the dunya, that he's got all the answers. Allah is willing to teach him and give him and guide him. But he doesn't want that. So he's gone and he's transgressed in Iraq because Raja, but you should remember that indeed, he's going back to Allah. And Subhana Allah, the psychology, that once you have no belief in accountability, and we see this in different societies, when, you know, law and order breaks down when people go crazy on a rampage, Allah says the thing that keeps you in check is to remind yourself that

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ultimately I'm going back to a law that if my parents are not the with the government is not the of the police is not the I still conduct myself, because I'm under the watchful eye of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah says, you get to people now you have Mohamed Salah, who's making a Koran and reading and you have another person who's going out of balance, and he's not as no concern about his accountability. So Allah will not show any vent about this person. Now, there were three very senior, and the Chiefs amongst the Qureshi that were the most oppressive to the prophets of Salaam. It's Abu lahab, the uncle of the prophets of Salaam which is revealed against him annually

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for the spot price, Allah living here is a very famous son,

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who is the son holiday Muralidharan? Well, his father was also one of the chiefs of kurush. And he also was cursed by Allah in the Quran certain modality. And the other one is, of course, Abu Jamal was the worst of them. And Allah cursed him here in the surah. So the prophets are so much performing Salam once and Abu Jamal came and he began to strangle the prophets of Salaam Institute, and he was about to actually die until Abu Bakr came, and he pushed a Buddha Holloway and they beat Abu Bakar up and Abu Bakr said those famous words which are preserved in the Quran, are you going to kill someone just because he says, Allah is my Lord, Is that why you went to kill him? And they told

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the prophets of Salaam Don't you ever perform Salah publicly and then obese or Salam responded to them and he and they Abu Jamal said, What right? Do you have to challenge me? You have a few followers. You are alone. I've got the old tribe of Qureshi with me on my side. So the prophets of Salaam basically wound him and Allah wound Abuja hell if you were to ever harm than a piece of salami again inshallah, Allah is going to punish him. So Allah says, Our Lady and her other than either Salah Have you not seen this one? that forbids a slave who wants to make Salah obviously the Slavia is nice also lamp. Have you not seen the one who stops a slave of Allah from performing Salah

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in Cana alhuda Amara taqwa Have you seen if he's on guidance or he enjoys taqwa. Now these two interpretations here who who is the ayah number 11 and 12 talking about the NaVi salsa lamb the slave performing sada Abuja both is applicable. The one is that Have you not seen the one that you are performing and stopping from performing performing Salah? He's on guidance and he's encouraging you to be righteous to be good people. The other one is saying Have you not seen the one who is stopping the profits also learn from performing Salah? He's not on guidance, and he's not unrighteousness the next ayah the Arabic on the screen is incorrect. or eight in Canada In Canada

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what Allah Have you not considered the one who is has denied and turned away? So let's have a look at these two people. The one is making Sora worshipping Allah calling to righteousness and the other one is preventing him from performing Salah. I was asking those who are observing what do you think is on taqwa? You see a man making solid worshipping and another person abusing him using violence is edited. Who else would you think is on taqwa? Who do you think is right? lamb lamb and Allah Hara? Does he not know that Allah is watching him? Does he not know that Allah is seeing him? And it shows you once again.

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ignorance and violence go hand in hand. People who don't have knowledge, they always resort to violence, couldn't have a logical discussion with a prophet or seldom and the amount of information that you've got basically four types of people with regards to knowledge. You've got those who have guidance, Allah has given them knowledge and they are the allameh. And when we say Orlando, we don't mean anything, the type of image etc. When I'm meeting someone who is learned, and he's got knowledge, and as Allah says that the people have knowledge they truly have Hashi. avala, they truly have consciousness of Allah. That's the top tier and we all aspire to that. I mean, the second type

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of person is one who doesn't have knowledge, but he realizes I don't have knowledge and then he pursues it sincerely. All right, if we can't get to be an island, and we don't have to be an island. The Hadith says whoever is on a

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journey on a path in search of knowledge, Allah will grant you ease to get to the path of Jannah doesn't mean if you reach the destination of knowledge, you just need to be on a process of learning. And Allah will make the journey to gender easy. The third type of person is an ignorant person. And when we say in general, actually gel is the opposite of knowledge. ignorant person who doesn't is blissfully ignorant. He doesn't want to know anymore. He said, I'm I don't know, and I don't care. I don't want to know. But there is a degree worse than that. A person who doesn't know but thinks he knows and he spreads his gel. And it's quite interesting in the surah of knowledge

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that Allah condemns Abu Jamal, the father of ignorance. His name wasn't Abu Jamal. His name was Abu hakam His name is Ammar, but his nickname was I will haccombe the father of wisdom he would have he was the most he was seen as the most intellectual man of kurush. They would go to him to solve problems and look, and he thought he knew and he thought he understood, but he went against Allah and he became Abuja hell. So Allah sponsors look at this person who thinks he knows and he goes against Allah and he turns away from guidance, who uses violence to stop a person from making Sala Alam yallambie anila Hira, does he not fear does he not consider a lot you seen him? So remember, he

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made that threat?

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Yeah, Mohamed, if you ever make Salah again, India, you're going to see what I'm going to do to you and it'll declaration the next time Mohammed makes Allah put his face on the ground. I'm gonna stamp on his Nick until basically he's dead. So the prophets of Salaam came and he performed Salam. So the chorus into the sea is making salah and Abu Jamal when to go and stamp on his neck and immediately he put his hands up and he stepped back and he said I saw something terrifying. I saw a fire with some things coming out towards me. So Allah says in the in the squadron calella, el ambiente. That I tell you know, if he does not stop, then that's fine be Nailsea, we will drag him by his forelocks

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this part of your fronted and NASA needs to drag it so hard, it pulls out the roots, I will drag him by that front part of his four locks of his head nursia to carry button heartier, a line sitting for lock or front part of your head side note to the front part of your brain is called the the prefrontal cortex, right this part of your brain and it's regarded and I use you those who are listening to the lectures only in quotation marks here, the most evolved part of our brain most advanced part of our brain. It is this they call it the center of learning the center of knowledge and making quick judgment, the part that you put on the ground. The port which we put down in sujood

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is the center of learning and judgment. So Allah says this forelock here is allowing sending corrupt full of meaning Abuja has full luck. And if he continues to do this, I'm going to drag him by that for luck. Finally, I don't know fully at their own idea. So let him call his friends and his associates sentidos urbania. We will call this urbania. Now what is ivania? There's urbania. In the Arabic language, there's a ban, or those elite gods that surround the king. And so the special forces that surround a king and they push everyone away the school does have an a lot also has as urbania and they are 19 Elite angels of janam. So Allah says late Abuja, how cool is people I will

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call this ivania, the 19 angels of janam we Malik is the chief Kela. To to know Allah setting the prophets of Salaam and all of us do not obey Him was a good walk trip, but rather you continue to make sujood and draw nearer to Allah you put your face on the ground and draw nearer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. We know the sajida. So you did our So again, the balance here you have the most perfect person who learns and is on guidance and you have a person who has no knowledge and spreads mischief, who is violent and corrupt. Either way, Allah showing both. Ultimately your front here is going to submit to Allah, the One will submit willingly put his head down on the ground to Allah,

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the other one will be dragged by is it to a lot of us making the choice? And that's why when we see this is what do we do? We all fall down sudduth we say yeah, Allah, we are like the first. We are like those who make a Korra those who learn and we obey and we submit and we try to be on the guidance and we submit to you, our four lucky Allah is not sitting and lying around ladies in submission to Allah. And we said that this is really, ultimately this life comes down to knowledge, learning and acting on that knowledge from Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us, make us an oma of learning return us to that lofty place of learning that we move away from the ignorance that is

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prevailing philosophy, final guidance and forgive us I mean, inshallah, tomorrow, we will discuss a little further and I think inshallah we'll do the surah twice now and also just before the, the last 10 nights and such

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sutra it is the sutra of destiny, the students who have Majesty the sutra of what will come forward in our year to come our life our death. So this is a powerful sort of to be discussed tomorrow inshallah. Yesterday's question we didn't have the cards but we will give the answer nonetheless. What kind of animal does the Allah look like? It looks like a leech. Right and it's one of the literal meanings of the word duck is a leech and it does resemble that to next question. We have a question tonight and we'll have our lucky quiz. Tonight's question, who is regarded as the fifth round the worst of the summer? Who is the worst of this oma? The film

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is a Abu lahab be Ammar Ibn Hisham, CL Walid we'll do a

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bit of a tough one. Which one is the worst? Basically, Abu Jamal is the worst of this oma and he and the Prophet called in fear out of this room. Which of them is Abuja? Hell basically, what does Abuja Hell's real name? By I think by elimination, we can get the gist. Just to conclude and the one story that comes to my mind once Abu Jamal saw those angels coming, and he never attacked the prophecies and again, later on when he when the Prophet was making sujood installa he himself wouldn't have the guts to go and harm the profits of Santa but he would tell one of his cronies you go and harm you go and stop him. And that's why the worst of them put that camel, the dead camel we know the story The

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guy's name is Baba, he took the dead camel and put it on the back of Nabisco Salaam so he couldn't get up and then we'll also have around only Fatima the daughter and she was maybe 10 years old or younger. She was the one who had to help them up so setting them up when he got up there was seven of them we did that they were laughing and Ibiza saga made this to our and he says Oh Allah I leave the courage to you. And also hobbits it will lie all seven of those men they all died bad deaths in the Battle of either all seven of them so Allah will always protect these subtle lawless elements another purpose of this this surah I mean so let's do our lucky draw insha Allah and the prizes they

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I'm not too sure what's inside they could be a flaw scored a deal could be a million Rand Hello Adam what's inside the I don't know.

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So how it's gonna work because there's a box actually

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All right, let's let's see. We just take out names random names.

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All right. Okay, so these are first and second price or the first price in Milan Adams is here

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okay you Stanley you first price inshallah this I think there's one or two price Let's try again.

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Number two is yazeed genuine. martial law

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allows a lot to get prizes

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out with assistant or otherwise will be in the you know, to balance it out.

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tasneem Williams? She

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if she's not here by rules, he defaults sister's anemia. Now unfortunately not.

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And in the last inshallah hopefully now even on Adams again

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amidu amusia. So those are three winners insha Allah, Allah hyphal for participating in the quiz and we hope that you continue doing so again next week we'll continue I mean, sokola head was Allah syedna Mohammed Allah Allah Sufi Islam saline. Well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh