Ramadan 2019 – Reminders of the Last 10 Nights – Episode 02 – What does it mean that Allah knows

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Today I wish to speak to you a little bit about one of the names of Allah and one of the ways in which he talks about him quite often in the Quran and that is the name of Allah, Allah Elohim. The one who knows. And Allah mentions often in the Quran, how much he knows and how he knows everything will also be equally shaken Adam, an example is that I want to share with you to start off with is what he mentioned this sort of tab on the 64th surah. He says the unabomber is similar to morphine, and he knows whatever it is in the skies, and whatever is in the earth, we are unable to say rule or matter linen and he knows the things you keep secret and the things you let known. So the things you

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actually let people know and the things you don't let people know that are hiding inside you. He knows both of those below who are leaving without a salute and above and beyond all of that Allah is fully knowledgeable and has always known about the nature and the reality of what's hiding inside the chests. so remarkable IRA. And what I wanted to do for starters is just have us think about beyond the obvious. You know, Allah knows everything we know a lot knows everything that we're hiding inside of ourselves, and everything on the outside. We know Allah knows the seven heavens and all of it. But let's put some of this in perspective. How does Allah demonstrate to us how what he

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knows compared to what we could never have known ourselves? The best way to one of the best ways to appreciate Allah's names, is to actually understand our own limits. By comparison, then you really get to appreciate the perfection of Allah, and really appreciate how insignificant slaves we are before allowance origin. So for starters, what I want to share with you is let's just talk about knowledge of history. You know, historians record when a war happened, and which King one or which nation conquered or how long a dynasty was, and this is what historian records can document. But a historian can never document the way Allah documents in the Koran. What Pharaoh and felt before he

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spoke, like a lot doesn't just tell us what happened. And what conversation took place. He actually tell tells us what was going on inside of him when he said I wonder why hamana with Judo, Judo mom in Houma can ruin a lot. I wanted to show them the things they were afraid of who would know if Iran is afraid? Would historians going to know how he felt? Allah will records that in the Koran, think about how a lot of records, the prayers of Ibrahim alayhis salaam, there was nobody there, everyone he was in a desert by himself. And he said I'm making dua to Allah and there's no historian, no other human being that documents this record. And 1000s of years later, we know exactly the

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conversation that took place between Elian Ibrahim alayhis salaam. This is how Allah knows history that way we can never know history, and he knows a point of view on history that no history book will ever cover. You know, sometimes people criticize the Quran doesn't have dates. It doesn't have geographical locations, when it talks about history. It just simply mentions these things. But Allah mentions the kind of history that human beings could never know. And the things that human beings could figure out a lot doesn't tell us where you're at Muqam mylanta coup de Lune, he teaches you what you could never have known on your own. So that's just an example of history. Think about the

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fact that we could never have known that there are seven skies. How would a human being ever know that? We don't even know the end of the first guy.

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Xena sama, adonia masabi, the lowest sky, the lowest of the seven skies. Allah said he decorated them with stars, the lowest sky he decorated with stars with all the telescopes that we have all the technology that we have all the means by which we're able to see the light years and billions of light years away, all we still see is stars, isn't it. And so by that definition, all we're looking at as far as we've seen into the universe is still within the first sky. And a law tells us there are seven skies, we could human beings could never have known the clues that Allah has given us in the Quran. Alone, we wouldn't know what human being would know what's going to happen after we die?

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How are you supposed to know what's going to happen of our bodies? What kind of questions are we going to be asked? What will happen on resurrection? What's going to be what's judgment day going to look like? What questions are going to be asked? How are we going to look? Where are we going to be? What what event will happen first and second? And third? What does Gemini look like? What what you know, what is this place? genda? What is this description? What kinds of people will live in it? What conversations are they going to have? Again, historians and human beings can have knowledge of what happened in the past, and what happens right now. But Allah even has knowledge of the future.

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There are people in heaven having a conversation that will have it happen infinitely into the future, and a lot already knows. And he's telling us as if it's already happened, you see, kind of fraud as if it's a promise already fulfilled. And that's an indication is the clue of how much Allah knows. How would we know about angels? How would you and I know you'll see two and a half hour that he sends guardian angels over each of you? How would we know there are people that are writing all the deeds that we do get on and Khatibi noble writers? How would we know that something as simple as asking the last forgiveness open

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doors to your risk. You know, it's tough. Back home in Canada foreign you silly sobre la Kumara we would never have known that simply turning back to Allah and asking this forgiveness is going to get you a new job is going to actually, you know, make your baby's health better, is going to take care of some issue in your life that you were there wasn't open before now it's opened up, you know? And that's what Allah says, Well, you can be a Malinois bunny. Well, john Locke and Jonathan Nakamura, human beings could never have made that connection, there's no way for us to acquire that knowledge, no science, no research, no laboratory can discover this. This can only come from a large selection.

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Of course, you know, the biggest mystery of all? How would we know who allies? What, what kind of Master? Is he? What kind of God is he? How does he what kind of relationship does he want with you and me? We could never have known that people could discover there's a God. But what's he like? What does he love? What does he hate? What does he want from me? What is his plan for me? What does he expect from me, we would never have known any of these things had a lot not taught us. And so that brings me to this next piece of the equation. And that is that just by way of example, I hope I can make this clear, though, to myself, and to all of you, you know, sometimes we go like you're having

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some kind of issue, like you're having you're sneezing a lot or something, or you're getting a fever. So you go to a doctor, right. And the doctor, of course, knows the human body, they know medicine, they do a checkup, and they say I think you have this or that or the other, right? They check you out. And they say I think you have a you know, bacterial infection, or you have a virus or you have allergies, or whatever they tell you, right. But is it possible that the that the diagnosis of the doctor is incorrect, happens all the time? Right? They don't, they didn't check for some other things. So they didn't look at your liver. And they only looked at your heart rate or

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something. And they never even discovered that the problem was somewhere else. Right. So sometimes what happens is, we look at one thing, and we don't realize there's some other things happening, that may be related, like for example, to give you even from the medical world, even though I am not a medical professional by any stretch of the imagination. But just as an example, there could be somebody who's having heart trouble or blood pressure problems, right. But the the advice they get is about changing their diet, or they get advice about you know, maybe some procedure, but maybe the one of the root causes is a lot of stress at home, or a lot of arguments. And because of the stress

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and the anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate are being disturbed. So there's something psychological happening that's affecting something physical, that may be the case. But sometimes, we only look at one side of the problem, we don't look at all sides of the problem to diagnose what's really going on. Now, that's, let's take that out outside of the medical profession, you go to somebody that you need advice from, or somebody gives you advice, they look at you and they say, I think you're having a problem. Let me give you some advice. And in your head. You're saying to yourself, man, you're giving me this advice, but you don't really know me, you don't know the whole

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situation, you don't know everything else that's going on, you're just giving me this advice, thinking that you understood the problem, you don't understand the whole problem, you don't even know the whole picture. And, and even if you explain the whole picture to them, sometimes you try to explain the full picture to them before they try to give you advice, even after hearing that they don't understand it the way you would want them to. And they still give you advice that you say, I don't think you really understand what I'm going through, even though I've tried to explain it to you, you understand. So even when somebody tries to give us advice, sometimes it may not be based on

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full knowledge of what we're actually experiencing. And that can become frustrating. Because you know, they're not getting where we're coming from. Another you know, example of that is even ourselves. If you're in a in a problem situation, your mind tells you to get out of that problem a certain way. Right? You you tell yourself this is what I need to do. This is what I need to do. But whatever you tell yourself because you're in that situation, you're stressed out, you have anxiety, you have anger, you have whatever other frustration, what you tell yourself at that time, if you were completely calm, you would give yourself different advice, wouldn't you? Or if you took the

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time to think about it, you would consider other factors that you didn't consider at the time. In other words, even when we diagnose ourselves, even when we give ourselves advice, it's biased. We can even give neutral, fully considered advice to even ourselves. We're not even capable of that. And so I keep coming back to the idea of advice the doctor giving you impartial advice, possibly, you know a friend or family member giving you partial advice. You yourself giving yourself biased and impartial advice. The reason I'm sharing all of this with you and you know, is because when Allah says that he knows everything. And then he says that he advises us. Okay Kanyakumari Satomura

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become counsel advice has come to you from your master. Koran Allah says about himself. When you only mukalla allies teaching you will love will be coalition in it. And Allah knows everything. Allies knowledgeable of everything. You know what that means?

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means that means that he understands your situation completely, even better than you and I can understand our own situation. He recognizes our problem, our feelings, our thoughts, the thoughts we have said, the thoughts nobody has ever known that are going on in our head. Sometimes something's going on in your head, Your face looks a little disturbed. Your husband or wife or son or daughter turns to you and says what's wrong and you say nothing, even though everything's going on, you just say nothing, because they you know, they can't handle it. But ally knows that nothing is something he knows exactly what it is. And knowing all of that. He gives advice, knowing all of that, you

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know, it's kind of unfair sometimes that we think the Quran is there to give us religious advice. The doctor will give us medical advice. The mechanic will give us car advice. The accountant is going to give us financial advice. And Quran will give us what religious advice but Allah is not limited to religion. Allah has knowledge is knowledge of all things in your life. everything that's going on inside you, everything that is for your best, physically, everything that's where your best, financially, everything that's best for you socially, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, you know, in terms of your health, everything that he has, all of that is a loss

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making. And he made you and me, and I love woman, Hala doesn't even know who he created. After knowing us completely, he gave this advice. So this advice is not just one angle, you see, it's not just one point of view. Human beings can only see things from one point of view, Allah sees all points of view. Allah sees all points of view. And that's why you know, Allah azza wa jal is the, you know, Lyrica who loves her, you know, he eyes cannot perceive him, but he can see through all the eyes, he says, you could have said he perceives all vision, all perspectives. So it's not like your perspective is something a lot didn't take into consideration. Your situation is something you

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know, sometimes people hear advice from Allah's book, or you even contemplate advice from a lesbo. Can you say, yeah, this is, this is good religious stuff, but my situation is special. It doesn't apply to me. Because, you know, you don't know my full circumstance. Yeah, I don't know your circumstance. Somebody else doesn't know your full circumstance. Allah certainly does. A lot certainly does. And he gave this advice to humanity, knowing every single human being and all of their problems and all of their needs put together. That's when the last weeks when he says, well, Allahu Allah, when Hakeem when Allah is knowledgeable, and allies wise, this book is based on

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wisdom. You know, one of the names of Allah that keeps coming up with his name knowledgeable multiple times in the Quran, is that he hears he hears the long semi on adding in the law, who has severe regarding the one who hears the one who knows, human beings have been crying to Allah, and crying to each other, and speaking to others about their problems, or having conversations with themselves since the beginning of history. And Allah has heard all of it, all of it. And all of that taken into consideration. He gave us His revelation. That's a mercy from Allah Xhosa. So when he says that a council has come to you, from your, from your Arab, where she fought with Lima for

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salute, it came to heal what you have inside of your chest. That's because he knows what is inside of your chest. He knows what I what I'm feeling. He knows what I'm going through. And just like sometimes a doctor gives you you know, a diagnosis, and he gives you a prescription that isn't very pleasant. You know, no doctor, you're going to go to if you have like, you know, tooth problems is going to say, I don't think you're eating enough chocolate. Because you need to just you need to keep you know, do what feels good. Sometimes the advice given is painful. Sometimes it's a root canal, isn't it? Sometimes the best thing for you is surgery, isn't it? Sometimes what you need to

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get you need to experience is painful, but it's actually better for you. Somebody has some sometimes people have a terminal disease in one part of their body, you know, and it's spreading. And the advice is that that part of the body should be cut off. Now, losing a part of your body is unimaginably painful. But the choice is this. Either you cut it off, or you let the cancer spread everywhere. That's your those are your choices. Right? And so sometimes very painful advice is not not meant to cause you pain, but actually to save you from destruction. You know, to save you from destruction, but as I am to help you shanwa who is Sherlock Holmes, it could be that you love

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something, but it's no good for you. And Takahashi highroller it could be that you hate something but it's actually better for you based on what is actually better for you and actually better for me, whether or not we can see it based on his knowledge. He gives us advice. He speaks to us. He teaches us. Allah says what duckula will you Alamo como la have consciousness of Allah and Allah is the one teaching you. You know, last comment about this is the difference between

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Right and wrong. Allah gave human beings every human being the ability to tell the difference between right and wrong. It doesn't matter what religion you come from what culture you come from, you know that lying is wrong, you know that cheating is wrong, you know that stealing is wrong, you know that hurting somebody else is wrong, you know that pushing the orphan is wrong, you know that, you know, you know, oppressing somebody who can't help themselves is wrong, you know that degrading somebody is wrong, you know, these things are wrong, regardless of where you are in the world, what culture you come from, what society you come from, this is something a lot put on all human beings

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in their nature, a lot program that before we even came on this earth, so that's universal. But above and beyond that, there are some things that we could never have known are wrong or right. There's some basic morality that everybody understands. That's the basis that Allah taught us already. But above and beyond that, we could never have known what's right and wrong, there's no way I could have known that the flesh of swine is no good. I couldn't have known that on my own, that I couldn't have known certain animals are not good for me to eat. I couldn't have known for example, what's good for me these prayers at this schedule five prayers very specific times, aren't they?

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There's no way I could have known that's really what's best for me. There's no way I could have known that. So the diff this distinction between right and wrong human beings have some sense of that. But Allah has the full picture of it. So when Allah tells you and me something is wrong, and when a lot tells you and me something is right, then you and I have to put our knowledge of what we think is right and wrong aside. And we have to submit ourselves to the fact that Allah knows more than we can ever know. That allies Allah, Allah, Allah is the one who knows. And Allah knows what is right is always going to be better for us. The reason we are hesitant to take advice sometimes is we

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think that if we follow what ally is saying, it's going to cause pain. And you know what the fact is, when you follow what Allah says, in many cases, it does cause pain. That's a fact of life. Following what Allah says does not lead to lead lead to comfort, it can lead to difficulty. The best people who follow the last advice were prophets and their lives were full of difficulty, yes or no? Right? So following what Allah says, will lead to difficulty, but that difficulty is way better for you, than any ease that comes if you don't follow it. That's the truth. The truth is, if you don't follow his words, and find some easy way for yourself, where you feel you're safer, you feel that's

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best for you. You can lie to yourself, you can tell yourself that's best for you. But the truth is, you are heading yourself into destruction, and I'm heading myself into destruction. I pray that Allah azza wa jal really helps us internalize in the depths of our hearts, what it means that Allah knows everything. And based on that knowledge we are it's easier for us to trust his advice and trust his counsel and live by barakallahu li walakum karate, in a funny way. It was eclectic