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Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the names of Arabic's emotions, including love, joy, and satisfaction, and how these emotions are not just abstract. The cultural nature of Islam is discussed, including the importance of love and forgiveness, and the use of the name Islam for forgiveness. The importance of showing one's love for Allah's actions and actions is emphasized, along with the importance of learning about the Prophet system and sharing good deeds for personal growth.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Marina Marburg we continue our discussion regarding the beautiful and majestic names of our Creator and of the names that are mentioned in the Quran is the name elwha dude the name Alba dude. And the name Allah dude it comes from the verb what and the verb what that means to love. But it is not just any type of love all of us we know the main word for love and Arabic is what might have been hope. But alpha dude is not from this verb have. You hit boo, it is from another verb. What does so have the names of Allah is a name that deals with love. But it is

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not the primary verb for love. It is another verb. So what is the difference between muhabba and wood? What is the difference between the primary verb of love in Arabic, which is my Abba, and this verb that allow users to derive his name from our scholars have mentioned that the Arabic word hope or muhabba can be used for any type of love. It is the most generic verb for love. But wood is a specific subset of love. Wood is a special type of love. And of the speciality of wood is that when you have this type of love, you want to benefit to the person whom you have this word for, as well. It is a nurturing love. And that is why it's very common to have this verb to describe the love that

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a mother has for her child. It's a nurturing love, as well one of the unique things the verb What does and yeah would do and and my wife never has a romantic or sexual connotation, whereas the word muhabba is very common to have a romantic connotation, but the word my word de has no romantic connotation, it is a no below it is a love where you want to genuinely benefit the other as well. Some of our linguists have said that one of the characteristics of the of the word molad is that you actually want to be with the other person, or you have a desire or yearning to be with that person, either in thought or in proximity. So Allah azza wa jal is alwah dude, and of the differences

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between wood and muhabba, our scholars have said muhabba is what is in the heart, and wood is what is shown in your actions of love. So Allah says love is demonstrated, and not just abstract, whereas muhabba could be in the heart but never demonstrated. So wood and wood dude is a special type of love, that allows love is manifested in action. Whereas muhabba is not necessarily manifested in action. And when it comes to Allah subhana wa Tada, the name Allah dude has two meanings, the name and we'll do it has two meanings. Number one, the one who shows love. And number two, the one upon whom love is shown. So number one, the one who shows love. And number two, the one who is Beloved.

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So Allah is and will do that he shows love to the creation. And the law is Allah do that the creation, or at least the righteous creation loves him. And this is an interesting name as well, because there is unfortunately a common misunderstanding, especially amongst some non Muslims, that the Quran a God is not a God of love, that your God, the God of Muslims doesn't is not a God of love. And this is absolutely incorrect because of the names of a lot of the 99 majestic Names of Allah is the name that translates as the love the one who loves and the one who is Beloved, Allah will do the one who shows love, and then we'll do the one who is the most beloved. So the first

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meaning the one who shows love for his servants. This means that Allah subhanho wa Taala desires good for them. And I am comments that it is not strange for the mat for the servant to love the master. It is not strange for any creative being to love that which is taking care of it. Because the servant is taken care of by the master or the animal is taken care of by the owner. That's not strange. What is amazing is when the Creator who has no need of the creation to

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is to love the creation, even though there's no benefit that the creation can give back to the Creator. And this is the meaning of Allah Dude, that Allah loves the creation, even though there's no selfish reason for that love. We love because there's always something coming back to us. We love money. We love comfort, we love water, we love food, we love our children, we love, we love We love, we love things that will benefit us there's a selfish element in each and every love. But Allah says love is unselfish because Allah doesn't need us we need him. Allah created us we need him he does not need us at all. So I will do is the one who shows love and Allah azza wa jal mentions in the

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Quran, that He created us to show us this love and mercy. This is a Quranic concept that Allah says in the Quran, in Surah hemara book walidah leka holla

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except those whom Allah has shown mercy to and to show mercy is why Allah created the creation. So Allah created the creation, the default is that Allah will love and show mercy to the creation, but some of the creation choose to reject that mercy. Some of the creation choose to reject a law, some of the creation choose to live sinful lives, that is their business and they will be dealt with accordingly. But the default when he daddy Kahala home, I created them for what? To show them Rama to show them my benefit sense and my generosity. So Allah azza wa jal is Allah dude. And every single facet of our creation demonstrates this, our Hulk, our our entire body, Allah says in the

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Quran, that he is the one who created you and he perfected your creation. I love fashion you and he fashion you in the best of forms. So what are coming for us? No soracom We are in the best fashions the best mold? Allah says in the Quran don't you look at yourselves don't Oh Didn't we give you eyes and under Allah who I named, what design and worship attain and we gave you a tongue to speak we gave you this we gave you that we give you intelligence allows our gels blessings are mentioned as a manifestation of His love. And Allah azzawajal mentioned in the Quran Didn't we create for you the heavens and the earth? Didn't we alternate the night in the day for you so that you can rest in the

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night and work in the day? So every facet of creation is a manifestation of a loss, love so much so that Allah says in the Quran that of his blessings, what Giada company now what have he gave you children and grandchildren and every parent knows the greatest love in our hearts is what it is the love of our children, which added a company in our Halford was akumina per year but he gave you every blessing. So this demonstrates the name of Allah Allah will do the one who shows love. The second meaning of it will do it was what the one who is shown love by the creation, so always do the one who shows low. Also a dude means the one upon whom love is shown. I eat the object of love, I

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eat the beloved. And of course, Allah subhana wa tada mentions in the Koran that of course we know this loving him is the primary element of worship. Our love for Allah is the most important manifestation of our belief in him. Allah says in the Quran, there are those who worship false gods and they love them along with loving Allah, what levena who shall do who Bella, those who love a law they love Allah more than those people love their false gods. So loving a law is a primary concept of believing in Allah subhana wa tada and even taymiyah mentions that the love of Allah subhana wa tada is a unique love, because only Allah is loved for who he is, every other object that you love,

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and I mentioned this before there is an element of selfishness involved. But Allah azza wa jal is loved for His perfection, and love of Allah will never come and hurt and harm us. Even taymiyah mentions there is no love that you have for any created object, except that that very love will end up hurting you as well. Now pause you This is so true. It's so true when Tamia was an amazing psychologist. Think about it. What hurts the most. It's what you love when it's taken away, or when it causes you pain, right? The fact of the matter is jokes aside, the worst problems come from within the family right? The most painful problems are spousal problems children problem is parental

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problems. Why? Because you love them. And if it's MBM inches, there is no love. That is a worldly love.

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Except that you will also be stung by that very love. But there is one love that you will never be stung by. And that is the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala as well he mentioned that every love that you have, if you do not link it with a loss, love, it is going to cause you harm in the long run. Every love that exists must be linked with a loss love. So you love your children, you link it with the love of Allah, I'm going to be good to my children because that's my responsibility. You love your parents you link it to love of Allah, you love money so you link it to the love of Allah I will only earn hella money and spend it on that with Allah wants me to spend and I'll be generous with my

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money and on and on. So Allah is the one who is the most beloved and to show love to Allah means to obey his commandments and to praise him. Now the name Allah dude occurs with two other names in the Quran. It occurs twice in the Quran only twice. And the first time it occurs. It occurs with the name Rahim, Rahim and what? Allah is merciful. We talked about Rahim a few days ago. So Allah says, I am Rahim I show you Rama. I show you mercy. And Allah says he is reduced. So he is loving and He is merciful. And the two obviously correlate because the one who loves shows mercy, the one who is merciful show shows love and the second pairing that occurs with the name, what dude is a fool in

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who you believe what you do? Well, who was a fool was gaafu He is the one who forgives and he's the loving and we mentioned the name Allah for two days ago. So Allah azza wa jal links the name were dude to the name of forgiveness. And this demonstrates for us when should we use the name Allah dude, number one, when we need some blessing from Allah will do Dre Haman will do when we want Allah. So we need a job we are we are tired or hungry, we're sick, we can use the name Yahweh dude, we need your help. You're the one who shows love. And number two, for forgiveness for forgiveness, when we need to be forgiven, we raise our hands and we ask Allah Yahweh to do the algo food Forgive

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us, as well of the manifestations of a laws would is that he has placed love in our hearts for other creatures. This wood that we have it comes from up there because Allah is the will dude so he places wood in my heart and your heart. If Allah was not at what dude, we would not have this love. Where does this love come from? It comes from and we'll do it. And Allah mentions this in the Quran explicitly in multiple times. For example, when it comes to spouses and the spouse A Love is a very special love, what does Allah say of his miracles is that he has created for you spouses from amongst yourselves, and he has placed between you two what words are used my word debt and

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Warhammer. Allah Who is the word dude has placed that mo word in the hearts of the spouses. And that is the miracle of marriage. Otherwise marriage would never last it would not last. But a law that will dude has placed the wood of the two parties between each other. And the wood also exists between the family members. In another verse in the Quran, called the ascent of money in a way that will offer some of them have interpreted in different order that Allah is asking us to have wood for our family members. And of course, the famous verse in the Quran that it was the miracle of a law that those two parties became brothers together lo and Dr. Murphy out of the gym, me and my left

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have been approved by him. This is about something in the Sierra about the groups that were having a friction between them a lot broke their hearts together. And Allah says if you were to spend all the money in the world, you would not have brought about that camaraderie between them. But Allah Who is the will dude, Allah is the one who brought that camaraderie and love between them. So final point brothers and sisters, how then do we get to love a lot? How do we increase that level of a lot? Number one studying all those names and attributes and inshallah already even though only a few lessons have gone by, I hope that every one of us our love for Allah has increased simply hearing

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His names. So number one we increase our love of Allah by studying his names and attributes. Number two, we increase our love of Allah by loving his raw soon hold in contempt to Hebron Allah phetchaburi Rooney yo babe como la explicit, say if you love Allah, follow me Allah will love you. So by reading about the process and by loving the Prophet system, by following the Prophet system, we will increase our love for him. Number three, a love of good deeds, a love of good deeds reading Quran Vicar, charity sponsoring orphans in the Latina ama new Amira saw the hottie. sayaji Allah Homura among those who believe and do good deeds, Allah will bless them with what

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With love will dude What is this mean? Allah will give them what our scholars say those who believe in do good deeds Allah will love them and the angels will love them and mankind will love them, the love that we have for particular people, especially the righteous especially, and I gave the example of a person who passed away last week Muhammad Ali, and we we and we hope that he is in the highest place in Jeddah. Where did that love come from? How did so many people love him? inshallah we hope and we pray that love is a sign of divine love. Those who believe in do good deeds, a law will write for them love, say ah, Allah hamara Manu would so by doing good deeds, we will increase our love.

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And the final point that will mention of increasing our love. Literally, we raised our hands up to a law and we asked him like the process that I'm did a lahoma in near San Luca hubback will help them and you have book why Obama in your country buena in Arabic, Allah I ask for your love. We ask Allah we ask a lot of Allah I asked you for your love, alone minister, well held by men you have book and the love of those who love you. All those who love you, I want their love and I want them to love me. And I want to love the good deeds that bring me closer to your love. What a beautiful day. Let's memorize it. Allahumma inni Luca,

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man, you hit book

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in your curry buena in a herbig May Allah azzawajal grant us His love. May He place in our hearts a love for him and a love for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and we will continue tomorrow was salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into one of the Names of Allah -Al-Wadud.

Wud is a special type of love, where you want to benefit the person you love (nurturing love). Wadda (verb) does not have a romantic connotation, while Mahabba is romantic. What is the difference between Wadda and mahabba? Listen intently to acquaint yourself with details.

The Name Al-Wadud has two complementary meanings:

  1. The One who shows love.
  2. The One upon whom love is shown. The righteous creation shows love to Allah. Our Creator who has no need for His creation chooses to love the creation even though he gets no benefit from this love. Allah loves the creation even though there is no selfish reason for this love. Allah created the creation to show them His Love and Mercy.

Allah’s favors are mentioned by Him as the manifestation of his love. Every single facet of our creation demonstrates this. Allah’s blessings are mentioned as a manifestation of his love.

Al-Wadud is the One who is Beloved. Loving Allah is the primary element of worship. Our love to Allah is the most important manifestation of our belief in Him. Allah is the One who is the most Beloved and to show love to Allah means to obey His commandments and praise Him.

When should we use the name – Al-Wadud?

  • Need for Rahmah. When we need some blessing from Allah,we need Allah’s Rahma.
  • Need for forgiveness. When we need to be forgiven we ask Allah – Ya Wadud, Ya Gafur. 

How do we increase the love of Allah in our hearts?

  • Studying the Names of Allah and His Attributes.
  • Love the Prophet ﷺ.
  • Love of Good deeds: Reading Quran, charity, Dhikr, sponsoring orphans, etc. 
  • By making Dua to Allah.
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